The Wide Variety of Nespresso Coffee Pods

Nespresso Coffee Pods

If you’re a big caffeine addict like me, you probably look at your bank account sometimes and wonder what keeps you going back to coffee shops. When I was in college, I had to make a resolution not to buy my coffee anywhere except the local spot where I could grab a cup of black coffee for two dollars. Even still, going there once a day, twice on the hard days, I was spending almost $1000 a year on coffee. Of course, I couldn’t stop. There was one summer where my funds got so low I was forced to feed my caffeine habit with dollar store instant coffee. I’m not ashamed of it, in fact at the end of that summer I remember looking at my bank account and feeling proud not to see my usual long list of $2.00 purchases. Of course, every lesson we learn we must also forget, and then learn again.

After college I travelled across Europe for a year

I had little-to-no income, so I was very strict about my budget. Strict, except for in one area. I had found the glorious joy of espresso. Real espresso. The kind Starbuck’s employees dream about. After traveling for months, I finally settled down in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam. When I was traveling I would buy an espresso whenever I found myself in a nice cafe. Of course, having no income and a lot of traveling to do I made the most of my meager savings by eating tons of baguettes with cheese, so I didn’t spend too much time eating out. Once I settled down, however, I quickly found a great café near my apartment (the real caffeine hounds can sniff em out) and I began stopping by for an espresso every morning before getting to work. My bank account suffered dearly, and at the end of my first month in Amsterdam I was practically pulling my hair out over how much of my savings had gone just to espresso.

Thats when I discovered Nespresso

If you’ve ever used a Keurig, you’ll get the general idea of how Nespresso works. You set the actual Nespresso machine up in your kitchen (or hallway or bathroom or wherever the need for an espresso suddenly strikes you), you insert little espresso pods into the top, turn it on and voilá, espresso! Of course you also need to bring your own milk for the machine to steam, but let’s not get caught up on the details. We’re talking about real, cheap espressos here!

I discovered Nespresso through word-of-mouth

Albert Heijn, a popular grocery store chain here in Amsterdam, often serves free coffee to customers in the morning. After I was left in financial ruin from a month of espresso, I would stop by Albert Heijn instead. It saved money, but free grocery store coffee after a binge of high-quality espresso left me less than satisfied. Then one day, they were serving free espresso. Free Espresso! I was in paradise. I asked the employee serving them if they would have this every day. In my head I was already altering my morning routine so I could stop by each morning. I found out it was only that day, but the employee showed me the machine they were using. It was a Nespresso! And here I was thinking they had some belabored espresso artist in the back of the grocery store

After finding out how cheap the machine and the pods were, I bought one from the store that day. My favorite part about it is the flavor, really. Unlike the Keurig, which makes great coffee but which is still vastly different from fresh-brewed coffee at a coffee shop, the Nespresso really tastes authentic. The pods gave me some trouble at first. After I ran out of the initial sample batch for trying the different flavors, I wasn’t sure where to buy more of the Nespresso pods. Turns out, you can purchase all of the flavors online, and you can find it right here!

One final note about Nespresso

The pods, currently, are incredibly unsustainable environmentally. I use two techniques to combat this. One, I reuse old pods by using a “foil method,” which I recommend you look into once you have a Nespresso machine. The second method for combatting excessive waste is by buying a reusable pod and filling it with your favorite espresso mixes for use in the machine.

How to Use Quad Copters the Right Way

How to Use Quad Copters the Right Way

Backed by the enthusiasm of hobbyist and professionals alike, aerial drones otherwise known as quadcopters are increasing in popularity. Companies like DJI, Idea-Fly and Aerosight are constantly innovation and making drones easier to use for the modern consumer. While the advancements alone are impressive, the increases applicability is what ensures drones are here to stay

Keep reading before you buy

Before you jump into the deep end and purchase an expensive model, there are some things you need to know. The following information will help you decide: if a drone is right for you, what you can use a drone for and what type of drone you ma want to get. Hopefully, you’ll find this guide insightful.

The first question for most looking to venture into a new hobby is the price point. Luckily, for quadcopter enthusiasts, beginner models can be fairly cheap. Toy and hobby shops sell durable, less pricey models that give the buyer a chance to get an initial feel for flying. These models will be clumsier and less capable than more expensive models however.

Something to keep in mind, especially for newer quadcopter pilots, is that learning to fly takes patience. Like anything else, mastering your new skill will take time and while you may be a natural, many aren’t. This is another reason you may want to start off with a cheaper model. Either way, just remember to take your time and have fun.

The process of learning itself can even be fun for people who like new experiences. If you’re the competitive type, ask a friend/s to get a quadcopter/s as well. There is a racing scene and your group may enjoy competing with each other for the best build and faster copter. If you’re already sold and looking for a quadcopter, check out Rotor Copters.

As mentioned above, the entire point, is to have fun. As a hobbyist, that’s the only requirement. There are however, professional uses and there should be explored with a bit more thought. If you’re interested in how a copter could affect your ventures professionally, keep reading.

Quadcopter applications

One industry that has taken advantage of the gorgeous perspectives available exclusively from the sky are photographers. Specifically, real estate personnel are using copters to capture eye catching views of property that wouldn’t be seen on foot. If you’re a real estate agent and you’re interested in a new way to showcase the properties you have for sale, you should definitely look into aerial stills and videos.

