OBody NG Installation Guide (2024)

- If you are upgrading from OBody Standalone, go ingame, open the console and type the following command:

Step 0)
First off, OBody has several requirements. You must install these mods first. Note that you must also install all the required mods of the mods listed below!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR VR USERS: While OBody NG works in VR, results have been mixed according to reports. For most users in Skyrim VR, everything works 100% fine. A single user reported that body randomisation was not working for him in VR. Very few users reported that the UI Extensions menu was not working properly in VR. I can't do much about any issues that appear in VR specifically. I don't own Skyrim VR nor a VR headset. Please note that support for VR issues will be extremely limited as a result. Thank you for understanding.

- Racemenu
- For Skyrim version 1.5.97, get version 0.4.16 under "Old Files".
- For Skyrim version 1.6.353, get version under "Old Files".
- For Skyrim version 1.6.640, get version under "Old Files".
- For Skyrim version 1.6.1130, get version
- For Skyrim from GOG, get version GOG under "Optional files".

- For Skyrim VR, get the main file and then the Racemenu VR 0.4.14 Optional File. Follow the instructions there.

- PapyrusUtil
- For Skyrim version 1.5.97, get version 3.9.
- For Skyrim version 1.6.353, get version 4.3 under "Old Files".
- For Skyrim version 1.6.640, get version 4.4 under "Old Files".
- For Skyrim version 1.6.1130, get version 4.5.
- For Skyrim from GOG, get PapyrusUtil GOG.

- For Skyrim VR, get PapyrusUtil 3.6b under "Miscellaneous Files".

- Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

- UIExtensions

- A body that replaces female bodies with bodyslide support AND Racemenu morphs support. These days, the recommended ones are CBBE 3BAorBHUNP. However, you're free to use other mods that have Bodyslide support and Racemenu morphs support. If a body supports Bodyslide but not Racemenu morphs, then it will not work - an example of this is COCO body.

Please, stick only to one female body mod. This is a basic rule of Skyrim modding. Do not try to mix CBBE 3BA with BHUNP or COCO, or any other mix of different body mods. Choose one of them and stick to it.

Note that CBBE 3BA requires the original CBBE to be installed to work, but they're technically the same body. 3BA simply adds stuff on top of CBBE, hence why 3BA installations have CBBE + CBBE 3BA installed. This is completely fine and intended.

- Optionally, a mod that replaces male bodies with Bodyslide support and Racemenu morphs support as well. HIMBO is the go to mod these days for that purpose. If you want to install other male body mods without bodyslide support (SOS Full/Light, SAM Light, etc), then that's fine too - OBody will not do anything to them.

Same thing here, stick only to one male body mod. Do not try to mix SOS HIMBO with SAM Light or anything like that.

HIMBO also requires SOS to work properly, so you'll end up with SOS+HIMBO installed, because HIMBO adds features on top of SOS. Like the CBBE+CBBE 3BA combo mentioned above, this is fine and intended. Just don't add a completely different body mod like SAM Light on top of it.

You may now install OBody NG with your favourite mod manager like you would any other mod.

Step 0.5) If you are starting a New Game, you can go to Step 1!

If you are installing this on an existing save, then first go somewhere with no NPCs or with as few NPCs as possible! I recommend the middle of the wilderness, a dungeon of some sort or even a player home.

Save the game, exit the game, and proceed to Step 1!

Step 1) Open up the Racemenu configuration file. This is found wherever you installed Racemenu to, usually in the Vortex or MO2 mods folder. Inside the Racemenu installation folder, open SKSE > Plugins, and then open the file skee64 with a text editor (like Notepad). Find the following two lines and change them if needed so they are like this:

; Enables BodySlide assisted morphing for further customization
bEnableBodyMorph=1 ; Default[1]

; Enables Body Randomization based on guided files (depends on BodyMorph, usage without will still apply randomized key values)
bEnableBodyGen=0 ; Default[1]

Step 2)
- Time to boot up Bodyslide. First, you'll want to go the

Group Filter and choose the groups of your body and outfits. Note that many outfits might be under the Unassigned group which is usually the very last one on the dropdown list, so you want to select that one too!

You can see this in the image below. In my case, I use BHUNP, but the process is similar to other bodies. For CBBE 3BA, you'll have its respective labels and groups.

OBody NG Installation Guide (1)

Step 3)

In the Outfit/Body select your main body. For BHUNP users, this will be

BHUNP 3BBB Advanced Ver 3or BHUNP 3BBB Advanced Ver 4, and for CBBE 3BA users this will be CBBE 3BBB Body Amazing. For other bodies, you have to find out which is the main body. Refer to your body replacer's mod description for instructions.

After selecting your main body, select

Zeroed Sliders under Preset. Always try to use the Zeroed Sliders provided by your body replacer mod. If, for whatever reason, there isn't a Zeroed Sliders preset available, you have to make a Zeroed Sliders preset yourself.

BHUNP and CBBE 3BA might have some sliders at 100% in their Zeroed Sliders preset. THIS IS NORMAL AND INTENDED. DO NOT CHANGE THEM!

The images below illustrate how it will look like after this step is done for BHUNP and CBBE 3BA:

OBody NG Installation Guide (2)

OBody NG Installation Guide (3)

Step 4)

At the bottom of the Bodyslide interface, tick the

checkbox Build Morphs. The checkbox above it doesn't make a difference if you tick it or not. Afterwards, click Batch Build right next to it.

OBody NG Installation Guide (4)

Step 5)

After clicking on

Batch Build, you'll see a list of all bodies and outfits that are going to be built. You want to go through this list - if you see that an outfit is missing from the list, you forgot to include a group in the Group Filter in Step 3. Go back to the Group Filter and find out which group you forgot to tick!

After you've made sure every outfit is included, you may click


OBody NG Installation Guide (5)

Step 6)

When you click

Build, another list might appear - the conflict resolution list. This usually happens when several bodies or versions of your body are installed. This will almost certainly happen with CBBE 3BA and BHUNP, since they include several bodies by default. It might also happen with outfits - for instance, some outfits have a physics version and a non physics version. You have to go through this entire list and choose which bodies and outfits you want to build according to your preferences and needs.

For CBBE 3BA users, you want to choose

CBBE 3BBB Body Amazing for the body. For BHUNP users, you want to choose BHUNP 3BBB Advanced Ver 3 - in other words, the same bodies you selected in Step 4.

After choosing what you want and solving the conflicts, click

OK. Wait until the build process is completed, and you're done! If you have male bodies with bodyslide support such as HIMBO, repeat these steps but for your male body and male outfits.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HIMBO USERS: HIMBO comes with a preset called "HIMBO Zero for OBody". However, the Enlarge Waist slider for 100 weight is wrong. You must select this preset, and on the 100 weight option, you must zero the Enlarge Waist slider for it to work correctly.

OBody NG Installation Guide (6)

Step 7)

Go ingame and OBody NG should be fully working. Try to bring up the presets list with the O key and try to apply presets to different characters. If something is not working, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions

Step 8) Completely optional, but if you want even more variety, consider using my mod OPubes NG, which leverages the OBody NG API to distribute different pube types among NPCs.

OBody NG Installation Guide (2024)


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