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Hi everyone! Hope we didn’t keep you waiting too long. I had to make a few edits back in Chapter one, and had some work to do outside the internet. But we’re here with the full story of Spirited Away!

That’s right. The FULL story of Spirited Away! No breaking into parts, the full story chapter! That’s why it’s been so long to update, not only that but personal work outside this story too.

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Name: Dialogue


Name “Dialogue”

Audience thought

Name ‘Dialogue’

And without further ado, let’s begin!

The first image on the screen was a blue background with the words “Studio Ghibli” on the bottom right. And some kind of rabbit-like creature with a smaller one on top of its head.

Many of the audience saw the drawing and were perplexed, but others understood quickly. Those were the people who are familiar with the modern knowledge of movies and cinema.

Greg tugs on his brother’s cloak to get his attention.

Greg “Wirt, your hat.”

Wirt “Oh.”

Wirt takes off his fake gnome hat and takes the tea kettle off of Greg’s head and set them down beside them in their seats. Providing a booster seat for Beatrice.

“So Ghibli is an animation studio?” Said Dipper Pines.

“Correct, and before you question the name. “Ghibli” is the name of an airplane engine and one of the co-founders of the studio is a plane enthusiast” said Sora.

Many of the Countries understood alongside those of the audience who are from the modern era or have knowledge of what planes are.

But those who are from lands of alchemy, magic, dragons, and hide behind walls with no knowledge of the outside world, still have a hard time understanding.

“Oh right” said Sophie “To those who don’t know what airplanes are, they’re a type of machine made from metal and powered by steam to fly and transport people from one location to another.”

Hange leaps up from her seat, rushes to their hostess and starts screaming into her face. “AAAHHHH! These machines can fly!? How is it possible?! Tell me everything you know- Guk!!”

Sophie grabs her by the throat. “Shut up, or I’ll end you.”

Sora “Sophie.”

Sophie “What? That way, she can be quiet during the whole movie.”

Sora continues his stare-down at Sophie.

Sophie “Fine. I’ll mute her.”

Dragging her pointer finger across the air, Sophie literally zipped Hange’s lips and sent her back to her seat. Who was trying to force her mouth to open.

Sophie “I’ll let you go, until you behave like a good little girl.”

As Hange yells silently, much to the relief of those who have sensitive hearings, a certain two-tailed fox was bouncing in his seat. Being a fanatic with airplanes himself, Tails can’t help but feel excited on learning more about aircraft.

Tails “I wonder if we may get to see some airplanes in one of these movies?”

Sonic “We’ll just have to wait and see, little buddy. As it pains me to say that.”

Tails chuckles at Sonic’s words, finding it ironic coming from the guy who is all about speed is now out of his comfort zone and taking it slow.

The scene opens up to a bouquet of pink flowers and a card with a drawing of a smiling girl. With a gentle and elegant pounding of piano keys playing. (One Summer’s Day)

???: “I’ll miss you, Chihiro. Your best friend. Rumi.”

???: Chihiro? Chihiro, we're almost there.

The screen then shows said girl Chihiro, holding the pink flowers' bouquet with a blank and bored expression, laying down with her feet up on a box in a moving car.

Sango “What kind of carriage is that?”

Yuri “Wait, you’ve never seen a car before?”

Sophie “I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned most of you are from different time periods, as I’d just explained what an airplane is.”

Kaminari “There are people from the past?”

Jiro “We’ve just covered this, jamming-way.”

???: This really is in the middle of nowhere. I have to go to the next town to shop.

???: We’ll just learn to like it.

Chihiro turns her head to her parents in the front seats, Akio and Yūko Ogino, her father points out.

Akio: Look Chihiro, there’s your new school. Looks great, doesn’t it?

The camera switches back to Chihiro slowly getting up to look out the window to see what the school looks like. While her mother comments.

Yūko: It doesn’t look so bad.

Haruhi “Ah, moving. That’s what this is all about.”

Honey “I don’t mean to be rude, but the parents look a bit foreigner.”

Edward “Yeah, they kind of do.”

Alfred “Moving to a new place is scary, especially when you’re moving to a different country and culture.”

As they are passing it, Chihiro sticks out her tongue in a taunt and disgust manner, before slumping back down.

Chihiro: It’s gonna stink. I liked my old school.

As Chihiro buried herself back down, she looked at her bouquet in worry as she realized that they were wilting

Chihiro: Mom, my flowers are dying!

Yūko: I told you not to smother them like that.

Yūko said scolding her daughter as Chihiro made a bland and disappointing expression

Yūko: We’ll put them in water when we get to our new home.

Chihiro : I finally get a bouquet and it’s a goodbye present. That’s depressing.

Chihiro sits back down in her seat.

Yūko: Daddy bought you a rose for your birthday, don’t you remember?

Chihiro: Yeah one. One rose isn’t a bouquet.

Francis “I beg your pardon mademoiselle, but a single rose holds all the beauty of a bouquet!”

Tamaki “It’s true!”

Haruhi” Calm down you two, she means she was hoping to get a bouquet of flowers in a positive event, and not in a sad event.”

Yūko (Off-screen): Hold on to your card and quit whining. It’s fun to move to a new place, it's an adventure.

As Yūko gave Chihiro her card and opened her car window, the scene switched with the outside of the car and the camera pans on top, revealing the urban neighborhood and highway as the title of the film appeared.


Ren “‘Spirited Away’?”

“That’s quite a title.” said Tenzin

Aang “Did someone got into the spirit world?”

Sophie “Shh! No spoiling.”

Katara “Well, I have to say, this music is relaxing.”

Everyone can agree to the young waterbender’s words. Every moment when those first few notes stroke the piano keyboard, a wave of soothing emotions flow over them. Lifting their spirits like a warm and gentle summer breeze.

We then see the family’s car drove to a road leading to a forest

Akio: Wait. Did I take a wrong turn?

Akio pokes his head out of the window. The scene cuts to the dirt trail road into the forest.

Akio: This can’t be right.

Yūko: Look, there’s our house.


The family looks up the hill to see their new home right next to the forest.

Yūko: It’s that blue one on the end.

Akio: Oh yeah, you’re right. I must’ve missed the turn off. This road should lead us there.

Yūko: Honey, don’t take a shortcut. You always get us lost.

Akio: Trust me, it’s gonna work.

As the parents argue, Chihiro looks out of her windows to see small stone houses under the tree with a Torii.

Jean K. “What’s with those rocks?”

Mabel “And what’s with that wooden arch thing?”

Yaoyorozu “The stones are shrines and the arch is called a Torii.”

Japan “Ms. Yaoyorozu is correct. Torii are part of our country's architecture; they're a symbolic gateway marking the entrance to the sacred precincts as part of the Shintō shrines.”

China “Kiku is right. Some of the torii are also part of my country as well. For our connection to our religion and philosophy in Buddhism.”

All the younger kids, “Wow! Whoa…”

Chihiro: What are those stones? They look like little houses.

Yūko: They’re shrines. Some people think little spirits live there.

Bakugou “We just covered this!”

As the family drives down the gravel road, the forest expands farther and farther than what it looked. Hesitating no longer, Chihiro told her father.

Chihiro: Dad, I think we’re lost.

But her father wasn’t worried, if not, he was more confident in himself.

Akio: We’re fine. I’ve got four-wheel drive.

“Yep. They’re lost.”

Ranma “Like Ryoga.”

Ryoga “Hey!”

Hikaru and Kaoru “Have a nice trip back~! Bye!”

The car ride became bumpy, which surprised Chihiro to let out a startled yelp.

Yūko: Sit down, please, sweetie.

The car sped through the dirt and stone trail and reached a cobblestone path, making the ride more bumpy as Chihiro helplessly jumped up and down because of it.

Chihiro then looks out of her window to an odd smiling statue. As if it is turning its head as the car sped away from it.

“Did anyone else see that?” said Dipper, feeling a bit uneasy.

“Saw that too. Ve!” said Feliciano

Link and Zelda nodded.

Many wanted to question what they’d just seen, but a part of them doesn’t want to know.

The car then hit a puddle, scraping the metal, causing Chihiro to again cry in fear.

(Off-Screen) Yūko: Honey! Honey! Honey-AH!

Yūko tries to call out to her husband, who runs their car into a couple of tree branches. Yūko holds onto the safety handle on the passenger’s side.

Yūko:Slow down, you're gonna kill us!

“This is just like Mouri-san’s driving.” Conan commented, as his friends nodded their heads in agreement.

Kogoro “My driving isn’t that bad, brat!”

Ran “Yes it is, dad!”

Akio looked out of the windshield to see the same smiling statue his daughter saw, and it was in front of a gate entrance.

Akio: What’s that!?

He exclaimed as he hits down the brakes, stopping the car nearly striking the statue

“That was too close!” Iida shouted, waving his arms up and down in a chopping manner.

Some of the audience were slightly concerned about the young teen’s well-being, but most were just annoyed at his strict attitude.

Knuckles “You sure he’s not a machine?”

Izuku “I assure you he's not, that’s just how Iida is.”

Tsuyu “*Ribbit* You really need to relax, Iida.”

Iida “What are you talking about? I am relaxed.”

Everyone ‘That’s his relaxing?’

The camera pans upwards to give a full view of the old gate entrance.

Yūko: What’s this old building?

Akio: Looks like an entrance.

Yūko: Honey, come back to the car, we’re going to be late.

Chihiro then opened the car door and proceeded to hop off to go to her father

Yūko: Chihiro.

She said in a scolding tone of voice.

Yūko: Oh for heaven’s sake.

Yūko said tiredly as her daughter gone to her husband

Akio: This building isn’t old, it's fake. These stones are just made of plaster

Chihiro looked at the dark entrance as calm yet terrific echoes were heard.

All the young children cling on to the closest people next to them. Eri and Kota hugs Izuku, Dipper and Mable clings onto both of Grunkle Stan’s arms, Cream and Cheese holds onto Amy, Greg snuggles under Wirt’s cloak to hide in, Shippo climbs onto Inuyasha as much to his annoyance, and Mei Chang holds onto Scar.

Even Zenitsu hugged the neck of Inosuke, nearly strangling him in the process. But Inosuke gets himself out and punches the frightened blonde boy away. Nezuko held her brother’s hand firmly as if she was scared to let go and be devoured by what’s making that sound.

Soon Chihiro felt the wind as if it was trying to pull her in as leaves blew beneath her feet.

Chihiro with an uneasy voice: The wind is pulling us in.

“Well, that's just making things worse!” Yelled Zenitsu

“Don’t be mad at the wind.” Aang calmly scolded the scared boy.

Yūko: what is it?

Akio: C’mon let's go in, I wanna see the other side.

Chihiro then looked to her father

Chihiro: I’m not going. It gives me the creeps.

Akio: Don’t be such a scaredy-cat Chihiro, let’s just take a look

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” said Eren

“It’s human nature to be curious.” Said Armin

“We can’t simply blame someone for being human.” Zeke added

“But you can scold them if what they chose turned out to be wrong in the end.” Roy Mustang Interjected, “And then help set them on the right path.” He turns his head to Edward who nods his head in agreement and sending a ‘thank you’ in silence for everything he has done for him and his brother.

Yūko: The movers will get to our house before we do

Akio: It’s all right, we have the keys they can start without us.

Yūko: Alright, but just a quick look

Chihiro: Forget it, I’m not going!

Chihiro runs back to the car but stops by the statue to turn around back to her parents.

Chihiro: Come on you guys, let's get out of here.

Akio: Come on honey it’ll be fine.

Chihiro holds onto the edges of her shirt.

Chihiro: I’m not going!

Looking on her left, Chihiro sees that the statue has two faces on the front and on the back, making her even more uneasy.

Suki “Hmm, go with mom and dad to who knows where or stay with a creepy looking statue?”

Toph “This should be a harder decision.”

Chihiro then sees her parents are walking farther way from her.

Yūko: Chihiro just wait in the car then.

Yūko calls out to her, cut to Chihiro fiddling with her shirt, and stomps impatiently.

Chihiro: But mom!!

Taking one last look at the statue, Chihiro runs to her mother.

Chihiro: Wait for me!!!

Levi “What an annoying little brat.”

Erwin “Levi! She’s just a child.”

[A Road to Somewhere]

Akio: Everybody watch your step.

Yūko: Chihiro don’t cling like that, you’ll make me trip.

As Chihiro hurried in the tunnel whilst clinging to her mother’s arm as she looked to her dad leading the way.

As they are nearing the end of the tunnel, the family find themselves at what seems to be an abandoned train platform station. The family looked on to see an exit as the camera pans over the station’s exit leading to the outside.

Chihiro: What is this place?

Yūko then cupped her hand and put it at her ear as if trying to hear something m

Yūko: Do you hear that?

Everyone listens to a very faint sound of a train running on its tracks. However, there are few people who don’t know what a train is.

Connie “What the heck is that sound?”

Sasha: “Some kind of horse carriage?”

All modern and future people turn to look at them.

Heiji “You guys don’t know what a train is?”

Sophie “Sadly they do not. You can blame it on their old king and the government for locking them away from the outside world and lying to them for over a hundred years.”

Sora “Not only that, but the King Karl Fritz wiped away their memories into believing that they are what’s left of humanity.”

Sophie “All for the sake to atone. For his grief and shame of his ancestors' actions in the past and made their island a home for their enemies to destroy them all. And his threats to unleash the rumbling was an empty threat.”

Sora “And to add more wood to the fire, everyone outside the walls hates them enough to blame them for everything, they even called the people on the island devils. While the remaining are treated like second class citizens living in areas that cut them off from the rest of the countries they’re living in, as well as brainwashing them with propaganda that they should carry the burden of their ancestors until they are crushed.”

This has set everyone who are not from the world of titans in a rage and profanity insults. Causing many older brothers, sisters and guardians to cover the young one's ears.

Yurio and Katsuki “That is so f*cked up!”

“What a load of bullsh*t!”

Iroh “Disgraceful.”

America “This is World War II all over again.”

Kagome “Talk about holding a grudge.”

Sophie “Plus the country, Marley, uses them as tools and weapons for their wars. Doing this, they promise the warriors to become honorary Marlian. But in truth, no matter where you come from, you're still a part of your family’s race. And they will continue to hate you for that. That’s just racist. Plain and simple.”

Berholt “But we- they deserve it!”

Sora “That was 2000 years ago! They are not responsible for their ancestors’ actions.”

Germany “I can understand that statement.”

Japan “One’s character is not reflective of the sins of his forefathers.”

China “An ancestor's crime, one that the new generations can’t be atoned for.”

The police and detectives were outraged at these people. As much as they want to put them behind bars, this wasn’t their country nor their world, but Sophie has a few tricks up her sleeves.

Sophie “You may not be in your world, but that doesn’t stop me or the police from doing their job. Here you’ll face your crimes, and accept the punishment you all rightfully deserve.”

Sophie then addresses the audience.

Sophie “That also goes to everyone here who has done horrendous actions, so don’t act all innocent. We know everything that you’ve done. From parents abusing their kids to false charges against the victims, even massacring a whole town and attempted murder on family relatives.”

Everyone felt so disgusted to think there are people who would do such heinous acts sitting in this room with them.

In fact, we hear the faint sound of wheels of a train hurrying along the tracks. The camera cuts to a circle stained window with the light hovering over a drinking fountain.

Chihiro: that’s sounds like a train

Yūko: we must be near a train station

Akio then walked further away from them

Akio: C’mon let's check it out.

As Yūko and Chihiro followed, Chihiro looked back, almost tripping in the process as she saw the entrance of the station getting further and further away.

As the family walked out of the station platform, they were brought to a vast valley filled with statues and buildings.

Shippo “What are those weird buildings?”

Chihiro: What are those weird buildings?

Everyone laughs, while Bakuguo glares angrily at Shippo who was now trying to hide behind Kagome.

Akio: I knew it. It’s an abandoned theme park, see.

Akio said as he turned his head to look at the station, causing his family to do as well to look at the clock tower.

Akio: They built them everywhere in the early 90s, then the economy got bad, and they all got bankrupt. This must be one of them.

Purah “Is that true?”

Sora “To some extent, yes.”

Japan “Ah yes, the 1990 Japanese Economic crisis.”

Sokka “Economic crisis?”

Sora “We’ll talk about this later.”

As Chihiro’s parents consider walking down the dirt path, Chihiro looked on in protest

Chihiro: Where you’re going! You said, just a quick look and let’s go back!

She made a sour expression, clearly not enjoying why her parents contradicted themselves

Chihiro: HEY!

Soon a huge gust of wind blew from the station entrance, causing her to follow them nonetheless.

Chihiro looks up at the building making her uneasy before she hurried after her parents up a hill clinging onto her mother once again.

Chihiro: Did you hear that building? It was moaning.

Yūko: it’s just the wind

She said reassuring her daughter

Inuyasha, Ranma, Aang, his family, Korra, and a few others felt something off about that wind blowing.

Miroku “That was no ordinary wind.”

Inuyasha “Something or rather someone doesn’t want them to be there.”

Yūko: Oh, what a beautiful place. We should’ve brought our lunch, then we could've had a picnic.

Cut to a rocking path that had some water seeping in between the cracks like a little stream. As Akio walked across it.

Akio: Look, they were planning to put a river here.

Akio holds an arm out for his wife to take when he notices a smell in the air. He sniffs the air, getting more distracted by the aroma, enough not to notice that his wife crashes into him. He turns to her.

Akio: Hey, you smell that?

Akio takes in another sniff.

Akio: Something smells good.

Yūko: Yeah, and I’m starving.

Akio: Maybe this theme park is still in business.

Yūko: Chihiro, hurry it up.

Chihiro was struggling not to slip and fall into a small puddle stream.

Chihiro: Wait a minute.

Bitch “Talk about pathetic.”

Naofumi “You’re the one who’s pathetic, Bitch.”

Katsuki “But the Bitch girl’s got a point, the brat is being pathetic.”

Izuku “She’s scared, Kacchan.”

Haruhi “She’s scared of everything.”

Edward ``This is what most kids are like, being scared of something that they’re not comfortable with. We all go through that and overcome it.”

Mustang “Then we are going to see some growth in this. How about taking some notes, Fulmetal.”

Edward “What was that, flame bastard!?”

[The Empty Restaurants]

As Chihiro caught up to her parents on the trail and began running up the stone steps where there was a frog statue, the camera cuts to what seems rundown buildings and rusted signs of advertisem*nt, Akio then took another sniff and pointed.

Akio: over there.

He then leads his family through the street and took another whiff of the air.

Akio: this way

He said as he pointed at the way and his family followed

As Chihiro and her mother walked together, Yūko then said

Yūko: How strange they’re all restaurants.

Chihiro: Where is everybody?

This was becoming more concerning for a few people who have common sense. The three detectives and a magician were thinking of different case scenarios. But they all agree that this isn’t normal.

Akio: There it is.

Akio took off running towards the camera before the camera captures him running away from it and to the steamed aroma coming out of the restaurant.

Akio: Hey! I found it!

He walked inside the booth

Inside were mountains of different assortment of food; soup drop dumplings, fried rice, assorted amounts of different kinds of meat. Heck, one of the dishes had a huge fish head!

Food Lovers “MEAT!”

Sanji “Oh no, they’re multiplying.”

Akio pokes his head out from the banner.

Akio: Here, you gotta see this.

As Yūko followed her husband through the stands

Yūko: ah, look at this.

She said at awe of the tempting display of delicious food

Akio: Hello in there, is somebody working here ?

Yūko: C’mon Chihiro, it looks delicious.

Chihiro: Mhm mmm

She responded clearly, denying her mother’s invitation

Akio: Anybody?!

The camera pans across the kitchen behind the booth to see utensils and scattered ingredients in the back. The fire was burning, but there wasn’t a single soul in the kitchen.

Many with commonsense know that this doesn’t feel right. It’s strange to put it lightly.

Seeing food laying out ready to be served looks delicious, but when there is no one around and no chefs, that’s a problem. It’s rude to take food when no one’s around, plus the food could be an offering to the ancestors or to the spirits.

Bottom line. Stealing food is bad, and it lands you into trouble in the end.

Yūko: Don’t worry, honey. We can pay the bill when they get back.

Akio: Good plan.

He then notices more food down the line.

Akio: Hey, that looks great.

As her husband walks away, Yūko then grab a small chicken-like roast

Yūko: I wonder what this is called

She then took a bite and turned her head to face Chihiro.

Yūko: Ah, it's delicious! Chihiro, you gotta taste this!

Chihiro shakes her head, ‘no’.

Chihiro:I don’t want to eat, we’re gonna get in trouble. Let’s get out of here.

Akio, who was holding two plates and was picking two of everything on the platters.

Akio: Don’t worry, you got daddy here. He’s got credit cards and cash!

Seeing all that amount of food, Genma tries to sneak some snacks from one of the little kids. Only to feel something sharp hitting his throat.

“Do you really have any honor left? No. You don’t.” Sophie then turns her attention to his son, “Ranma, your dad is the worst.”

Ranma “Tell me about it.”

Wakko “Why do they have to torture us so!”

Yakko and Dot comforts their brother wailing hunger

Yakko “There there, baby bro.”

Yūko: Chihiro you have to taste this, it’s so tender.

Chihiro is still shaking her head ‘no’ and doesn’t want to eat. Akio then placed down his plates and sat next to his wife.

Akio: Mustard?

He said as he passed said condiment to his wife.

Yūko: Thank you.

We then see Chihiro’s parents gorging themselves with all the food near them, snorting like pigs while doing so. Akio slurps up an entire dumpling in his mouth as her mother, Yūko, rapidly stuffs her face with seafood. Soon Chihiro, tired of her parents stuffing their faces, shouts.

Levi “Disgusting pigs.”

Hikaru and Kaoru “This isn’t how commoners eat all the time, right?”

Haruhi “No. This is a perfect example of eating when on the verge of starvation.”

Mikasa “So like Sasha?”

Sasha “Mikasa!”

Toph “Or Sokka.”

Sokka “Hey!”

Shikamaru “This is troublesome.”

Chihiro: C’mon you guys, you can’t!

But her parents were lost in the delicious food, her father even grabbed one of the small chickens and took a huge tear-bite out of it. Chihiro then gave up and left the restaurant to explore more of the strange location. She then walked up a set of stone stairs coming to a fork in the road, she turned to the right and saw something that was amazingly huge and very unexpected. A giant ruby red and emerald green colored bath house with a funnel letting out black smoke.

Chihiro: That’s weird…

The camera shows areas of the building, the banner being blown by the wind, the sound of the windows shaking and the running hot water from an outside hot spring.

(Off-screen) Chihiro: It’s a bathhouse.

Greg ”What’s a bathhouse?”

Japan “A bathhouse, or as I would say in my country Sentō. Japan famously has a long tradition of public bathing, whether in urban bathhouses or rural hot springs, which are called Onsen, and visiting one of these is something that every visitor to the country should experience at least once.”

Mabel “So it’s like a huge hot tub for everyone, right?”

Sophie “Sort of like that, and keep in mind it’s a bathhouse and there are rules to follow. Boys and girls get their own baths separately, Men on one side, women on the other.”

Sora “And we take this very seriously towards any perverts here.”

Greg “You mean we can go to one?”

Sophie and Sora nod their heads, humming “Mm hmm.” in confirming agreement.

All the western kids, teens, and Soos “Yeah!” “Alright!” “Yes!”

Chihiro stares at the bathhouse for a moment before walking to the wooden bridge and poking her head out from the wooden railing to see a small train coming out of the tunnel.

Chihiro: There’s the train.

She then sprinted to the other side and hopped on to another railing and as she was turning her said he spotted a boy a with dark green hair cut in a bob and wearing a white obe that closely resembles a Kariginu along with a lavender sash around his waist, a short traditional indigo dyed Sashinuki (a type of kuribakama) underneath, and beige sandals. A darker blue Hitoe can be seen from the sides and shoulders of the robes.

Mabel ”Ooh who’s this?”

Dipper “Mabel cut it out.”

Japan “Hmm”

Italy “what’s wrong, Kiku?”

Japan “Oh nothing.”

The boy let out a gasp of surprise to see Chirico, as if he recognized her. But she didn’t seem to know the boy.

[The Dragon Boy]

Blinking away his shock, the boy marches up to Chihiro.

Boy: You shouldn’t be here. Get out of there, now!

Chihiro: What?

Chihiro gets off of the wooden rail.

Boy: It’s almost night. Leave before it gets dark!

Ran “What’s his deal?”

Conan “He’s warning her.”

“Warning her about what?”

As the sun sets and a dark shadow filled in the lamps of the bathhouse came to life causing more shock from the stranger

Boy: They're lighting the lamps….

He then hurriedly pushed Chihiro to run as he told her.

Boy: Get out here! You need to get across the river, go! I’ll distract them

As Chihiro ran, the boy then blew on his hands releasing petals of a flower.

Kasumi “Do petals sound like wind chimes?”

Stan “Sounds more like broken glass, to me.”

As Chihiro runs with the lamplight following her trail, she stops for a moment. Rubs her eyes to look back at the boy who told her to run. And wonders…

Chihiro: What’s up with him?

Before she continues running back to retrieve her parents.

As the lamps and lights of all the restaurants begin to light up, strange black, shadowy creatures begin to appear all around. From the ground, in the buildings, and out on the streets.

Connie, Zenitsu, Sasha, Ussop, Mineta, Denki, “What in the world are those things?!”

Ann “Shadows?”

Tanjiro “Demons?”

Ling Yao “Hummanculi?”

Aang and Korra “They’re spirits.”

Edward “That’s impossible.”

Alphonse ``I don’t know, brother. Sophie and Sora did say all of us are from different worlds, so it might be possible that spirits exist.”

Chihiro was scared, but she was solely focused on finding her parents.

Chihiro: Mom! Dad!

Sitting at the booths were her parents, but their bodies seemed a bit larger than they were moments ago. Chihiro runs to her father’s side and shakes him to get his attention.

Chihiro: Come on, quit eating! Let’s get out of here!

Cut to the first person point of view. Chihiro’s father turns to face her, but instead of her dad, it was a huge pig eating away the food in its mouth dressed in her father’s clothes. Chihiro let out a gasp of shock and flinched away from what could be her dad.

And so did everyone in the audience.

Dipper points to the screen, “Whoa! That is messed up!”

Stan “I don’t know if this’ll make a great attraction or not.”

Wendy “It won't Stan, it won’t.”

Now the fools were rethinking about eating the food and may or may not pay the bill later. Even Levi was somewhat taking back his pig comment earlier.

Erwin “Looks like you were spot on by that ‘pig’ comment.”

Levi “Shut it.”

Even Ryoga was scared, and HE turns into a piglet whenever he’s splashing with cold water! Now Ranma was feeling more guilty for causing his rival/friend to have such a curse. But also thankful that the curse didn’t alter Ryoga’s memories.

As if he didn’t recognize Chihiro, Akio continues to eat the food like the pig he is, knocking the dishes, foods, and soy sauce over onto the ground. Chihiro was creeped out of the mess until she heard a sharp slapping sound. Looking up, Chihiro sees the pig in her dad’s clothes trying to get more food, only to be repeatedly swatted harshly by a fly swatter.

After a couple of swats, the pig let out a squeal before falling over to his side into the mounds of food scraps. Chihiro streams as she’s backed into a wooden pillar before running out of there, as the pig lets out a loud squeal as saliva spills from its lips.

Pacifica “Ew, ew, ew! So gross!”

Ryuji “That’s a nightmare that’ll never leave me alone.”

Bill looks over at the fake blonde with interest, “Really?”

As Chihiro ran away and panicked, she shouted

Chihiro: Mom! Dad! Where are you!?

As more spirits started to appear and filling in the empty streets and the stalls of the restaurant, Chihiro seeing them was even more scared.

Many of the young kids were feeling frightened as Chihiro, being lost and separated from their parents or big brother/sister. Even the teens were getting scared. For a moment, they didn’t feel like they were 15 or 19, but 5 and 9-year-olds.

Mokoto was a perfect example as she clings onto Ren’s arm crying, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please help me, sis!”

Chihiro: Mommy!!!

She shouted and as a spirit passed by her, she yelped and ran down the stone stairs and frantically ran to the path leading back to the train station until…


Chihiro: Water!?

Zelda “How can there be water?! There wasn't much before!”

Iroh “That young boy said she had to cross the river. So, I would assume this is what he warned her if she didn’t.”

Chihiro crawls out of the dark water, to see that the fields have been turned into a large river.