They will set you and your properties apart and give you a clear distinction from your peers. Showing off your properties and impressing potential clients will never be out of your favor.

Do be aware that the FAA requires an approved 333 exemption and a pilot’s license to use a drone for commercial purposes.

Even if real estate isn’t your business, drones are great in the arsenal of your traditional photographer. The ability to show breath taking angles isn’t limited to real estate and experience with a drone can make your work at weddings and events spectacular. Unfortunately, the FAA still requires an FAA 333 and a pilot’s license for commercial purposes.

If you aren’t interested in FAA regulations and are into agriculture, a drone may come in handy there as well. Monitoring the vast amounts of land needed to farm can be done more easily from the sky than on foot or in a car. Depending on the resolution of your attached camera, you may be able to gather all the information needed to make decisions for your crops.

As the technology continues to advance, better agricultural uses will be found. Companies like Amazon are planning on taking advantage of current tech and innovating further.

The future of drone technology

Amazon has successful delivered a package in the U.K. with one of its drones and intends to roll the capability everywhere in the future. What this could mean for you in that if your business or start up delivers, you may be able to piggyback off of their infrastructure. Only time will tell if this will be possible, but it’s absolutely worth consideration.

As mentioned above, a drone racing scene is spring up around the globe. If you aren’t into photography or agriculture, maybe competitive racing is more your speed (pun intended). Similar to the growing trend in eSports, drone flying via first person view or FPV is picking up. The camera footage feel something like that flying scene from Star Wars. While it can be dizzying, it definitely looks fun.

At the end of the day, fun is really what it’s all about. I’ve mentioned this throughout the article because it’s the truth. As long as that’s the goal whether business venture or hobby, it’ll be worth it.

9 Quick and Simple Ways to Get Rid of Pet Hair

9 Quick and Simple Ways to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Do you have dog or cat hair all over your clothes, curtains, and furniture? It’s very easy for pet hair to get out of control, especially during the shedding season. To help you deal with the worst pet hair troubles, here 9 easiest and quickest ways to remove pet fur.

Use a sponge

To remove pet from sofa or other upholstery, get a dry, clean kitchen sponge. Simply run it slowly along the sofa and the hair will be removed. Problem solved.

Use rubber gloves

Another simple way to remove pet fur from furniture is to use rubber gloves. Rather than use them when cleaning dishes, wear them and rub your palms over the sofa (or wherever else there’s fur) to remove the hair. The furniture and glove surfaces create tension, and the hair will come off in chunks you can throw away easily.

Use lint remover

Many pet fur removal products such as roller brush lint remover are perfect for getting rid of pet fur. So, simply brush the clothes using a lint remover before you wear them or brush them before you leave your house. You can also use duct tape to make a lint remover at home. For tiny very stubborn fur stuck to clothes, toss the clothes in a dryer that contains some dryer sheets. These sheets help to remove fur by removing the static electricity. They also remove pet odor and freshen up your furniture.

When washing your clothes, use a clothes softener liquid that easily removes pet hair. In addition, Velcro curlers work well to get rid of stubborn pet fur from clothes. Be sure to store your clothes away from pets to prevent fur sticking to them.

Use pumice

Pumice stones are amazing for getting pet fur from carpets.

If your dog or cat loves to rest in a certain spot, it’s probably filled with fur. Once that fur is matted really hard, it’s not possible to remove it with a vacuum cleaner. So, scrape the area with a pumice stone. Pumice has a scratchy texture, which helps remove fur from carpet loops. Apart from carpets, pumice can work miracles in your car as well.

Hair spray

Spray some hairspray on some dry cloth and then wipe your furniture. The fur sticks to the hairspray to leave your furniture fur-free.

Groom your pet regularly

Giving your cat or dog a quick brushing outdoors for one minute daily will save you the effort and time spent sweeping, dusting, and vacuum cleaning every week.

Cleaning accessories

There are lots of animal hair removal appliances on the market. Think the good old lint roller for getting rid of hair from clothes, electrostatic cloths that remove hair from tile or hardwood floors, and the many vacuums designed for pet owners.

Some vacuums even come with special attachments you can use on pets. Some pets just love being vacuum cleaned, but slowly and carefully introduce the idea to them. Otherwise, you might end up with needless injuries.

Grooming tools like shedding rakes remove excess hair from pets like you can’t believe. Just be careful to not remove so much far that you leave your pet bald.

Furniture polish

Applying furniture polish is one of the most effective ways to get pet fur off wooden furniture. Dip an old rag into the polish. Then wipe down all the surfaces with the rag. You also can use an anti-static dusting spray. This pet removal product works by removing the static charge so that fur comes off easily.

Feed your pet well

It’s normal for pets to have some level of shedding. However, you should let the vet know if there’s too much shedding. Be sure to feed your pet a healthy diet containing B vitamins to reduce shedding. You can easily buy and feed your pet hair and coat supplements, biotin supplements, and Brewer’s yeast to reduce excessive shedding. When bathing your pet, use a nice anti-fungal shampoo. Pet allergies can also lead to excessive shedding, so be sure to get rid of them.

There is no magic formula so far for getting pet hair under control. However, regular housekeeping and grooming will help you control floods of fur and keep them to a minimum.