Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 13, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic via aGCR: Update as of June 13, 2024

Judy Note: It’s amazing what the Main Stream Media refusesto report and doesn’t even seem to care. In fact, it’s a little scary how we’reall controlled by not being told what’s really going on and don’t even realizeit:

·Like today when Northcom (that defendsAmerica’s homeland) and Norad, (the bi-national command of the US and Canada that defends NorthAmerica from aerospace threats), were both put on High Alert. Why? – BecauseRussian Warships were hovering near Florida in the biggest standoff since theCuban Missile Crisis – barely covered by the news.

·Then there’s the Cabal engineered foodshortage crisis that no one knows about – and probably won’t until it’s toolate: The Health RangerReport: Brighteon Broadcast News, June 11, 2024 - PART ONE - States beginBLOCKING WATER to the farms that feed America, engineering mass famine

·Last Sun. 9 June 2024 Saudi Arabia ditched the US Dollar and didnot renew a 50 year contract, plus three days later around 12 noon EST on Wed. 12June in a shocking and devastating move, Russia's Moscow Stock Exchangeimmediately suspended all trading in U.S. dollars and Euros, delivering a majorblow to the U.S. currency – all of which was bound to begin a Global FinancialCrash – but you’d never know it according to the news.

·Then if that wasn’t enough to keep from The People, there was a mega quake coming to Californiathat no one seemed interested in. Nothingin MSM about that.

·But then, the real mega quake was inside theCIA’s dark secrets of Cyber Warfare. And speaking (or not) of the CIA, they never mention the thousands ofchildren the CIA have tortured and murdered in their Mind Control Program sincethe end of World War II – that has never been investigated. Nothing in MSM for eighty years to uncover that.

·Then there’s the US Government’s biggestsecret: Since 20 Jan. 2021 the US Military has been in charge in theirsecret Continuity of Government Devolution Plan. Why? – It all started in 1913 when Congress granted Satanistbankers the authority to tax the American people directly – something that wasexpressly prohibited by way of the original Constitution. Nothing in MSM to cover that story. Why?

·Wed. 12 June 2024: Seven counties in South Florida were now ina state of Emergency and completely under water as night fall hit. Russianwarships and nuclear power submarine sat 66 miles from the now sunken FloridaCoast and huge wild fires were currently raging in Reno, Nevada. Firefighterswere rushed to the scene for battling the fires, after some structurescollapsed. They aren’t putting this on the news because it would cause MAJORpanic!!! …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

·Wed. 12 June 2024 ALERT President Vladimir Putin hasjust sent out an Emergency Message to the US: Start the Clock:

·Just so we’re clear…Obama is controlling Biden. Pelosi wascontrolling McCarthy. DOJ is controlling Trump’s indictments. FBI iscontrolling Big Tech censorship. Zelensky is controlling foreign aid. BigPharma is controlling media. And BlackRock is controlling all the above. …The17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Wed. 12 June 2024:

·Wed. 12 June 2024: Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: Trust Me:Deep State Has Fallen. Main Players Gone. Puppets Will Be Done With. PRAISE THELORD… -

A. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

·Wed. 12 June 2024: BREAKING: NORTHCOM and NORAD on ALERT! USand Canada Shadow Russian Warships Near Florida in Biggest Standoff Since CubanMissile Crisis

·Wed. 12 June 2024 The US Navy has beendeployed in Miami due toRussian Warship and Nuclear Power Submarine threats!

·Wed. 12 June 2024 War Alert:

·Wed. 12 June 2024 Ukraine Airstrike inRussia:

·Wed. 12 June 2024 Breaking News! America Destroyed! RussianNukes On High Alert! Is The Attack Imminent.

·Russian Warships Launch FourMissiles 33 Miles near Florida Coast in Retaliation of US Navy Deployment:

B. Apparent Timing:

·As of Thurs. 30 May 2024 any US State could legallyobtain their own gold backed currency and bypass the Federal Reserve.

