10 Killer Tips To Reduce Back Pain

It is a sad fact that almost all of us will experience back pain during our lives. However, there are some simple tips that will reduce your back pain and improve the condition of your back. Follow our tips to get back to your best.

    1. Buy a Mattress Topper.

We spend a fair amount of time in bed, and unfortunately, that is not a great place to be from our back’s point of view. A mattress topper will help your mattress to last longer and also add extra support and comfort. A topper can help to relieve pressure on your back and can also provide a cooling surface. Go to¬†https://mattresspicks.com/best-mattress-toppers-for-back-pain/ for help and advice on choosing your new mattress topper.

    1. Sleep Tight.

If you suffer from pain, you will have trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep. This is especially true of those who suffer from back pain, and lack of sleep will make your back pain worse. Now that you have your new mattress topper, try to identify your other sleep problems. Your pillow could be another major cause of lack of sleep. Experiment will different pillows and different sleep positions and try to address your sleep problems.

    1. Check Your Weight.

Being overweight can worsen existing back pain. Those excess pounds are being carried around by you, daily. Imagine putting an equivalent weight in a bag and carrying it around all day. That is exactly what you are doing. So, try to lose any excess weight in a safe and healthy way.

    1. Apply Cold.

You may not know exactly the type of pain you are suffering from, but applying heat or cold can often help. Try applying an ice pack to your pain. Try frozen peas if you don’t have an ice pack. Cold works well to reduce swelling and inflammation.

    1. Apply Heat.

If cold doesn’t work, try the other end of the spectrum. Apply either a heat pad or good old hot water bottle to your back. Heat is great for encouraging the blood to flow to the affected area, thereby reducing muscle tension. If you don’t have a heat pad or hot water bottle, try a hot shower or better yet soak in a hot bath. Add Epsom salts to your bath to really ease those sore muscles.

    1. Improve Your Posture.

Your bad posture may have caused your back pain, and if it didn’t it certainly makes it worse. We almost all have bad posture, often caused by the amount of time we sit down during the day. Make sure your sitting position on your office chair is correct and ergonomic. Try not to slouch. There are many free apps you can try that will help you to improve your posture. Make sure that your chairs, car seats and sofas have good lumbar support.

    1. Have a Massage.

Having a massage is actually great for your back. If you can get into a regular routine you will find that massage can help reduce your back pain and relieve any anxiety. Similar to applying heat, a massage will increase your circulation, ease any stress and therefore relax your muscles. It will also boost your natural endorphins which are the body’s pain relief.

    1. Stay Active.

Although you feel more like resting than exercising, it is far better for your back if you stay active. Make sure you check with your doctor first, but you want to choose a type of exercise that includes strength, flexibility and endurance. This is why swimming is such a great type of activity. You can also include walking which has the added bonus of getting you out into the fresh air.

    1. Stretch.

There are many stretches you can do to relieve back pain.

    • Knee to chest.
    • Lying knee twist.
    • Piriformis seated stretch (excellent for sciatica or leg pain).

One of the most beneficial is to stretch your hamstrings. If you have forgotten where your hamstrings are, they are at the back of your thighs. Tight hamstrings are a common cause of lower back pain. There are many exercises that will stretch your hamstrings. Try some gentle exercises twice a day.

    1. Try Yoga.

One of the most effective ways to reduce back pain is through yoga. Some of the best exercises to relieve back pain are actually yoga poses.


    • Childs pose.
    • Cat/cow.
    • Downward facing dog.
    • Sphinx pose.
    • Pigeon.

Apart from the actual movements, one of the benefits of yoga is that you become more aware of how you move. You are therefore less likely to move in a way that is detrimental to your body.

I hope these tips have been beneficial to you so that you can not only understand what may be causing your back pain but also try to remedy it without resorting to surgery.