[Procession of the Spirits]

As Chihiro looked on she saw that the station clocks has come to life and lamps lighting the ounce lonesome emptiness of the streets and the river that have magically appeared there was a boat

Chihiro: What?

She shuts her eyes and pounds on her head repeatedly.

Chihiro: I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming!

Chihiro paused to look up to see if the water had disappeared, but it didn't.

Chihiro: Come on! Wake up! Wake up!

Chihiro desperately tries to shake herself to wake from what seems to be a nightmare, she slumps down, burying herself in her legs as she tries to comfort herself.

Chihiro: It’s just a dream. Just a dream. Go away, go away. Disappear.

As she was rocking herself for comfort, Chihiro begins to notice something off about herself. She saw her hands were looking fainter and lighter. Cut to the first point of view, the screen shows Chihiro’s hands are now transparent and the lights of the ferry can be seen through them.

Aoko “Is this an illusion, Kaito?”

Kaito “That’s no illusion.”

Chihiro: I’m See-through!

Chihiro rubs her hands and arms, she looks at herself, and soon she realizes that she is becoming more translucent.

Chihiro: It's just a bad dream!

But as she tries to reason what is happening she saw the Ferry docking and doors opening, revealing a line of flouting paper mask and red robes appearing and these were Kasuga-Samas

Kagome “Those are Kasuga-Sama!”

Filo “What are those?”

Japan “Well you see there is a tradition in Japan where one famous Shintō shrines known as Kasuga where ritualistic dancers perform a dance called ama, and they were paper masks that have the same markings as the spirits we see here.”


As the kasuga-Samas passed, soon a line more supernatural being appeared from stink spirits the radish spirit and ducks

Chihiro: AH!

She yelled in panic at the presence of these creatures. She ran up the grassy hill, slipped, but got away. The scene changes to the same boy we saw earlier trying to look for Chihiro.

After a minute the boy then saw Chihiro curled up like a ball hiding behind a stone staircase of a broken down building.

The boy then went to his knees and leaned to Chihiro's side as a way to comfort her, startled by the boy’s touch Chihiro looks up at him and yelps in surprise.

Boy: Don’t be afraid, I just want to help you.

Chihiro gasped for air.

Chihiro: No, no, no!

The boy then pulls out a small red berry from his pocket and holds it out to Chihiro.

Boy: Open your mouth and eat this, you have to eat some food from this world or else you’ll disappear.

The boy explained as he held a red berry, but Chihiro protested and tried to push him away while shouts.

Chihiro: NO!

She gasped when she realized as she was trying to push him away her hands went through his face as if she was a ghost.

The audience were just as shocked as Chihiro.

Zenitsu “Not only she’s see-through, she can phase through things?!”

Naruto “No. Didn’t you hear what he just said? She’s disappearing!”

[The Night is Coming]

Chihiro pulls her hands out from the boy’s body, who doesn't even flinch as she retracts them.

Boy: Don’t worry, it won’t turn you into a pig.

He assures as his hand goes through Chihiro’s arms to put the berry into her mouth.
Boy: Chew it, and swallow.

With no other choice, Chihiro eats the berry and swallows it. It didn’t hurt her, but the berry tasted a little tart.

Boy: There you go, you're all better. See for yourself.

He raised his hand for Chihiro to touch it, as she extended her hand to the boy’s hand. She was relieved to see that she is no longer disappearing or phasing through solid objects.

Everyone feels like a weight has been lifted from them, Chihiro is safe, and the boy isn’t a foe. But a friend.

Chihiro: I’m okay.

Boy: You see. Now come with me

Chihiro quickly grabs hold of his arm.

Chihiro: Where are my mom and dad? They… didn’t really turn into pigs, did they?

Boy: You can’t see them now, but you will.

The boy then crutched down and covered Chihiro with his body.

Boy: Don’t Move.

The camera view changes as we see a bird, but as it continues to fly, the camera cuts to a full zoom of the bird to reveal that it has a human head.

Some of the audience looked in sheer disbelief and thought of the human headed bird

Ford “Incredible. A Harpy soaring in the night sky for any prey to prey on.”

Motoyasu “How's that incredible?! A human bird is a freak…of course, with the exception of my darling Filo~.”

Raptalhia “Leave her alone you perv!”

Soos “Dude, I think that girl looks way young for you.”

Sophie “And that’s why he’s forever cursed to be kicked below the belt.”

Motoyasu “C’mon, age is just a number.”

Sora “You know what else is a number?”

Motoyasu “What?”

Sora “9 1 1”

Sophie “Ha!”

Tamaki “I thought that you said your hero, but it looks like you were the wrong chosen one.”

Aizawa “And you call yourself a hero.”

Stain “Agreed.”

The boy pushed his body closer over Chihiro while keeping an eye on the Harpy, while Chihiro was holding still, was taken back at how close their bodies were. When the Harpy is out of sight, the boy then releases Chihiro.

Boy: That bird is looking for you. You gotta get out of here.

As he tries to pull up Chihiro, she seems stuck in sat down

Chihiro:Ah, My legs! I can’t stand up. Help what do I do?

Boy: Calm down. Take a big breath.

As Chihiro did take a big breath, the boy hovered his hand over her legs

Boy: In the name of the wind and water within me, unbind her. Get up.

Chihiro did it with ease, the moment she did the boy took off running with Chihiro holding onto his hand and never letting go.

They then turned to a different direction, and we cut to see them speeding through a narrow alley as the boy magically slid through a door.

The majority of the audience were stunned

Izuku frantically wrote down his journal about the boy’s power

Aang wonder if he was an airbender

Naruto “It wasn’t a Jutsu. Unless this guy’s on a whole other level.”

The boy and Chihiro then ran through a storage room filled with giant vases, giant fish then to a pig pen

The scene fades, and soon we see the bathhouse from before as we hear a faint talking of guests and greeters.

(Off-screen) Boy: You’ll have to hold your breath when we cross the bridge.

The screen cuts to the boy and Chihiro behind a garden gate the boy the opens a gate

Boy: Even the tiniest breath will break the spell and everyone will see you.

As they walked through the garden with Chihiro clinging to his shoulder arm.

Chihiro: I’m scared.

Boy: Now just stay calm.

Frog-like creatures were greeting the spirits.

Boy: I’m back from my mission.

Frog 1: Welcome.

Frog 2: Welcome back, Master Haku.

Izuku wrote down the name of the boy, but felt that something wasn't quite right about it.

Mabel “Master~, I don’t mind calling him that.”

Dipper “Ew! Mabel!”

Most of the older women, and mature men, were concern for Mabel’s choice of words, and vow to have a little talk with her later.

As they walked past the greeters, the boy now we know as Haku then said

Haku: Take a deep breath.

Chihiro then took a deep breath with her nose

Haku: Hold it.

Chihiro then covered her mouth with her hand and the two started crossing the bridge.

As Chihiro and Haku walk quickly and quietly, Chihiro notices a strange black and slightly transparent spirit with a face mask looking at them. Particularly at Chihiro.

Nabiki “Ok that’s freaking me out.”

Mabel “That reminds me of the summerween spirit.”

Izuku “Summer what now?”

Dipper “Well tell you after the movie.”

The greeters welcomed the Onama-Samas as Haku and Chihiro were getting closer to the entrance, but Chihiro was starting to lose oxygen.

Haku: Hold on, we're almost there.

Bon “Are those… Namahage?”

Japan ``No. They are Onama-Sama. The Onama-sama are spirits that look similar to the Namahage.”

Suddenly a little green frog runs up to them.

Aogaeru: Master Haku!

And jumps up in front of them.

Aogaeru: Where’ve you been?

Causing Chihiro to let out a gasp and take in a breath.

Wirt “Oh no.”

Greg “Look kitty, it’s one of your friends!”

Greg’s frog “*Croaks*”

Asui “You named your frog ‘Kitty’?”

Greg “Yeah, but I was thinking of something along the lines of Fred or Ferdinand”

Wirt “He’s been trying to come up with a proper name for him.”

Eri “Oh, I have one.”

Greg “Sure, what is it?.”

Eri “Froppy!”

Asui “Kero?”

Eri “Yeah after you aunty Tsu”

Tsu’s heart just melted due to the sheer cuteness of Eri.

Greg “That could work, that’s a great frog name. But I feel like it’s missing something… Hmm.”

Kota “Uuh, Fropbert?”

Greg “Oh yeah, Fropbert!”

As the kids think of names for Greg’s frog, the teens and adults just smile at the sheer innocents of kids becoming friends. Eren, Armin, and Mikasa thought back to the time they would find frogs by the river, and Armin would spend a long time trying to find out what type of frogs they were.

Izuku and Katsuki remember how they would go out frog catching, and how they always come back home all wet and muddy. Their moms also remember that and how much time they had to clean them.

The villains however didn’t seem much pleased. Shigiraki just looked at the children in disgust, remembering how he didn’t have such a happy childhood. Myne or Bitch looked pissed and just simply rolled her eyes from annoyance. Dabi simply shared the same sentiments with Shigaraki, while Toga just let out a “Tch.” at the sight.

Saguru “Is no one freaked out about a talking frog?!”

Nezu “No, not really.”

Saguru “What kind of animal are you supposed to be?!”

Kaito “Poor guy is still in denial.”

Dipper “We’ve seen weirder. Plus, we just saw a girl’s parents turn into Waddle’s aunt and uncle. Also, we saw a bird with the head of a grandma, so a talking frog seems to be normal.”

Conan “What kind of world do you guys live in?”

All the residents of the supernatural town, “Gravity Falls, Oregon.”

Aogaeru: Wha? A human?

As Aogaeru jumped again, Haku trapped him in a bubble.

Haku: Let's go!

And then Haku with Chihiro, flying low to the ground, flying under the ladies legs, who were greeting the guest, while the wind behind them blew the skirts of female spirits, causing them to yelp in surprise before giggling while trying to push their clothes back down. They soon reached a small hidden door behind them as they swiftly went inside, shutting it behind them.

Mineta “Come on, show more skin!”

Zenitsu “Cutie ladies~”

Sanji “Beauties!”

Soon Jirou, Dot, Nami, and Shinobu then looked threateningly at the said perverts, before attacking them with their quirk, punishment gun, and bamboo sword.

Wakko “I didn’t know they were like-.” Yakko covers his brother’s mouth.

Yakko “Up-up-up! Not in front of the kids.”

Aogaeru’s bubble popped as he came back to consciousness, he looked left and right wondering what just happened.

The scene then cuts to a garden as we see Haku and Chihiro hiding in a bush from all the commotion. As we have the spirits panicking of the sighting of a human and all cried out for Haku for help.

Stan “Dang, word travel’s fast.”

Tenzin “That’s an understatement.”

Aang “I wonder why they get this worked up. Is it because they have something against humans?”

Levi “Perhaps they see humans as a pest or danger to their way of life.”

Hanji “Plausible, but they look like they never had humans there for years and based on the way Haku here reacted to Chihiro, maybe they actually are excited to have a human like they plan to do something to her.”

Haku: They know you’re here.

Chihiro: ‘m Sorry, I took a breath.

Haku: No Chihiro, you did very well. Listen carefully to what I tell you to do. You can’t stay here, they find you, and you’d never get to save your parents. I’ll create a diversion while you escape.

Chihiro: No, I don’t leave me, I don’t want to be alone!

Haku: You don’t have any choice if you want to help your parents. This is what you need to do.

Chihiro: They did turn into pigs, I wasn’t dreaming.

Haku then placed his hand to Chihiro’s forehead and light appeared as he gave instructions on how to find her the way to the boiler room.

Stan “Whoa! What’s happening?”

Aang “Haku’s giving Chihiro a vision.”

Haku: Now, when things are quiet, go to the back gate. Go all away down the stairs till you reach the boiling room where they stoke the fires. There you’ll find Kamaji, the boiler man.

Chihiro: Kamaji?

Haku: Tell him you want to work here, even if he refuses, you must insist. If you don’t get a job, Yubaba will turn you into an animal.

Chihiro: Yubaba?

Haku: You’ll see, she’s the witch that rules the bathhouse. Kamaji would try to turn you away or trick you into leaving but keep asking for work. It’ll be hard work, but you'll be able to stay here, then eventually Yubaba can’t harm you.

Chihiro then nods in agreement and understands what she needs to do.

Cut to the transparent sliding doors, where all the worker’s feet are running back and forth.

Spirit: Master Haku!

Spirit: Master Haku, where are you?!

Before cutting back to Haku and Chihiro.

Haku: I need to go, but remember Chihiro I’m your friend.

Chihiro: How did you know my name is Chihiro?

Haku: I have known you since you were very small.

Ann “Wait, so he knows her?”

Ryuji “For real?”

Conan “From what we gathered to this point. Based on his maturity despite his age, he could be way older than we think. Perhaps he is also a spirit. He also seems to be a regular to the other creatures, as if he was there for a long time. Plus, based off how they refer to him as ‘master’ he could’ve risen through the ranks of the place to be close to this Yubaba person.”

Ai Haibara “Good thinking, Conan.”

Conan smirks a grin, “Elementary.”

Bakugou “Does that brat think he’s f*cking Sherlock Holmes?”

Ran glares at Katsuki’s foul word choice, “You will be surprised to know that he’s a fan of all mystery and detective related.”

Sophie “Sometimes we like to think that Conan is a direct descendant of Sherlock Holmes.”

Dipper “How old are you again, Conan?”

Conan “Six.”

Dipper “You're half my age, and you’re smarter than me?!”

Mabel “We can’t all be the best at it, bro.”

Haku: Good luck. And whatever you do, don’t make a sound.

Spirit (Off-Screen): Master Haku!

Haku: Calm down, I’m coming.

Frog Spirit (Off-Screen): Master Haku, Yubaba wants to see you!

Haku: I know, it’s about my mission, right?

Chihiro looks on as she sees Haku go into the bathhouse as a frog spirit, promptly closing the sliding doors.

Once everything went silent, Chihiro made her escape.

The screen changes to the side of the bathhouse where more guests are crossing the bridge while the frog spirits are running in the opposite direction carrying lanterns to find the human.

But what they didn’t know is that right beside the outer wall of the bathhouse, a small door opens to reveal Chihiro coming out.

Chihiro hugs the side of the wall as she takes one step at a time to make her way to the long awaited staircase, but there were no railings to support or to stop her from falling. And seeing the train going by in the dark ground below wasn’t helping to overcome her fear. Especially feeling the wind blowing at her.

Many audience members felt a twinge of fear at the sheer drop of the mile long staircase.

Honey “How come there are no handrails?”

Mori “It’s too narrow and steep to have them on. Not all staircases have handrails.”

[Sen’s Courage]

Chihiro gulps down her fears and slowly starts to go down the tall wooden staircase.

She got down onto the floor and scooted herself over to the first wooden step, and slowly to get her weight on the step before doing it again on the next one.

But when she placed her foot on the second step and tried to bring her other foot over, only to slip. Thankfully, she caught herself before something terrible could have happened.

Everyone let out a short gasp and tried to relax themselves, some didn’t think that walking a long flight of stairs wasn’t that much of a big deal. But when those stairs have no safety railings or nets, then it is extremely nerve-racking.

Especially when little/small kids are on it.

Feeling how close she is to the next step, Chihiro slowly moves to that spot to take a moment to collect herself and her breathing.

She looks back down and the camera cuts to her point of view, showing that she still has a long way to go.

Cut to a small close up of Chihiro’s scared face, she closed her eyes so tightly, wishing to be somewhere else and not have to do this. But deep down, she knows she has to face this challenge to save her parents and herself.

She then tries a different approach of going down the stairs, she turns her body to face forward while holding onto the sides of the steps.

As she places her foot on the next step and makes sure she’s in a good position to put her weight on it, but once she stands up.


The wooden step board broke, causing Chihiro to stumble down. Screaming and prompting her feet to run down the stairs until she comes to a stone platform and wall, slamming right into the said wall. That would lead her to another staircase, but more solid.


Everyone winces at Chihiro’s impact at the stone wall. While some kind of laugh at the physical comedy building up to that point.

Asami “Them’s the breaks.”

Imura “That had to hurt.”

Karma “Not the best sneaking.”

Nami “God forbid there should be a banister on a mile long staircase.”

Sophie “Yeah, they did forbid it. Teaching it as a lesson.”

Ran “‘They’?”

Sophie “Everyone has different beliefs and religion, so that means there are more gods and goddesses watching over. I’m not too deep in religion, but I do respect others beliefs. And I happen to like mythology or anything connected to spirits and demons, call it a fan of the supernatural and mysteries.”

Mable “Like Dipper and me!”

Sophie smiles and nods her head in agreement.

Chihiro peels herself off of the wall and steady her breathing, however she hears a window being open just above her shoulder about two yards away from where she’s standing.

Another frog spirit opens a window to let out a smoke from his cigarette, and from what can be heard that section of the building must be the kitchen.

Chihiro then carefully slips to the side of the platform to the set of stairs, making sure that she wasn’t spotted by the frog spirit.

The camera shows the lower area of the bathhouse where all the steam is coming from. The Boiler room. Once she made it down to the remaining stone stairs, Chihiro took a hop, step and a jump to the door to the boiling room.

When she enters and is met with an oddly shaped shadow around the corner. As she stepped forward to see, the frame shows a great boiler with fire and steam being released as when the camera pans down to show what seems to be an old man with a bald head with thick black glasses and a distinguished broom mustache rolling something and as soot spirits carry coal to the furnace.

Sonic “Oh great, another Egghead.”

Sora “He’s not related to that mad genius, Sonic. He just looks like him.”

Sophie “And it's common to find look-alikes in different worlds, movies, shows, or in real life.”

Sora “We might want to keep count on how many Robotnic look-alikes there are.”

Tails “But I don’t think ‘genius’ is the right word.”

Sonic “Well they got the mad part right.”

Izuku and his mom didn’t want to say it, but the old spider-like spirit man looks like Izuku’s doctor who did his quirk analysis years ago. Even Tomura and Kurogiri thought that the spirit looked like the doctor.

The old man then grabs something out of a jar with another arm and then turns a wheel off to the side with another arm, and then uses another arm to pull the lever as well as ring a bell.

Luffy “The old man has six arms!”

“He’s a spirit, what did you expect?”

The soot spirits proceed with their work. But Chihiro, feeling uneasy, wanted to escape, but when she backed away from the doorway a sudden hiss from a pipe stopped her.

The old man then proceeded to slam a mallet, telling the soot spirits for a break and as Chihiro entered the room after they all went back to their holes.

Chihiro: Uhm… excuse me.

The old man looked at her for a bit but proceeded to pay no mind to her as he drank from a teapot

Chihiro then stepped to the old man’s work station as the camera shows the old man was brushing off ash Chihiro spoke

Chihiro: Uhm…hello, are you Kamaji?

Old man: Heh?

As the old man then went back to his business, he then stopped to look back in bewilderment. The old man then made sound grunts of amusem*nt and curiosity.

Knuckles “Oh ok. I guess he’s not someone with a way of words.”

Bolin “He sounds more like a grumpy grandpa that is about to rant about why kids don’t work hard as he did in his youth.”

Most of the elderly folks in the audience were gasping from offense.

Gran Torino “I know young man, we don't act like that. We mostly try to give you a path of success and to not make the same mistake we made.”

This made Chihiro uneasy, but she built up the courage to ask what she was told by Haku.

Chihiro: Haku told me to come here and ask you for work. Can you give me a job, please?

Then from a red shaft, wooden rectangle plates attached to purple violet ribbons came down as bell rings were heard.

Old man: Aah… Four bath tokens at once.

The old man then raised his mallet and proceeded to call on the soot spirits by ringing the metal wheel.

Old man : C’mon get to work you little runts!

Chihiro then looked back in curiosity before looking back at the old Boiler man talking to her.

Old man : Yeah, I’m Kamaji, slave to the boiler that heats the baths.

Kamaji shouts out to the sootballs.

Kamaji: Move it, you stupid little sootballs!

Chihiro: Please, I need to get a job here!

Kamaji: I don’t need any help. This place is full of soot. I just cast a little spell on them and I got all the workers I need.

Everyone “Wait what?”

Genta “Those little black things?”

Sokka “Those things are living soot?”

Sora “Yes indeed they are.”

Zelda “How cute.”

Riju “Indeed princess.”

Japan “Those are called Susuwatari. Or Soot Sprites. They’re traveling soot sprites, they are small, round balls made from the soot that dwells in old and abandoned houses and leave black dirt in their wake. If the house becomes inhabited, they decide if the inhabitants are nice people. If they are, they will leave.”

Mitsuhiko “Like in the picture books?”

Ayumi “The ones we read when we were at daycare?”

Genta “I thought they were just fairy tales.”

All the little kids, minus Conan and Haibara, grew excited to see a real fairy tale creature. While the adults were more shocked and awed than the kids.

Levi “So you’re relying on sentient ash to clean up messes?”

Sophie “Yes”

Levi “Which are products left over after a fire.”

Sora “Also yes.”

Levi “So it implies that you had to make a mess before, so you can create those sootballs.”

Sora & Sophie “Something like that, yes.”


Chihiro looks back to the holes to see the sootballs swarming out and carrying lumps of coal to keep the boiler alive.

Chihiro then cornered herself out of the way of the sootballs, but some were able to clunk up because of her being on the way.

Chihiro: Oh, sorry.

But more and more sootballs keep coming and getting blocked by Chihiro’s foot.

Chihiro: Wait. Just a second.

This causes her to move away and place herself in a corner near the holes where the sootballs live.

As Chihiro looked on in amazement, Kamaji then extended his hand to reach for a cupboard where Chihiro was currently blocking.

Jaws dropped at the spider spirit’s ability to extend his arm. Some were interested, but others were freaked out.

Izuku “Amazing, he uses his multiple appendages to help him multitask. Not only that, but he can extend as well for something out of reach.”

Yakko “That’s not surprising, we can do that too.”

Everyone, but the Warners and the host and hostess, “What?!”

Dot “We’re toons. Of course, we can.”

Wakko “Yeah, but we can only do that type of thing for comedic effect.”

“How so?”

Yakko “Imagine we rooms are cuffed together and one of us is sawing off the chain. One of us is struggling, and one remarks for us to stay still and put our hand in a steady position for the one sawing it to have an easy time to see it off. The one who is struggling has his hands comedic squeezed out of the cuff causing the other two to yell "why didn’t he do that before causing the one whose hand is out or promptly put his hand back in the cuff causing more frustration.”

Kamaji: Out of the way.

Chihiro did so, and Kamaji grabbed a small handful of hay from the cupboard and then closed it before extending his arm even more as she reached another cupboard at the top.

This causes even more jaws to drop. As they witnessed Kamaji’s arm extend to tall heights.

Clara “Big arms. Woo~”

Alice “Clara! Sit back down now!”

Chihiro then saw a sootballs tripped and got crushed by the coal it’s carrying, prompting a gasp from her. She then helped by picking it up for the little guy, which caused the other sootballs to stop and look at her.

Chihiro: What should I do with this?

Chihiro: Should I leave it here?

Kamaji: Finish what you started, human.

Chihiro then followed what the other sootballs are doing and proceeded to the furnace. As she nears it Chihiro watches the moment when the gates open and closes, with the heat stinging her eyes, Chihiro then flings the coal into the furnace as she runs behind the small wall next to Kamaji trying to catch her breath. Seeing how Chihiro handle their job, one Sootball drops the coal it was holding on top of itself. Chihiro and Kamaji sees this as more and more sootballs do the same thing. Expecting Chihiro to do their work for them.

Russia “Ah, a worker in a rebellion.”

China “Yes. Justice for the working class.”

America “Looks more like they are slacking off.”

England “Gotta agree with you brother, they seem lazy now when someone is able to do their job.”

The sootballs started to swarm around Chihiro as if they were trying to have her do it. Then Kamaji then banged his wooden mallet to get the Sootball’s attention.

Kamaji: HEY you runts, you want to turn back into soot!?

He then turns to Chihiro

Kamaji: And you back off. You can’t just take someone else’s job?

The scene switches to Chihiro’s scared face as Kamaji points his wooden mallet in her face.

Kamaji (Off-Screen): If they don’t work, the spell wears off, and they’ll turn back into soot.

Switches back to Kamaji continuing his lecture and swings his wooden mallet off to the side. Indicating for Chihiro to leave.

Kamaji: There’s no work for you here. Got It!? Try somewhere else!

Dot “Yeesh, don’t have to be so rude about it.”

Amy whispers to her friends, “He may not be related to Eggman, but he does have the frustration attitude of his.”

They agreed to that sentiment.

Blaze “I hear you there.”

Russia “You’ll be rude too if your entire workforce turns up dead if the only thing that keeps them alive is work.”

The sootballs got back up with coals in their ‘hands’ jumping up and down throwing an angry fit, as they gathered around Chihiro and dropping the coal at her feet. Pilling it up to her knees.

Kamaji: You Sootballs got a problem? NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

Then a woman enters from a sliding door holding a basket of food.

Women: Chow time. What’s going on, are you fighting again?

Ann “Wait, this isn’t the first time Kamaji and the sootballs fought?”

Mineta and Sanji “Also who’s this pretty girl~?”

Women: Where’s your other ball? From yesterday, I always told you to leave it out, Kamaji.

Kamaji proceeded to take the newly filled bowl of soup and place his dirty dish.


As Kamaji announced the break, all the sootballs jumped out of the coal pile and headed towards the woman, who started tossing the soot ball brightly colored candies.

Eri “What are those bright-colored things?”

Japan “I know those. They are called Konpeito.”

Filo “Konpeito?”

Tanjiro “It’s a brightly colored sugar candy traditionally made in Japan, and they’re Nezuko’s favorite snack.”

Nezuko (nods happily) “Mmm-hmm!”

The majority of the kids begone salivating at the taste of the sugary sweet and even some started begging for some form the adult and even the hosts

As the woman fed the sootballs she noticed Chihiro, and then she got on to her feet and pointed at her.

Woman: A human!

Woman: You’re in trouble. You’re the one everyone is looking for.

Kamaji: She’s my granddaughter.

Woman: Granddaughter?


Sullivan “He adopted her? Like my adorable grandson?” He whispered that last sentence to himself, and the only ones who heard him were Iruma, Opera, and Tanjiro.

Tanjiro ‘He’s adopted? What? Should I say something? Or wait for a chance to talk to them in private? I think I should wait until we can talk.’

Kamaji: She told me she wants to work here. But I got all the help I need. Would you take her to see Yubaba? She’s a tough little girl. I think she can handle it.

Woman: No way. I’m not gonna risk my life.

Kamaji then extends his hand and offers her what looks like…

Kamaji: What if I give this roasted newt?

Heiji and Saguru “Roasted.”

Conan/Shinichi and Kaito “Newt?”

Most of the audience felt like they’re gonna throw up, “Bleaugh!”

Wakko “Looks good to me.”

Kota “Um Wakko, it's a roasted reptile.”

Dot “Don’t worry, Wakko once ate a 22-year-old rotten sandwich.”

This made the audience even more sick.

Everyone but the Warners “How are you still alive?!”

Wakko just shrugged his shoulders and hummed, ‘I don’t know?’ in response.

Kamaji twirls the newt to tempt the woman, who made a sour expression. Implying, she is tempted and yet angry at herself for being this desperate for the roasted reptile.

This causes Kamaji to chuckle.

Kamaji: It’s a good one.

Kamaji then talked to Chihiro

Kamaji: if you want a job. You need to talk to Yobaba. She’s the head honcho here.

The woman then snatched the newt from Kamaji’s hand.

Woman: Give me that.

The woman said as she proceeded to spill the Konpeito to the sootballs.

Woman: C’mon little girl, you better follow me.

Chihiro then got up from the coal left over by the sootballs, nearly slips and trips, to get to the woman and ran to her.

Woman: Can’t you manage a “Yes ma’am” or a “Thank You”?

Chihiro: Yes ma'am!

Woman: What a dope. Hurry up.

Ann “Ok, but she didn’t need to be rude about it.”

Makoto “Yeah she’s just a little girl.”

Sophie “In life you have to be hard or strict or a bit of both on people in a work environment.”

Mabel “Why though? Why be mean?”

Sophie “So that you’ll know how to be strong in a dog-eat-dog world.”

Greg “But did she have to say mean words?”

Sophie “It’s true she could’ve handled her wording better, but that’s her problem, not mine.”

Chihiro then tried to walk up to the Wooden floor but stopped by the woman

(Off-Screen) Woman: Agh! You don’t need your shoes or your socks. Just live ‘em.

Chihiro: Yes ma’am.