·As of Sat. 1 June 2024 International WorldTrade was using the newIraqi Dinar Rate in the trade of international goods.

·On Mon. Evening 3 June 2024 the Iraqi Parliament finally passed theirbudget with the new Iraqi Dinar International Rate in it.

·On Tues. 4 June large bondholder paymasters were in Reno tobegin exchanging their bond portfolios over the next 24 to 48 hour window.

·On Wed. 5 June 2024 the shotgun was fired,authorizing liquidity of the bond payments of CMKX that opened the RV/GCR; theGeneral of Brazil authorized release of funds toBrazil and San Paulo started to release funds. The Iraqi Parliament sent the budget with the new Iraqi Dinar Ratein it to the Gazette to be published.

·On Thurs. 6 June 2024 the ChineseElders authorized start of the payment process for Tier4b (Us, the InternetGroup). The International Beneficiary Commission authorized some in Tier4b to receive notification. Brazilbegan sending out notification and setting exchange appointments. A group in Zurich and another group in Brazil wentliquid. The BRICS Alliancebegan Summit meetings in Russia.

·On Fri. 7 June 2024 the US Government ran out of money and declared 63 banksinsolvent according to Janet Yellen. Bonds started becoming liquid.

·On Sat. 8 June 2024 NesaraGesara and authorization came through for the liberation of funds was announcedin Mexico.

·On Sun. 9 June 2024 the White House was litup in gold. SaudiaArabia dropped the
USD and ended the Petrodollar. It was the Beginning of the End – the collapseof the Global Financial System. Market Crash Imminent. RV funds for BondHolders and Tier4b were moving into their positions for payout.

·On Wed. 12June 2024 around 12 Noon EST a Worldwide Economic Collapse began when Putin withdrew the US Dollar and theEuro from the Stock Market.

·“It’s official. Brazil has already started. OnWed. 12 June Reno should be releasing the funds, with notifications to setredemption/exchange appointments for Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) to shortlyfollow.”…Wolverine

·On Sat. 15 June 2024 any bank not Basel 3 compliant would beclosed.

·On Sun. 16 June 2024 Global Elite Executionswill be Televised Worldwide: Worldwide Televised Executions June 16th [Father's Day] Booms Incoming!

·Wed. 17 July was the end of the New World Order, with QTuesday start of the Golden Age. …The 17thLetter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

·Tues. 6 Aug. Worldwide Web Takeover Declass. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

·Sun. 1Sept. 2024: “The greatestcomeback in World History will unfold. Everything you've known and seen willbecome perplexing. You won't believe your eyes. America will erupt. PATRIOTSWILL PREVAIL. AMERICA WILL TRIUMPH. The house of cards will collapse.” …The 17thLetter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

C. Global Currency Reset

·Wed. 12 June 2024 TNT Tony: “They want this done by Sat. 15 June 2024. Banks are expectingto work this weekend. Iraq hascountry wide celebration planned for Sun.30 June.”

Wed. 12 June 2024 Wolverine: Good news from all seriousand responsible sources.

·This has already begun, the initial sound has beenheard throughout the media context of REDEMPTION/REVALUATION AND GLOBALFINANCIAL RESET.

·It has been confirmed that the release of fundsfor currency swaps and historical asset swaps began after 12:00 a.m. on Tues.11 June.

·These released funds will become liquid once the800 holder numbers and emails are released.

·Exchange notifications beginon Wednesday, June 12.

·It is a process that hasjust begun, everyone's turn will come in due time, it will be a matterof days. We ask all beneficiaries to be very calm and patient, as they will bereceiving notifications from their taxpayers. For the safety of everyoneinvolved in the process, it is necessary to be very, very discreet. Your friendThat loves you all Wolverine

Tues. 11 June 2024 Wolverine:

·God has sent me on this journey and now Icry, for I have the official news: It has been confirmed that the release of funds for currency exchangesand historical assets have already begunafter 12 noon Tues. 11 June EST.

·Funds will become liquid after the 800 isreleased to you on Wed. 12 June.

