Lemon Ginger Cayenne Pepper Water Recipe (2024)

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I first heard about lemon ginger water with cayenne pepper from Yolanda on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so you know it's coming from a credible source (<-that's my best attempt at sarcasm). But it was someone on social media who tipped me off on how to prepare it so it's actually drinkable.

What does lemon ginger cayenne pepper water do?

Lemon water is considered to be a detox drink. I use that termlooselybecause the body is designed to detoxify itself through the digestion process, but this concoction can certainly help.

Howit helps:

  • Lemon juice provides an alkalizing effect on the body and it's also good for the liver (which is your internal detox organ). Lemons are also full of vitamin C and potassium, so that can't hurt. There's also so some research that shows the polyphenolsin lemons can promote weight loss (at least, in mice).
  • Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which increases your metabolic rate. It's also known for raising the body temperature, regulates blood sugar, stimulates the circulatory system and aids digestion. Too bad it can't fold laundry.
  • Ginger is great for aiding digestion, reducing that farty, bloated feeling and helps combat flu and cold symptoms.
  • Turmeric is my special add. It's in there because it's a naturalanti-inflammatory.

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How best to drink it

This recipe is fairly concentrated and tastes like rust, so unless you like that sort of thing, I'd recommend dilutingit in water and sipping it throughout the day. Otherwise, you can pour a cup in a glass and shoot it back (and try not to hurl). You can also add some stevia to it to take the edge off the bitterness.

The Best Time to Drink Lemon Ginger Water

Because lemon is so acidic, it can eat away at tooth enamel. For this reason, I recommend drinking it first thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth. It's also a great way to get your digestive enzymes in motion, so ideally, drink it before you eat anything.

How Long Will it Last in the Fridge?

Because this recipe calls for fresh lemon, I recommend consuming it within 5 days.

What to Try Next?

  • Want more detoxifying elixirs? Try my Detox Veggie Soup. Not only is it great for reducing bloating and water retention, it's also really yummy!
  • Want a gentle at-home workout that will help you reduce fat and feel amazing? Try Barre Blend for free.

    Want to create healthier habits so you can become naturally lean? Check out my simple behavior-modification program that will help you build better habits so you can create a healthier, happier life.

Lemon Ginger Cayenne Pepper Water Recipe (3)

Lemon Ginger Cayenne Pepper & Turmeric Water Recipe

Yield: 5 cups

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

A healthy detoxifying drink that will help combat cold and flu symptoms as well as aiding digestion and reducing bloating.


  • 5 cups water
  • 2 lemons squeezed
  • .5 tsp turmeric, of
  • .25 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 ounce Ginger, Peeled and cubed
  • .5 tsp stevia, Optional


  1. mix all ingredients in a large container and store in the fridge.

Did you make this recipe?

What did you think of the recipe? Leave a comment below or click on the Instagram icon to share a picture of your creation! Be sure to tag me in your picture so I can share it too.

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Caren is a certified yoga teacher, fitness instructor and ADHD Coach. As the founder of The Fit Habit, she shares ADHD-friendly self-care, food & fitness inspiration, along with practical ways to foster mind + body wellness.


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Reader Interactions


  1. Ce

    How much ginger? Sorry if I missed it- I'm great for skimming and not reading everything closely.


    • caren

      Hey Ce!! Sorry, thanks for catching that. It's 1 once of ginger. Peel it with a potato peeler or a knife and then chop it up a little. It will get pulverized in the blender.



      • Jan

        Hi do I suppose to put in a blender ? Because it did not mention that. It said put all ingredients together and store in frig.


        • Caren

          Hi Jan, no you don't have to blend it, but you can if you want.


        • Caren

          Thanks! Good to know.


        • Brittany

          Could I use Ginger powder?


      • Angela

        I use a small hand grader instead.


  2. Levon

    Can you make this in larger quantities and store it for the week?
    Or is it more efficient when it is consumed fresh?
    Should it be refrigerated?
    Isnt lemon juice bad for your teeth on the long term?
    Can we substitute cayenne with any other source of capsaicin for taste variants or is cayenne important in particular to benefit from the "magic blend" to work ?
    Do i ask too many question? 😉


    • caren

      Hi Levon,

      Yes, I do make big batches and use it over about 4 days. I do refrigerate and yes, lemon can be acidic on the teeth. You can try a different blend and see what happens! 🙂


    • Sheena


      How much to consume every morning?


      • Caren

        as much as you like!


  3. Nicole

    Can you drink change thing to drink daily rather then a detox? Maybe like 1/4 cup each day mixed with water? Is it bad to drunk too much?


    • c m

      Hi Nicole,

      Yes you can drink this daily and not just as part of a detox. I recommend brushing your teeth afterward however as lemon juice is acidic and can erode tooth enamel.


      • Lina

        Please do not brush teeth right after having something acidic like lemon 😵 Acid temporarily softens the enamel, so when you brush right after, that is what causes the erosion. Best to swish with some water after. Do not brush for at least 30 mins. Also do not just trust me or anyone for that matter, do your own research. 😘🙃


        • Caren

          thanks for that insight, Lina!