Beatrice “Why does she have to leave her shoes and socks behind?”

Tanjiro “It’s part of our culture. It’s to help keep the house or buildings clean and showing respect.”

Pacifica “No one likes it when people tract dirt or mud inside the house.”

Pacifica thinks back to her parent's cruel rules and lies, and is forever thankful to Dipper for supporting and encouraging her to be free and her own person.

And neither of them want to admit, they enjoyed being around each other and ruining Pacifica’s parent’s favorite carpet at the party.

Chihiro then placed her shoes and socks next to the sootballs who in turn moved out of the way and gathered around them in curiosity.

As Chihiro crouched down to fit in the small sliding door, she was stopped once again by the woman.

Woman: Thank the boiler man, you idiot. You know he’s really sticking his neck out for you.

Chihiro turns around, but bumps her head in the process, she then bows (Zarei) politely to Kamaji.

Chihiro: OW. Thank you, Mr. Boiler man.

Kamaji gave her a thumbs up and said,

Kamaji: Good luck.

Chihiro then crawled away and slid the door closed.

[Procession of the Spirits]

Woman and Chihiro walk through the storage room.

Woman: We have to go all the way to the top floor, that’s where Yubaba lives.

The lady looks around to see if the close is clear before signaling Chihiro to follow her.

Chihiro looks up to see gears turning and chains pulling up all the elevators in the bathhouse.

Everyone was at a loss with the sheer size of the building. True, the outer size of the bathhouse was huge, but the inside was way bigger than they expected to be.

Pacifica “This is way bigger than my family’s mansion.”

Yao Momo “This is even bigger than mine.”

Zuko, Toph, Tamaki, Kyoya, Honey, Mori, Hikaru and Kaoru “Same here.”

Yakko “It’s a bit taller than our water tower.”

Nearly everyone felt like they were going to pass out at how these people are casually talking about how their homes are bigger than theirs.

“No doubt they’re rich people.”

Ochako was about to faint if it wasn’t for Izuku who caught her from falling out of her seat, “How big is your home?” she utters.

“That’s how it is for rich class people.”

Toph “I learned proper society and chose to leave it.”

Zuko “I’ve been banished from my country for over three years, I had to learn how to adapt to the changes in my life. And I’ve grown accustomed to a middle or lower class lifestyle.”

Naofumi “I guess not every rich person is completely spoiled.”

Itsuki “Wait. I just realized something. You three live in a water tower?”

The Warners “Yup!”

Itsuki wasn’t sure whether to start talking back at them or not, but before he could open his mouth, Sophie shushed him.

Sophie “You can talk more during dinner and after.”

Woman (Off-Screen): Get over here!

Chihiro quickly obeys and ran to the woman to the elevator and as the Woman pulled the lever for them to go up she nodded Chihiro putting her face way too close to the walls

Woman: You wanna lose your nose?

Chihiro promptly jumped away from the edge. Not wanting her nose to be scraped off.

When the elevator stopped, the woman and Chihiro got off and quickly and quietly ran to find another that would take them higher up. Passing all the employees making food for their guests and delivering it to them.

“Again with the food!” The food lovers cried out.

As luck would have it, an elevator stops at their floor and another woman gets off of it. Not wanting to waste any time, the woman and Chihiro ran into the lift, got on, and headed up.

Lin: We’re halfway there, just say close.

Chihiro: ‘Kay.

Chihiro then notices some gaps in the outer wall and looks out to see steam and silhouettes of spirits in bathtubs.

Woman: Here we go.

Snapping out of her gaze, Chihiro looks over the lady’s side to be ready to leave. But as the elevator stops they are greeted to see a large strange creature with squinty eyes, a soup bowl as a hat, a red loincloth, pale skin and face and body looking like a vegetable.

Woman: The Radish Spirit!

“A living, walking radish?”

Ford “Fascinating. A living organic vegetable!”

Sophie “Please don’t go experimenting on spirits, Ford.”

Filo “Yummy!”

Sora “And no eating the spirits, Filo.”

Filo sits down with her arms crossed and pouting.

The large Radish Spirit let out some moans and groans as he pointed his little finger like roots up to the air. Asking if he can take this lift?

Woman: Sorry sir, this elevator doesn’t go any higher. You’ll have to take another one. Thank you.

In the background you can see two Kasuga-Sama in a room while one of them is fanning themselves, and on the left were a small group of Ōtori-Samas having a fun time while having a meal.

As Lin and Chihiro get off the elevator and head to find another one, the Radish Spirit follows them. Chihiro couldn’t help but to look back at the spirit following them across a narrow bridge that went over the bath tubs down below.

The camera pans down to show multiple baths, all being occupied by spirits. One was relaxing as the workers scrub his hands and feet.

The camera cuts to many Ōtori-Samas gathered in one bath chamber all piled in all the bathtubs, and another scrubbing soap onto itself, and one of them lets out a squeak bleep sound.

Ty Lee “I don’t know why, but that chick sounded cute.”

Yusuke “Are you talking about Lin or that yellow bird spirit?”

Ty Lee “The spirit birds, dummy!”

Japan “Those are Ōtori-Samas. They are spirits resembling giant chickens or ducks. They were spirits of deceased baby chickens that eventually became gods and serve a greeter deity named Ōtori.”

Tanjiro “You really know a lot about spirits, Kiku-san.”

Japan “I may be a Commander for our country's navy, I do have many interests and hobbies. And studying mythology is one of them, since sprites and demons play a big role in my country's culture.”

Dipper “So after this is over, is it okay that you could answer a couple of million questions about spirits and demons for me?”

Japan “I’d be happy to.”

Chihiro: He’s following us.

Woman: Just don’t look at him.

When the elevator doors open, three Ushioni step out as another frog spirit worker guides them.

Frog Spirit Worker: Step out to the right, gentlemen.

The little kids, and some of the younger teens, “Monster!”

Japan “No, well, sort of. They’re Ushi-Oni, or Cow Ogres.”

Inosuke “Well those are some ugly cows.”

Frog Spirit Worker: Your rooms are right this way.

The Frog Spirit Worker stops to smell something in the air, he turns around back to the elevator.

Frog Spirit Worker: Hmm, Lin?

The woman, Lin, turns while pushing Chihiro onto the elevator. Just in time, as the Radish Spirit got on before the Frog could see her.

Lin: Whaaat?

Frog Spirit Worker: What’s that smell?

The Frog Spirit Worker sniffs the air again.

Frog Spirit Worker: It’s human! You smell just like a human!

Lin: Oh really?

This is always a problem every time anyone tries to sneak in somewhere.

Everyone, ‘Let’s hope Chihiro can escape without getting caught, or Lin selling her out.’

The Radish Spirit walks around the lift to face the door, while keeping Chihiro out of sight .

(Off-screen) Frog Spirit Worker: Where’s it coming from, Lin? Come on.

Frog Spirit Worker: You’re hiding something, aren’t you?

The Frog Spirit Worker sniffs the air again.

Frog Spirit Worker: Show it to me.

Lin then pulls out the roasted newt she got from Kamaji in front of the employee’s face.

Lin: Is this what you smell?

The camera cuts to the Spirit Fog’s face staring at the roasted newt in Lin’s hand as sweat drips down from his body.

Frog Spirit Worker:Roasted… NEWT!

Quick on her reflex, Lin holds up the roasted newt above the frog worker’s head. Out of reach.

Lin: No way, frog. I’m saving every last bite for myself.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Ren “She didn’t sell Chihiro out.”

Morgana “Smart girl. You should learn a bit from her, Ryuji.”

Ryuji “What was that you cat!?”

Even though Sophie gave Ranma a spell charm to help with his fear of cats, he still flinches every time a cat is mentioned.

While Lin has the frog distracted, she calls out to the Radish Spirit and Chihiro.

Lin: If you wanna go up. Pull the lever on your right!

The Radish Spirit nods understanding, Chihiro squeezes herself out from behind the spirit’s body and manages to pull down the lever. Causing the doors to close and head up.

Hearing the lift being activated, Lin shoves the entire roasted newt into her mouth and eats it in front of the now devastated frog.

Everyone, but Wakko, made grim disgusted expressions.

Wirt “I can’t believe she ate it.”

The screen shows the outside of the elevator with the cart zooming upwards before changing the scene to an uncomfortable Chihiro being nearly squashed by the Radish spirit, who was kind enough to make some space for her.

The only thing that can be heard was the movement of the lift and the Radish Spirit’s heavy breathing.

The doors open and outside was a stretched out hallway with multiple V.I.P. rooms on both sides, where silhouettes of spirits talking or workers dancing to entertain their guests, and at the end there was a crossroad leading to another long hallway as spirits were walking by.

Seeing that this wasn’t her stop, the Radish Spirit pulled down the lever and the doors closed again.

Inside the elevator cart, Chihiro silently waits patiently for her floor, but her curiosity got the better of her as she looks up at the Radish Spirit. Sensing her gaze, the spirit turns his squinty eyes towards her.

Chihiro lets out a gasp and turns her focus back at the door in front of them.

“Talk about awkward.”

When the doors opened again, the Radish Spirit took two steps forward to let Chihiro out. The camera shows the two grand red doors at the far right of the room.

The Radish walks back in the elevator and bows to Chihiro who returns with a Keirei bow to the spirit as the doors closes.

Mable “I just realized how much she’s been bowing a lot.”

“Why are they bowing?” Greg asks Wirt.

Wirt “It’s to show respect, I believe.”

Kagome “You’re right, it’s called Ojigi. It's commonly used as a sign of salutation, reverence, apology or gratitude in social or religious situations.”

Kasumi “It’s part of our culture. There are some certain degrees of angle when bowing, from a 15° to a 45° or 70°.”

The scene is facing down at the marveled floor as Chihiro walks cautiously to the door with only a lamplight being her only light in the dark room.


Above the two doors there is a metal carved bird on the wall that reads ‘Yubaba' (Correct me if I’m wrong), Chihiro stares at it for a brief moment before walking up the steps to the doors.

She went to the ones on the right and grasped the handle with both hands, just as she was about to pull it open. The doorknob spoke to her.

Door knob: Aren’t you going to knock?

Chihiro gasps and umps back, startled by the talking door nob.

Luffy “Talking door!”

Many of those who are not common to the supernatural were surprised and in shock.

A close up on the doorknob had a big nose and wide eyes that rolled to the back of it’s head and back up from the opposite. A complete vertical 360.

Door knob: You’re the most pathetic human I’ve ever seen!


Many of the children were uneasy, with many such as Kota and Eri clinging to Izuku. Sealand tried to put on a brave face, but he too was scared at this hand, admittedly clinging onto England for support, since Finland and Sweden were not here.

The door then unlocks itself and opens for Chihiro, soon many more doors opened up in a perfectly straight row. And as each door opens, the light in the rooms turns on, illuminating the room's decorative glow.

Seeing the doors open in waves reminded some of the phantom thieves of Madarame’s Palace. When they were trying to get past his locked door.

The camera cuts to a close up to Yubaba’s lower face where she says.

Yubaba: Well, come in.

Cut back to Chihiro.

Chihiro sucked in a breath, but didn’t move from her spot.

Cut back to Yubaba.

The camera shows Yubaba’s hand decorated with huge jewelry rings as she uncurls her and curls it back in as if to pull an invisible string.

Yubaba: I said, “Come in”!

Chihiro let out a shocking yelp as her shirt is being pulled by an invisible force, as the door slams shut and locked behind her. Chihiro is being pulled through all the doors as each of them slams shut and locked just in a second she passes through.

Chihiro is suddenly pulled right by the invisible force as she whisks down the hall.

The scene changes to a door opening as Chihiro is flung into the room. She rolls onto the floor coming to a stop face first on Yubaba’s carpet.

Wakko “Oof. That’s gotta hurt.”

Yakko “Is it me or the kid has the problem of smashing into hard surfaces.”

As Chihiro begins to pick herself off the floor, she hears a strange sound. Three Kashiras were bouncing and rolling towards her.

The kids: “AHH”

“What are those things?!?”

Japan “Those are Kashiras. Although not heads, they are carved images on the caps of the katana’s handle. Faces or other images are usually the choices.”

Like any other little kid, she yelps and gasps at the sheer shock of the severed heads, as they try to get up close to her.

The camera cuts to Yubaba, who was focussing on filling out the paperwork, and spoke up while not looking up from her work.

Yubaba: Quiet down. You’re making a racket.

Nabiki “Is she talking to Chihiro or those three heads?”

Kasumi “Maybe both?”

Chihiro stops, but the Kashiras bounce back to Yubaba’s side, while one of them goes under Chihiro’s legs, startling her more.

After calming back down, as Yubaba slips her signed off paperwork into a finished box. Chihiro spoke up.

Chihiro: Excuse me. I was wondering if you can give me a job.

Yubaba pauses and averts her eyes to look up at Chihiro, she raises her hand pinching her thumb and pointer finger close together and guides them from left to right.

Switching to Chihiro the sound of a zipper zipping was heard as her lips and mouth were literally zipped shut tight. She tried to pry them open, but couldn’t.

Hange screams through her zipped mouth as she points at the screen and to her mouth frantically.

Levi “So that’s what you did.”

Sophie “Yes, and I’m not going to undo it any time soon if she’s going to keep acting like that.”

Hange puffs out her cheeks and a pouty child, or like a chipmunk’s cheeks full of acorns. (She was trying to stick out her tongue at Sophie.)

Yubaba: *Chuckles and Smile* I don’t want to hear another word.

Yubaba: You’re just a stinking useless weakling.

Cut to a back shot of Yubaba puts a small coin back in her box on the left and shut the lid.

Yubaba: And this is certainly no place for humans.

Cut to focus close up on Yubaba.

Yubaba: It’s a bathhouse for the spirits to replenish themselves.

Yubaba puts a cigarette holder in her mouth. Cut to Chihiro looking very scared at Yubaba, worrying at what she’s going to do next.

Yubaba (Off-Screen): And you humans, always make a mess of things. Like your parents who gobbled up the food for spirits like pigs.

Cut to Yubaba’s hand, flicking her pointer finger out a small flame appears hovering her above her finger like a lighter.

Yubaba: They got what they deserve.

Cut to focus on Yubaba’s right side angle.

Yubaba: And you should be punished too.

Everyone “WHAT!”

Ochako “That isn’t fair. How come she needs to be punished for her parent's mistake?”

Sophie “The only crime I know Chihiro did was trespassing into their world, but her parents did the most damage.”

Megure crosses his arms, “I hate to admit it, but she does have a point.”

Yubaba lights her cigarette and outs out the flame. She inhales deeply and exhales throw her noes as smoke comes out of her nose.

Yubaba: You could be a piglet.

She crooks her head to the side in thought and gave the girl a wicked eye look.

Yubaba: Or maybe you prefer a lump of coal?

Chihiro’s lips quiver and her body shakes uncontrollably.

All the kids quivered at Yubaba’s cruel nature and her possibilities of how far her powers are. Even the teenagers and adults were shivering in fright. Eri and Kota held onto Izuku, Nezuko despite being brave still feared the witch and held on to her brother as well as Zenitsu who held onto Tanjiro a bit too tight.

Tanjiro “Zenitsu. You're killing me.”

Yubaba lets out another puff of smoke, laughs and coughs a little as she points out.

Yubaba: I can see you shaking. Actually, I’m impressed that you’ve made it this far. But I’m sure you didn’t do it on your own.

Zoom up on Yubaba again.

Yubaba: Let’s thank whoever helped you. Just who was it, dear? Why don’t you tell me?

Yubaba slides her thumb and pointer finger again in the opposite direction, unzipping Chihiro’s mouth.

Once Chihiro got the feeling of being able to use her mouth again, she loudly asks.

Chihiro: Please, can you give me a job!

Azula “Can’t really tell if she has blind trust to that boy or plain stubborn stupidity.”

Zuko “The only reason you see that way is because you never truly trust someone in your life.”

Azula “Don’t start with me, brother. Remember, you’re just lucky to be born!”

Sora sensing the tension quickly acted. Summoning his magic cane and with a stomping of it the ground chained Azula in her seat with magical chains.

Sophie “Nice work Sora.”

Sora “Charmed.” He said with the tip of his naval hat.

Sophie then looks straight at Azula with disappointment and pity.

Sophie “Stay seated, Azula, and try to behave yourself.”

Azula “Tsk.”

Yubaba slams her cigarette hand down on her desk, creating a loud ‘thump’. Her eyes widen with anger.

Yubaba: Don’t start that again!

Chihiro: Please! I just want to work!

Everything around Yubaba starts to shake and float in the air, as Yubaba was getting angrier by the second.

Yubaba: DON’T. SAY. THAT!!

She then leaps up out from her desk chair and starts flying towards Chihiro, but the angel of the frame felt as if Yubaba is flying straight towards the audience as she gets ever so closer to the screen.

Ryuji, Naruto, Luffy, Zoro, “Holy sh*t!”

Zenitsu “Tanjiro. Hold. Me.” He said as reached towards the said boy only to be blocked him, not wanting to get strangled close to death again.

The sense of fear was felt by many of the children. Who cowered to embrace of their sister/brother or parent/parental figure.

Italy “Ludwig, help! Save me!”

Or best friends/secret lovers.

Yubaba lands right in front of Chihiro’s face.

Yubaba: Why in the world should I give you a job? Anyone can see you're a lazy!(Pokes into Chihiro’s stomach) Spoiled! (Pokes) crybaby! (pokes) And you have no manners.

As Yubaba belittles Chihiro she poked at her with her sharp nails causing Chihiro to yelp at each poke.

Some of the audience members started to protest for Chihiro.

Ochako “Hey, leave her alone.”

Sakura “Ugly hag of a witch!”

Levi “Well she did say some truth.”

Sakura “What!?”

Levi “Look, we can see from the beginning Chihiro here did nothing but be squeamish and ungrateful. Although she did have a heart to worry about her parents.”

Historia “Even though she’s still a kid.”

Levi “Care to explain, your majesty.”

Historia “Levi. Chihiro is still dealing with issues of moving away from her old home and her friends. And from hearing what they were shouting, they seem to relate to Chihiro’s situation, while adding the sudden transition to a magical world. It’s understandable to why she act like this.”

Levi “And brats should learn to grow up.”

Sophie “Okay, enough. We’ll move this debate to a later date. Now can we please go back to the movie?”

Yubaba: This is a high class place I’m running here, So there’s no room for you. Now get out, I got all the lazy bums I need.

Yubaba slowly walks around her, pressing her face right up against her.

The camera changes to show Chihiro shaking uncontrollably as Yubaba’s eye is seen behind her head as her left-hand crawls ever closely to Chihiro’s neck.

Yubaba: Or maybe I’ll give the most difficult job I've got. And work you until you breathe your very last breath.

Katsuki “Ok that’s f*cked up.”

Alice “Seriously? Not her turning into a piglet or a lump of coal?”

Mikasa “Sometimes death is even curler.”


Yubaba let out a gasp and turned her focus at her desk, Chihiro followed her gaze to where the loud thumping was coming from.

More stuff around Yubaba’s office bounces into the air and falls to the floor, suddenly a loud baby wail cries out and bursting out of the green door behind her curtain drapes a giant baby foot.

Chihiro jumps back in fright, as the foot twists and turns as it keeps kicking to get it unstuck from the door.

Hange squeals, while others are more frightened of what it could be.

Yubaba clutches her hands into fists in worry.

Yubaba: Oh dear! You woke up the baby!

Everyone “BABY!?”

Yubaba runs to the demolished door, but the curtains still remain intact. She pokes her head through the curtains and tries to soothe her baby.

Yubaba: Mommy’s here, be a good boy now.

Yubaba turns her head to Chihiro.

Yubaba: Why are you still here? I told you to leave.

Chihiro (yells): I want you give me a job, please!

Yubaba (Whisper Shouts): Quiet down! You’re scaring the baby.

As those words left Yubaba’s mouth, the baby kicks her in the face, causing a snapping sound from her neck.

Katsuki “f*ck! No wonder the old bitch is sh*tty. No one can act calm and nice like that after delivering a f*cking giant. I’m surprised that she's alive.”

Kaminari “Thanks Bakugou, I now have that image stuck in my head.”

Yakko “Goodnight everybody!”

But that didn’t seem to bother her.

Yubaba: Hi sweety, don’t be angry.

The baby made another crash.

Yubaba: Good boy.

Scene changes to Chihiro

Chihiro: I’m not leaving until you give me a job!

Switches back to Yubaba

Yubaba: Ok, ok. Just be quiet!

Yubaba turns to her baby, and she switches her sour tone of voice to a motherly sweet tone

Yubaba: Here comes mommy! I’m coming to get you!

Yubaba runs into the baby room, leaving Chihiro alone with the three Kashiras.

Mabel “Whoa, intense awkward silence moment.”

Kaminari “Well, that’s one way to get a job.”

Jirou “Kaminari! I swear to god, if you try getting a job by making the boss’ child cry, I will slap you while I poke your eyes with my ear jacks!”

Kaminari “Eep!”

Cut to a pile of papers spilled from the drop box, one of the papers floated out of the pile and a pen floated to Chihiro as she grabbed both the pen and paper.

(Off-Screen)Yubaba: That’s your contract.

Yubaba comes back as she takes out a piece of the broken wood from her door out of her hair and starts using her magic to fix her office.

Yubaba: Sign your name away, and I’ll put you to work. If I hear one little complaint, you’ll be joining your parents in the pig pen.

Scene changes to Chihiro with a confused expression.

Chihiro: So, I, do I sign here?

Pointing at a blank spot on the contract

Yubaba: Just sign it! Do you want the job or not?

Chihiro looks around to find a solid place to sign her contract. She uses the black marble towards the fireplace.

Yubaba: I can’t believe I took that oaf.

She pulls on a red velvet rope rod to rings for an assistant.

Yubaba: Give a job to anyone who asks. Ridiculous. I hate being nice all the time.

With a strong “Ha!” Yubaba’s lamp came back to light.

America “You call that being nice?”

Canada “Can’t really tell if she’s joking or not Eh?”

Yubaba (Off-screen): Are you done yet?

Chihiro let out a gasp as the contract floated away from her and landed right into Yubaba’s hands.

Yubaba: So your name’s ‘Chihiro’?

(Off-screen) Chihiro: Yes, Ma’am.

Camera aims at the contract with Chihiro’s name printed on.

(Off-screen) Yubaba: What a pretty name.

Yubaba hovers her hand over her name, clenches her hand over it and pulls it back. On the paper, the calligraphy letters peeled off from the paper and floated into Yubaba’s hand before she grasped them.

Bill “The deal is sealed.”

Camera faces Yubaba.

Yubaba: And it belongs to me now.

Dipper “What?”

Bill “Contracts are like deals. Pine tree.”

(Off-screen) Yubaba: From now on, your name is Sen. You got that? Answer me Sen!

Chihiro now Sen: Yes ma’am.

(Off-screen) Haku: You called for me?

Raphtalia “Not only did she take away her name, she gave her a new one.”

“More importantly, how did he get there so fast?”

The camera moves to the left to show Haku standing by the door, three feet away from Chihiro.

(Off-screen) Yubaba: This girl signed a contract, set her up with a job.

The frame pans left to show Haku standing by the doorway, waiting for Yubaba’s orders.

Haku: Right.

Haku turns to Chihiro and asks.

Haku: What’s your name?

Most of the audience were perplexed.

“Hasn't Haku already met Chihiro?”

Heiji “This could be something else.”

Conan “Most likely a test.”

Chihiro: Wha? Chihi- oh. It’s Sen.

Haku: Okay Sen, follow me.

The scene changes to the Elevator going down from the outside of the box, it quickly changes to the inside of the box-cart where Sen and Haku are standing.

After a few seconds, Sen then spoke.

Sen: Haku, uh-

Haku quickly turned his head to her and said.

Haku: Don’t speak to me.

He turns his head back to the door of the lift.

Haku: And address me as “Master Haku”.

Sen was taken back, but didn’t say anything else.

Few think that Haku needs to keep up the appearance of not knowing Chihiro in case word gets to Yubaba, and Chihiro’s fate would take a turn for the worst.

While others think that Haku is being a total jerk.

The scene shows the outside of the bathhouse window where the common rooms are before it switches to the inside of the section of the bathhouse where Haku and Sen were walking down some stairs as everyone stops what they are doing to see them. Mostly at the human girl.

The scene changes to two men looking unapologetic.

Chichiyaku: I don’t care if Yubaba gets angry with us.

Aniyaku: We’re not taking humans.

Dot “C’mon give the little gal a chance!”

Haku: She's already under contract

Aniyaku: What!

This caused murmurs among the frog-like spirits as well as the geishas and other bath house employees to share looks with each other.

Chihiro: I promise to work very hard.

She said as he politely bowed

Geisha 1: We are not gonna take her to our department!

Geisha 2: She’ll stink up the whole place.

Toad worker: We don’t want her.

Bakugou “Well I bet you haven't taken a bath for a while ya big-headed bit-”

Hikaru “Dear lost poor boy. Is how you speak to a woman, good sir.”

Bakugou “And what of it?”

Kaoru “*scoffs* it seems that a nitro-fueled hero is not quite good at the ladies.”

Bakugou “You wanna go DOBLEGANGERS!?”

Sophie just waved her hand and made Katsuki and the Hitachiin twins forget whatever conversation they just had.

Haku: Three days of eating our food and her smell will go away. And if she doesn’t work hard. Roast her, boil her, do whatever you want.

The spirits look at Sen and at each other at the very thought of possibly eating her.

Zoro “What the fu-”


Luffy “Does that mean all the food there is human?”

Those in the audience who have a liking for food had a stomach churning feeling.

Iruma was sweating nervously at the thought of being eaten.

Iruma ‘It’s the first day of school all over again!’

Yuri “Actually. We did see the pig pen and the frozen meats and fish, so no.”

Soos “But didn’t Chihiro’s parents turn into pigs, dude?”

Everyone didn’t say a word for a whole minute.

Link “Let’s try not to think about it too much. And never say anything about this ever again.”

Everyone “Agreed.”

Haku: Now get back to work. Where is Lin?

The scene cuts to Lin leaning against one of the door frames.

Lin: What? Don’t you lump her with me!

Haku: You said you needed an assistant.

Chichiyaku: That’s perfect. Give the girl to Lin.

Lin: Oh great.

Haku: Sen, get going.

Sen: Right.

Sen rushes over to Lin.

Lin: Why are you always picking on me? You owe me one, Haku. You hear me?

Haku walks away as Aniyaku happily calls out.

Aniyaku: Have a nice day!

Yurio “God his face looks goddamn punchable.”

Victor “Now now, Yurio. There’s no need for violets. He’ll turn around, promise!”

Lin scrunches her nose and walks away before turning back and calls for Sen.

Lin: Come on.

Snapping out of her gaze, Sen follows Lin to where she’ll be staying, not before giving Chichiyaku and Aniyaku a “thank you” bow. After making a few turns and seeing no one else around, Lin turned to face Sen and said with an exciting voice.

Lin: I can’t believe you pulled it off!

Switches to Sen looking confused and a little surprised.

Sen: Huh?

Everyone “Huh?”

Lin (Off-Screen): You were such a dope, I was so worried.

Tanjiro “Can’t really tell if it's a compliment or not?”

Iruma “Could be both?”

Izuku “Maybe?”

Historia “Well at least Lin cares for her now. Right?”

Mina “Gotta say Lin gives off so much big sis energy.”

Switches back to Lin, looking like a proud sister.

Lin: Now keep on your toes, and if you need anything, ask me, kay?

Sen: Okay.

Hearing Sen’s voice sounding weak and scared, Lin took notice of it.

Lin: Hmm? What’s wrong?

Switches to Sen looking sad.

Sen: I don’t feel so good.

Many of the audience members felt sympathetic towards Chihiro. Many thought of their younger brothers, sisters, or perhaps surrogate children in Chihiro’s place.

The scene changes to the train riding by at night, and one of the window’s had its lights turned on. Cuts to Lin walking over to the sliding shoji closet doors after turning on the lamp.

Lin: So this is our room.

Kasumi “This looks quite cozy, roomy and pleasant.”

Jean K. “Looks empty to me.”

Sora “You think that's cozy, you should check-”

Sophie covers Sora’s mouth.

Sophie (Whispers) “Shh! Don’t spoil the surprise!”

Jean K. “What?”

Sophie “Don’t worry about it, Jean.”

Jean H. “Huh? Me?”

Sophie “Sorry, I meant Kirsten, or Horse face.”

Jean K. “Hey!”

Sophie “He even nays like a horse.”