·The last of this is a banking formality.Everything is done. The wait is over. What has been said so many timesby so many that is going to happen has now happened!

·C’s losses have already begun with the 27Asian elderly and rogue families. It has started first with the Elders who are the trigger for allexchanges and redemptions.

·Once the closing process begins for Zimbabwedollar and the Iraqi Dinar,which are part of the first currencies to cross the International MonetaryFund, and which revalues the currencies, all currencies will continue to closeuntil all IMF SDR currencies are revalued.

·Congratulations you have made it. This is real. It has started.

·I also received a message from the directorof the CIC, which is the actualfoundation for Mauricio. Right now, he is currently with the President ofColombia, handing out the documents and everything to the president so thefunds can be released - I am not sure if it is televised or not, but it ishappening right now! I just received a photo shoot!

·I am beyond words right now! I am really, really, emotional.

·What we need now is for the Tier4Bnotifications to start coming through, which will be tomorrow Wed. 12 June.

·It is a privilege to have known these people (Marucio’s Team) who have changed my life.Especially my wife…. (sorry guys it has been hard, Wolverine is choked withemotion at this point). God bless you all, and hopefully, I pray to God, thatthat Opera will be released to you. Take care, have a beautiful day. Wolverine(transcribed by Carpathia)

D. Global Financial Crisis:

·The Head of Germany’s Stock Exchange says the country is becoming a “DevelopingCountry” and called his own market “A junk Shop.”

·Saudi Arabia has ditched the US Dollar and did not renew the 50-year petrodollaragreement with the United States. Instead, they will be selling oil in multiplecurrencies, including the Chinese RMB, Euros, Yen, and Yuan. This should betreated as a Black Swan Event, but you wouldn't know it because the U.S.government is more focused on investigating tire tracks over an LGBTQ streetintersection. Remember, the revolution will not be televised.

·Russia Bans All US Dollarand Euro Trading on Moscow Exchange: Chinese Yuan Dominates Is the Dollar’s Dominance inJeopardy After Russia’s Latest Action.

E. Illuminati Zionist Deep State CabalGlobalist Agenda 2030:

·Wed. 12 June In addition to a Cabalengineered water shortage todestroy crops their Depopulation Agenda is destroying our food supply. “Supermarkets are limiting egg salesamid an outbreak of bird flu. Experts warn that up to 700,000 laying hens mayhave to be culled to stop the outbreak from spreading."

·Wed. 12 June Dr. David Martin: "There's no ability for member statesto even read the [WHO Pandemic Agreement] draft until the moment they'reactually in the vote... Nation states will not know what they're votingon."

·Klaus Schwab the chairman of the WorldEconomic Forum claimsthat eating bugs is the future. According to their moronic video, people shouldbe assured that bugs “are rich in protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, and canbe farmed at scale with minimal footprint." This means that "TheGreat Reset" will consist of Steak & Caviar for them, bugs & wormsfor the rest of us. No thank you.

·These demons can control the weather withultra high powered electronic frequencies via a machine called HAARP found inAlaska. Other countries likeChina and Russia are doing similar experiments. I confirm in an article from2013, also confirmed by many other "conspiracy theorists". This isnot a conspiracy theory. HAARP machine sends millions of volts of electricityinto the ionosphere heating up particles in the air causing massive weather changes,the govt have been messing with jet streams, cutting off countries from rain,blocking the Sun, causing many hurricanes one of which Katrina. This is why wesee massive climate changes, snow in the summer & heat in the winter, butwe are blamed and being charged in the name global warming.

F. The Real News for Wed. 12 June 2024:

·Wed. 12 June 2024: Breaking News: California “Megaquake” ComingSoon – Are We Ready for the Catastrophic Impact.

·Wed. 12 June 2024 US MarinesArrest Oregon AG for Treason. Wed. 12 June 2024: The CIA’s Dark Secrets: WikiLeaks’ Vault 8Exposes Source Code of Hacking Tools in the Next Chapter of Cyber Warfare .

