Blood Red Lust - Chapter 16 - kas110 - 碧蓝航线 (2024)

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I enter the living room, my eyes scanning the confines quickly, seeking out the familiar form of my wife. I quickly find her, lying down on the sofa next to the window, head atop one of the armrests as her long legs hang slightly over the edge.

I approach quietly, aware that she appears to be in a world of her own, book resting on her chest as she flips another page, then another. York was a fast reader, but that did not dull the excitement she had for the pastime at all, I often found her reading in bed, or the bath at times.

It was no surprise, after all, it was her that had told me there was nothing better in life than a good book and a glass of wine to pair with it. Through the threads that connect our minds, I can feel a warm glow, a calm happiness that always radiated from her mind when she was at peace like this.

Her hair drifts gently at the draft from the window as she flicks through yet another page, the light shining from the window onto her swelled stomach, getting larger by the day, full with our second child. I desperately want to kiss and gently nibble her ears from behind, but I know that it would be a bit much, distracting her from her book, and might earn the vampire’s wrath.

Instead, I opt to slowly and lovingly place kisses up and down her neck from behind, teasing her skin with my teeth. Her reaction is immediate as she gasps in surprise, but as predicted, continues reading, too engrossed in her fiction.


“Mmm. Morning.” She murmurs, a silent smile of pleasure playing across her lips as I change side, laying my lips upon my wife’s neck yet again.

I rest my chin on her shoulder, arms enveloping the love of my life in a hug from behind as my gaze falls on the pages she is reading. The book itself looks… familiar, and while it takes me a couple of seconds, I do recognize it.

“This one again?” She closes the hardcover book, the signature still present within as she clutches the limited edition of Salem’s Lot close to her heart, hugging it as tight as I hug her.

“It means a lot to me. Thou would do well to remember, thy spouse is sentimental.” A fang peaks out as she smiles at me from over her shoulder, and I can’t help but kiss the soft lips presented to me.

She doesn’t seem to be annoyed by the distraction, placing the book aside as she wraps her arms around my back and pulls me onto the sofa, our kiss deepening.

Our hand's touch, holding each other’s tight, and my fingers play with her oath ring, enjoying the feel of the expensive jewel inlaid upon it.

“Thou best not be considering taking that back.” York chuckles teasingly, tightening her grip on my hand, stopping my fingers from twirling the ring.

“Never.” My tongue finds hers immediately after I mutter against her lips and we continue to make out for a few seconds before York ever so gently pulls away, still close enough for me to smell her… to have her hair draped over my shoulder.

“Good. Twould not do to have thy Adonis regret the bondage of wedlock.” All of a sudden, the vampiress presses closer yet again, turquoise eyes burning into mine before she lowers herself to my neck and starts biting and nibbling, her fangs never breaking the skin, but leaving small marks scattered across the flesh.

“Ahhh. Thy blood… It beckons me.” She chuckles yet again before levelling her visage at me. “Doth thou remember thy matrimony? The first night within the confines of our oath? Mine hunger twas almost painful then.”

“How could I forget?” I kiss her nose lovingly, casting my mind back to the happiest times of my life.

5 Years Ago…

“Give us a twirl~” Biloxi grins while making a turning motion with her finger as her eyes scan me up and down. I blush, but comply, spinning on the spot deftly, showing off my wedding suit.

“Dunno why you demanded to see it on me. It’s a little late to be changing it now…” I wasn’t annoyed or anything, but I decided on this suit weeks ago, and only now had some of the more fashionable girls expressed concern with what I had chosen.

“Adjustments can always be made to the very last second. Only the best for our Commander~” Littorio speaks up with a smile.

“But, and I think Biloxi will agree with me, I believe very little needs to be done. Your fashion sense is passable it seems.” She laughs, and the blue-haired eagle union girl grins nodding in amusem*nt.

“Agreed. But I think perhaps change the cufflinks for a more muted turquoise. I like them, but they stand out a little much. They will match York’s eyes well enough without being glaringly obvious. Subtly is key.”

I hum an approval. It’s true I had chosen the colour to match my fiancé’s beautiful eyes but hadn’t thought much on the particular shade. Biloxi searches the cufflinks available, set to one side, before returning with a set.

Huh. I didn’t recognize them. She must sense my confusion because she swiftly explains as I swap them out. “I donated some from my own collection should we need them this evening.”

I thank her politely and she waves her hands like it’s nothing. “It’s not everyday our Commander gets married, think nothing of it. In fact, you're welcome to keep them, I have plenty to choose from myself.”