Eren snorted his laugh at Jean K.’s misery.

Sora “Once this is over, we’ll help everyone who has the same first or last names to come up with a nickname. Sounds fair?”

The guest nods in agreement and resumes the movie.

Lin opens the sliding doors.

Lin: A little food and some sleep and you’ll be fine.

Chihiro walks to Lin timidly. She looks around until Lin holds out a piece of navy blue clothing to her.

Lin: Here’s your apron, you’ll have to wash it yourself.

Lin gives another piece of clothes, this time it’s a pink short sashinuki trousers .

Lin: Your pants.

Lin tries to find a pink coral colored kariginu robe.

Lin: You’re so puny.

Lin finds one but the sizes…

Lin (Whispers): Way too big.

And went back to searching.

Cut to Sen watching Lin to find her a top in her size, Sen asks.

Sen: Lin, you know Haku?

Lin (Off-Screen): What about him?

Sen: There aren’t two of them here, are there?

Half of the audience, “Two?”

Camera change to Lin.

Lin: Two Hakus?! I can barely stand one.

Lin pulls out another kariginu robe.

Lin: Too big.

And toss it off to the side.

Lin: He’s Yubaba’s henchman, don’t trust anything he says.

Many of the audience were conflicted about Haku. Should they trust him or be weary of him?

Sen’s lips begin to tremble as a whimpering sob escapes from her.

Lin (Off-Screen): Now, let’s see.

Sen couldn’t hold in her emotions and her sickly feelings inside, as she crouches down into a fetal position and starts to cry as silently as possible.

Lin finally found a size suited for Sen, she pulled it out, causing a few more robes to fall onto the floor.

Lin: Ah-ha. Here we go.

It was then she noticed Sen’s sad behavior. She crouches down to her level and starts to gently rub her back.

Lin: Wha- what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling okay?

Sen’s cries woke one of the Yuna workers from her sleep.

Yuna: Quiet down. What’s your problem?

Lin: It’s the new girl, she doesn’t feel so good.

Many adults with parental instincts wanted to comfort Chihiro, while many kids wanted to jump through the screen and give her a hug.

The camera changes to Haku walking up a spiral tower to the highest area of the bathhouse, where huge sand bags are hung up. Cut to the rooftop, a glass door opens to reveal Yubaba. Switching inside, Yubaba wraps herself in a black cloak and walks outside, where her Harpy is waiting for her on the rails.

She slunk away from Haku and her three Kashira as they gave her a farewell bow, and hops onto the railings. Yubaba’s arms become wings with her cloak as she flaps them and takes flight with her Harpy. Flying off to the dawning sky.

With Yubaba gone, the Kashiras hops away as Haku turns off the light from the hanging lamp.

Bolin “Where do you think she’s going?”

Sokka “Who knows. Probably to do business at the bank.”

Katara “Do spirits even have banks?”

The two avatars just simply shrugged their shoulders in ‘I-don’t-know’ responses.

The scene changes to the side of Yubaba’s bathhouse with the morning fog/mist covering the side bathhouse with the rising sun casting a beautiful blue silhouette.

The frame switches to pan down to the restaurant's buildings and the lanterns lights get turned off as the misty fog rolls across the screen.

Even though this is a quiet setting in the movie, it was still beautiful to see a sunrise, it’s even more beautiful to see it when the sky is so foggy and misty.

Everyone couldn’t help but to be in awe of this building or landscape.

The scene changes to the women’s bedroom, where all the female workers are sound asleep, as their light breathing are the only sounds in the room.

However, there is one faint sound of whimpering. At the far end of the room, in a futon next to Lin was Sen. Who was wide awake and shaking like a leaf, and was the cause of making whimpering noises.

The scene shows the door hinges on the floor sliding open, meaning that someone from the other side is coming in.

Sen stops her whimpering, hoping that her quiet cries haven’t caused anyone to send a message to Yubaba about her whines and complaints so soon.

The only thing Sen could hear are the sounds of someone’s footsteps coming closer to her, the camera pans to the futon blankets until a familiar lower torso walks into the frame for only a second.

Sen closes her eyes, fearing for the worst. When the sounds of footsteps stopped, a gentle hand rested on her shoulder, covered by her futon. As a familiar voice spokes to her in a quiet whisper.

Haku (Off-screen): Meet me at the bridge. I’ll take you to your parents.

Haku’s hand lifts off from Sen’s shoulder and after a couple of seconds the sliding door shuts back into place, causing Sen to let out a quiet gasp and lift her upper body out of bed to look where Haku has left and see if anyone else had woken up.

[Bathhouse Morning]

Seeing everyone is still asleep, Sen sits up straight and takes her robe and examines it, while trying to understand how to put it on.

Wendy “Wait, so they sleep all day and work at night?”

Mabel “Like a vampire?!”

Sophie “Think of it like Halloween or Day of the Dead. Spirits are more active in the night than in the day.”

The scene cuts to the deck hallway outside of Sen and Lin’s girl's room, the sliding door opens as Sen crawls out with her robe in her arms as she looks around quickly and quietly leaves the area.

Cut to Sen, now fully dressed, walking down a flight of stairs instead of taking the elevators, afraid if the sound could wake anyone up.

Cut to the boiler room, where Kamaji is sleeping in the same spot where he was working, with his arms holding onto his futon covers. The small sliding doors open as Sen crawls out, not to disturb Kamaji in his sleep.

As Sen walks over to the floor base and notices that something was missing from the spot she left them.

Sen: My shoes are gone.

Peeking out from their little home, the sootsprites came out from the holes carrying Sen’s missing shoes and socks. Sen saw this and was surprised at their kind actions as they set her shoes down for her.

Sen: Thank you.

Cream “They are so kind to hold on to her shoes for her.”

Cheese “Chao.”

Sen takes out her socks and slips on her shoes as she jogs to the door, but before she even turns the handle, all the sootspites bounce up and down, shaking their puffy bodies. As it’s their way to say ‘See you later.’

Sen waves to them with a small smile, as she opens the door and leaves the boiler room.

Cut to Sen walking up the wooden stairs before she pauses to look over the morning view to see a farmhouse building on the other side of the bridge as the sound of the train running its tracks is heard in the background of the music.

Sen takes her attention off from the sight and continues to climb up the stairs.

Cut to the entrance of the bathhouse, the small hidden door opens as Sen crept out from it and shouts it after making sure that there was no one nearby.

She jogs to the bridge, only to stop herself from crossing it. Because standing in the middle of the bridge was the same spirit that was looking at her last night. And he or she was still looking at Sen!

Zenitsu “WHY IS HE LOOKING AT HER!!!!????”

Blinking out of her daze, Sen walks across the bridge and when she is close to the spirit. Sen bows her head and continues to power walk her way over, but once she makes it to the other side, Sen turns around to find the spirit no longer standing there.

Zenitsu “A GHOST!!!! HE’S A STALKER GHOST!!! NOOO!!!!”

Fed up with the thunder breathing demon slayer’s wailing, Levi gets up and kicks and punches him just to shut him up.

Sophie “Thank you, Levi.”

Levi “He was being a nuisance.”

Sen was surprised, even more startled, when Haku walked up behind her. Causing her to let out a startling gasp.

Haku: Follow me.

As quickly as he came, Haku turned to walk to the garden gate. Leaving Sen to catch up to him.

The scene changes to a beautiful floral garden as Haku and Sen come around the corner of a very tall red flower bush. It then changes to Sen’s point of view showing Haku’s back walking forward through the flowers, as many different types of flowers change as they walk on.

The animation of the movement was so stunning and breathtaking, it made every member in the theater feel as if all the flowers were opening a pathway for them.

Eri “It’s so pretty.”

Everyone agreed with the sweet innocent ‘unicorn’ girl, this scene was indeed pretty. Gorgeous even.

The host club members thought of doing something like this for their next club activity. Having a flowery walkway into their clubroom.

Haku: We don’t have much time. If you’re found here, you’ll be turned into a pig yourself.

As Haku walks faster, Sen steps fast between the two flower bushes. Making sure not to lose sight of Haku.

Cut to a hill looking over a farmhouse, as Haku and Sen came out of the garden pathway and continued down to the pig pen.

Haku: You must never come here without me, understand?

Sen: I understand.

The screen changes to show the insides of the pig pen, where hundreds or thousands of huge pigs are kept locked up in small pens. Some were sleeping, standing around, or doing what pigs do.

Cut to a pen where two pigs are laying down on the dirty floor. The camera switches to Sen standing at the doorway with Haku, she takes a few steps forward but stops to turn to Haku silently asking him if these two are really her parents.

He nods ‘yes’ causing Sen to let out a gasp as she rushes over to their pen and cries out to them.

Sen: Mom. Dad. Are you alright? It’s me Sen.

Ran “Wait, did she really call herself Sen?”

Agasa “She did, Ran-san.”

Sen looked confused at her parents before shouting at them again.

Sen: Hey, wake up!

But her parents didn’t wake up, nor respond to her.

Sen (Off-Screen): Mom! Dad!

They still didn’t acknowledge her presence, one of them even flipped its ears around. Cut back to Sen with a worried look on her face as Haku walks in beside her. She turns to Haku.

Sen: What’s wrong with them? Are they sick?

Haku: No. They ate too much, they’re sleeping it off.

Cut back to the sleeping pig, one opens its eyes before closing.

Haku (off-Screen): They don’t remember being human, so look hard, it’s up to you to remember which ones they are.

Cut back to Sen and Haku. Sen’s expression became sadder and teary with every passing second, her lips trembling as she tried not to break down and cry right then and there. Instead, she shouts at them for one final time.

Sen: Don’t you worry I promise to get you out of here soon, so don’t get any more fat, or they’ll eat you!

And then turns and runs away out of the Pig Pen warehouse.

Motoyasu “Well that happened.”

Everyone, minus Bitch, “Sush!”

[Day Of The River]

The scene cuts to Sen, who is crouching down against a couple of pink flower bushes, where Haku stands over her. They were in a small section of the garden, with a field of corn on one side and a cabbage field on another.

Haku then pulls out Chihiro’s clothes from his robe and hands them over.

Haku: Here’s your clothes, hide them.

Couple of girls, (and perverted guys), made A-Hole remarks on Haku.

“Why did he have her clothes?”



Conan “Wait. You’re both jumping to the wrong conclusion. After signing Yubaba’s contract, it’s most likely they would have thrown away her clothes to make sure that she’ll never leave the bathhouse or the spirit world, ever.”

Sakura scoffs, “Yeah, right.”

Lifting her head up, Sen’s eyes widen as she sees them, she takes them from Haku’s hand and hugs them close to her chest.

Sen: I thought they got thrown away.

Haku smiles gently at her.

Haku: You’ll need to get back home.

The people who insulted Haku were smack hard at the truth right in front of them, and that the little boy was right.

Now Sakura owes Conan an apology.

Haku crutches down beside her and pulls out another object, a wrapped package of some kind. As Sen feels around in her shorts pockets and pulls out what she was hoping to find.

Sen: My goodbye card is still here.

The frame cuts to Sen’s card, as Sen reads off a name that feels so familiar to her somehow.

Cut to Sen’s point of view on her card in her hand.

Sen (Off-Screen): Chihiro?

Cut back to seeing Sen and Haku.

Sen: Chihiro.

Sen turns to Haku with realization in her eyes.

Sen: That’s my name, isn’t it?

Haku nodded his ‘yes’.

Haku: That’s how Yubaba controls you by stealing your name. So hang onto that card, keep it hidden, for now you must call yourself ‘Sen’.

Chihiro: I can’t believe I forgot my own name. She almost took it from me.

Pretty much everyone was taken back at this sudden realization and the power Yubaba holds over Chihiro.

Imaru “No way…”

Ran “This explains why she called herself Sen earlier.”

Kazuka “That’s right.”

Haku: If you completely forget it, you’ll never find your way home.

Haku turns his head away. Looking very lost in his thoughts.

Haku: I tried everything to remember mine.

Cut to Chihiro

Chihiro: You can’t remember your name?

Cut to Haku turning to face Chihiro with a small and kind smile.

Haku: No, but for some reason I remember yours.

Haku looks off from the frame as his upper shoulder arms move. Cut to a full screen showing Chihiro and Haku in a full body frame and a brown package is open, indicating that Haku has opened it.

Haku picks up a white object and offers it to Chihiro.

Haku: Here you go, eat this. You must be hungry.

Beatrice “What is that?”

Before anyone from Japan could say anything, someone else spoke up.

Riju “That’s a rice ball, they’re made differently depending on how the chef makes them.”

Sidon “They are quite tasty and a nice meal to have while traveling.”

A lot of people in the room were surprised by their knowledge of what a rice ball is.

Tanjiro “They’re right. But we call them Onigiri, and I don’t mean to be rude, but aren’t you from a place called Hyrule?”

Yao-momo “I thought that you didn’t know about our Japanese culture? Much less our food.”

Zelda “That is true, but your foods are different by name to us. But they are still the same no matter where we come from.”

Link “Some of the foods that we have seen, have a striking resemblance to what we have in our world.”

The princess and the hero’s words rang true to them, despite being from different worlds, they do share some common things about their worlds. And food is one of them, it helps bring everyone together.

Hopefully they’ll have a nice dinner banquet to open up more of each other's world's culture.

Chihiro looks away from Haku’s rice ball.

Chihiro: No

Haku: I put a spell on it, so it’ll give you back your strength. Just eat it.

Chihiro stares at the Rice ball, Onigiri, for a second before taking it into her hands and took a small bite from the top of the Onigiri, chews on it for a while before swallowing it. Only to find it to be good, and she was starting to feel a bit better.

Chihiro took another bite, bigger this time, and without waiting another second she took two more big bites of the Onigiri. Her eyes glossed with tears as big drops dripped down from her eyes to her cheeks, and fell off from her chin.

She pauses her chewing and swallows it, Chihiro continues to cry as she finishes the remains of her Onigiri.

It was then that everything building up to now from yesterday finally made Chihiro cry out with mixed emotions of hopelessness, anguish, and sorrow. Every feeling that defines the word “Lost”.

Haku puts an arm around her and comforts her in a kind and gentle hug. While offering more Onigiris to her.

Haku: Have some more. You’ll be alright.

Chihiro continues to cry, but she manages to take the last two Onigiris and eats one of them while still crying with her mouth full.

This scene made some of the audience members cry along with Chihiro, they can feel her anguish ordeal.

Even the thought of forgetting your own name is scary, but not as scary as forgetting your entire identity. And Shadow knows that better than anyone in this room.

Shadow ‘I’ve had one too few bad experiences of having amnesia, and they are all terrible. Even when I couldn’t remember who I really was. But then…’

Shadow’s thoughts trailed off as he thought back to the people who helped him through this, Rouge and Omega. But most importantly, his rival and his friends.

Shadow looks to Sonic, and Sonic looks to Shadow. No words were spoken between the two, but they both knew what the other was thinking. ‘Thank you for not giving up on me.’ ’I would do it again in a heartbeat.’

The screen cuts to the main road and the garden fence gate, as Haku’s voice can be heard.

Haku: I got to go now, but I’ll be back soon. Just stay out of trouble.

Chihiro opens the fence gate and walks out, before turning to face Haku and to thank him with a quick bow of her head.

Chihiro: Thank you, Haku. You’re a good friend.

Haku bows his head in gratitude for Chihiro's kindness, and watches her run back to the bathhouse as she crosses the bridge. The scene cuts to Chihiro running across the bridge from a lower angle before switching to a higher angle looking down at her.

Once she reaches the other side, Chihiro turns around and lets out a gasp of shock and awe as she looks up to the sky (camera).

In the partly cloudy, clear blue sky, there was something flying. Flying like a kite or an eel in the water. It was white with a teal blue hair main running down to its tail.

Chihiro (Off-Screen): Haku…

Cut to Chihiro’s astounding expression before cutting back to where Haku is in the sky. It’s hard to make out the rest of the body, as he flies away, but the shape showed long whiskers and a faint shape of horns on his head. And that could only mean one thing…

Chihiro(Off-Screen): He’s a dragon?

The Audience was stunned, all the while awed at the majesty of the dragon.

“No way.”

Ford “A real fire breathing dragon!”

Iroh “I don’t think he’s a fire breathing dragon. He seems to be a water dragon.”

Izuku “There are folklore and tales of river dragons and serpent-like dragons.”

Zuko “You don’t have dragons in your world?”

Izuku “No, but there are some animals that look like dragons and ‘dragon’ in their names, like the Komodo Dragon.”

Zelda “We do in ours. Their names are Dinraal. The power of fire. Farosh. The power of electricity. And Naydra. The power of ice.”

Edward “I never really believed in old legends, but it is interesting to hear about them.”

Alphonse “I agree, it does seem a bit farfetched of them being real. But imagining it is kind of fun.”

China “But sometimes you have to question yourself on where and how dragons came to be?”

Luffy thinks long and hard if there were any dragons in his world. Despite his dad having the same name. ‘Does my dad count?’

Dipper “Hey his scales kinda look like those petals he blew at the beginning.”

Ford “So those glass petals were indeed scales. Fascinating.”

Dragon Haku flies off as he gets smaller and smaller, far off in the distance until he’s completely gone.

Cut back to Chihiro still looking out to where Haku has vanished before continuing to make her way back in the same way she came out, but just as she took her eyes off of the sky and headed to the hidden door.

The strange spirit with the white mask made itself visible as it walked on to the solid grounds of the bathhouse before disappearing again.

Many were uneasy about the white mask spirit. Many of the little kids clung to their sister/brother, parent, or parent figures for safety.

England, Conan, Heiji, Sabaru, and Kaito. ‘So that’s how he didn’t.’

In the Boiler Room. Kamaji wakes up to take a drink out of his tea kettle, but he then notices that he wasn’t alone.

Laying right next to the herb cabinets was Chihiro asleep and coddling her clothes to her chest in fetal position, her shoes were off and the sootballs are gathered around below keeping an eye on her.

Kamaji sees and knows how much Chihiro has gone through in such a short amount of time and like the grandfather he is, he takes the purple pillow cushion and gently places it on Chihiro, like a blanket.

The mobians felt touched at this old boiler man’s gentle act of kindness. Even so, Kamaji strikes an uncanny resemblance to Eggman. It's very sweet of the old spider spirit to show affection to Chihiro.

The scene changes to the landscape outside the bathhouse, rain clouds rolling in where the once beautiful summer skies turned dark and wet.

Cut to Yubaba and her Harpy flying through the rain, coming back to the bathhouse. Cut to the restaurants turning on their lanterns, indicating that it’s night, and they are open for business.

The camera cuts to the front of the bathhouse from the bridge as the rain pours heavily down. The scene cuts to the side of the bathhouse’s windows, where all the employees were getting ready for work.

Switch to Lin and Sen’s room where the ladies were waking up, getting dressed and ready, while folding their futons and putting them away.

Lin: Where were you, Sen? I was really worried.

Sen: I’m sorry.

[Hard Work]

Cut to Lin and Sen walking up the stairs as everyone was heading towards their destination to prepare their guest's to stay.

On a big board there were small wooden planks with each name for the workers, everyone grabbed theirs while Sen quickly found hers and just when she unhooks it off from the hook, one of the female employees bumps into her to get hers.

Woman Spirit: Ugh, out of my way.

Not wanting to cause any trouble, Sen quickly rushes out of the way and goes to work.

Chopper “You think she could’ve been a bit nicer?”

Sanji “Time doesn’t slow or stop for no one. But yes, I do agree with you there.”

Cut to Lin, Sen, and two other girls wiping down the floors as everyone else was cleaning, well, pretty much of everything. However, Sen wasn’t keeping up with Lin and the others. She slips once, but doesn’t complain about it, if anything she gets back up and tries again.

Cut to Sen’s point of view, as she twists her wash cloth to squeeze out the water from the rag.

Lin (Off-screen): Geese, Sen.

Cut to a full screen of Lin standing over Sen as continues to squeeze the water out from the cloth and into the dirty wash bucket.

Lin: Haven’t you worked a day in your life?

Just then, Aniyaku walks over to them with a notebook in his hands, and gave them their assigned tub.

Aniyaku: Lin and Sen. You get the big tub today.

Lin was smack at this info.

Lin: Hey, that’s frogs work!

Aniyaku: Orders from the top, so quit your complaining!

Sen watched the two bicker, but didn’t want to bother them and just did what she was told.

Knuckles “Seriously? Getting a hard assignment on the first day?”

Tails “Yubaba did say she was thinking of giving Chihiro the most difficult job she’s got.”

Cut to the garden doors as Sen walks over to open them and dumps out the dirty water into the garden.

She looks up to see something standing out in the garden. The camera moves to the right to show the same mask wearing spirit standing in the garden as the rain hits him.

Cut to Sen bowing her head a little before lifting her head up and asking.

Sen: Hello. Aren’t you getting wet out there?

Cut to the masked spirit still standing and staring at Sen, not responding to her question. The scene cuts back to Sen facing the audience (the masked spirit) as Lin’s voice was heard from off-screen.

Lin (Off-screen): Sen, hurry up!

Sen turns her head and replies to Lin.

Sen: Coming!

Sen turns to the spirit outside.

Sen: I’ll leave the door open for you.

Sen picks up the bucket and walks out of the frame.

Kakashi “Why do I get the feeling something bad is going to happen?”

Naruto “He, at least I think it’s a he, hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Koro-Sensei “Never judge a book by its cover, children.”

Switch to the Masked Spirit taken a second or two before he starts walking towards the opened door disappearing. Cut to the inside of the door, as the masked spirit re-appears and steps into the bathhouse before disappearing again.

Cut to the main bath tubs as the camera is looking up to the rooms just a few floors above before rolling down to the hallway of the lined up bath tubs as Lin and Sen were walking to their assigned tub to clean.

One of the female staff pops her head out of one of the bath stalls.

Female Staff: Heard you got the big tub, Lin~!

Lin (Off-Screen): Leave me alone.

Jean K. “It can’t really be that bad.”

Cut to the filthiest bath stalls, there were slugs, dry mud, bath water that hasn’t been drained, and seaweed all over the place.

Lin: Those jerks. They haven’t cleaned this tub in months.

Levi’s right eye was twitching uncontrollably.

Eren “You just had to say it, horse face.”

Jean K. ”Shut up!”

Two frogs had their heads poking out from their stalls behind them and let out a chuckle of amusem*nt, however, when Lin turned to face them they ducked behind the thin walls that divide the bath stalls.

That seems to shoo them away as Lin steps in to get to work, Sen follows after her. But after taking a second step, she slips on some seaweed, causing her to fall and toss the bucket that holds their cleaning supplies.

This caused more laughter from the frogs, but Sen didn’t let it get to her. She pushes through to get to where she is now and that’s not going to stop her.

Cut to Lin pushing a broom to clear away the seaweeds and dirt, as Sen carries them to the pile.

Cut to Sen scrubbing the insides of the big tub with Lin.

Lin (Off-Screen): We only use this tub for a really filthy guest.

Cut to a wide screen of both Sen and Lin scrubbing the slug off of the tub with small amounts of water at their feet.

Lin: Ugh, disgusting! The slug is so kicked on it’s going to take days to scrub off.

Sokka “Well, at least they’re not going to have any customers.”

Cut to Lin and Sen’s bath stall entryway, Aniyaku sticks half of his body in and said.

Aniyaku: Lin, Sen. You got some customers on the way.

Katsuki, Sokka, Class 3-E, and Dot “ARE YOU (f*ckING) KIDDING ME?!”

Izuku “Kacchan!”

Izuku shouted at his friend/rival as he covered Kota’s ears, while Mirio covered Eri’s. Heck, all the adults and teenagers with younger siblings cover the young children’s ears while sending a scolding look at Katsuki.

Cut back to Lin and Sen.

Lin: Wait, give us a minute! This is clearly harassment.

Lin throws her rag down in the tub in a fit of anger and then walks over to Sen.

Lin: We need to soak it off.

Lin scoops her hands under Sen’s feet to lift her up out of the tub.

Lin: Get a herbal soak token from the Foreman.

Sen: Wha…?

Sen let out a startled gasp as the camera cuts to Sen slides and falls to the floor outside the big tub. Lin pokes her head out from the tub and repeats.

Lin: An herbal soak token.

Sen: Right.

Sen rubs her head and rushes out of the stall (frame). Just as Lin was about to go back to cleaning the tub, Sen rushed back in and asked.

Sen: Hey Lin, what’s a “Foreman”?

All the younger kids, “Yeah, what’s a ‘Foreman’?”

Germany “A foreman is a worker, especially a man, who supervises and directs other workers.”

Ai “And it’s the same when called Forewoman for women.”

Mable “And the herbal soak?”

Yao-Momo “It’s mostly a fragrant liquid gel or soap you put into your baths to relax your muscles and ease your stress away.”

Rouge “So you’re familiar of having one yourself, little princess.”

Beatrice “That sounds interesting.”

Mina “I would totally like to have one!”

While the girls were fantasizing about a relaxing spa, the two hosts were smiling at their surprise plan they have for the guest.

Cut to Yubaba looking into one of her gemstones. She suddenly halts and looks around in her office.

Yubaba: Something’s coming. I wonder what?

Yubaba quickly puts her jewels away back into the little box and rushes to hide it. Cut to the outside of the Bathhouse, Yubaba opens a window and looks out over the small restaurant's village. She sneers at the sight of the dark unknown.

Yubaba: What useless scum is slinking around in the rain?

As those words left Yubaba’s mouth, the camera zooms in on the lights across the river. Cut to the restaurants, all the spirits in the small town were retreating back into their stores, closing all the doors and windows as well as turning off their lights and lamps.

As the last remaining lights were turning off one by one, a huge blob-like creature was walking down the main road.

Cut to the side of the blob-like spirit creature walking with drips of strange and disgusting ooze leaking out of its body. Even the sounds of it coming out is like stepping into a squishy and muddy substance.

Sasuke “What the heck is that thing?”

Bolin “It’s got to be a spirit.”

Mako “Yeah, but what kind?”

Cut back inside the bathhouse, where Sen is talking to the Foreman to get a token from him.

Foreman: I can’t waste a token on you.

But he’s refusing to give her one.

America “Really, dude?”

Canada “Is he refusing her because she’s human?”

Katara “It has to be. We have witnessed how some spirits can’t stand humans. From destroying their homes and shines, to taking their wisdom for fighting their enemies.”

Aang “We all have seen it first hand, and why you should not mess or disrespect the spirits.”

One of the female workers came up to him, and he smiled and handed them their token.

Foreman: Relax and good morning.

Another one walks past a customer, and he hands her one too.

Foreman: Enjoy, have a nice bath.

Another female came up and said.

Female Spirit: For the radish spirit.

Sen turns her head when she hears the spirit’s name, as the Foreman hands the lady a token.

Foreman: One sower soft.

The Foreman’s attitude changes aggressively to Sen and barks.

Foreman: Why are you still here? Scrub it yourself!

Cut to a wider screen.

Foreman: I’m not lending you a token.

The foreman notices a spirit customer walking by, and his demeanor changes to a kind and welcoming attitude.

Foreman: Relax. Good morning.

Before switching back to yell at Sen once the customer was away.

Foreman: I said scrub it yourself!

Wakko “Oh sure, be nice and welcoming to others. But when it comes to humans, you are the worst!”

France “C’est un manqué de respect.”

Toph “What did he say?”

Tamaki “He said ‘That’s disrespectful’.”

Cut to Sen.

Sen: But I… was told. It has to be a herbal soak.

Cut to Foreman.

Foreman: Well, that’s too bad.

Turning his head to his right, the Foreman hands another token to another employee.

Foreman: Huh, mugworts bath. Relax and enjoy it.

But what he didn’t know is that standing right behind his left shoulder was the masked spirit Sen had let in and had made himself visible.

Sen noticed him, as the spirit bowed his head to her, and she returned the bow. The Foreman was confused at her bow, so when he turned around to where the masked spirit was, only to find no one there as the spirit had made himself invisible again.

Foreman: hmm?

Just then the telephone ranged, he picked it up on the first buzz and answered it.

Foreman: Foreman speaking… Oh, yes…

It’s faint, but they can hear Yubaba’s voice on the other end of the telephone.

As the Foreman was talking, one of the tokens started to float away from his tokens box. Startled by this, the Foreman tried to grab it back, but it landed into Sen’s hands. Surprised with joy of getting a herbal token, Sen bowed, giving her thanks to the Foreman.

Sen: Thank you very much!

And runs back to the big tub.

Class 3-E “Mission success!”