·Newlyreleased footage shows Nancy Pelosi saying that she takesresponsibility for not having the National Guard at the Capitol on January 6.

·Wed. 12 June 2024: White Hats INTEL! Undercover Command: TheU.S. Military’s Secret Continuity of Government Devolution Plan Since January20, 2021 – Donald Trump’s Role as Commander in Chief

·Wed. 12 June 2024: BQQQM!!! President Trump’s 2nd Declarationof Independence!!!

·Wed. 12 June Biden Conviction, Peolsi Jan. 6– Trump is 5 Steps Ahead:


·Wed. 12 June 2024 Trump Coded Message toBiden After Hunter Conviction:

·If Elon Musk Hadn’t Bought Twitter: The algorithms never would have been changed,and the broader public would still be asleep. Most of the content in your feedswould not be there, and your favorite accounts would still be suspended. Theshift we are seeing in public perception, can be largely attributed to theliberation of Twitter and the construction of X. Trump’s approval/pollingnumbers would not be as high as they are if traditional TV MSM was the onlysource of news. Trump might not even be the GOP nominee if citizen journalistsdid not have the reach and influence that they do on X. Public perception isthe game, and Elon gave us the tools to fight back against the corrupt MSM.It’s working.

H. Covid/Vax/Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride,Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

·Sergeant Ric Schiff, the father of two twindaughters, explained to a court room why he felt our Government was hiding thecure for cancer and using radiation and chemotherapy as a money making optionto sustain life for a short time, rather than cure the disease and save lives. One of Schiff's daughtersdeveloped a brain tumor at the young age of four. They were told she was goingto die, and put her on aggressive chemo and radiation therapy which had a highpossibility of killing her, she miraculously survived, but the cancer remainedand they were told she didn't have much longer to live. While not being able toaccept this they sought out alternative options and that's when they cameacross Dr. Burzynski and his non toxic, all natural antineoplastons therapy,his daughter was cured of cancer but died, due to deterioration of her brainfrom the former conventional toxic radiation therapy.

·Wed. 12 June 2024: Dr. David Martin Revealsthe Disturbing Truth About the COVID Shots. It turns out that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are notvaccines after all. Both BioNTech (Pfizer’s company) and Moderna once referredto the mRNA injections as “gene therapies.” Now, Pharma execs are laughingbecause they know that if they had called the shots what they were (genetherapies), nobody would have taken them. Instead, they called it a vaccine andgot away with it. Here’s what’s even worse. Scientific studies by 2018indicated that pseudouridine “was known to be a cancer promoter.” Guess what’sin the mRNA injections? Pseudouridine. Now, young people are getting cancer,unlike at any other time in history. Here is the disturbing truth, according toDr. David Martin. “Ladies and gentlemen, you were injected with a thing to makeyou a customer of the industry [Big Pharma] that has been in the business ofkilling the world’s citizens since 1604.”

·Wed. 12 June 2024 Self Assembling HydrogelNanotech Found in Pepsi:
Wed. 12 June 2024 Florida: Floridato officially classify Myrna Covid Shots as bio-weapons.

I. Wed. 12 June 2024 Washington DC Is A CrimeScene, Charlie Ward:

·John F. Kennedy never took a salary. He donated it instead.Herbert Hoover never took a salary. He donated it instead. Donald Trump nevertook a salary. He donated it instead.

·Joe Biden is taking a salary on top of thedrug trafficking moneywhile occupying a White House owned by foreign interest.

• Genocide of thejabs• Human Trafficking• Fraudulent US election• Obamagate• Criminal Clinton& Gates Foundation • Laptop from Hell • Insertion of social credit •Worldwide Freedom Convoys• Pfizer Data• Kids being jabbed.• CIA Chief WilliamBurns• Ukraine Money Laundering • Tax Evasion• Wire Fraud

·Remember, there is no "Oath ofOffice" on record for anyone in the current administration.

·Do you all remember "The RestrictAct"? This bill would onlysolidify the use of tools used to steal the 2020 election.

