Factor to Consider Before Purchasing a Wireless Router

Understanding the technical specifications of a given product can be the difference between making the
right or wrong choice. If you are in the market for a router, then following article highlights some of the
factors to consider before making your final purchasing decision.

Standards of wireless networking

Various standards govern how wireless networking devices function or work. As such, you want to
purchase a device that’s going to be compatible with most of the electrical appliances and devices that
you own. As a consumer, you are advised to choose routers that support the latest standards rather
than going for older versions that might be obsolete in the near the future. As of now, routers with
standards 802.11n are ideal because they support a majority of devices in your home. Those marked as
802.11ac are the latest but may not be compatible with some of your older devices. Nevertheless, these
routers have better speeds and are compatible with devices such as your smartphone, PC, smart TV and
laptop. If you are looking for speedy Wi-Fi connections, then you might want to consider buying a router
with the latest standards. However, that will largely depend on the age of your electric devices.


When choosing a router, you must know the speed of the device you are purchasing. Router speeds vary
from 300Mbps, 600Mbps and so on. You should choose routers with the best speeds, though; such a
decision will likely depend on your overall budget. In short, router speeds fasten the transfer of data
between devices in a network. But it also depends on the type of internet connection you have in your
home. A fast router will be more efficient if your internet speeds are also high.

Single band vs. dual band

When in the market for a router, you will come across terms like single band or dual band. Dual band
routers are faster than single band routers because they use two frequencies (2.4GHz and 5 GHz)
instead of one. Single band routers on the flip side only operate on a 2.4 GHz band range and come with
only three non-overlapping channels. In essence, it means single band routers are likely to encounter
lots of interruptions from nearby gadgets such as cell phones, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, TV,

Multiple antennas

Routers with external antennas are ideal for locations with multiple walls as they increase the overall


Security is another essential factor to consider before purchasing router. You should take a bit of time to
educate yourself on the different security features that various types of routers offer. Experts
recommend that you choose routers with WPA2 security feature. WPA2 stands for Wi-Fi protected

access 11, which means that your Wi-Fi connections are encrypted, thus, cannot be intercepted by
outside traffic. Aside from WPA2 security standard, you can make your Wi-Fi connections more secure
by creating a strong password with a mix of alphabets, letters and special characters.

Purpose of your router

There is no denying that knowing the technical specifications of the router you intend to purchase is
critical, but it is also important to know what purpose your router will mainly be serving. Is your router
going to be used to connect a few home devices or you are going to use it primarily for gaming?
Answering such questions before you open your wallet can be critical to making the right call.

Routers for general home use: A stable home router should enable you to transfer data, or files more
quickly. Ideally, a dual band 802.11n router can do a good job, but you can also experiment with dual
band routers that with 802.11ac standard.

Gaming: Gaming or surfing videos requires high performing routers than the ones for general home use.

Business: If you are running a home office, then you might want to look for routers with high
performance but also those that won’t be upgrading soon.


Before you purchase a router for your home, ensure that you are familiar with all features being
promoted. You can do more research online by browsing through sites that review routers in the
market. You can check out this website for additional information how to buy the best router for your