That was undoubtedly true. The entire reason she was here was that she was the de facto expert when it came to suits. Even now, she was wearing a clearly expensive dark blue suit, tailor-made for her. Littorio had immediately recommended Biloxi when the subject of suits came up, and here we were, in Littorio’s quarters, on the night before my wedding.

I still couldn’t believe it. My heart seized at the mere thought of tomorrow. York… my wife. After so long. Our journey to get here, ever since she became my secretary for the first time. Our first date… our first night together.

It all seemed so fresh, yet also… so distant. It was bizarre, but I honestly couldn’t wait till tomorrow. To finally call her my wife. But god was I nervous.

“Earth to Commander. I asked if you would like a drink?” Littorio smiles at me as she offers, but I shake my head.

“No, really, I better get back to my own quarters. Early night.”

“Come now. One won’t hurt. Biloxi?” The other girl eagerly accepts, and I reluctantly accept to have a single glass of red wine, which the Italian promptly pours and hands to me, before doing the same for herself.

“You seemed distracted Commander, tomorrow playing on your mind?” The ever-curious Littorio gives me a look of pity.

I can feel my cheeks heat up at the question, but nod. “Yea… it’s… it’s alot. I can’t wait. But I’m so, so nervous. I don’t want to f*ck it up. You know? I want it to be perfect, for her. I want it to be everything she wants…”

Biloxi takes a sip of her drink, which I notice is not the wine me or Littorio have, but instead a strong whiskey on the rocks. She closes her eyes, sighing as she enjoys the alcohol before opening them and staring straight at me.

“I get it. It’s only natural to be nervous. But remember, as much as York might enjoy the luxuries and the fineries. She’s there for one reason, and one reason only. You.” She takes another gulp before continuing.

“I can only imagine how she feels about you. But I, and all the other kansen can see it in her eyes. Remember that the wedding is for both of you, and the goal is just for you to be happy. Don’t fret about stuff that might be outta your control Commander. Have a drink, chill. Enjoy it.”

She then winks and laughs. “And enjoy your last night as a truly unshackled man.”

I laugh and respond quickly. “Hah. I haven’t been an unshackled man since the moment I met York… and I’m ok with that.”

Littorio quickly speaks up, placing her hand on her chest theatrically. “Awwww. Oh my Commander. That is truly adorable, and admirable. You really know what a signora likes to hear.” She laughs, and we drink and chat some more, and I change back into some more casual clothes in her bathroom, putting my wedding suit aside for the big day. We talk some more, but eventually, the little hangout must come to a close, later than I had thought.

Me and Biloxi wave Littorio off, and I walk her down to the Eagle Union dorms before waving her off to, turning towards my own quarters as my mind tries its best to take the advice to heart, but not very successfully.

I was still practically shaking with nerves as I open my door and enter, closing the door and hanging up my uniform and wedding suit tiredly.

“My Adonis…” A voice tuts dramatically. “Where O’ where hath thou been?” The familiar tone comes from the darkest corner of the room makes me jump, and my heart pounds until I place it.

York…? But why was she here? We had agreed to not see each other till the wedding for the last day, as was tradition, I had even supplied her with some extra blood so that she wouldn’t have to feed this evening.

“York? Why are you here? I was with Littorio and Biloxi, they wanted to check my suit and talk to me before tomorrow.”

Her smile grows sly, a teasing hint to her visage as she steps from the shadows. “Spending the night before wedlock with not just one… but two other women. How depraved of thee. Enjoying thy freedom from the binding of marriage so frivolously… I did not expect such from my Adonis. Divorce shall cometh swiftly indeed.”

I raise an eyebrow and give my fiancé a ‘really?’ look. There was a time that sort of teasing and insinuation would have had me blushing and stuttering before her, but I had long since learnt how to handle myself. It was true that what York was referring to made me blush, but I forced it down with some effort.

York laughs cutely, hand to her mouth. “Apologies. The opportunity was too ripe, I couldst nary resist tugging on thy strings. I know thou would never spite me so. As for mine presence…~”

She strides closer, until she’s practically leaning against me, heated breath on my lips. “I know you. I know what you can be like. Body wracked with nerves, mind spinning, heartbeating with such fervour, tis like a hummingbird accosted by the mountain gales. I bet thou art worried sick about tomorrow, correct? I came to alleviate such trivial concerns.”