·Things that allowed access to information viaMicrosoft SQL, whichbreached passwords and weak credentials, compromised USB drives in datatransfers. Which is basically uncertified internet access.

·The Restrict Act not only bans Americans from using TikTok,it is a Patriot Act 2.0 for the Internet. It would give the governmentunfettered access to all the data on our computers, phones, security cameras,internet browsing history, payment applications, and more.

·This would all be coming from a corruptillegal administrationthat is not supposed to be occupying the White House. Because Americans werenot told as of yet of all the human trafficking tunnels found under The WhiteHouse. Which is under investigation. This is why D. Trump never took a salary.

·Why? A couple of reasons.

·Obstruction of Justice: If Trump took actions (Accepting A Salary)basically hindering obstructing the investigation into trafficking and moneylaundering at the White House, he could face charges of obstruction of justice.Can we say the same for Joe Biden? No.

·Bribery or Corruption: If it could be proven that Trump acceptedthe salary as part of a quid pro quo arrangement with individuals or entitiesinvolved in trafficking and money laundering, he could face charges of briberyor corruption.

·This is why the "No Oath Of Office" issue should alarm everyone. Because thisalso implicates Joe Biden. Because when Michelle Klann presented paperwork toMaricopa County Board of Supervisors they all dismissed themselves because sheproved they signed no Oath of office to the Republic of Arizona.

·Meaning they all committed insurrection because they signed an Oath of office to aforeign office.

·Think- 1103 ≈ 11 alt 3 ≈ 11.3 Chapter 11.3 ofLaw of War Manual = End of Occupation and Duration of GC Obligations GC =Geneva Conventions

·11.3 Reads: “The status of belligerent occupation ends when theconditions for its application are no longer met. Certain GC obligations withrespect to occupied territory continue for the duration of the occupation afterthe general close of military operations.” End quote.

·They are talking about Washington DC. These are military provisions. People askyourself since when does the National Guard deploy to an “Inauguration” andoccupy two months later? Remember the fence that went around DC? This was the"Peaceful Transition of Power" to the military.

·This happened around the same time Nancy Drew uploaded a video on her channel showing Congressbeing rounded up and put on busses. This is also why another person likeRichard Citizen Journalist were able to upload multiple videos on his channelon Telegram showing DC was a ghost town. All the Federal buildings were closedfor years after 2020.

·Do you think it was because of this othermilitary order?

·11.6 PROTECTION OF THE POPULATION OF ANOCCUPIED TERRITORY. 11.6.1General Protections, Including Humane Treatment, of the Population of anOccupied Territory.

J. Wed 12 June 2024 Ben Fulford Report:

·Donald Trump and Alex Sorosfight to the death as US Corporation and Israel implode. In what looks like a fightto the death over deck chairs on a sinking Titanic, Donald Trump and Alex Sorosare now in a state of open warfare against each other.

·It is a good bet Soros, hisBarack Obama house slave and their entire faction will lose the war.

·However, this will not stopthe fact the US Corporation owes its’ people $200 trillion and the rest of theworld $53.4 trillion and so will not be able to continue as is.

·Israel, meanwhile, is aboutto be taken over by Egypt and Turkey.

K. Wed. 12 June 2024: The fake Joe Biden is afake President, Ben Fulford Report

·The real pedophile Joseph Robinette Biden only functioned back in the days as VicePresident of Barry Soetoro (adopted by father Lolo Soetoro, a high Satanist)aka Barack Hussein Obama.

·Obama and Biden were mass murderers who commanded 200,000uranium-contaminated drone bombs in the Middle East on children, women and men.

·These mass murderers - including, by the way, the"Bush" clan and the Clinton clan and many others - belong in courtsmartial.

·And the new "Joe Biden", an actor, which was used for this theater game.

·Those in the know have seen through this gamelong ago. These socialists areexposing themselves all over the world right now and are hurtling all togetherinto the abyss. Their satanic time has expired.

·Unfortunately, very many people are totallyblind and follow thesebeings into the abyss.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 13, 2024 (2024)


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