Foreman (Off-screen): Get back here! Hey!

Cut to the Foreman covering his hand over the phone to yell at Sen.

Foreman: Wait a minute!

Yubaba (Over the phone): What’s going on!?

Not wanting to get himself into trouble with Yubaba, the Foreman quickly calms down and lies to his boss.

Foreman: Nothing. Everything’s fine.

Cut to Yubaba in her office standing over her side table with her hand on top of a human-ape-like skull.

Yubaba: We have an intruder.

The skull’s mouth moved as if it was talking with Foreman's voice coming out from it.

Foreman (Over the “phone”): Is it a human?

Yubaba: I’m not quite sure. Figure it out and report back.

All the detectives and the smartest thinkers thought back to that giant slug-like spirit they saw a minute ago.

Conan, Heiji, Hakuba, Kaito, Ai, Momo, Izuku, Shoto, Edward, Alphonse, Dipper, Ford, Bill, Brain, ‘It has to be that thing from earlier.’

Cut back to Sen and Lin, who is admiring the token Sen had received.

Lin: Wow Sen, you got a really good one. Clip this on and let go.

Lin gave Sen a demonstration on how to clip the token onto a stretchy cord to activate the water. She then shuts the hidden door and looks up at where the water pipe comes out.

Lin: It goes straight to Kamaji then he sends us our water.

A wooden beam pops out from the wall and lowers down directly above the tub with a rope handle dangling down. Lin walks over to the rope.

Lin: You pull on this to get the water flowing. Give it a try.

Sen follows Lin and grabs onto the rope, just as she was about to pull on the rope Sen slips with her hand holding tightly on the rope to stop her fall. As the water shoots out from the water beam/pipe.

Cut to the inside of the tub being filled up with water, before cutting to Sen climbing herself back up again, with Lin looking out for her.

Lin: Agh, you’re such a klutz.

Sen: Yuck, what’s in this water?

Lin: Dried worm salt. It’s supposed to be good for you.

Cut to an upper half close up cut of Lin’s body, smirking over to Sen.

Lin: And with water this murky, you can’t see all the slug in the tub.

Levi wrinkled his nose in disgust, the idea of covering up the mess leaves him wanting to clean the whole by himself while trying not to throw up!

Lin turns and walks down from the tub, she turns back to face Sen.

Lin: Yank it again when the bath is full, it’ll stop. You can let go of the rope now, I’ll go get us some breakfast.

Lin walks away as she finishes her last sentence as Sen calls out.

Sen: Okay!

Sen slowly lets go of the rope, she looks at the water being filled in and couldn’t help but to smile to herself at her small achievements she has made today. And had not once complained about the work.

The camera switches to show Sen’s back as she turns around, making sure she doesn’t lose her balance. However, just as she turns her head, she notices a familiar spirit standing in the corner.

It was the Masked Spirit.

A bit surprised by his sudden appearance in the room, Sen’s foot slipped, and she slid down to the floor, hitting her head at the base of the tub. Hard.

Sen: Wha, Ow!

Sen clenched the back of her head in pain, as she curled her body in pain, she even clenched her toes together. The Masked Spirit walks over to Sen as she gets back up and speaks to him.

Sen: Ah, Sir. The bath’s not ready yet.

The Masked Spirit wasn’t here for the bath, instead he showed Sen what he had in his hands. Many different types of bath tokens that he took from the Foreman. He jiggled them in his hands to show Sen, who was surprised.

Sen: They’re so many.

Greg “Did he just steal them?”

Ford (Annoyed) “it’s ‘Stole’ or ‘Stolen them’. Grammar boy.”

Wirt “Don’t be rude to my brother. He’s still in elementary school.”

The Masked Spirit shakes his hands to Sen to take them from her, as a sign of kind generosity gesture, while making an “Ah. Ah.” breathless noise.

Sen: What? They’re all for me?

Iida “Even when they are stolen, it’s still against the law to give them away to somebody else!”

Mabel “Does that mean picking flowers is a crime?”

Cut to a close up of the Masked Spirit’s face as he nods his head, ‘yes’. Cut back to Sen shaking her head, ‘no’.

Sen: Thanks, but I don’t need any more.

But the Spirit, still persistent, offers Sen the tokens once again, but she turns him down again, more firmly with a tiny gentle tone.

Sen: No. I only needed one!

The masked Spirit let out an ex-hale “Ah.” before vanishing again, as he disappears all the bath tokens that were in his hands fall hard onto the wooden floor. Startling Sen in the process.

Standing in place, Sen looks around for the Masked Spirit, but to no luck. The water started to overflow the tub and was beginning to flood the room. Sen then sees the water around her and turns around to let out a frantic “Ah!” at what was happening behind her.

All of the Teachers said, “This is why you have to pay attention to your surroundings.”

Cuts to Yubaba racing down the stairs to the ground entryway. Cut to where all the head workers were standing in front of the gate entrance.

Chichiyaku: Oh, Yubaba!

Yubaba: It’s a Stink Spirit.

Chichiyaku: And apparently it’s an extra smelly one.

One of the frog workers ran up to Yubaba and Chichiyaku and pointed behind him towards where the door was.

Frog Spirit Worker: He-He’s heading straight for the bridge!

Katsuki “Finally a fight!”

Hakuba “Is fighting all you care about?”

Katsuki “You dumbass. It’s a villain, they deserve to get their asses kicked.”

The said villains look at the exploding boy with such offensiveness and disgust. Dot got up from her seat and slapped a big red “X” sticker over Katsuki’s mouth, which stuck like hard sticky glue.

Dot “Watch your mouth, boom hair. There are little children here! Don’t make me get the soap!”

Bakugou growls and muffles at Dot as he tries to pry off the sticker, while his classmates and others around him laugh at his predicament.

Iroh “Don’t be too quick to judge, young man. And don’t even think about fighting a spirit, for the consequences will be severed.”

Izuku “You seem to have experiences.”

The A:TlA and LOK cast both knew this all too well.

Iroh “Zhao led his army to invade the North Pole in order for him to kill the moon spirit. But by doing so enrages the Ocean Spirit’s wrath.”

Sokka “Princess Yue was given life by the moon spirit, and gave it back at the cause of her own life.”

Zuko “With the new Moon Spirit, Zhao was dragged into the waters by the Ocean Spirit. I know, because I saw it happen.”

The students of UA had no idea of what to say, they have never experienced spirits or any bad mumbo jumbo. But hearing about what spirits are capable of, made them think twice about powerful deities

Bolin “And there was the time that Korra’s uncle went crazy for power and became a dark Avatar.”

Sokka “A dark Avatar!?”

Mako “See what you did?”

Bolin “Ah… Spoilers?”

[The Stink Spirit]

Cut to the other side of the bridge where Chichiyaku, Aogaeru, and a couple of the frog employees were waving their lanterns and shouting “Go away!” “Leave us!” “We’re not open, we’re close!” “No one’s here!”

But their efforts were futile due to the Spirit’s strong stench over powering them. It even caused Aogaeru to faint right then and there.

Levi was on the verge of passing out too.

Yubaba: Something’s fishy that doesn’t seem like a stink spirit.

She turns to her worker.

Yubaba: But we have no choice, go greet him.

Cuts back to the Stink Spirit slowly walking halfway across the bridge.

(Off-Screen) Yubaba: Just give him a bath and get him out as fast as you can.

Bow Hero “Are they really going to give that sludge monster a bath?!”

Sword Hero “Didn’t you hear Yubaba? They have no choice.”

Spear Hero “I’m just glad we can’t smell anything like that in here.”

Cut to the bathtub stalls, all the staff were shouting out to their customers to urgently go back into their rooms for their own safety. Many were confused as to why they had to, but did as they were told.

Two of the females rushes out of the bath tub stall that was across from the Big Tub where Sen is stationed at. Sen pokes her head out to see what the commotion was all about, just as Aniyaku comes over and waves for her attention.

Aniyaku: Sen! Yubaba wants to see you.

Sen: Yes sir!

Cut to Yubaba pointing her wand while giving an order to Sen as the staff keep their eyes on at the doorway for the Stink Spirit.

Yubaba: Sen. Don’t mess this up. Take this guess to the big tub and take care of him.

Cut to Sen trying to speak.

Sen: B-but I-

But Yubaba wasn’t having it right this minute.

Yubaba (off-screen): No ‘Buts’ or I’ll turn you into coal.

Cut back to Yubaba.

Yubaba: Do you hear me?

Chichiyaku: Ah! It’s Here!

Two of the frog spirits ran back inside covering their nose and trying to find a spot away from the horrible smell, while dark ooze came in from the doorway where two big muddy slug stumps can be seen from the short drapes.

The foul order hits everyone’s nose, causing them to either run, have their hair strains spike up out of place and cover their nose. Many of the staff got out of the way while Sen and Yubaba stood in place to greet the spirit.

Sen quickly covers her nose, but Yubaba glares at her and grunts out in a lower, quiet voice so that the spirit won’t hear it.

Yubaba: Hands down. You’ll insult our guest.

Iida “At least Yubaba has the right idea, it is extremely rude to insult guests!”

The drapes change their colors as the Stink Spirit parts the drapes away as he walks in, filling the ground with his dark, oozing slug. Yubaba chokes out her greetings to him, while Sen bows politely, welcoming the spirit in.

Yubaba: Local value customer. Welcome to our baths!

The Stink Spirit then held out one of his muddy tentacles out for them, like a hand, to give the person something. And Yubaba knew what that was.

Yubaba: A-oh ooh. It’s money. Sen take the nice customer's money.

Sen: Yes ma’am!

France “She wouldn’t.”

Russia “Da, she would.”

Sen holds out her hands to take the spirit’s money, only to have some of it coated with so much mud slush goop. It made Sen tense and sent shivers up throughout her body, and her eyes widened at the intense shivering feeling, nearly causing her to collapse to the floor.

And at that moment, everyone felt what Chihiro felt. A rush of disgusting chills crawling up their spines.

But Yubaba’s voice stops her.

Yubaba (Off-Screen): Don’t make him wait. Get him to the bath.

Regaining herself, but still has a look of shock and shiver. Sen kindly guides the guest to the big tub.

Sen: This way.

Sen walks, or waddles, her way around the corner with the Stink Spirit following close behind her. Leaving a huge trail of oozing sludge that almost filled up the entire floor trapping Yubaba into a corning of disgusting smells and gunk.

Meanwhile, in one area of the bathhouse, Lin was carrying two bowls of donburi while pushing her way out of the crowded workers who were hiding and holding their nose from the awful smell. Once the foul odor hits her nose, she makes a gagging sound as she notices Sen at the end of the hallway.

Two toads run out of the way as the ooze was creeping towards them, as Lin dashes over to call out to Sen.

Lin: Sen!

But Sen didn’t respond, only continuing to guide the Stink Spirit to the bath.

Seeing the Stink Spirit in full view and finding out where that horrible smell was coming from, Lin let out a quivering shudder of the disgusting smell. The smell was so bad, that the two donburi bowls quickly turned into rot.

Lin: Our food!

Rin O. “Even the food turned moldy!”

Sasha, Luffy, Choji, and Wakko “NO! Not the Food!”

Cut to Yubaba running above the second floor railings, calling out to every worker who can be assistance.

Yubaba: Open the windows! All of them!

Worker: Right away!

Yubaba stops and leans over the railing as the camera pins down to where she was looking over, the Big Tub. Where the Stink Spirit was, slowly but surely was making his way to the tub.

Sen, who has her back against the wall, notices the bucket where she put all of the bath tokens that the Masked Spirit tried to give to her is close to getting covered in filth. She quickly grabbed it out of the way while dropping the money she had in her hands into it.

Cut to the Stink Spirit, he was just an inch away before he took a dive into the tub. The water changes to wet clay in a blink of an eye, as waves of wet clay rushes out of the tub, it even creates black slim bubbles. The filthy water hits Sen as she struggles to stand her ground and not drown in muddy water.

‘This is now my worst nightmare.’ Levi thought as he shudders and rubs his hands on his arms at the sight of the filth as if it was on him.

Popping his head out of the water, the Stink Spirit takes a moment to look at his arms to notice that the mud hasn’t washed off all the way. He turns over to where Sen is and places his hands on the rim of the tub and lets out a gurgling moan, asking her for help.

As Sen steadies herself, she notices him and looks down at the bucket she’s holding in her arm.

Sen: What… Just a minute, sir.

Using her free arm, Sen uses it to pull her way to where she can refill the water.

High above them, Yubaba chuckles at Sen’s struggles, with Chichiyaku standing right beside her.

Yubaba: Hahaha, disgusting.

Chichiyaku: I don’t think it's very funny.

Yubaba: Let's see what she’ll do next.

Tsu “My guess is that she’s going to refill the tub, Ribbit.”

From above, Sen was trying to find the hidden hatch to open and send one of the token’s to Kamaji. But it would seem that the door doesn’t want to open.

Cut to Yubaba and Chichiyaku.

Yubaba: Look, she wants to refill the tub.

Chichiyaku: Oh dear. She’s going to waste all of our good water.

Prying it open wasn’t working, Sen was getting a little frustrated that she started to knock on the walls hard and after her second knock, the hidden door swung open, hitting her right side of her head.

Sen: Ah!

The sense cuts to Sen searching for the same token from before, and grabbing it from the bucket. She then tries to clip it on, but with her hands covered in slippery mud, it falls out of her hands and lands on the dark floor below. Not wanting to keep the customer waiting, Sen grabs a random bath token and gets it clipped on, pulls the sling cord and lets it go to Kamaji.

Cut back to Yubaba and Chichiyaku, Yubaba leans over the rails looking at the bucket filled with bath tokens with a look of anger and suspicion.

Yubaba: Hmm? Who gave her all the bath tokens?

Chichiyaku: Don’t look at me! I didn’t do it!

Morgana “It’s always the ones who shout out that they didn’t do it, who actually did it. It’s the easiest or the dumbest way for the culprit to make themselves be spotted.”

Ran “Oftentimes they’re not the true culprit.”

Conan “Once you’ve gathered all the information. Then there’s always one truth.”

With the sound of the wall board creaking out from the walls once again, Sen now holds her pants up to make her way to the rope faster, as she climbs her way back up to the tub.

Just as she made her way up, the Stink Spirit let out a sigh, exhaling a fouling odder directly into Sen’s face. She held her breath and ducked her head, but she never let that stop her. She reaches for the rope and pulls it down.

Sen: Ah!

But when she reaches up for the rope, her hand slips, causing her to fall into the tub. Making a ‘Plop’ splash sound.

Bitch “Well that was anticlimactic. As expected for such a loser.”

Everyone gave the bitch a stink eye glare.

Naofumi “You’re one to talk, Bitch.”

The water comes gushing out of the wooden slide, and pours on top of the Stink Spirit’s head, filling up the tub and spills out once again.

Cut to Yubaba and Chichiyaku looking down at Sen. Chichiyaku is shocked at the water that’s pouring out, while Yubaba is still suspicious of who or what their guest is.

Chichiyaku: Oh no! That’s our best herbal formula!

Zelda “Are they even concerned about Sen. I mean Chihiro drowning?!”

Connie “Drowning?”

Zelda “Don’t tell me you don’t know how to swim!?”

All of the scouts shook their heads, “no”.

Levi “We didn’t need them.”

Link “It is important to know when journeying to other lands.”

Sidon “Back to Chihiro. If she’s stuck or can’t hold her breath long with the heavy water pressure hitting down, it almost makes it impossible to stay afloat.”

Link “Resulting death.”

Hearing how important swimming is, the scouts were now rethinking about learning how to swim.

The fresh herbal water pushes the dirt and grimy water out of the stall, while also carrying the bucket with the bath tokens away.

Cut to Sen with her upper torso stuck upside down in the side of the sludge tub, kicking her legs frantically to break free. The stink spirit then pulls her out of the sludge and lifts her out of the water.

Sen spits out some of the water she had in her mouth, as the spirit holds her close to his side. Snapping out of her daze, Sen looks up at the stink spirit, wondering why he would do this. Sen then felt around his side.

The camera cuts to some kind of thing sticking out from his side as Sen’s hand feels around it. Cuts back to Sen, who looks up at him, now understanding what was wrong.

Everyone was relieved to see that Sen was out of harm's way, but were curious to what the spirit wanted and why? Until they saw its reason why.

Yukio “What the heck is that?”

Lin calls out for Sen as she is prepared and ready to ‘fight’ off the Stink Spirit’s stinky wrath. With a cleaning mask covering her nose and mouth, and a mop broom in her hand.

Lin: Sen? Sen, where are you?

Sen: Over Here!

Lin rushes over to see Sen in the Spirit’s hand.

Lin: Don’t worry, st-stay right where you are. I’m coming to help you.

Cut to Lin with a look of determination in her eyes.

Lin: You’re going to be fine. I won’t let him hurt you.

Cut to Sen holding the mysterious object with both of her hands.

Sen: I think he needs help! It feels like there’s a thorn in his side!

Jean K. “A Thorn?!”

Lin (Off-Screen): A Thorn?!

Katsuki “Will all of you quit repeating?!”

Bon “Hey, don’t accuse anyone who knows what the characters are going to say, none of us has seen this before!”

Sen tugs on the thorn to pull it out, but to no avail.

Sen: It won’t come out!

Cut to Yubaba with Chichiyaku and the rest of the guests and staff up on the second floor. Hearing every word in Sen and Lin’s conversation.

Yubaba: What’s that? He has a thorn?

Yubaba gave one last look of suspicion at the Stink Spirit before turning her attention to Chichiyaku and gave him an order.

Yubaba: Get the staff down there.

Chichiyaku: Huh?

Yubaba: Step on it.

The screen cuts to the camera looking up as Yubaba jumps off from the second floor as her dress flutters to reveal her undergarments, consisting of white leggings and layers of fabric for the dress. The whole screen went by in only two seconds, as the camera captured Yubaba’s legs and her face in the blink of an eye.

Chichiyaku goes off, ordering every staff member to get down and help.

Chichiyaku: R-Right. Get downstairs, all of you. You. All of you!

Pretty much everyone covered or averted their eyes when they saw Yubaba’s undergarments.

But for Sophie she didn’t take her eyes off of the screen.

Sophie “Guys, think of it like pants under a dress.”

Mineta “You’re a pervert.”

Sophie “No, you are. I just don’t care, and besides, women dress in legging pants under their dresses or skirts to keep their legs warm when temperatures drop to the colder seasons.”

Yubaba hovers in a ‘T’ stand next to Sen and Lin as the two were trying to pull the thorn out. She calls out to them to get their attention.

Yubaba: Listen to me! That’s no stink spirit we have on our hands.

Yubaba claps her hands together and when she breaks them away, a long and sturdy rope appears in her hands, and she guides one end of the rope to Sen with her magic.

Yubaba: Grab on to this rope!

Sen: Right!

Sen caught the rope and pushed herself into the running water to tie it on the ‘thorn’. However, with the pressure of the water hitting down hard makes it difficult for Sen to tie the rope.

Thankfully, Lin came in and helped her to wrap it around the ‘thorn’ to get it tied up tightly.

Lin: Hold on tight.

Sen: Got it.

Cut to Yubaba seeing all of her staff getting down, and grab the other end of the rope.

Yubaba: Hurry up now, get in there and help them.

Cut back to Sen and Lin finishing tying the rope. As Lin tugs on it for a good, strong and firm grip.

Sen: We got it tied on!

Standing on the thin dividing walls, Yubaba pulls out two fans of golden yellow with a big red dot in the middle and raises them up high.

Yubaba: Everyone ready at my command.

Swinging her body to the left and jerking it back to the right, Yubaba shouts out to get everyone to pull together as one.

Yubaba: And…

Everyone: Heave!

The staff who weren’t pulling help the others by timing when to pull at Yubaba’s command.

Yubaba: And…

Everyone: Heave!

Even the Guests were helping and encouraging the workers to pull out the ‘thorn’.

Yubaba: And…

Everyone: Heave!

Bitch “This is just a waste of time, they are never going to-”

Cut to Sen and Lin pulling, the ‘thorn’ started to come out of the Spirit’s body, as slushy mud spurt out. And the ‘thorn’ turned out to be.

Sen: A bicycle?

Bitch looked at the screen with her jaw open in shock.

Naofumi “You were saying, Bitch?”

Bitch only wishes that she could burn the Shield Demon and everyone who is laughing at her to the drowned, not even their ashes remain.

Dipper “How did that get in there?”

Wirt “If it’s not a Stink Spirit, what kind of spirit would it be to have a bicycle stuck in its body?”

Yubaba pauses to see the bicycle and a few other things attach to it.

Yubaba: Thought so.

She turns her attention back to the staff.

Yubaba: Get ready now!

Yubaba & Every Worker: Heave!

As everyone pulled, Sen climbs back up to the tub and pulls on the bicycle and with another pull from everyone else, the built-up came gushing out of the Spirit’s body. All the mud and sludge came pouring into the bath stall as everyone got out of the way.

As the rush was over, everyone was astounded at what came out. Piles and piles of trash, pipes, a children’s slide, a toilet, a washing machine, tires, a sink, cans, waste cans, a boat, and so much mud.

Everyone Ew! Gross!”

America “That’s just nasty, dudes!”

Meelo “All of that looks like a dump!”

Jinora “More like people dumping their trash.”

Sora “You’re right. That spirit’s home was being dumped on, so whatever happens to its home. It reflects onto the spirit’s body.”

Cut to Sen, who was tugging on a tangled up fishing line to pull out the Spirit’s body. After giving it one last strong yank, the fishing lure let out a pop and purple smoke exhaled out of the spirit’s body. As steam covers Sen and the water slowly dies down.

The ‘Stink’ Spirit: Ahhh…

The water created a wave, and engulfed Sen like a hand has reached out to hold her. Sen let out a cry of fright as the rest of the wave fell down to the floor and pushed at the staff’s feet.

Lin: Sen! Sen where are you!?

Sokka “Being held captive by a water monster.”

Korra “It’s a water spirit. And he won't hurt her.”

Wirt “How would you know about spirits?”

Dipper “Yeah, I was wondering about that too.”

Aang “In our world spirits exist, there’s a world where the spirits live, but sometimes they can come to the physical world and live there. It’s the avatar’s job to keep the balance to the world and be the bridge to the spirit world.”

Meanwhile, Sen was in the water bubble, letting out small air bubbles from her mouth as she looked on at what was in front of her.

Rising from the still and calm waters, was an old and wrinkling face of an old man that had a white bushy eyebrow, small strands of white hair on the chin, he was missing some teeth, and his eyes were closed, but he could still see. He then spoke with much gratitude as his bony jaws hung open.

Old man’s face: Well done.

No one knew what to make out of this scene, should they be scared or not?

The water bubble flows down, releasing Sen, and then she notices a small weight in her hands. She opens her clenched hands to find a green ball that looks like a Dango.

Sonoko “A giant green marble?”

Ran “It looks like a mochi.”

Ranma stares at the weird green ball in Sen’s hands, ‘Something about that thing tells me that it’s not what it appears to be.’

The heavy steam finally cleared up, leaving Sen standing alone at the edge of the filled up tub, with only the sounds of water drops and flowing movements on the floor boards. Yubaba then notices something in the water.

Cut to the clumps of mud and the wooden floorboards, something was sparkling in the mud and cracks. The camera zoomed in as the water washes away the mud to reveal.

All the Staff: GOLD!

Greedy characters “GOLD!?”

Stan “MONEY!!!”

Lin looked around to find and pick up the largest gold nugget she could find as many of the other staff tried to get in and get some of the gold for themselves while Chichiyaku tries to hold them off from entering.

Chichiyaku: Wait! That’s totally property. Stop!

Cut to Yubaba snapping at them from above.

Yubaba: Back off! Our guest is still here, you idiots!

Iida ``This is highly unprofessional customer service! One must be at high attention and composed for their customer before them!”

England “Does the young lad ever relax?”

Mina “No. This is his way of relaxing.”

America “The dude needs to know what relaxing really means.”

Suddenly, the water in the big tub begins to rumble and bubbles as a low thundering sound echoes from the waters. Catching everyone’s attention.

France “That’s not good.”

Aang “I don’t think so. Chihiro helps the spirit, so that means he’s regaining his true form.”

Sokka “Then what is his true form?”

Robbin “We’re about to find out.”

Yubaba floats down behind Sen, as the staff members continue to pick up the gold or stop to see what is happening.

Yubaba: Sen, you’re in our guest’s way. Step aside.

Sen: Yes ma’am.

As Sen bows to the spirit, Yubaba turns to face her workers and orders.

Yubaba: Open the main gates. Make way!

As Sen and Yubaba got out of the way, the roaring bubbles in the tub shot straight up out of the tub. The spirit had the same old man’s face as it let out a hauntingly happy laugh as it looped its huge body around one of the bridges before making a dart to the main gates that were opening up. All of the guests cheered for him as he exited out of the building.

The camera cuts to the outside of the bathhouse of the main gates, the sheer size of the spirit

looks like a dragon-like ghost with eight or twelve limbs. As it flies out of the bathhouse full of life, the powerful spirit flies off into the rainy and dark night. Getting smaller and smaller before it disappears into the sky.

Seeing the Spirit’s true form wasn’t what everyone was expecting, but neither of them couldn’t help but to stare in awe of the power and size of the river spirit.

Greg “He’s ginormous, Wirt!”

Wirt “He looks almost like an eastern dragon.”

Korra “He must have been an ancient river spirit.”

Miroku “There are at least 10 large rivers in Japan. He has to be one of them.”

All of the teens and kids, “Whoa!”

Back inside of the Bathhouse, the guest was still cheering as all of the staff and Sen stared at the main gate. With how loud the guests' cheers were getting, everyone looked around to see how happy every spirit guests were, even the Radish Spirit was waving his arms in the air and some of the Ōtori-Samas were flapping their wings with joy!

Yubaba runs over to Sen and hugs her while jumping on the balls of her feet. Leaving everyone in shock and awe of their boss expressing this amount of joy to a human.

Yubaba: Sen! You did great! We made so much money!!”

Yubaba breaks away from her hug and holds both her hands onto Sen’s. While Lin stands beside Sen as she points to herself to say, ‘What about me? I helped too?’ but put her hand on her and look off with the expression of ‘Oh well, Sen did great on her first day. Let her have it.’

Yubaba: That spirit is rich and powerful.

Yubaba turns to all of her staff around them.

Yubaba: Everyone learn from Sen.

Cut to Sen smiling so brightly as she still holds her hands together.

Yubaba (Off-screen): Sakes on the house tonight!

The alcohol drinkers in the room, “Oh Yeah! Bring out the alcohol! It’s time to party!”

Sophie “Don’t get your hopes too high, fellas. Besides, we have a strict tolerance of how much we can serve to our guests.”

They all slump down in disappointment.

All of the staff clapped and cheered for this joyous reward, as she took another peak at her gift from the River Spirit.

Yubaba (Off-screen): But first hand over all the gold you picked up.

All the clapping and cheering was cut off short, leaving most of the staff taken back at their boss’ demand.


Dipper “She’s more obsess with money than you Grunkle Stan.”

Stan “If she wasn’t ugly looking and nuts, I would have dated her years ago.”

All the young generation cried out “Eeeeewwww!!” in disgust.

As everyone complained about giving back the gold, with one female staff member crying out, “What do you mean ‘give it back?’ How stingy! That’s not fair!” A certain Masked Spirit made itself transparent to look at one of the pieces of gold it grabbed before disappearing once again.

The detectives (and Sokka) narrowed their eyes at the Masked Spirit, thinking, ‘what is it up to?’

Later that night, when everyone was having fun in their rooms, Sen was sitting out of the girls' room looking out over the river. Lin walks over to lay down beside her with a plate of three giant dumplings.

Lin: Here. I swipe a dumpling for you.

Sen: Thank you.

Lin: *Sigh,* What a day.

Sen grabs one of the dumplings as Lin sets the plate down beside them. Lin lays down with her arm as her support as Sen swings her legs through the railings, letting her feet dangle in the air.

Sen: Lin, have you seen Haku?

Lin: Not Haku again.

The camera changes showing the two girls' backs looking out to the nightly waters, eating their dumplings.

Lin: He just disappears sometimes. Rumor has it that he goes around doing Yubaba’s dirty work.

Sen: Does he really?

Haruhi “That’s a little concerning.”

Tamaki “How so?”

Haruhi “It won't be long until something bad is going to happen to him. When it’s Yubaba’s fault in the first place.”

Yuna Worker (Off-Screen): Light’s out, Lin.