I immediately try to eke out an excuse, a rebuttal, a lie to save face. “I’m not nerv…” York silences me with a similar look to my own, raising an eyebrow in knowing, before smiling sweetly and taking my chin in one hand, grip tight and strong as she guides my gaze right into her own bright turquoise eyes.

“Doth not lie, dear. I can hear it in thy blood. Thy heart. Beating so rapidly, thy entire body is alight with fear and flight, a poor nervous sparrow. I understand…” Her hand moves from my chin to my cheek, stroking softly before planting a kiss right where her fingers had brushed.

“…I feel similar. But remember, tis but a single day of the rest of our lives. It is true that I have high hopes for tomorrow, that I crave a spectacular day to mark our wedlock, to seal our union with all my siblings watching on enviously. But what matters most to me is us. If thou truly feared thy dreaded day so much, one could ask I elope, just the two of us, and I wouldst nary blink at thy act of rebellion. I wouldst agree in a heartbeat, little sparrow. All for you.”

She smiles once more, showing her fangs, and kissing my lips softly. “Your fear is cute… but unwarranted. I shall comply with whatever thou desires.”

I grin back at her, touched that she came to me purely because she expected me to be nervous. And I’m equally touched by her offer of eloping, to take the pressure off, but quickly decline.

“I want the day to be special, for you… but for both of us too. I’m nervous, but I’ll be fine… really. It’s just pre-marital jitters. I can’t understate how much I’m also looking forward to tomorrow too…” I take her hand, weaving my fingers through her own.

“…to call you my wife. It’s… it’s a dream come true.” I smile gladly at her and she hugs me tight, returning the affectionate gesture. Her grip is strong, and she kisses me once more, forcing be backwards as we stumble, and we separate as I laugh, falling onto the bed with York atop me.

“York…” I say her name needily, unashamed of my begging tone, trying to grind myself against her a little over our clothes. We hadn’t spent much time together recently, at least, not with just the two of us. Preparing for the wedding had been a gruelling excise in planning and organization.

Now it was just the two of us alone… in my quarters… the night before our wedding. I was unapologetically needy.

York just responds by grinning knowingly, placing a finger on my lips and kissing my throat softly before whispering.

“Shhhhhh.” She starts to grind against me now, and I murmur in pleasure, closing my eyes as she teases my neck with her fangs.

Yet, it all stops so abruptly. Her crotch rubbing against my own, her body heat pressing down on me, the feel of her sharp fangs on her neck, and I mewl in disappointment, sitting up and opening my eyes only to find York already on the other side of the room.

She blows a kiss teasingly, brushing a strand of pink hair behind a pointed ear that had come loose in our short tussle. “Tis still the eve before our wedding… I simply wanted to assuage any concerns and check on thou mental wellbeing. Not to indulge ourselves in physical delights…” She laughs.

“As much as I can see thou brimming with need for me to stay…. Tis tradition. Trust me, it shalt be worth thy patience tomorrow, our first night in wedlock. Oh, the plans I have for thee… Thou shouldst get some rest. My Adonis is going to need it~ Good Night, my dear. And a very fine Morn to thee tomorrow.”

She blows one more kiss before opening and closing the door behind her, leaving me both horny, sexually frustrated, and yet grinning like a happy kid. It was so nice of her to check on me… and god I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. It was going be one hell of a day.

“Belfast! I trust the maids can see to greeting and organizing the guests for the ceremony? Hood, can you check on the caterer, and make sure they are ready to serve drinks at the reception? And also make sure my dear sister isn’t giving them too much grief.”

Wales takes a breath from her frantic orders, but only for a second. “London, please make sure everyone is accounted for. Littorio, I trust you can handle the groom. Make sure he knows what he’s doing.”

The blonde flashes me a stressed smile. “And I myself will go and make sure the bridal party are on track.” She barely waits a second before rushing off, clad in a lovely red dress along with matching heels. Everyone else was similarly dressed up, and start leaving the room to obey their given orders.

Wales had been an absolute lifesaver when it came to organizing the wedding, and had very much taken charge, demanding that both me and York put our feet up and leave it to her. She had slid into her role as the Maid of Honour well. She was juggling a lot of plates, so to speak, but seemed to be handling it well, or at least, as well as she could.

Littorio approaches me and straightens my collar smartly, patting it down before walking a lap around me, admiring the suit once more. “Hmm. Very good.”

A grin slips onto her face. “The big day has finally come. Guests are arriving, and soon, so shall your beautiful bride. Still nervous?”

