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Yes, the United Center has parking available for events. The United Center is a large sports and entertainment venue in Chicago that hosts Chicago Bulls NBA games, Chicago Blackhawks NHL games, concerts, and other events throughout the year. With a seating capacity of over 20,000, parking is an important consideration for anyone attending an event at the United Center.

United Center Parking Lots

The United Center has multiple parking lots and garages right adjacent to the arena. The main parking lots are known as Lots A, B, C, K, and the North Garage. Between these lots, there are thousands of parking spaces available for United Center events.

Lot A is the largest lot located directly south of the arena. Lot B wraps around the east side of the United Center. Lot C is just north of the arena. The North Garage sits on the northwest side. Lot K is the farthest west lot.

During major events like Bulls or Blackhawks home games, all of these lots are generally open and available for parking. Prices may be higher for premium games or events. There are attendants stationed around the lots to collect payment upon arrival.

Parking Prices

Parking prices at the United Center lots can vary depending on the event. In general, prices are:

  • Lot A: $25-40
  • Lot B: $25-40
  • Lot C: $25-40
  • North Garage: $30-50
  • Lot K: $15-30

Bulls and Blackhawks games, as well as major concerts by high-profile artists, will be at the higher end of these ranges. Smaller events may have reduced parking rates.

There are also preferred, VIP parking passes available in the United Center Lots B and C. These providegarage parking spots closest to the arena and other potential perks like food and drinks. Prices for VIP parking can be $100 or more per event.

Public Transportation to United Center

If you want to avoid paying for parking, taking Chicago public transportation to the United Center is a convenient option. The United Center is accessible by multiple Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train lines and buses.

The CTA Pink Line stops directly at the United Center on the Chicago Transit Authority’s ‘L’ train system. Taking the Pink Line to the United Center stop lets you off right outside the arena.

In addition, several CTA bus routes stop near the stadium on Madison Street, including:

  • #20 Madison
  • #56 Milwaukee
  • #126 Jackson
  • #157 Streeterville/Taylor

Taking the CTA to the United Center allows you to avoid parking costs and traffic jams. You can also consider using rideshare services like Uber or Lyft.

Nearby Parking Garages and Lots

In addition to the United Center’s official parking lots, there are also several other parking garages and lots within walking distance of the stadium. These can provide overflow parking options when the main lots fill up for major events.

Some nearby parking garages include:

  • Grand Avenue Garage – 351 W Grand Ave
  • Park West Garage – 322 W Illinois St
  • Ohio & Racine Parking Garage – 210 S Racine Ave

There are also surface parking lots northeast of the United Center, including:

  • AMPCO System Parking – 1640 W Chicago Ave
  • Chicago Gameday Parking – 211 N Hoyne Ave

Prices at external parking lots can range from $10-50 depending on the event. These tend to fill up fast, so arrive early if planning to use them.

ADA Parking at United Center

The United Center provides parking for guests with disabilities that have state-issued permits. There are designated ADA parking spaces located in United Center Lot C and the North Garage.

Parking in one of these ADA spots requires a valid, state-issued disability parking placard or license plate. ADA parking spots are closest to the United Center entrances for convenience.

If the designated ADA spots fill up, parking staff may direct vehicles with permits to other nearby spots. The standard parking rates apply for ADA parking.

General Parking Tips for United Center Events

To make parking easy when attending an event at United Center, keep these tips in mind:

  • Arrive early – Lots open 2-3 hours before event start time.
  • Bring cash – Parking attendants collect cash payment upon arrival.
  • Know the best lot – Review parking maps ahead of time to pick your lot.
  • Check public transit schedules – Consider taking the CTA to avoid parking altogether.
  • Have parking pre-purchased – Look into prepaid passes to save time.
  • Follow lot signs – Pay attention to parking signs and attendant directions.


With its enormous parking lots surrounding the venue, parking at the United Center in Chicago is readily available for any event. Prices range from $15-50 depending on the lot and event. There are also nearby garages and public transit options for convenient access. By arriving early and understanding the parking options, visitors can easily park at the United Center for Bulls games, Blackhawks games, concerts, and more.

Does United Center have parking? - Shop Smart Guides (2024)


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