Lin: Fine.

When the lights got turned off, the darkness soon faded away, but it didn’t last long as the clouds parted ways for the light of a full moon to shine over the large bodies of water, giving Lin and Sen a beautiful sight.

[The Sixth Station]

Sen turns to see the moon. Cut to the full moon shining over some scattered clouds over the water as the clouds slowly and gently glide across the screen by the quiet wind. Cut to the sea as lights dance around to reveal the lights of the train running its tracks.

The camera changes to Sen looking at the train as it rides away across the sea to the lights in the far-off distance. Sen stares out in awe and wonder of the beautiful nightly landscape.

Sen: There’s so much water, it looks like the sea.

Lin (Off-Screen): What did you expect after all that rain?

Watching that scene of the moon, the train, the sea touched everyone’s souls, even the quick temper people were affected by its sense of calm and peaceful serenity.

Yusuke “Beautiful…”

Ryuji “You said it, man.”

Eren “I never felt this calm before.”

Jean wanted to make a jab at Eren, but felt an intense radiant of promising death from the hostess.

Sophie ‘Don’t ruin the moment, jackass horse-face.’ she spoke to him in his mind.

Jean (Straighten up in his seat) ‘Y-Yes ma’am!’

Sen turns to Lin, who has her eyes closed and is lost in a daydream as she takes the last dumpling and eats it.

Lin: I need to get out of this place, someday I’m getting on that train.

Cut to Sen’s hands, in her left she’s holding her dumpling and in her right the gift from the River Spirit.

The scene changes to Sen looking at her gift before looking out at the nightly sky, smiling at her achievement from today as she takes another bite from her dumpling. She looks back at how far she has come from being so scared of everything, and coming out stronger and wiser than before.

Sen sniffs at her green dango gift before taking a small bite out of it. Only to find out that it has a bitter taste, much like a medicine the doctors subscribe for their patients to take in order to be healthy.

All of the sweet lovers, “It’s not a treat?!”

Sora “It’s a medicine in the form of a dango.”

Hearing this causes Ranma to realize that the medicine he’s going to get after this movie might be the same one on the screen. On one hand, he’ll get rid of the dragon whisker, on the other hand, however, the taste might just be as bad as Chihiro reacted to it.

Ranma ‘I’ve handled worse things than this, I can do this.’

Hearing Sen’s grossed out whines, Lin turns to her with concerns in her voice.

Lin: What’s wrong?

Instead of answering, Sen takes bigger bites of her dumpling to wash down the bitter and awful taste of the dango medicine.

Recovery Girl “Chihiro has the right idea. Eat or drink to wash down the bitter medicine. Usually with water.”

It was past the bedtime for the employees, and everyone was asleep, all but one little frog. Aogaeru walks down the bath stalls, keeping an eye out of his surroundings before turning on one of the lights in the big tub and enters while ignoring the ‘Do not enter’ sign.

Eri “What’s that frog doing?”

Stan “Probably trying to snag some gold for himself.”

Iida “An employee shouldn’t steal after hours! Does he want this to go on his record!?”

Aogaeru crouches down and pulls out a small toothpick stick and starts to pick at the wedges of the floorboards, as the Camera pans over to the tub where the Masked Spirit is hiding in.

Aogaeru holds up a tiny pebble and expects it before tossing it away from him. Just then, a sparkling stone drops in front of him, bouncing to a stop. Aogaeru hops at it and grabs it, looks at it in awe and exclaims with greed in his voice.

Aogaeru: Ah, it’s gold! Huh?

Stan “See? What did I tell ya’.”

Armin “Okay, but what about that Masked Spirit hiding in the tub?”

Coming back to reality, Aogaeru looks up to see the Masked Spirit in the big tub.

Aogaeru: What do you think you’re doing? The bath’s closed. Get out you! Get out, I say!

Akane “Oh, now he does his job.”

The camera cuts to a close up of the Masked Spirit’s hand as more small gold nuggets slowly come out of his hand, and letting gravity have them fall to Aogaeru’s feet as he picks them up.

Aogaeru: Hmm, Ah. More gold! Are-Are you giving them to me?

Aogaeru looks up at the Masked Spirit in question as the spirit makes more gold nuggets in his hands as he jingles them in his palm with the motions of “Come Here”. Aogaeru gulps in awe.

Aogaeru: Wait, you can make gold?

Yao-Momo “I mean, gold is in the periodic table, so it can be made.”

All the greedy characters exclaim, “Really!?”

Ren “Forget about the gold. Something about this feels like a trap.”

As the Masked Spirit jingles the gold nuggets in his hands, Aogaeru is transfixed at the shiny chemical element, so much so that he falls onto the tub before running for it, crying out with greed.

Aogaeru: Gimme!

When Aogaeru made his way to the rim of the tub, he grabbed as much gold as he could. Not knowing that, the Spirit’s hand looped around him and grabbed him in a tight grip.

And in just a few seconds, the Masked Spirit gobbled up the frog in one big and quick gulp. Without opening the mouth on the masked, for his mouth is located lower down on the spirit’s body. On his chest, to be more specific.

Greg holds onto his frog protectively while Tsuyu lets out a crock of fright. While everyone was left stunned and scared.

Ryuji “L-Looks like you were right, Renren.”

Wakko “I’ve eaten a lot, but that’s one kind of meal I don’t want to eat.”

Wakko buries his head into his brother’s chest, as Yakko gently rubs his back to calm him down.

The sense changes to Aniyaku walking into the stall, due to the commotion, and the light is left on.

Aniyaku: What’s goin’ on in there? It’s way past bedtime. Come on!

Suddenly, a few gold nuggets fall down beside him. As Aniyaku looks up, the Camera pans up to the Masked Spirit perched on the stalls, with his legs looking like a frog’s legs. The Masked Spirit let out a croak and spoke in a familiar voice.

Masked Spirit: Hey buddy, up here. I’m hungry, starving! And I want you to serve me.

“HE CAN TALK!?!” All the guests cried, while some only yelled in their thoughts, not wanting to lose their outer appearance and composure to anyone.

Aniyaku gasps in shock and recognizes something from the spirit.

Aniyaku: I know that voice!

Just then, more gold rain down into him to catch, which he did.

Masked Spirit (Offscreen): Here. I’ll pay you up in front.

Cut back to the Masked Spirit looking down at Aniyaku as more gold pops out from his hand.

Masked Spirit: And I want to take a bath too. Why don’t you wake everyone up?

Mineta “He’s going to eat everyone, I just know it!”



Toph “Do you have to be loud? I’m already blind, and I don’t want to go deaf.”

The scene changes to the beautiful flowers from the gardens flying across the screen as Sen runs into the pig pen where her parents are in.

Sen: Mom, Dad. I got this gift from the River Spirit

Ikki “What the heck is she doing there?”

Iida “Haku gave her strict warnings to never come there without him!”

Sakura “She just wants to help her parents.”

Cut to an over shot of the pens where all the pigs lift their heads up to Sen as she continues.

Sen: Maybe if you eat it, it’ll break the spell!

Soon, more and more pigs move over to where Sen is standing, almost trying to get out of their pens for the medicine from the River Spirit.

Sen looks in both directions at all the pigs snorting and squealing.

Sen: Which ones are you?

The Pigs were getting closer, as Sen lifted her hand that has the dongo up and away from the swarming pigs.14311217

Sen: Mom! Dad!

The camera moves slowly from left to right showing all the pigs wanting to have the dongo for themselves until…

The scene changes to Sen waking up in the female staff room, and lets out a sigh of relief.

Sen: Bad dream.

Iida, Sakura, The three “heroes”, Bolin, Sokka, Knuckles, Asmodeus, Kalego, Genma, Ryoga, and a couple of others stare at the screen with a dumbfounded or a “wait, what?” look on their faces.

Kagome “It was just a dream.”

Inuyasha “More like a nightmare.”

The camera changes, looking downward on Sen’s futon next to Lin’s. Only Lin’s futon is empty. Sensing her friend not next to her, Sen calls out for her.

Sen: Lin?

Sen lifts herself up out of bed and looks around. The camera pans across the room to show no one is in the room, but Sen.

Sen: Where is everybody?

She then starts putting her hair up in her ponytail, before getting dressed.

Cut to the room outside looking over the big bodies of water as a sliding door opens to reveal Sen all dressed up and taking in the morning daylight.

Sen: Wow. It really is a sea.

All of the little kids and teens were in awe at the beauty of the water's change from pools to sea in such a short amount of time.

She looks at the pigpens on the neighboring cliff.

Sen: There’s Mom and Dad’s pigpen. I sure hope they’re doing all right over there.

She looks up at a pipe chimney, spewing black gas into the bright blue sky.

Sen: Kamaji lit the boiler already? How long was I asleep?

Cut to the bathhouse, where everyone is rushing like mad. Women and frog-men race up and down the stairs in a panic.

Frog-Man: Hurry up!

The scene switches to the kitchen, A room full of cooks hastily preparing huge bowls of fish, wings, dumplings, ribs, Aniyaku overlooking the process.

Aniyaku: Come on, he’s starving, can’t you cook any faster?

Cut to a hallway, Chichiyaku directs the flow of servants carrying big bowls of rice. A team of frog-men carries an enormous fish.

Chichiyaku: Serve everything you’ve got, even leftovers if you have to. Hurry up! He’s starving!

Luffy “MEAT!!!”

Naruto “Look at all of that food!”

Sokka “All of that sweet delicious meat.”

Kaminari “Is this what luxury food is like?!”

Yao-Momo “Pretty much.”

Wakko “This is my daily menu for every week.”

Cut to the servants’ quarters, Sen steps into the main hallway looking at the bustling workers before hearing Lin’s voice as she walks up the stairs to meet her.

Lin: Hey, Sen.

Sen: Oh, Lin.

Lin: I was just coming to wake you up, look.

Lin pulls out a gold nugget from her pocket and holds it up for Sen to see.

Lin: It’s real gold, there’s a new guest here who’s loaded. He’s giving gold away by the handfuls.

The scene changes to the Big Tub bathroom, the masked Spirit chomps down a bowl of leftovers and throws it to the side before inhaling a tray of rice and sides, spitting out the bowls, and then devours a large fish.

Cut to all the servants crowded around him, holding heaps of food for him and begging for gold. He is a big black blob now, submerged in the running bath. Tossing his empty dish behind him, the spirit shouts joyfully.

The Masked Spirit: Just keep the food coming, I wanna eat everything!

He throws handfuls of gold to the crowd as they try to catch the gold on the plates or pick them up from the ground.

“That is so Luffy/Sokka/Choji/Ryuji.”

Sokka “Hey! I’m not… uh, I got nothing.”

Ryuji “You guys… are monsters.”


Luffy “Sanji, more meat!”

Cut back in the servants’ quarters, Sen thinks before asking.

Sen: Hmm. Who is the guest?

Lin: Oh, who cares? Come on, before Yubaba wakes up.

Lin turns and walks off, but Chihiro stays put on the floor.

Sen: I’m going to go look for Haku.

Lin turns around to face her friend.

Lin: Oh, would you quit worrying about Haku? Come on, Sen. Let’s go get some gold.

Just then, two of the female workers walk by and grab Lin eagerly by the arm.

Yuna 1: Come on, Lin! Let’s go get some more!

Lin: You bet!

Soon, another one chases after them.

Female worker: Hey, wait for me!

Chihiro stares, uninterested, before walking off.

Stan “Whelp, her loss on getting gold.”

Cutting back to the women’s quarters balcony, Chihiro walks to the edge and looks at the pig pen.

Sen: Where is Haku? He better get here before I forget what my parents look like. I sure hope Dad hasn’t gotten too fat.

Prussia “That’s what she’s most concern about her father?”

Germany “Her father did look a bit bulky.”

Sora “That reminds me, did you fax me an ad for weight loss?”

Sophie “No.”

Sora “Wh-why would anyone send me this?”

Sophie gave him a look and said, “Come on. You know why.”

She leans her chin on the rail and sighs. Far below, the water beats lightly against the cement base of the bathhouse. Groups of fish swim slowly over the submerged tracks.

Until suddenly, the white and teal dragon flew across the screen, surrounded by a swarm of white creatures.

Sen hears this, opens her eyes and looks up. She gasps when she sees–

[Dragon Boy]

Cut to Haku’s bloodied, snake-like body writhing in the air, unable to shake the white swarm. He loses energy and falls into the water below, the white creatures staying above the surface.

Sen: It’s Haku! He’s back!

Cut to Haku swims through the water, still pursued by the swarm of small, possessed, humanoid paper cut-outs, flying extremely fast.

Cut back to Sen looking confused at the creatures flying after Haku.

Sen: Are birds chasing him?

Dipper “What are they?”

Japan “They’re Shikigami. They’re conjured beings, made alive through a complex conjuring ceremony. Their power is connected to the spiritual force of their master, where if the invoker is well introduced and has much experience, their shiki can possess animals and even people and manipulate them, but if the invoker is careless, their shikigami may get out of control in time, gaining its own will and consciousness and can even raid its own master and kill them in revenge.”

Back in the water, Haku emerges from the water and flies up the side of the bathhouse, in front of Chihiro, who jumps back startled.

Haku continues to struggle against the Shikigami, as Sen calls out to support him.

Sen: Haku, fight ‘em, come on!

Sen let out a gasp of shock and horror. Cut to Haku, who is short of energy, falls down before catching himself in midair.

Sen (Off-Screen): He’s hurt! Haku, this way!

Hearing Sen’s voice, Haku flies toward her, who screams and moves out of the way for Haku to fly through the doors.

Sen slams one of the doors while trying to get the other one to move as the Shikigami chase after Haku, as many of them batter into the doors, but some hit Sen, and fall to the ground. She screams, and tears them apart while trying to protect herself, then she looks down, relieved.

Sen: Huh? It’s just paper.

“It’s only paper!?!”


Japan “Of course it is. The Shikigami are needed to be on something in order to be controlled. Paper is the best choice.”

Sophie “And Katsuki. What did we say about swearing around younger kids?”

Sora “You’d think he had learned his lesson already.”

The paper shikigami gently peels themselves off from the doors and floors and fly up and out the doors. The stream of Shikigami travels calmly out to sea. Sen looks out as she tries to get the jammed door to shut, but turns around to see Haku in his dragon form.

Cut to Haku as he tries to drag his bloody body up, but struggles. As more blood drips off from his wounds.

Sen crept to the room’s entryway and spoke gently to him.

Sen: Haku, you’re bleeding.

Haku turns his head/neck to where Sen is standing. The camera cuts to a close up of Haku as his eyes look cloudy and unfocused, as blood drips from his teeths.

Cut back to Sen standing in the doorway.

Sen: Hold still, those paper things are gone now. You’re going to be alright.

Haku suddenly lunges forward and flies out of the doors, spraying blood across the walls and dripping down the rails. Sen looks up and sees Haku batter a wall, before regaining his flight and rounding the side of the bathhouse.

Sen: He went in that top window.

Sen gets off from the railings as she moves around frantically.

Sen: I’ve got to get there before he bleeds to death!

Conan “With how much blood he’s loosing, he’s going to die if he doesn’t get helped soon. About 10 minutes at best.”

Katara “Oh no!”

With motivation, Sen runs after Haku. However, a one-armed Shikigami stands on its pointed leg and follows Sen through the hall, before clinging onto her back as she scales the stairs.

China “How did she not felt that?”

Toph “They’re made out of paper, they’re light. It’s hard to feel things that are light as a feather or stuck flat to a hard surface.”

Meanwhile, in the bathhouse. Several servants are holding boxes, lining a pathway, down which Aniyaku dances with folding fans, chanting--

Aniyaku: Welcome the rich man! He’s hard for you to miss! His butt is getting bigger, so there’s plenty for you to kiss!

Yakko “Goodnight Everybody!”

Knuckles “Do you have to do that?”

Yakko “It’s part of my scheme traits.”

Aniyaku: Ha-ha! Ho! Everybody bow down.

The Yunas bow down respectfully to No Face, who was growing much larger than before.

Yunas: Welcome, rich man.

Aniyaku: Beg for tips! This is the Time! Beg for tips! Make yourself a dime!

America “Holly sh*t dudes, he’s huge!”

Canada “Alfred!”

America “Sorry about that bro. I didn’t mean to let that slip out, but man he’s bigger than… well a whale!”

Eren “I say he’s about five meters tall.”

Armin “Yeah.”

Jean “Maybe six.”

Mineta “How are you guys not phased by this?!”

Mikasa “We’ve seen bigger.”

The servants raise their boxes, begging for gold from their large guest. Sen rushes through the crowd, pushing between the oblivious workers.

Servant one: Give me some gold, give me some tips! I’ll do anything for you, just give me some tips!

Sen runs for the elevator, but was stop by a frog spirit after bumping into him.

Frog-Man: Hey, what are you doing?

Sen: Going upstairs.

Frog-Man: No, you’re not.

He notices Sen’s bloody hand. Squinting his eyes, he then realizes what it was on the girl’s hand.

Frog-Man: Huh, ah blood!

He lets go of Chihiro to look at the blood on his hand, and she runs off, stopping in front of No-Face and Aniyaku.

Aniyaku: Get out of the way! Our guest is coming through here!

Realizing how the guest is, Sen bows to the Masked Spirit.

Sen: Thank you for helping me earlier.

Aniyaku: Don’t talk to him, you stinking hum-!

Aniyaku didn’t get to finish his sentence as the Masked Spirit grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and flung him off to the side of the crowd.

All are quiet as the massive No-Face crouches down to Sen and offers her a stupendous pile of gold from his hands.

But Sen shakes her head, ‘no’.

Sen: I don’t want any, but thanks.

Ann “She rejects it!?”

Nami “It’s pure GOLD! For crying out loud!”

Tanjiro “Not everyone is greedy.”

This saddens the Masked Spirit, whose masks frowns and his hands begins to shake.

Sen: I’m sorry, but I’m in a really big hurry.

The Masked Spirit drops the gold to the ground, and the servants rush to it. He looks up, sad. Sen runs into a hallway. Aniyaku whacks some servants with his fan, trying to restore order.

Aniyaku: Hey, there, hey, get back, get back now! Everybody, out!

The servants disperse, leaving Aniyaku to wait on No-Face.

Aniyaku: Oh, I’m terribly sorry, sir. You’ll have to excuse the little girl, she’s just a human.

The Masked Spirit turns and leans down to Aniyaku.

Mask Spirit: Wipe that smile off your face. You’re still smiling.

Aniyaku tries to say, “I’m not smiling” and shakes his head.

[Sen’s Courage]

Mask Spirit grabs Aniyaku and a Yuna worker, who was trying to snag a gold nugget that fell, by the collars of their clothes and eats them whole.

Every staff member let out screams in fright and tried to run away from their rich customer. When the Mask Spirit crouches back down, he looks around to find any staff workers or food.

Denki “You know, seeing him eating that frog earlier completely slipped my mind.”

Jiro “Why are we surrounded by idiots?”

Denki “Jiro! That’s mean.”

Jiro “Then stop being a moron.”

The camera then cuts to the outside of the bathhouse, where a window opens up and Sen pulls herself out and onto the rooftop of the building. But slips on the shingles and falls down if she didn’t catch herself in time.

She crawls up the side of the roof, uses the side of the building to hold herself up. She looks at her next obstacle-- a long, rusty pipe running along the building, that leads to a ladder.

Sen looks, afraid, as the birds fly below. She kicks away her fears and looks resolute now.

She sees that her palm is scraped up with dried blood, but balls her fist and continues, grabbing her hanging apron fabric, wrapping it around her shoulder, and pulling up her pants.

With little hesitation, she runs onto the pipe, which crushes and snaps off the wall, falling off the side of the building as she leaps onto the ladder, hugging it.

She begins climbing up the ladder, clouds and birds passing below.


Inuyasha “She’s got guts.”

Ranma “For a young kid to run across a pole with no safety net or anything to catch her, she has incredible bravery.”

Soos “Well, at least there are no dinosaurs around to eat her, dudes.”

Everyone gave the handyman a look of, ‘What the heck are you talking about?’

Sophie “Please save some Q’s and A’s for later.”

She stops for a break, and the Shikigami hops up to her hair. Sen looks behind her, hearing something, but instead finding the cloaked Yubaba flying through the clouds.

Sen: It’s Yubaba.

Sen quickly continues climbing.

Cut to the rooftop of the bathhouse. The bird-woman, Yubaba, was wearing purple sunglasses and toting an orange coin bag, lands on the balcony, greeted by Mini-bird and the Kashira.

Sen is crouched, standing on the ledge of a small, closed window. She pounds on the window, to no avail.

The Shikigami slips through the small crack, unlocks the window just as Chihiro readies pushing her hips forward, and smashes her back into the window, opening it–

--and falling onto the checkered tile floor of the luxurious bathroom.

Canada “I don’t know if I want to laugh or wince at Chihiro’s fall.”

America “Why not both?”

Sen stands up as the Shikigami clings to her back once again before exiting the luxurious bathroom.

Sen runs through the lavish hallway with mirrors on the walls making it looking like a maze or mirrors, finds a fork in the path, and turns left.

The camera cuts to Sen wandering into a large room, floor and walls covered in green cushions with decorated pillows, unopened presents and toys scattered all around.

Yubaba (Off-screen): We’re in a big mess. I found out who our rich customer is. He’s a No Face! It’s all your fault. You’re so greedy. You attract terrible guests-- all right, I’m on my way.

Sen walks back to the door, peaks into Yubaba’s office, where the witch is speaking to the skull.

Yubaba: Don’t let him eat anyone else till I get down there.

Yubaba hangs up the phone before turning to the side and lets out groans in disgust.

Yubaba: Haku is bleeding all over the carpet.

The Shikigami looks over Chihiro’s shoulder.

Yubaba (Off-screen): Get him out of here. He’ll be dead soon anyway.

All the young kids cried out their concern for Haku.

“Oh no!”

“Haku can’t die!”

“He’s going to be okay, right?”

Thankfully, the adults, young teens, and siblings were there to reassure them that Haku is going to make it. While some (Like the Bitch and the Three Stooges)

Yubaba looks toward the nursery and approaches.

Chihiro gasps, and runs back in, looking around and panicking before jumping into a large pile of pillows.

Yubaba pushes through the curtains, sees the giant pile, and starts pulling away pillows, finding a giant baby’s head beneath.

Zenitsu “That’s her baby?!”

Ryuji “It’s freaked huge!”

Yubaba: Hi, sweetie, hiding under the cushions again?

Boh begins weeping, startled by the light.

Yubaba: Oh, I woke you, and you were sound asleep. I’m sorry, let me give you a kiss.

Yubaba leans into the pillows and give Boh a big kiss.

Yubaba:Go back to sleep now.

Yubaba puts the pillows back, cleans up some toys, flips a light switch and an installation on the ceiling turns from sunny day to moonlit light.

Yubaba leaves the room as she uses her magic to pull the curtains down.

Morgana “Good she left. Now Chihiro can find Haku and get out of there.”

Once the coast is clear, Sen begins to crawl out, but Boh’s hand grabs her wrist. She let out a startled gasp as he pulls her in.

Futaba “Or not.”

Cut inside the pillows, Boh pulls Chihiro toward him.

Sen: Ow! Let go of me!

She gets a better look at the huge baby, with a head half as big as her body.

Sen: Wow, you’re a big baby.

Zenitsu and Ryuji “No kidding.”

Sen: Would you mind letting go of me? I’m in a really big hurry.

Boh: You came in here to make me sick.

Sen: Huh?

Boh: You’re a bad germ from outside, aren’t you?

Sen: I’m not a germ, I’m a human. Now, would you please let go of me?

Boh: You’ll get sick if you go outside. So stay here and play with me.

Sen: You won’t get sick.

Boh: Yes, you will. That’s why I’ve never left this room.

Sen: Staying in this room is what’ll make you sick. Listen, someone very important to me is terribly hurt. I’ve got to go right now, so please let go of me.

Boh: If you go, I’ll cry, and Mama will hear me, and Mama will come in here and kill you.

Boh squeezes her arm with both meaty hands.

Boh (Off-Screen): Play with me, or I’ll break your arm.

Sen: That hurts! Please, I’ll play with you later, okay?

Boh: No, I wanna play now!

Wincing, desperate, Sen shows Boh her dirty, scraped palm.

Sen: Germs! I’ve got germs, see?

Ford “That was not a smart idea.”

[The Bottomless Pit]

Boh lets go of Sen’s arm and begins a panicked uproar, crying profusely. Sen crawls out of the crumbling pillow mountain, as Boh kicking his enormous leg out.

Ford “See.”

Stan “Alright, Smart Guy. We get it, no need to point out every flaw there is.”

Cut to Yubaba’s office, Sen bursts in through the doors, finding the Kashira pushing Haku toward an open chute in the floor. She races toward them.

Sen: Haku! What are you doing? Get away! Get back!

The Kashira hop out of the way and Chihiro kneels down to a beaten, bloody Dragon Haku.

Sen: Haku, are you okay? Can you hear me?

The Kashira bounce and grunts around Sen and Haku’s head. Fed up with the noise they’re making, Sen snaps at them.

Sen: Shut your mouth! (back to Haku) Haku!

Suddenly, the harpy came flying in screeching out at Sen. Then it circles back, bearing its talon as it flies around Sen’s head, distracting her as the Kashira nudge Haku toward the edge.

Sen sees what they are doing and yells at them.

Sen: Get back! (to Kashira) Stop it!

She holds Haku’s head as the Harpy screeches at her face.

Boh pushing through the doorway, ripping down the curtains.

This captures the Kashira and Mini-bird’s attention. Boh, wearing nothing but a red apron, slowly stumbles toward the group. He stops in front of them, angry, tears in his eyes.

Boh: I’m not afraid of germs. If you don’t play with me, I’ll cry.

Sen: Please don’t cry. Just wait.

Boh: Right now, or I’ll start crying.

Boh begins shedding a waterfall and sobbing.

Sen: Don’t cry! Don’t cry!

The Shikigami floats off Sen’s back and in a voice much like Yubaba’s--

???: What a spoiled brat.

All the students, “It talks?!”

It flies to Boh’s head. Boh stops crying, curious.

???: Shut your big mouth. You’re a bit of a porker, aren’t you?

The Shikigami rests on the ground and a translucent woman appears in its place-- she looks nearly identical to Yubaba– the same blue dress, wrinkled skin, and massive nose. She looks down at her translucent body.

???: Hmm. Still see-through.

Kota “Is that Yubaba?”

Izuku “No. It’s someone else.”

The Hitachiin, Okumaru, and Pines twins, “A twin?”

Knuckles “Or a Doppelgänger?”

BOH: Mama?

???: You pea-brain. Can’t you even tell me from your own mother?

The woman taps her finger, casting a white glow towards Boh, and the big baby transforms into a tiny, plump mouse.

???: There, now your body matches your brain.

She turns to the group.

???: Let’s see, what else can we mess with?

The Kashira hop off and the Harpy tries to fly away, but the Yubaba look-a-like waves her sparkling finger and turns the harpy into a small, buzzing, yellow-beaked Crow-Fly, which drops to the floor aside Boh-Mouse. The Kashira are stacked on top of each other and transform into an imitation of Boh. The woman laughs and turns to Sen.

???: This is our little secret. You tell anyone else, and I’ll rip your mouth out.

Sen stares cautiously, angrily at the woman.

Sen: Who are you?

Ussop “That’s what we all want to know!”

Zoro “Please stop stating the obvious questions out loud.”

‘Yubaba’ glides over to Sen.

???: Zeniba. I’m Yubaba’s twin sister.

Connie “Twin sister?!”

All the twins, “Looks like we were right.”

Zeniba: It was nice of you to lead me to this dragon’s hideout, now hand him over.

Sen: What do you want with Haku? He’s badly hurt.

Zeniba: Too bad. He stole my solid gold seal. It’s magic and powerful, and I want it back!

Sen: Haku wouldn’t steal. He’s a good person.

Filo “Yeah he is!”

All of the younger kids in the theater cried out in agreement.

Italy “There is no way for a gentleman like Haku can turn his back on such a bambina carina after everything he’s done for her.”

Teba “Bam what?”

Romano “It means ‘cute little girl’ in our country’s language.”

Teba “I see.”

Zelda “Different languages. How interesting!”

Link “We have all the time to learn more after the movie, Zleda.”

Zelda “Oh you’re right, Link. Shall we continue?”

Zeniba: Ha, do you know why he became my sister’s apprentice? To steal her magic secrets, and now he’s stolen my magic, too.