  4. Amber Cook

    I always drink my lemon water from a sipping straw. Since, lemons erodes our tooth enamel


    • c m

      that's actually a really good idea, Amber. Thanks for bringing it up!


      • Sue

        Just not plastic ones


  5. Lauren

    For all those concerned with the lemon eroding teeth, you can also use a straw!!!

    Also this does taste horrible, but I just drank it for the first time time today, and I already feel the health benefits 🙂 ty for the post 😉


  6. Christina

    If you take a shot of it do you do it twice a day and how much in a shot do you take.


    • c m

      I don't do shots of it. I prefer to sip it throughout the day.


  7. beryl

    after how long should i wait to see the results?


  8. thiaBasilia

    An excerpt from my last post:

    This pepper-water idea came to me from a headline mentioning cayenne pepper to flatten one’s belly. Well? I’m a sucker of cayenne pepper and?
    I’m battling this belly fat of mine! So? I clicked and? Since I can’t buy whatever the head liners intent to sell to me, I Googled:
    ‘Cayenne pepper, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, lemon tea recipes?’ man! I got me a bunch of recipes, but! hit the mark:

    I clicked! Wow! I couldn’t wait to get on that magic water! I fixed it and began to drink my first mug of it. Like magic? I began to deflate.

    Ah! I began to feel better and better as I kept drinking that magic potion, and? As my discomfort of many days became to subside, I heard.

    “You are no longer keeping to yourself as I instructed you to do. You are now retaliating with your own silence to repay your silent loved one.”

    O Man! That’s the Truth! And that was my Heavenly Father speaking to me. He ended His His words:

    "Again, I say, rejoice! And don’t forget to keep up with your ‘pepper water’—the extreme I send to you for good reason—to make you laugh amid your bodily discomforts.” End of quote.

    Ha! My Father? I’m on my second batch. Is working! Soon? I might attract many takers not just to the ‘pepper water’ but! to the Originator of such water just for us extremists in Your ways. Hahaha! HalleluYah!

    Even the ants are staying away from me! Father knows the power of that cayenne pepper. That pepper and turmeric must be some of the fruits from the tree of life!

    Who knows? The evil ants and the roaches can’t live with the touch of cayenne pepper or turmeric. What a finding!

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks cm for your kind sharing! I add honey to the recipe. No need to suffer while you detox. Honey is a good deal for one's gut. Plus it makes the medicine go down with pleasure.

    Much love, thia. 🙂


  9. Mike

    Hello, I like it but I have to add honey, more tumeric and fresh ground black pepper. You can't afford the medical benefits with out coconut oil (a healthy fat) or black pepper. Peace


  10. connor

    This looks so good!!! Fresh and delicious. I am definitely going to try this. I have pinned it for later!


    • Yvonne

      Can you use powdered ginger?


      • Caren

        You can, but it wouldn't provide optimal results.


  11. Tara

    Can I add a shot to my morning smoothie instead of sipping on it in my water.



    • Caren

      sure can!



    This is good for corona protect by bilal advocate india


  13. Savannah

    I have been doing this for years ever since I was buying immune system strengthener shots at my local health food store but they were so expensive so I looked at the ingredients and it was this minus the turmeric and add coconut water. I’m going to try adding the turmeric as well as some honey and see hope that works out from not on. I haven’t got sick since I started drinking a very condensed shot once a week! I just use powdered coconut water that I mix into distilled water that way I always have it on hand, lemon juice, ginger juice, and cayenne pepper. It’s not that great tasting but so worth it!! Just down a little shot and chase it with some juice. Can’t wait to try the honey out and see if it helps. Thanks for the idea guys!


    • Kesh

      I drink this, often for the anti inflammatory properties..... I just wanted to suggest using honey instead of stevia.


      • Caren

        Hi Kesh,

        Thanks for your comment. I try to avoid sugar (even in it's natural state) as much as possible, which is why I use stevia. That said, I bet it tastes better with honey!


  14. Liz

    Are you supposed to drink all five cups everyday?


    • Caren

      You can drink as much as you like!


      • Pam

        After I wash my whole lemons, limes, ginger roots, I also use a whole bulb of garlic , organic turmeric powder and Cayenne pepper. I cut the lemons and limes with the peels on in four pieces I have a shredder for my ginger root I peel my garlic 🧄 I usually use a bag of lemons and limes. I have a big tall pot I fill it up have way with water and boil everything for a good 15 minutes and I use a potato masher to mash it while it’s boiling then I simmer for a little while longer. I strain it and pour my mixture in gallon jugs I add pulp to it. I reboil the strained pulp for another 15 minutes use my masher and strain again . It’s miraculous how it heals the body. Rids your liver of bile and inflammation. You will lose weight along with detoxing. I’ve been making it for years now . It’s a process and well worth it.!


  15. Sarah

    I used to do it a few years ago sans turmeric and was searching for a recipe - I love this addition! It is worth noting that the anti-inflammatory curcumin in turmeric is really poorly absorbed on its own like this. Black pepper is required because the piperine in it helps with absorption.


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Lemon Ginger Cayenne Pepper Water Recipe (2024)


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