How to Get Your Home Organized One Room at a Time

Your home only has so much space. If you are trying to get your house looking its best, you need to know what to keep and what to toss. Sometimes, things have sentimental value or we feel that we can use them later. This doesn’t mean we have the space to keep them. If you are trying to tame the mess in your home, follow these crucial organization tips.

Step 1: Toss the Trash

Before you start thinking about which items bring you happiness or have the most use, go through your belongings and toss any garbage you find. Sometimes, a good chunk of the mess can disappear simply by getting rid of old soda bottles, junk mail or crumpled papers. After you fill your trash bags, take them to the curb immediately. That way, you won’t have to work around them while you try to organize.

Step 2: Make Three Piles

Take everything you own out of the room and sort it into one of three categories: keep, donate, or throw away. Don’t put an item in the keep pile just because it has monetary value. If the item isn’t useful or beautiful, you should probably get rid of it. If you have a lot of valuable items, you can make a fourth pile for things to sell. Just give yourself a firm deadline on when they need to be sold, otherwise you will be surrounded by clutter again in no time.

Step 3: Build a Productive Layout

Think about how you want to use your room and what furniture would help make that happen. While it is okay to have a few decorative pieces, such as large floor lamps or statues, the majority of your big household items should be functional. If it doesn’t make sense to leave the furniture in the room, it too will need to be sold, given away, or thrown out.

One exception is if you are planning on moving into a bigger space. If that’s the case, you should move any furniture or belongings you don’t need right away to a storage bin. These storage bins may cost a monthly fee, but it is worth it to not have to cram everything into a room. To see the benefits of a storage bin and sizing options, check out a trustworthy website like

Step 4: Upgrade Your Space

Identify ways to make your room more effective and organized. Now is the easiest time to do this step, since everything should be out of the room. Sometimes, getting organized is as easy as adding a few extra shelves, a filing cabinet or adding closet space. Avoid using large storage boxes, as these can easily become full of mismatched items.

Step 5: Bring In Your Keep Pile

Start bringing your items back into the room. If you can’t find an immediate home for the item, don’t put it off to the side. Decide right away if it should go into storage, be sold, given away, or tossed. Items that don’t have a home shouldn’t even be brought into the room!

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

Once you have organized and optimized one room, you will need to move on to the next one. If you have a lot of rooms, try starting with the largest or most used one first. This is usually the living room or master bedroom. Work your way down to the smallest space, probably a bathroom or hallway. This will speed up the organizational process and help you get the clean space you deserve in no time. Then, all you need to do is decorate to get the perfect, pristine look you want!