Cut to a close up of Haku’s dragon’s face passed out on the floor.

Zeniba (Off-Screen): He’s a greedy little thief. There’s nothing good about him.

Zeniba points her red nails in Sen’s face.

Zeniba: Step aside, little girl. I’m going to take my seal back from him. There’s a spell on the seal, and anyone who steals it will die.

Nasiga “What!?”

Izuku “No she can’t!”

Zeniba reaches forward and Sen shakes her head furiously.

Sen: No, you can’t!


A loud crashing sound startled Sen and Zeniba. They turn to see the Kashira Boh crawling forward, smacking its hands as it chases after Boh-Mouse and Crow-Fly.

Zeniba: You idiots! What’s your problem? Keep quiet, I don’t want my sister coming up here.

Zeniba walks to Kashira Boh while Boh-Mouse and Crow-Fly crawl up onto Sen’s clothes and perch on her shoulder.

[The Dragon Boy]

Haku opens his eyes weakly as more blood starts to spill out from him. He let out a growl causing Zeniba to turn around to find Haku awake.

Haku whips up and slams his tail down on Zeniba’s Shikigami. Destroying it. On Zeniba’s see-through image, she was split apart in half.

Zeniba: Ow, a paper cut.

She said as she fades away.

Mabel “Yay! The witch is dead!”

“I find that weird and oddly satisfying.”

Miroku “No she’s not. Remember, that’s just a charm and a way to communicate to others.”

With his strength fading, Haku looses his balance and falls backwards into the chute, pulling Sen down with him.

Sen: Haku, we’re falling! AH!

Cut to the inside of the chute falling at a fast pace, Sen hanging on for dear life. The featherweight Boh-Mouse and Crow-Fly begin to float up and away, but Sen grabs them and holds tight as they fall through a deep, extensive chamber.

Sen moves closely to check on Haku, whose eyes are closed.

Sen: Haku…

When Sen grabs hold of Haku’s horns, the screen quickly changes to another scene where Chihiro’s hand is holding on to Haku’s horn underwater, her lags are being swayed by the water’s currant, and she stares off at the audience in awe.

Ameri “Whoa. What is happening?”

England “This looks to be a gateway to a watery current, but where does it lead to?”

America “Dude. It’s Chihiro’s flashback.”

The scene changes to the ground below, coming closer with every passing second, down below where the same black spirits Sen has encountered before.

From the black, glowing eyes appear, the rising bodies of dark spirits. Haku’s eyes, dazed and white, open, and he flies up just before slamming the ground. He heads into a small brick chamber in the side of the chute.

Cut to the vent, Haku flying through, sometimes grazing the narrow walls, moving lightning fast. At the end of the corridor, a ventilation fan. He heads straight for it--

--and bursts into the boiler room, breaking the vent, Chihiro flying into Kamaji’s quick, open arms. Haku smashes into the drawer walls, the fan and debris fly across the room. Crow-Fly carries Boh-Mouse safely downward. Chihiro crawls off of Kamaji, toward Haku, who’s writhing to stay up.

Ranma “Talk about a long way down.”

Inuyasha “More like a long flight down.”

Akane “I can’t get over how you two sound so alike.”

Kagome “Same here.”

Ai turns to Conan/Shinichi and Kaito “They’re not the only ones.”

Kamaji: What’s going on here?

Sen: Haku!

KamajiI: Sen, be careful! Stay back!

Sen: Haku, are you okay?

Haku collapses.

Sen: Haku!

Haku tries to rise, blood pooling from his mouth.

Sen: What’s wrong with you?

Sen reaches for Haku’s face, but he GROWLS, immediately recoiling in pain, losing more blood. Kamaji crawls down from his work station.

Kamaji: This looks serious.

Katsuki “No sh*t, it does!”

Sen: Haku, don’t give up! (to Kamaji) What do we do? Is he dying?

Kamaji: It looks like he’s bleeding from the inside.

Sen: From the inside?

Kamaji: I think so, maybe he swallowed something.

Sen pulls out the green Dongo from her pocket.

Sen: Haku, I got this gift from the River Spirit. Eat it. Maybe it’ll help.

Toph “Do you think it will help?”

Katara “Chihiro ate part of it and was okay, it’s possible it’s safe to eat.”

The soot balls watch from the holes as Chihiro pulls the dragon’s flew up, finding closed teeth.

Sen: Come on! Open your mouth! Please, Haku! Eat it!

Sen bites off half of it, and shows it to him.

Sen: See? It’s okay.

Kamaji looks closer, curious.

Kamaji: Medicine from the River Spirit.

Ranma (Under breath) “So it is medicine.”

Using both hands, Sen manages to inch Haku’s mouth open.

Sen: Open your mouth. That’s it.

She reaches her arm in, places the medicine, retreat her arm from the closing cave of fangs and holds his head down.

Sen: Now swallow.

Sen struggles to hold his head as he winces from the bitter medicine, lashing his tail, knocking drawers of herb out and nearly hitting the soot sprites. Kamaji retreats to his station.

A lump travels up Haku’s body, and he pukes up a black sludge ball, which bounces across the room, sticking to the floor.

Ranma’s eyes widen in understanding how the medicine was going to help him. It’ll help get rid of the dragon whisker he accidentally swallowed.

Now understanding the gravity of what their host and hostess were offering to Ranma, Akane, and her family, along with Ranma’s, and Ryoga, can agree that this medicine is for Ranma and Ranma only.

Kamaji points to it.

Kamaji: Sen, look there!

The sludge ball releases black gas as it melts down to the floor, leaving a small black slug sitting atop a solid gold seal with a frog design.

The slug looks around, a guilty look on its face, and scurries off.

Sen: The gold seal!

Sen rushes to grab the seal, but Kamaji points at the escaping slug.

Kamaji: Get that black slug! Over there! Get it, get it, get it!

Sen chases it with her feet, but the fast slug eludes her. It tries to escape to the soot holes, but the soot sprites build a wall and scare it off, Sen stomps her feet repetitively, finally squashing the slug. She looks at the spattered black sludge, shocked.

A lot of the girls, and a few guys, shudder at the scene. Almost feeling the squashed black slug between their toes.

Kamaji: You killed it, those things are bad luck.

Kamaji chops one of his arms through the air.

Kamaji: Hurry, before it rubs off on you! Chihiro turns, on one leg, toward Kamaji.

Kamaji (Off-screen): Put your thumb and forefingers together.

Sen forms a square with her two hands, and Kamaji reaches an arm to her, and chops the hands apart--

Kamaji: Evil, be gone!

Heji “Does that actually work?”

Rin O. “Surprisingly, yes.”

Sen is holding the seal in her hand.

Sen: Haku stole this seal from Yubaba’s sister.

Kamaji: Zeniba’s solid gold monogrammed seal. That’s as powerful as it gets.

Sen runs to Haku, who shrinks from dragon to his usual demi-human self.

Sen: Look! He’s changed back.

Kamaji and the soot balls join her.

Sen: Help me. What do we do?

Sen flips Haku onto his back.

Sen: Haku, Haku, wake up!

Haku let out some groans, but his eyes still remain closed.

Sen: Zeniba put a curse on the seal.

Kamaji: That’s strong magic, it’s made him gravely ill.

Recovery Girl “Oh dear. If he doesn’t get treated soon, then I’m afraid he won’t live to see another day.”

Aang “No…”

The scene cuts to Kamaji is feeding Haku a bowl of soup. Sen rests his head on a pillow, atop a blanket, with a bowl and rag on standby.

Kamaji: That should make him more comfortable.

Kamaji turns to Sen.

Kamaji: Poor Haku. He’s had it hard ever since he got here.

As Kamaji told Sen Haku’s past, the sootballs gathered around where Sen squashed the black slug. Boh-Mouse looks up to Crow-Fly, who’s resting on his head, and points to the soot ball crowd. Crow-Fly buzzes and flies, Boh-Mouse in its talons, to the scene.

Kamaji (Off-Screen): He just showed up out of nowhere, just like you did. But he got mixed up with Yubaba, took a job as her apprentice. I warned him, “it was too dangerous enough to quit.” “Go back home.” I told him. But he said, for some reason, he had no home to return to.

Boh-Mouse steps on the footprint and shivers travel up his body. He connects his forefingers, a soot ball chops them apart, and the soot balls celebrate the broken curse.

Kamaji (Off-Screen): Once Yubaba got control over him. His face turned pale, and his eyes turned steely. He was never the same since.

Everyone felt sympathy for Haku. Lost and under control by a horrible witch, isn’t right. Not right for any human or spirit.

On a different topic, seeing Bo reenacting Sen squishing the black slug with the soot sprites was kind of cute and funny.

[Day Of The River]

Sen: Kamaji. What if I take the seal back to Zeniba and apologies to her for Haku? Can you tell me where she lives?

Kamaji scratches his head, surprised by Sen’s idea.

Kamaji: You go to Zeniba’s? It could help, but she’s one dangerous which.

Sen/Chihiro: Please? Haku helped me before, now I wanna help him.

Everyone was amazed at Chihiro’s growth from a scared and whiney brat to a brave, courageous, and loyal girl.

Kamaji: Hmm. I know how you can get there, but you’ll have to get back on your own. Wait here.

Kamaji crawls to a wooden cabinet and searches through the hectic drawers.

Kamaji: Let’s see now, I know it’s around here somewhere.

Sen/Chihiro approaches the soot balls and unties her kimono as he searches.

Sen: Everyone, I need my shoes and clothes, please.

The soot balls, Boh-Mouse and Crow-Fly disperse.

Sen: I guess my parents will have to wait.

The small door opens and Lin crawls through.

Lin: Sen, I’ve looked everywhere for you.

She shuts the door, walks in, looking at the bloody scene.

Sen: Lin!

Lin: There’s blood everywhere.

Boh-Mouse and Crow-Fly fly onto Chihiro’s shoulder.

Lin: What’s going on here, who are those guys?

Sen: I picked up some new friends, see?

The soot balls carry the shoes and clothes from the holes.

Lin: Everyone’s looking for you, Yubaba is furious.

Sen: Huh?

Lin: The guy with all the gold turned out to be a monster called No-Face. And he says that you let him into the bathhouse.

Sen thinks for a few seconds, and realizes who the person and the guest is.

Sen: I did let him in.

Lin let out a started gasp of shock.

Lin: Are you serious?

Sen: Yeah, I thought he was a customer.

Lin: What? He’s a monster, he’s already swallowed three people.

Kamaji pulls a piece of paper from the drawers, ecstatic.

Kamaji: Found it! Here it is, Sen.

He rushes to Sen.

Lin: Hey, we’re busy, boiler man.

Kamaji: (ignoring her, to Chihiro) You can use this.

Kamaji holds up four tickets, and hands them to Chihiro.

Lin: You’ve got train tickets. Uh, how did you get a hold of them?

Kamaji: I’ve been saving them for 40 years. Now, listen carefully. The train stop you want is called Swamp Bottom.

Sen: Swamp Bottom?

Kamaji: That’s where Zeniba lives. The sixth stop.

Sen: Sixth stop.

Kamaji: Make sure you get it right. The train used to run in both directions, but these days, it’s a one-way ride. You still wanna go?

Sen was not backing down, she nods with strong determination.

Sen: Yep, I’ll walk back along the tracks.

Iida “Walking along train tracks is very dangerous!”

Edward “If you’re lost, it can lead you to a town.”

Alphonse “Talking from experience, brother?”

Roy “You both walk along train tracks!?”

Edward “It’s not like we didn’t have much of a choice if we missed our train.”

Roy “We’re going to have a word about this later.”

Sen walks to Haku.

Lin: Sen, what about No-Face?

Sen: I’ll take care of that now.

Sen kneels by Haku’s side.

Sen: Haku, I’ll be back soon, just hold on.

Cut back to Lin staring at Sen and Haku, before turning to Kamaji confused at what is happening.

Lin: What’s going on here?

Kamaji: Something you wouldn’t recognize. It’s called “Love”.

Seeing Chihiro’s affections for Haku is a part of love, made many audiences rethink what real love is.

Sakura thinks back to her crush on Sasuke and realize that she’s been doing it all wrong.

Amy remembers how she used to be kind of aggressive and fond over Sonic, but over time she’s grown into a mature and respectful lady, and still loves him.

As the audience thought about love, the more they start to feel and understand love towards the person they are in love with.

Well, some of them at least. (Bitch and Spear Guy.)

The scene cuts to the outside of the bathhouse as every worker runs in a panic, frantic around the biggest rooms in the bathhouse, where No Face is currently staying in.

Three women ran around the corner, as one of them stop to speak to a friend in a green kimono--

First woman: It just keeps getting bigger!

--before running off. The girl turns to her friend and cries.

Green Kimono: I’m scared.

Red Kimono: I don’t wanna be eaten by it.

Another woman looks back contemptuously, spotting someone.

Blue Kimono: It’s her.

It’s Sen, walking calmly through the hall as everyone quiets down and looks at her anger or gave her the stink eye. Chichiyaku runs to her.

Chichiyaku: Oh Sen! Thank goodness you’re here. Yubaba can’t hold him off much longer.

Soos “I’m sure she can hold him off longer”

The room where No Face and Yubaba are in rumbles. Sen looks at a nearby closed door, illustrated with a red demon. From inside, they can here Yubaba and No Face talking.

Yubaba: (Off-Screen) There’s no need to get upset. I’m sure they’ll find Sen somewhere.

Another rumble came, almost knocking the sliding doors off the rails.

No-Face: Where is Sen?! I want Sen!

Dipper “You were saying, Soos?”

Soos “Sorry, Dude.”

Chichiyaku pushes Sen, ushering her to the door.

Chichiyaku: Hurry this way.

He leans against the door and yells in.

Chichiyaku: Madam. Sen is here now.

Yubaba opens the doors harshly and immediately pops out. Giving everyone a jump scare.

Yubaba: Finally! (turning back, softly) Sen has arrived, sir. She’ll be with you in just a few minutes.

She slams the door behind, grunts, and puts her nose against Sen’s face to look straight into her eyes.

Yubaba: He’s destroying everything, it’s costing us a fortune. So suck up to him and get every last speck of gold he’s...

Yubaba’s words faded as she sees the Crow-Fly carries Boh-Mouse toward her.

Boh: Chu.

Yubaba, disgusted by Boh-Mouse, recoils back.

Yubaba: Eww, what’s that dirty mouse doing here?

Crow-Fly rests the saddened Boh-Mouse on Sen’s shoulder.

Sen: Huh? He’s your... He doesn’t look familiar?

Yubaba: Familiar? Don’t be stupid. Now, get in there.

Yubaba opens the doors and pushes Sen in.

Cut to the room where No Face is resided in. Sen falls and Yubaba pokes her smiling face in--

Yubaba: Here’s Sen.

-- before shutting the doors.

Cut back to the door outside the room, Yubaba listens in as Chichyaku approaches her.

Chichiyaku: Will Sen be alright in there by herself?

Yubaba: You want to take her place?

Chichiyaku made an alarming “Hmp!” yelp sound, staring at the door, as Yubaba lets out a soft chuckle as she walks away.

Ralphtalia “That’s nice that he’s coming around for Chihiro.”

Melty “But he’s right, though. She shouldn’t be in there all by herself.”

Stan “Come on, how big can No-Face can get?”

[Kaonashi (No Face)]

Painted dragons cover the walls of the large room. There are messy piles of fish carcasses, meal grease, bowls and plates scattered everywhere. Sen is kneeling in front of No-Face, who is gargantuan now, his black, lumpy body stretching, his mouth drooling.

Stan “Oh…”

Eren “The colossal Titan was bigger.”

Dipper “Okay, Part of me is afraid to know what a colossal titan is, but the other part of me doesn’t want to know.”

He crawls on all fours toward Sen, holding a bowl of dumplings.

No-Face: Try this. It’s delicious.

No-Face drops the bowl and moves closer, his belly RUMBLING.

No-Face: Want some gold? I’m not giving it to anybody else.

Sen is still, and silent.

No-Face: Come closer, Sen, what would you like? Just name it.

Sen: I would like to leave, sir. I have someplace I need to go to right away, please.

No-Face recoils, offended and gorged.

Sen: You should go back to where you came from. Yubaba doesn’t want you in the bathhouse any longer.

No-Face shivers, backing up.

Sen: Where is your home, don’t you have any friends or family?

No-Face retreats his mask into his blob-like body, his voice muffling.

No-Face: No. No! I’m lonely, I’m lonely.

He crawls toward Sen, who runs back to the wall.

Sen: What is it that you want?

His mask pops out from his body.

No-Face: I want Sen, I want Sen!

He summons gold.

No-Face: Take the gold. Take it!

Sen backs up.

Sen: Are you going to eat me?

No-Face: Take it!

His hand wraps around her head, but before it can squeeze, Boh-Mouse bites down on him. The small mouse does little, and No-Face pulls his hand back

to his mask to look. He tries to swat them, but Crow-Fly flies off in time, and returns to Sen, who pulls out the other half of the green medicine.

Sen: If you want to eat me, eat this first.

She holds it out and approaches, No-Face.

Sen: I was saving this for my parents, but I think you’d better have it.

She tosses it into his large, open mouth, which he closes, and he groans in disgust. He waves his large tongue and black goo seeps from his mouth. He circles around and pukes a pile of the gunk. No Face turns to Sen.

No-Face: Sen…

Cut to Sen’s face as she lets out a frighting gasp as she slips back to the doors, as the camera cuts back to No-Face speaking to her as he continues to spew vomit from his mouth.

No-Face: Sen, what did you do to me?!

He then cases after her.

Morgana “Now is the appropriate time to RUN!”

Sen opens the door and runs out. No-Face knocks two doors onto Chichiyaku and other unsuspecting servants, then chases.

Sen rounds a corner and runs past women and frog-men, followed closely by No-Face, who bears his chomping mouth wide open. Chihiro reaches the end of the hallway, where Yubaba appears and stands firm in place.

Yubaba; Enough, I don’t care if he’s rich!

Cut to No-Face running over and pass the employees panting and hacking with each step.

Yubaba: This nonsense has gotta stop!

She summons a glowing ball in her palms and shoots it at No- Face, pelting his mask. The monster can’t help but release a puke stream forward, covering the unwitting Yubaba.

“Ew! Right on Yubaba.”

Naofumi “I wish it was the Bitch in her place.”

He runs past her, slams into the rail, nearly pukes over the edge before hearing--

Sen (Off-Screen): No-Face!

Sen is on a lower-level balcony, signaling No-Face to follow her.

Sen: Over here!

She runs off, and No-Face crawls down the wall in pursuit. Sen running down a staircase, servants moving out of the way.

Servent: Run for your life!

Crow-Fly and Boh-Mouse fly closely behind as Chihiro crosses a landing and descends another flight. No-Face reaches for her, but misses, losing much of his black, gooey mass as he bumps into wall and rails.

Sen reaches the bottom, turns the corner, and starts down another staircase. No-Face slips on the turn, losing another goo pile.

At the bottom of the staircase, Sen slams into the wall, and turns around to see No Face coming before jumping out of the way.

As an elevator of servants stops, the momentous No-Face slams into it, knocking down the servants, who run away. No-Face slowly stands up, squashed into a ball at the base. He leans against the elevator, and pukes up the woman and Aniyaku.

Aniyaku: Now that’s an esophagus.

Wakko “Aren’t you gonna say ‘Goodnight Everybody’?”

Yakko “Nah, I wanna keep the stomach in check.”

No-Face breathes heavily, winded.

No-Face: I’ll get you for this, Sen!

Cut to the Kitchen.

The cooks duck behind the counters as it waits for the lethargic, skinny No-Face to catch up A cook tries to look up, but another cook yells at them--

Cook #1: Duck!

The scene cuts to a hallway where Sen leads No-Face through the dim hallway. He leans against a wall and pukes again.

No Face: Excuse me.

Before following after Sen.

The scene cuts to Lin in a large bucket-like tarai-bune boat, waiting by the small dock.

Lin: Sen, this way!

Sen is running down a cement staircase, waving excitedly. She jumps into the bucket, Crow-Fly and Boh-Mouse flying close behind. Lin turns the handle to steer them away.

No-Face, skinny and calm now, walks along a pipe jutting from the bathhouse. Sen turns to him as she takes off her pink kimono, wearing her lime striped t-shirt beneath.

Sen: Hey, over here!

Lin: Sen, don’t call him over!

No-Face looks down from the steaming pipe.

Sen: I think being in the bathhouse makes him crazy. He needs to get out of there.

Lin: Yeah? And go where?

Sen: I don’t know.

No-Face jumps into the water.

Lin: You don’t know? Great, now he’s following us.

No-Face travels along the tracks, underwater, his mask leading his small, translucent body

Sen (Off-Screen): He won’t hurt us.

No-Face slithered in the water before rising out of the water, until he starts to cough after a few times he spits out the last person he swallowed. Aogaeru the frog spirit.

Dot “Ew, he had a frog in his throat!”

Half of the audience laugh, a quarter snickered and chuckled, and the rest had their lips twitch in amusem*nt.

No-Face Continues walking towards Sen, as Aogaeru floats to the surface, looks up, and swims off. Lin stops at the tracks.

Lin: You’ll have to walk from here.

Sen: Okay.

Sen jumps into the shin-high water, holding her shoes in her hands.

Lin: The station’s just down the tracks.

Sen Thanks, Lin.

Lin: You better come back, you hear me?

Sen: I will.

Sen walks off, followed by Crow-Fly and Boh-Mouse. Lin paddles away, keeping her eyes on the girl.

Lin: Sen! I’m sorry I called you a “Dope” before! I take it back!

Despite how far away Sen/Chihiro is, she raised her right arm and waved to her. As she continues towards the station.

[The Six Station]

Lin swings the small tub boat around until she’s heading back in the right direction, and just as was heading back, No-Face follows after Sen/Chihiro. Making Lin to call out to him.

Lin: No-Face. If you put even one scratch on that girl, you’re in BIG TROUBLE!

Protective strong ladies “Dang/Damn right, sister!”

The scene cuts to Sen/Chihiro walking towards a stone platform before sprinting to it.

Sen/Chihiro: There’s the station!

As Sen/Chihiro and her friends got onto the platform, Sen/Chihiro looks back to see No-Face and a brown oval dot shape growing bigger. That can mean only one thing.

Sen/Chihiro: Here comes the train. Come on.

Morgana “Wow, what perfect timing.”

The train is forming in the distance, catching up to No-Face. No-Face looks behind and the train rushes by him, sending waves which push the spirit back. The train stops by the platform. Chihiro and the tiny pair rush to the door as it opens.

The Conductor extends his gloved hand.

Sen/Chihiro: Oh, we’d like to go to Swamp Bottom, please.

She reaches into her shirt, grabs the tickets and hands them to the conductor, who counts-- one, two, three-- he counts a fourth behind them. Chihiro looks behind, finding No-Face waiting.

Sen/Chihiro: Oh. You wanna come with us?

No-Face nods, uttering something resembling an “Uh-huh”. Chihiro turns back to the conductor.

Sen/Chihiro: He’s like to come, too, please.

The conductor runs the tickets through a paper shredder and steps out of the way. Chihiro and No-Face step onto the train. The doors shut. It is a quiet car, with scattered riders, who are nothing more than translucent gray spirits.

The train takes off into the shallow sea.

Cut to the inside of the train, The hanging handles bob side-to-side. After some contemplation, Sen/Chihiro sits in the middle of a long, empty space between two sitting spirits. No-Face stays put, moaning/growning lightly, confused. Chihiro pats the seat next to her.

Sen/Chihiro: Sit here.

No-Face walks over to Sen/Chihiro and sat beside her.

Sen/Chihiro: Behave yourself, okay?

As the two sat and Boh and Yu-Bird (Fly) bounce up and down looking at the scenery from the windows, they star off into space. It almost looks like they are looking directly at the audience.

“Are they starting at us?”

Futaba “Shush!”

As the train runs its tracks, the scenery shows a house and tree on a small island, glowing in the sunset. A faded father and child on a dirt mound, waiting for the train to cross. A larger island in the distance.

In the train, a man grabs his suitcase from the compartment above. Cut to a different train station, the train pulls in to a stop, and most of the passengers get off and walk down the station staircase.

The train pulls out of the station as the sea begins to turn dark blue and striking purple from the sunset. Inside of the train, it's empty now except for our group of four. Sen/Chihiro and No- Face are sitting quietly, staring down as neon signs pass outside.

Boh-Mouse and Crow-Fly are snuggled up, asleep in Sen/Chihiro’s lap, the young girl cradling them with her hands as she looks on out of the train’s window.

The scene cuts to the train continuing its tracks through dusk.

Everyone was quiet for a solid minute and thirty-three seconds as they’re taking in the beauty of the scenery on the screen.

The scene itself relaxes the tension and gives the audience to breath. Much like what Chihiro is doing at the moment.

Even Iida was relaxing, like REAL relaxing and not his strict and tense robot like posture.

Yusuke held up his fingers to form a picture frame towards the screen.

Yusuke “Such beauty, the cavitation of peace and tranquility. Oh, how I wish I have my sketchbook!”

Back in the boiler room of the bathhouse.

Haku, laying down, opens his eyes slowly. Kamaji is sitting against his station, snoring in his sleep. Haku rises, and rubs Kamaji’s hand, waking the old man.

Haku: Kamaji, wake up.

Kamaji: (delightfully surprised) Haku, you’re all right.

Haku: I’m fine. Where is Sen? Did she go somewhere, can you tell me what’s going on?

Kamaji: You blacked out, remember?

Haku: Yeah, I remember being in darkness. Then I could hear Sen’s voice calling out my name. So I followed her voice, and the next thing I knew, I was lying here, feeling better than ever.

Kamaji: Pure love. It Zeniba’s spell. Sen left to return the golden seal, she did it to save you.

Few didn’t believe love to be powerful, and few didn’t want to, but seeing how strong a person can go out of pure love is outstanding.

The scene cuts to snacks and sweets being eaten by ‘Bah’ as he is stuffing their face with assorted chocolates from a box.

Yubaba (Off-Screen): This gold doesn’t even come close to covering the damage that stupid No-Face caused.

Yubaba’s body and face are wrapped in towels as she dries by the fireplace, addressing the bowing Chichiyaku, Aniyaku, and Aogaeru.

Yubaba: Sen didn’t get nearly enough, she’ll have to be punished.

Aogaeru: Madam, you see, Sen was the one that saved us from No-Face.

Aniyaku: (nodding) Yes, yes.

Yubaba: So what, this whole mess is her fault! And now she’s run away from here. She’s even abandoned her own parents! Those pigs must be ready to eat by now. Turn them into bacon.

The servants back up in horror. Haku enters the room in time to intervene.

HAKU: Wait a minute.

Naruto “Talk about perfect timing.”

The servants turn around, shocked at the sight before them.

Chichiyaku: Huh?

Aogaeru: Master Haku?

Yubaba: You’re still alive? What is it you want?

Haku stops in front of her.

Haku: You still haven’t noticed that something precious to you has been replaced.

Yubaba: Don’t get fresh with me, young man. Since when do you talk that way to your master?

Haku is silent, waiting to see what the witch of the bathhouse responds is. After a few seconds, Yubaba gulps, panicked as she picked one of the gold nuggets from a pile.

Chichiyaku pulls out his gold nugget to inspect it as well, but after finding nothing, Yubaba declared that’s not it. She stares back at Haku, who continued to stand his ground, holding his gaze at her.

Inosuke “Man, I’m getting chills from this, and it’s not even a fight.”

Bakugo “You said it.”

Thinking that the gold is not the answer. The sound of rustling grabs Yubaba’s attention, and she turns to ‘Boh’, who is shoveling boxes of treats into their mouth. Yubaba waves her finger at him, only for it to reveal a Kashira head atop the baby body.

The baby turns back into the three Kashira, who hop to a door, press through it and leave. Yubaba rises, in shock as the reality of what is taken from her.

Yubaba: My. Baby.

Sokka “Oh, now you noticed.”

Katara “Sokka!”

Sokka “What? She’s greedy.”

As those words left her mouth, the pile of gold shrivels into a brown pile, releasing smoke. Seeing this sets Yubaba off into a panic.

[Yubaba’s Panic]

Yubaba: NO!!!

“Wait, is she panicking about her baby or the gold?”

The Greedy ones, “The Gold.”

The Concern ones, “Her baby.”

The Neutral ones, “Both.”

“But mostly her baby.”

Yubaba slaps the pile off the table and rushes out of the room. Crying out.

Yubaba: My Baby!

