Mlife Login Okta (2024)


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2. MGM Resorts International | Okta

  • Australia · Customer Journey · 고객 사례 연구 읽기

  • Read this case study to learn how MGM resorts uses Okta as a single user provisioning platform to provide unique experiences for their customers.

MGM Resorts International | Okta

3. [PDF] MGM Resorts - Okta

4. Cloud en On-Premise apps integreren | Okta NL

  • Toonaangevende organisaties vertrouwen op Okta om hun klanten een naadloze login-experience te bieden. MGM Resorts breidt Okta uit naar zijn M life ...

  • Okta verenigt uw in-cloud en on-prem apps in één samenhangend identitysysteem, dringt de operationele kosten terug en verbetert de klantenbinding.

Cloud en On-Premise apps integreren | Okta NL

5. Uiterst schaalbare apps - Okta

Uiterst schaalbare apps - Okta

6. The Life of a Login with Okta

  • Learn the lifecycle of a login request with Okta--from the router level to service level protections and pre and post-authentication policies.

The Life of a Login with Okta

7. Okta: Default home page

  • US Home · Canada · Australia · India

  • Okta’s total rewards connect eligible employees and their family members to a constantly evolving portfolio of plans, services, and support for meeting their changing needs. Check out the links below to learn more and make the most of your total rewards.

8. Okta Personal Support Site

  • Product Overview · About Okta Personal. 2 articles · Announcements. 4 articles · Security and Privacy. 2 articles · Get Started · Getting Started.

  • Common questions and support documentation

9. Okta Personal | Password Manager

  • Okta Personal is a password manager that allows users to securely store, save, and autofill passwords for all their personal apps, across multiple devices.

Okta Personal | Password Manager

10. How MGM Uses Identity to Secure Users, Customers and Partners - Okta

  • Elena Seiple: For the M Life program we use that so that when you log in to our websites, it registers you as an Okta customer, as an Okta single sign on so ...

  • Find out how MGM, an Okta customer, is tackling identity for it’s employees and patrons and its vision for the future.

How MGM Uses Identity to Secure Users, Customers and Partners - Okta
Mlife Login Okta (2024)


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