Heroes of Hammerwatch Classes Ranked (Best Heroes of Hammerwatch Class) (2024)

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a rogue-lite game with plenty of progressions. Whether you want to do a solo run or play with friends, this little Indie adventure game is packed with hours of fun. Playing as one of seven heroes, you're set on a quest to make it to the Forsaken Spire. As you move through the map, there are traps to evade, secrets to find, and loot to pick up. HoH is a progression game that allows you to upgrade your characters in many different ways to make them better. You can purchase upgrades, or as you level up during gameplay, you can achieve the ability to upgrade your skills making them powerful enough to tank whatever the game throws at you, no matter which character you use. However, you will start at the bottom with your character having the most basic skills, which will give you a good idea as to which ones are best or worst.

7. Thief (Best for Gold Gain)

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The Thief class is a very mobile and elusive melee character. His attack is throwing knives and using twin daggers to slice and dice his opponents. When the Thief beats the last boss, he gives a “buff” of gold gain to all the classes. The good thing about this class is his gold fever. With this desire to pick up as much gold as possible, the Thief does more damage the more gold he has. Although, if he sends his gold to town or runs out, he will lose this ability. The elusive nature of the Thief is what helps him excel in this game. With his grappling hook, he can escape sticky situations and move quickly through each floor.

6. Sorcerer (Best for Mana Regen)

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The Sorcerer is a class that does much damage per second. With his frost nova and slow-moving orb that shoots off shards of ice in all directions, he can take out many enemies in one go. When the Sorcerer finishes off the last boss, he gives a “buff” of mana regen to all classes. The Sorcerer excels best with mob control. These are areas that have a high count of enemies, and the Sorcerer can use his frost nova to kill several of them at once. His ability to help clear a room allows the player to work through the map much faster.

5. Ranger (Best for Attack Power)

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The Ranger is best used for combat at a distance. He can do several kinds of attacks with his bow and arrows. He uses his general attack of firing arrows but also has an attack that allows him to charge up his arrows for more powerful damage to enemies. His other attack, a flurry of arrows enable him to hit more than one enemy at once and also gives him a boost in speed that allows him to escape. One of his more passive attacks includes roots that come from the ground, keeping the enemies tied where they stand. When the Ranger class defeats the final boss, an attack power “buff” is given to each class.This class excels at

4. Warlock (Best for Resistance)

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The Warlock is a melee spell caster who uses lightning in his attacks. Like a few other classes, the Warlock is also self-sufficient. He can gain his health with the help of his passive attack of blood sacrifice against enemies. His other passive attack, soul sacrifice, allows him to gain mana when attacking enemies. While his passive attacks are helpful, his primary attack with the poisoned dagger does just as much damage physically and magically. When this character finishes off the last boss, he gives other classes a “buff” in their resistance. Amongst all his skills the area he excels at the most is his ability to hold positions. With the gargoyles that he summons, he can place them at choke points to get rid of any enemies that dare cross through it.

3. Wizard (Best for Skill Power)

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The Wizard is generally considered a glass cannon with his multitude of skills. His primary skills include fireballs, blast wave, fire breath, and meteor shower. When this class kills the last boss, each of the classes receives a skill power “buff.” Having fire damage gives the Wizard the ability to attack at a distance and avoid damage while dealing damage to enemies over an extended period. The skill that excels at this is his meteor shower, which will not only deal fire damage to enemies, but it is a long range attack that will cover more ground the more it is upgraded.

2. Priest (Best for Health Regen)
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The Priest is a class that focuses on magical damage and healing. When this character defeats a boss, all other classes can receive a “buff” in health regen. Although this character is heavily reliant on mana, he is a good class because of his ability to do magical damage along with physical damage. On top of that, he can heal more than one teammate at a time. This class excels at being a tank. Even though the Priest can heal his teammates, he is unable to heal himself at the same time. To overcome this, when his health is low all he has to do is attack his enemies and regain his health.

1. Paladin (Best for Armor)

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The Paladin is a melee warrior that has much sustainability. When this class beats the final boss, other classes receive an additional “buff” in armor from him. Along with the ability to fight, the Paladin can use his mana to heal himself instead of using a healing potion and heal any allies that are close to him. While his primary attack with the sword and whirlwind can do a lot of damage, his ability to heal himself and teammates make this a great class. In this class, the Paladin excels with his shield ability. He can ignore most projectiles, which keeps him from taking on too much damage. As a healer, it’s a great ability to have when working in a group situation.

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Heroes of Hammerwatch Classes Ranked (Best Heroes of Hammerwatch Class) (2024)


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