Some of the pile were caught by the servants, and upon closer inspection they realize that the pile was…

Aogaeru: It’s just dirt!


Yakko “Talk about fool’s gold!”

Inside of Boh's Nursery, Yubaba pillages through the toys and digs through pillow mountain.

Yubaba: Where are you, sweetie? Come out, please, come out! Where are you?

She looks behind the curtains as Haku walks in.

Yubaba: Sweetie, sweetie pie!

She turns to Haku, breathing heavily, her voice deepens, as fire spews out from her mouth.

Yubaba: YOU!

Her head towel flies off as her hair takes flight, waving furiously through the hair as she rushes to Haku.

Yubaba: WHERE IS HE?!

She wraps her hair around his body--


Haku remains calm.

Haku: He’s with your sister.

The fire subsides and smoke sizzles from Yubaba’s mouth.

Yubaba: Zeniba?

She releases Haku, petrified, and walks to a chair, which lowers itself for her to sit.

Yubaba: Very clever, Haku, I get it. You’ll get my baby back for me, but at a price. (laughing) So, what do you want?

Haku: Tear up Sen’s contract. And then I want you to return Sen and her mother and father back to the human world.

Yubaba: Fine, but on one condition. I get to give Sen one final test. If she fails, she’s mine.

Ann “She can’t do that!”

Iruma “She just did.”

The scene cuts to a slightly clear night sky with a signal sign for the train to stop at a swampy station. The trains pull in and comes to a complete and gentle stop. The doors open as Sen/Chihiro, No Face, Boh, and Fly/Crow got off the train. Once they were off, the doors closed and the train took off again.

The camera turns to follow Sen/Chihiro’s sight of her surroundings.

Greg “Swamp Bottom looks almost like the Unknown.”

Wirt “Yeah, it does.” He turns to Beatrice, “There isn’t a swamp section that’s actually called Swamp Bottom, is there?”

Beatrice “No, I don’t think so.”

Sen/Chihiro: I hope this is the right stop.

Sen/Chihiro turns back to No-Face.

Sen/Chihiro: Let’s go.

Crow-Fly, with Boh-Mouse, flies off Chihiro’s shoulder. No- Face and the pair follow Sen/Chihiro down the moonlit path. Crow-Fly grows tired, and slowly drops, plopping Boh-Mouse on the ground. Boh-Mouse stands up and walks on, carrying his tuckered partner. Sen/Chihiro turns around and extends her hand.

Sen/Chihiro: You can ride on my shoulder if you’re tired.

Boh-Mouse, proud, turns his face away from her and continues walking. Sen/Chihiro smiles and continues. Boh-Mouse stops, spotting something ahead.

Boh-mouse: Hmm?

From the forest ahead, a hopping Lantern held by a long, curved pole extending from a grounded hand, approaches. Crow-Fly flies themselves and Boh-Mouse back to Sen/Chihiro’s shoulder, afraid.

Beatrice “A hopping lantern?”

Wirt “At least it’s not the Woodsman, or the Beast.”

The Hopping Lantern stops in front of them and bows. Sen/Chihiro and No-Face bow in return. The Lantern turns around and leads them through the forest, stopping frequently to ensure they are keeping up. At the end of the forest, there is a small cottage resting beneath the stars.

[The House At Swamp Bottom]

The Hopping Lantern reaches an arch made of branches, and hops up, wrapping itself around the top. Sen/Chihiro and No-Face stop to look around, before continuing. There is a white archway harboring the closed door, decorated with simple floral paintings and engravings. Chihiro and No-Face approach the door, which suddenly opens on its own. A kind voice welcomes them from within--

Zeniba (Off-Screen): Come in.

Sen/Chihiro takes a deep breath before entering. The scene cuts to the entrance door to Zeniba’s cottage as Sen/Chihiro walks in.

Sen/Chihiro: Hello?

Zeniba (Off-Screne): Hurry up, I don’t have all day.

Sen/Chihiro turns around to see No-Face hesitant to come in. Thankfully, Sen/Chihiro encourages him to come in.

Sen/Chihiro: Come on.

As No-Face ducks under the archway and steps in, Zeniba closes the door, revealing herself behind it.

Zeniba: So you all made it.

Sen/Chihiro: Hmm?

Zeniba: Sit down, and I’ll make us some tea.

Mikasa “She’s Yubaba’s sister?”

Armin “But she’s… kind and welcoming?”

Stan “Twins don’t have to do the same thing.”

Ford “We can be opposites or have different opinions, likes and dislikes.”

Dipper, Mable, Rin, Yukio, Hikaru and Kaoru nodded their heads in agreement.

The camera pans over the inside of Zeniba’s cottage as Zeniba walks to the kitchen and set a pot on the stove. Chihiro follows her and pulls out the seal.

Sen/Chihiro: Excuse me, ma’am, Haku stole this from you. I came to give it back.

Sen/Chihiro holds the seal with open palms, and Zeniba grabs it from her.

Zeniba (Offscreen): I see.

Zeniba holds up her golden seal in front of sen/Chihiro.

Zeniba: Do you know what this is?

Sen/Chihiro: Yes, it’s the golden seal you were looking for. I’m here to apologize for Haku, I’m very sorry.

Sen/Chihiro bows, her hair flipping forward, catching on Crow- Fly’s beak. The small creature squirms. But that didn’t seem to be acceptable for Zeniba.

Zeniba: He sliced me in two, and I’m still angry.

Sen/Chihiro: What?

Zeniba looks at the seal and let out a gasps of shock.

Zeniba: What?! The protective spell is gone!

Asmodeus Alice “Is she talking about that black slug?”

Clara “Oh, Chihiro’s in so much trouble, Azz-azz.”

Sen/Chihiro:I’m sorry. You mean that black slug that was on your seal? I think I squashed it with my foot.

Hearing this, Zeniba’s eyes widen in surprise.

Zeniba: Squashed it?!

Zeniba throws her head back and let out a loud and hearty laugh, before explaining why she was laughing.

Zeniba: That wasn’t my slug. My sister put that slug in Haku, so she can control him.

Zeniba: You’ve squashed it!

Zeniba lets out another laugh as Sen/Chihiro stares at her in shack and awe at this new information.

Toph “More like Yubaba’s in trouble.”

Katara “Just when I thought Yubaba couldn’t be any more evil.”

Zeniba: What happen to my spell? Only love can break it. Come now.

Zeniba gently guides Sen/Chihiro to the table, but Sen/Chihiro stops to turn around to address another important matter.

Sen/Chihiro: Can you please turn these two back into their normal forms?

Zeniba looks at Boh and Fly-Crow.

Zeniba: The spell on those two worn off long ago, change back if you want.

Boh and the crow/fly shook their heads, “no”.

Azula “Looks like love is stronger than I give credit for.”

Boh and the crow/fly were running on the threading spinning wheel to make thread while Zeniba, Sen, and No-Face were talking having tea and sweets.

Zeniba: I don’t get along with my sister, she’s so obnoxious. You see how tacky her home is. We’re Identical twins, yet exact opposites.

The pairs of twins in the room can actually relate of being opposites.

Boh and Fly/Crow got off the spinning wheel and took a cookie and finished it quickly like a mouse before grabbing two more before heading back to the wheel. While No Face slowly eats the slice of cake.

Zeniba took a sip of her tea before talking to Sen/Chihiro.

Zeniba: I’m sorry she turned your parents into pigs, but there’s nothing I can do, it’s just the way things are. You’ll have to help your parents and Haku on your own. Use what you remember about them.

Sen/Chihiro: What? Can’t you please give me more of a hint than that? It seems like I met Haku before, but it was a long time ago.

Zeniba: That’s a good start. Once you’ve met someone you don’t really forget them, it takes a while for your memories to return.

Iroh stoke his beard, impress with Zeniba’s words of wisdom.

Zeniba walks away from the table. Sen/Chihiro looks into her tea, thinking.

Zeniba: While you’re thinking, the boys and I are going to make you something. And I want you to call me Granny from now on.


Cut to the cottage in the night, as Zeniba laughs with glee, as Boh-Mouse and Crow-Fly take another rest from the spinning wheel.

Zeniba (Off-screen): Come on, keep at it.

They started running again. No-Face is feeding thread from a broom into the wheel. Zeniba looks away from her knitting.

Zeniba: No Face, when did you learn how to spin thread? You’re really good at this.

Meanwhile, Sen/Chihiro is balled up on a chair by the door.

Zeniba (Off-screen): Now let's weave the threads together.

Cut back to Zeniba and the others, Boh-Mouse fumbles his needles through a pile of green yarn. While Zeniba is instructing No-Face as he knits the red yarn.

Zeniba: Nit one, purl two. Nit one, purl two. Nit one, that’s right.

Rin “That looks like fun.”

Eri nods in agreement. “Hmm.”

Mabel “I can teach it to you.”

Rin and Eri “Really!”

Mabel “You bet!”

The two young girls cheered, “Hooray!” “Hurray!”

Sen/Chihiro walks up to Zeniba, sad.

Sen/Chihiro: Granny, I can’t remember anything at all. Haku could be dead already, and I’m just sitting around here. My mom and dad could’ve been eaten for dinner.

Zeniba looks back to cut and tie some thread.

Zeniba: Wait just a little bit longer, there we go.

She hands Chihiro a tied purple thread.

Zeniba: Use this to tie back your hair.

Sen/Chihiro accepts the tie.

Sen/Chihiro: It’s beautiful.

Zeniba: It’ll protect you. It’s made by your friends wove together.

Hearing Zeniba’s words sparks an interest towards the young children’s eyes.

Receiving gifts from friends holds tremendous powers, over the bonds that are shared with others.

Sen/Chihiro: Thank you.

Sen/Chihiro ulls her red tie out of her hair. She holds it in her mouth as she puts her hair up with the new purple tie. The windows rustle, drawing Zeniba’s attention.

Zeniba: What good timing, we’ve got another guest. (to Sen/Chihiro) Will you let him in?

Sen/Chihiro: Sure.

Sen/Chihiro walks to the door, opens it, and looks outside, and let out a gasp.

The scene cuts outside, where Haku is standing in his dragon form. His tail and whiskers whispering in the wind. With tears welling up in her eyes, Sen/Chihiro runs to him.

Sen/Chihiro: Haku!

As she runs to Haku, Sen/Chihiro hugs his head and rubs her face on his snout.

Sen/Chihiro: Haku. Thank goodness. You’re alive, I can’t believe it, how did it happen?

Zeniba walks out, smiling.

Zeniba:Ahh. That’s love for you.

Sen/Chihiro: Look, Granny, Haku’s alive!

Haku bows his head in apology to Zeniba.

Zeniba: Haku, I will forgive you for stealing my precious seal. But in return, you must take care of this girl.

Zeniba turns back to Boh-Mouse and Crow-Fly, flying by her head.

Zeniba: Okay, you two, it’s time to go home. Come back soon.

Boh-Mouse gives Granny a kiss on her large nose and Crow-Fly carries him off.

Zeniba: No-Face, why don’t you stay with me? I could use a good helper.

No-Face nod with delight, he has found a place to belong and will never be lonely again.

Cream “I’m so happy No-Face has a place to call home. Zeniba is a good witch.”

Cheese “Chao.”

Cut back to Sen/Chihiro, who is standing beside Haku looking back at Zeniba.

Sen/Chihiro: Granny!

Ochako didn’t know why, but she saw herself dressed as Chihiro and the dragon Haku has freckles on his scales and his main is green and mess like Deku’s.

Sen/Chihiro runs back and gave Zeniba a farewell hug.

Sen/Chihiro: Thank you so much. I’ll miss you.

Zeniba: Don’t worry, you’ll be alright, Sen.

Sen/Chihiro pulls out her hug with Zeniba as the two hold each other’s hands and look directly into each other’s eyes.

Sen/Chihiro: I want you to know my real name. It’s Chihiro.

Everyone, well, almost everyone, smiled at Chihiro. She remembers her true name.

Zeniba: Chihiro. What a pretty name. You take good care of it.

Chihiro: I will.

Zeniba: Off you go.

Chihiro: ‘Kay. Bye

Chihiro runs back to Haku. The scene cuts to Chihiro now on Haku as the wind blows their main and hair around while Chihiro gives Zeniba one last farewell with Boh and Fly-Crow waving goodbye.

Chihiro: Granny take care! Thanks for everything!

Boh-Mouse waves and Crow-Fly buzzes goodbye as Haku takes off, flying over the crops.

The camera zooms out as Zeniba, No-Face and the Hopping Lantern waves goodbye to them. The night sky is beautiful as Haku flies through the clouds, lit up by the moonlight.

Eri “Pretty.”

Greg “Chihiro is so lucky to fly on a dragon.”

Suddenly, Chihiro has another flashback. The Dragon pulling her through the water.

Cutting back to the present, Chihiro holds onto Haku’s horns as they whiz through the sky, water bubbling in the soundtrack.

Cut to another memory, a pink shoes swept along by the river current. A hand dives into the water. The hand belongs to a younger, shirtless, Chihiro, fixated on something underwater.

“Does this means that Chihiro finally remembers?”

Back to present day, Chihiro, holding tight, slides up to Dragon Haku’s ears.

Chihiro: Haku, listen. I remember something a long time ago, and I think it might help you.

The camera pans down to the train running its tracks below them, before switching back to Chihiro talking to Haku.

Chihiro (Off-screen): Once when I was little, I drop my shoe into a river. I tried to get it back, but I fell in. (On-Screen) I thought I’d drown, but the water carried me back to shore.

Close up to Chihiro’s face.

Chihiro: It finally came back to me. The river’s name was the Kohaku River.

The camera shows Haku’s dragon head.

(Off-Screen) Chihiro: I think that was you, and your real name is The Kohaku River!

Ryuji, Kaminari, Ann, Mina, Connie, Sasha, Kamishira, Luffy “For real!?”

Bill “You idiots finally realized it? Boy, you sure know how to take your time.”

Haku’s, or rather Kohaku’s, eyes widen in shock as a ringing tone was struck and all of his scales started to fly off of him. The camera shows Chihiro startle gasp, then the camera cuts to the night sky and moon, showing Kohaku’s full dragon form dissolving bit by bit. Leaving behind Haku’s human form as the two fall down from the sky.

As the two are now free-falling, Chihiro’s hand still holds onto Haku’s. They now angle themselves to face each other and clasp their other freed hand together.

Chihiro looks into Haku’s now highlight eyes filled with gratitude, hope, love, and joy.

Kohaku: You did it, Chihiro! I remember, I’m the spirit of the Kohaku River!”

Chihiro’s eyes also filled with the same emotions and relief.

Chihiro: A river spirit?

Kohaku: My name IS the Kohaku River!

Chihiro: They filled in that river. It’s all apartments now.

Cut to a close up of Haku’s face.

Kohaku: That must be the reason why I can’t find my way home, Chihiro. I remember you falling into my river, and I remember your little pink shoe!

Chihiro: So, you're the one who carry me back to shallow water, you saved me.

Haku and Chihiro touch their foreheads to each other in a sweet and loving embrace.


The heroes and anti-heroes were overjoyed for Chihiro and Haku. Chihiro help restore Haku’s memory, and Chihiro is alive thanks to Kohaku.

Some even cried for them.

Chihiro’s tears float up, and Boh-Mouse reaches for them. Chihiro and Haku fly toward the sea surface, but stop short and float just above. They fly off into the night, holding hands.

The scene cuts to the bathhouse bridge, the morning birds chirp as the sun rises. Yubaba is pacing by the bathhouse entrance, with a dozen pigs contained behind a rope.

Lin pokes her head over the garden wall, searching. She points up.

Lin: Hey, there they are!

Aogaeru, Kamaji, Chichiyaku, Aniyaku and the legion of servants pops up to look excited. Yubaba watches, and Haku and Chihiro float to the ground on the other side of the bridge. Crow-Fly flies Boh-Mouse toward Yubaba, who is oblivious to them. She yells at Haku.

Yubaba: I see you failed to bring my baby back!

The Fly/Crow flies up with Mouse Boh, Everyone, including the pigs, looks up to see them fly up out of frame and big baby Boh drops back into the frame startling everyone with a loud impacting thumb that shook the ground. His arms were out, and his feet were together. He sticks the landing.

Okajima joked, “Baby delivery!”

Everyone heard and laugh out loud.

Boh: Mama!

Yubaba runs and hugs her baby boy.

Yubaba: MY BABY! Are your traumatize? Did they do terrible things to you?

Yubaba checks Boh all over to see if anything is wrong with her baby, not notice something else.

Yubaba: You’re standing all by yourself, when did that happened?

She blinks in confusion.

Iruma “I still can get over how big her baby is.”

Hange holds up a piece of paper and hands it to Erwin that reads, “I wonder how did she handle giving birth to something that huge?”

With his face flushed, Erwin crumbles up the note. “Hange! There are kids here!”

Kohaku steps forward and shouts.

Kohaku: Don’t for get your promise. You must return Chihiro and her parents to the human world.

Haku takes a step forward.

Haku: Don’t forget your promise. You must return Chihiro and her parents to the human world.

Yubaba: Hmm, not so fast, Haku. I get to give Sen one final test.

The whole crowd jeers at her, before she turns to them sharply.

Yubaba: Shut up!

They retreat back in fear.

Boh: Stop it, mama. Leave her alone.

Yubaba looks up at her son in shock.

Boh: Sen and I had a really good time.

Her son’s words left her gasping.

Yubaba: But a deal is a deal, sweaty. I have to give sen one final test.

Cuts to Boh looking very serious at his mama.

Boh: If you make Sen cry. I won’t like you anymore.

The crow/fly nods in agreement with Boh.

Robin “You know when you’re in a tight spot when your own kid said they won’t love you anymore.”

Chopper “Sad but true.”

Yubaba looked like she swallowed a sour lemon after hearing her baby’s harsh stand against her.

Yubaba: But. Egh.

Chihiro (Off-Screen): Hey Granny!

Yubaba let out a gasp as she turns her head to Chihiro off-screen.

Yubaba: Granny!?



Cut back to Chihiro and Haku standing on the other side of the bridge.

Chihiro: You’re right. A deal’s a deal.

Chihiro then walks across the bridge with no traces of fear on her as she meets Yubaba with confidants.

Chihiro: Okay, I’m ready. I’ll take your test.

Yubaba: Hmp! You got guts!

Yubaba holds out the paper, tied in a string.

Yubaba: I’ve got your contract right here. Come this way.

Yubaba turns towards the pigs, addressing Boh first--

Yubaba: This will only take a minute.

Chihiro smiles at the big baby and Crow-Fly on his shoulder.

Chihiro: Don’t worry.

Yubaba: See if you can tell which of these pigs is your mother and father.

Chihiro looks at the dozen pigs, sticking their heads over the rope, bobbing for her attention.

Yubaba: You get one try. If you get it right, you can all go home.

The onlookers watch nervously. Aogaeru swallows in fright. Chihiro looks at the pigs again, then turns to Yubaba, confused.

Chihiro: There must be a mistake. None of these pigs are my mom or dad.

Yubaba: None of them? Is that really your answer?

Chihiro stares directly at Yubaba. She nods her head yes.

Chihiro: Mmm Hmm.

[The Return]

Chihiro’s contract exploded in Yubaba’s hand, surprising her to gawk. The pigs also exploded up in smoke to show that they were only a couple of the employees in disguise.

Employees: Oh! You got it!

Wakko “Tell her what she’s won, Yakko!”

Yakko “Chihiro has just won herself and her parent’s freedom to spend a relaxation in their new home in the human world!”

Everyone was laughing and cheering for the young girl and at the Warners’ playfulness.

The crowd of supporters cheer, workers kiss and hug in celebration, the Radish Spirit and other guests wave their arms happily. Chihiro looks up with a big smile.

Chihiro: Thank you, everyone.

Yubaba: All right, you win. Get out of my sight.

Yubaba turns her face away, but Chihiro bows to her.

Chihiro: Thanks for everything, Granny. Goodbye!

Chihiro runs across the bridge, waving to the crowd as she goes.

Chihiro: Thank you!

Kohaku is waiting at the end of the bridge, his hand out. Chihiro meets him, grabs it, and they run off.

Chihiro: Haku!

Kohaku: Let’s go!

Chihiro and Kohaku are running down the staircase to the ghost town.

Chihiro: Where are my mom and dad?

Kohaku: When you passed the test, they woke up on the human side of the river. They’re there now, and they’re looking for you.

They run through the empty town all the way to the river. Chihiro and Kohaku stop at the frog statue and look out over the lush, grassy field.

Yunobo “The water’s gone, Goro. She can cross now.”

Chihiro: There’s no water here. I can walk across now.

Kohaku: But I can’t go any farther. Just go back the way you came, you’ll be fine. But you have to promise not to look back, not until you’ve passed through the tunnel.

Chihiro: What about you? What’ll you do?

Kohaku: Don’t worry, I’ll go back and have a talk with Yubaba. I’ll tell her I’m going to quit being her apprentice. I’m fine, I got my name back.

Chihiro: Will we meet again?

Kohaku: Sure we will.

Chihiro: You promise?

Kohaku: Promise.

Kohaku: Now go, and don’t look back.

Chihiro starts down the stairs and let's go of Haku’s hand. Chihiro descends from the hill, slides down the dried out river path.

Yūko (Offscreen): Chihiro!

Chihiro stops in her tracks upon seeing her shouting Mother and smiling, waving Father at the base of the clock tower

Yūko: Where have you been!

“Her parents are back to normal.”

“Do they even remember what happened?”

“Probably not.”

Chihiro runs to them.

Chihiro: Mom, Dad!

Yūko: You shouldn’t run off like that, honey.

Akio: You could get in big trouble.

The parents walk into the building.

Chihiro: Are you guys sure you’re alright?

Yūko (Offscreen): Let’s go, I don’t wanna miss the movers.

Chihiro stays put. She starts to turn her head back, but stops herself. Resolute, she runs after her parents.

Akio: Chihiro, hurry it up!

“She almost looked backed.”

“But she didn’t.”

“You would think her dad would have spoken to her a little more gently.”

Cut to Chihiro’s feet walking throught the old building’s passage way, before the camera shows the family walking down the dark hallway, with Akio leading. (Much like at the beginning.)

Akio: Everybody watch your step.

Yūko: Chihiro don’t cling like that, you’ll make me trip.

Chihiro is holding onto her Mother’s arm, as she frowns skeptical.

“Déjà vu.”

They exit the tunnel, into the bright forest clearing.
Akio: We made it. Hey, what happen?!

Yūko: What is it?

Akio rushes over to their car. The camera switches to show their car now covered in leaves and dust as Akio sweeps some of the dust and leaves off it.

Dipper “Whoa. I know they’ve been gone long, but to have that amount of dust and leaves. Not to mention, the road has grown grass and weeds.”

Akio: Look at that.

Akio pokes his head in the car’s window.

Akio: It’s all dusty inside, too.

Yūko: Is this someone’s idea of a joke?

Chihiro lets go of her mother’s arm, not paying any attention to her parents talking. As she turns to look back at the entrance to the spirit realm.

(Off-screen) Akio: Looks like it.

(Off-screen) Yūko: I told you we shouldn’t have stopped.

The camera shows Chihiro looking over her shoulder wondering of her promise to Kohaku, hoping that their promise will come true.

Cream “Do you guys think they may never meet again?”

Eri “They promised. Right, Mr. Deku?”

The camera slowly zooms in on Chihiro’s side face as she held her gaze to the entrance.

(Off-screen) Yūko: Come on Chihiro, let's go to our new home.

(Off-screen) Akio: You’re not scared, are you?

(Off-screen) Yūko: Don’t be afraid honey, everything’s going to be okay.

Chihiro turns around as her new hair tie sparkles in the light of the sun, chiming perfectly to the music in the background. Indicating that their promise will happen someday.

Izuku smiles and answers Eri’s question, “I think Haku will find Chihiro again. I mean, they did before, right?”

Ren “I think so too.”

Ochako nods confidently with no traces of doubt left in her, “You’re right.”

With the sound of the car door closing, the camera zooms out of focus as the entrance and the statue grows farther and farther away.

The camera then switches its focus downward through the tree branches, as the family divers away.

(Off-screen) Akio: A new home and a new school? It is a bit scary.

(Off-screen) Chihiro: I think I can handle it.

The screens fade to black.

Once the screen became black, everyone applauded. Some tried to leave, but they were stuck to their seats.

Sophie “The movie is not over yet, there are still the ending credits.”

Ryuji “No one stays for the credits.”

Yusuke “I stay for them.”

Sophie “So do I.”

Izuku “And sometimes there are post credit scenes in the movie.”

Naofumi “As well as the song for the ending credits.”

Ren Amaki, Itsuki, and Motoyasu nod in agreement. Dispite their mixed feelings and judgement on Naofumi they too like to stay and listen to the songs from movies credits.

Ending Credits [Always With Me]

Itsumo Kokoro Odoru Yume wo Mitai

Kanashimi wa Kazoekirenai kedo

Sono Mukou de Kitto Anata ni Aeru

Kurikaesu Ayamachi no Sonotabi Hito wa

Tada Aoi Sora no Aosa wo Shiru

Hateshinaku Michi wa Tsuzuite Mieru keredo

Kono Ryoute wa Hikari wo Dakeru

Sayonara no Toki no Shizukana Mune

Zero ni Naru Karada ga Mimi wo Sumaseru

Ikiteiru Fushigi Sinde Iku Fusigi

Hana mo Kaze mo Machi mo Minna Onaji

Yondeiru Mune no Dokoka Oku de

Itsumo Nando demo Yume wo Egakou

Kanashimi no Kazu wo Iitsukusu yori

Onaji Kuchibiru de Sotto Utaou

Tojiteiku Omoide no Sono Naka ni Itsumo

Wasure takunai Sasayaki wo Kiku

Konagona ni Kudakareta Kagami no Ue nimo

Atarashii Keshiki ga Utsusareru

Hajimari no Asa Shizuka na Mado

Zero ni Naru Karada Mitasarete Yuke

Umi no Kanata niwa Mou Sagasanai

Kagayaku Mono wa Itsumo Koko ni

Watashi no Naka ni Mitsukerareta Kara

[English Translate]

Somewhere, a voice calls, in the depths of my heart
May I always be dreaming, the dreams that move my heart

So many tears of sadness, uncountable through and through
I know on the other side of them I'll find you

Everytime we fall down to the ground we look up to the blue sky above
We wake to it's blueness, as for the first time

Though the road is long and lonely and the end far away, out of sight
I can with these two arms embrace the light

As I bid farewell my heart stops, in tenderness I feel
My silent empty body begins to listen to what is real

The wonder of living, the wonder of dying
The wind, town, and flowers, we all dance one unity
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la
La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-oh
Lu-lu-lu, lu-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Lu-lu-lu-lu-lu, lu-lu-lu, lu-lu-lu-lu-lu

Somewhere a voice calls in the depths of my heart
keep dreaming your dreams, don't ever let them part

Why speak of all your sadness or of life's painfull woes
Instead let the same lips sing a gentle song for you

The whispering voice, we never want to forget,
in each passing memory always there to guide you

When a miror has been broken, shattered pieces scattered on the ground
Glimpses of new life, reflected all around

Window of beginning, stillness, new light of the dawn
Let my silent, empty body be filled and reborn

No need to search outside, nor sail across the sea
Cause here shining inside me, it's right here inside me

I've found a brightness, it's always with me


La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la

La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la

Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-oh

Lu-lu-lu, lu-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

Lu-lu-lu-lu-lu, lu-lu-lu, lu-lu-lu-lu-lu

And staying to listen to the whole song was worth it.

The song lifted hope and light in everyone’s heart that will never go out. The song itself summons up everything about Chihiro’s journey.

And the screenshots from the movie are beautiful to look at. You can see all the details that the producers and director put into them.

Sora “Now it’s over.”

Sophie “Dinner anyone? Our employees have set up arrangements for your night’s stay at our very own bathhouse and inn.”

All the younger kids and happy-go-lucky teens have stars in their eyes as they exclaimed, “You mean!?”

Sophie and Sora nodded ‘yes’ “That’s right. You’ll be staying in a bathhouse, similar to Yubaba’s from Spirited Away.”

That’s the end of Spirited Away. The next chapter is going to be an intermission chapter for the guess characters to take a breath and acknowledge on what the movie was about and what they have learned from it.

The next Ghibli movie is Kiki’s Delivery Service. But for now, intermission 1.

Multiverse reacts to Studio Ghibli Movies (Real Story) - shinshinjane (2024)


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