23 Must-Try Lazy Vegan Recipes (2024)

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Are you in hurry? Or just don't feel like spending time in the kitchen? If so, here is a carefully selected collection of 23 Lazy Vegan Recipes that won't require much time or effort to whip up.

23 Must-Try Lazy Vegan Recipes (1)

A lot of my readers are looking for simple and easy vegan recipes that don't involve costly meat replacements, strange ingredients, or complicated cooking techniques. So making this Lazy Vegan Recipes compilation sounds like a great idea. I've included some of my personal favorites, recipes, that are plant-based, filling, and TASTY! These are the best vegan recipes for a plant-based diet.

List of Lazy Vegan Recipes to try

1.) TheseEasy Hummus Wrapsare simple, flavorful, and come together in minutes. You can try endless combinations to make these wraps fresh and exciting day after day on a vegan diet.

2.) ThisMexican Quinoa Saladis full of fluffy quinoa, crunchy vegetables, filling black beans, and a sweet and tangy dressing. Serve this for lunch or dinner with your favorite dishes for a deliciously satisfying meal. Add sweet potatoes for even more color and flavor.

3.) TheseBlack Bean Tacosare made with seasoned mashed beans, warm corn tortillas, and plenty of tasty toppings. Give this versatile and delicious vegan taco a try for a flavorful family meal.

4.) ThisCucumber Pasta Saladis the perfect mix of crunchy cucumbers, tender pasta, creamy mayo, and fresh dill. These flavors and textures are just what you want in a cold salad for summer.

5.) ThisMushroom Couscousis deliciously savory, but also has the bright flavors offresh herbs and lemon.This recipe makes a great side dish or main course at any meal.

6.) ThisVegan No Tuna Saladhas just the texture and flavor you'd expect - but with no tuna! It's a tasty mix of chickpeas, kelp, and spices, perfect for any sandwich or appetizer.

7.) ThisCreamy Lemon Spaghettiisfull of delicious garlicky lemon flavor. With just a touch of heat, this pasta dish is perfectly seasoned and absolutely scrumptious. Add coconut milk to make it extra creamy and top with nutritional yeast.

8.) TheseRoasted Cabbage Steaksare one of the easiest and most delicious vegan recipes. Made with only six ingredients, this simple recipe makes a flavorful snack or side that you're going to just love!

9.) ThisFettuccine in Tomato Sauceis full of juicy tomatoes, pungent garlic, and fresh herbs. If you like your pasta full of flavor, then you're going to love this delicious dish. Add some shiitake mushrooms, bell peppers, and bok choy for extra flavor.

10.) Easy Sautéed Napa Cabbage- A flavorful way to enjoy Napa cabbage that is easy to make and ready in less than 10 minutes. Add some crispy tofu for a more filling meal and serve it atop your favorite grain, white rice, or wild rice.

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11.) ThisSofritas recipeis simple, tasty, and it makes a great companion for your burritos, tacos, salads, or rice bowls! Follow my simple photo and video instructions and make this easy vegan meals. Serve it with brown rice, refried beans, or crispy chickpeas.

23 Must-Try Lazy Vegan Recipes (12)

12.) ThisRefreshing Chickpea Saladis just what you want on a hot day. Cool, flavorful, and with tons of juicy, healthy vegetables like red onions and crisp cucumbers, this salad makes for great plant-based eating.

23 Must-Try Lazy Vegan Recipes (13)

13.) ThisQuick Vegan Cabbageis so simple and tasty. It's tangy and sweet with a satisfying texture that makes it a great main dish or side.

14.) ThisAmazing Kale Saladis so scrumptious. Made with roasted almonds and crisp apples, it's just bursting with delicious flavors.

23 Must-Try Lazy Vegan Recipes (15)

15.) ThisEasy Zucchini Chickpea Curryis a deliciously simple vegan dish. Your whole family will love this flavorful and versatile one-pot meal.

23 Must-Try Lazy Vegan Recipes (16)

16.) These Vegan Potato Tacos are made with corn tortillas that are filled with creamy potatoes and gooey vegan cheese. They are fried to perfection for a delicious and satisfying meal you'll love.

17.) TheseCauliflower Steaks with Za'atarmake a fantastic side dish. The tender steaks are covered in rich flavor and crunchy flax seeds for a balanced bite that works well with grains, pasta, and more.

18.) This delicious and healthyChickpea Carrot Salad Sandwichis a scrumptious blend of seasoned chickpeas and veggies - and it's vegan-friendly, too.

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19.) ThisSpinach Orzo Soupis a delicious combination of pasta, sauteed vegetables, and fresh spinach. Simmered in a flavorful broth, this dish makes a hearty and healthy meal for the whole family.

20.) ThisAngel Hair Pastais made with cherry tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil for a homemade spaghetti sauce that's utterly delicious. You won't believe how simple and TASTY this vegan pasta is!

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21.) ThisHearty Red Lentil Stewis thick and chunky with diced tomatoes and lentils. Made with flavorful spices, spicy curry powder, and vegetables, this filling dish has the perfect savory flavor to warm you up.

22.) These15-minute Cashew Zucchini Noodlesare so flavorful! Cooking in a sauce that's a complex mix of salty, nutty, and umami, with just a touch of heat, it's utterly delicious. Toss in some sunflower seeds for a yummy crunch.

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23.) ThisCreamy Vegan Spinach Orzois smooth, satisfying, and has delicious flavor. With its tender orzo pasta, creamy sauce, and flavorful spinach leaves, you can serve it as a side dish or enjoy it all on its own.

I hope these healthy and delicious lazy vegan recipes inspire you to try something new this week!

Please, let me know which are your favorites in the comments below!

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23 Lazy Vegan Recipes

Are you in hurry? Or just don't feel like spending time in the kitchen? If so, here is a carefully selected collection of 32 Lazy Vegan Recipes that won't require much time or effort to whip up.

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23 Must-Try Lazy Vegan Recipes (2024)


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