I smile back at her and tell the truth. “Honestly? Even more nervous than I was yesterday. But… at the same time, a bit more at ease. Sounds stupid I know, but York came to see me last night, briefly. She… convinced me that everything would be fine.”

The Italian beauty laughs loudly. “Well of course everything will be fine. You’re many sister-in-law’s are a force of nature, and Wales in particular would see this wedding ruined over her dead body. And besides, you have the entire port behind you. It’s a big day, relax, enjoy it.”

I nod along as a glimmer appears in her eye. “Having said that… you do know what to do during the ceremony, yes? You have vows prepared. Just because everything is going to be fine in the end doesn’t mean you can’t make a fool of yourself in the meantime.”

“Thanks for the pep talk…” Littorio just chuckles. “Yes, of course I know what I’m doing… I think.”

We sit-stand around in silence a little while after that, and I can hear my own heartbeat in my ears, almost drowning out the hustle and bustle in the other rooms, guests arriving and being seated. Almost all the guestlist were Kansen from the port, and the venue itself was Richelieu’s prided church, at least for the ceremony.

The plan was to move on to the Royal navy’s gala hall for the reception and lunch, then eventually the evening of dancing and celebration.

Eventually, the sound starts to quieten down outside the room and my stomach quickly begins tying itself in knots. “Seems like I should go sit down, Illustrious should’ve saved me a spot. Good luck, Commander~” Littorio smiles before giving me a hug and leaving me alone with my thoughts.

It doesn’t last long however, before Wales pokes her head through the door and speaks quietly. “We’re ready.”

She disappears as quickly as she had appeared but does offer up a quick smile before she vanishes. I take a deep breath, checking myself in the mirror one more time before heading through the door.

I walk the central aisle, my eyes gliding over the crowd of shipgirls. Almost the entire port was here. Not quite all, as unfortunately, routine patrols and some urgent commissions still had to be done, at least by a skeleton crew.

Still, I had managed to mostly organize it so that anyone who wished to attend had been able to. Such a large crowd makes me flush. I was never good with crowds, and such a large amount of people, many them I knew well… it was odd.

And yet… despite all of the eyes staring at me, curiosity, jealousy and happiness changing from face to face, I quickly quash any fear or nerves I would normally feel in such a situation. The crowd was secondary…

I only cared about one gaze, one expression.


I stand straight with my hands neatly behind my back as I reach the front, my head unconsciously turning to look down the aisle I had just walked, trying to catch the slightest glimpse of my fanged fiancé.

It’s only a few seconds before the organs start to bellow, and music starts to fill the hollow room of the church, and I finally catch my first look at York in her wedding dress.

Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe her. Her dress is light as she drifts down the aisle, her movements elegant and precise, just as they always were. Shoulders bare, as is her upper chest, her breasts cupped by the corset-like design of the garment. It showed off quite an amount of cleavage, undoubtedly something York had chosen by design.

The white of the wedding dress is contrasted by a lovely black lace bordering the edges and weaving down her body, multiple fancy patterns flush against her pale skin, matching her lacy black gloves reaching upwards, covering a fair portion of her arms.

The vampiress’s bright pink hair flows behind her as she walks slowly, covered by a light white veil, complimenting the dress, and even some turquoise earrings to match her eyes. The whole ensemble was completed by a white sash wrapped multiple times around her waist, adorned by a beautifully designed floral cloth attached at the front, almost like a bouquet of flowers.

As she steps forward, the sheer split in her dress becomes apparent, an odd design for a wedding dress, but one that shows off her long legs well, another undoubtedly deliberate choice, especially with the lacy white garters caressing her thighs for all to see.

My eyes had been so drawn in by my wife-to-be, that I had barely registered the rest of the bridal party. Monarch was walking in step with York, holding her hand, walking her down the aisle, a pure smile on her face, and the lightest shine of tears in her eyes, looking rather dashing in a tailored red suit.

Behind York were her bridesmaids, all wearing very light pink sheer dresses. Howe, her beloved sister, and the very person who had, in the end, convinced me to ask York out on our very first date. She was beaming happily, her eyes wandering the crowd, flashing me a smile, before returning to York in front.

Then there was Vampire. The only other vampiric shipgirl at the port. York had always got on well with her, and the two were good friends. They were the only two of bloodsuckers in the world after all.

Finally, was Belfast, another close friend of York’s. York mostly socialized with her sisters, but on the occasion, she wasn’t, it was almost always with Bel. Belfast had never once judged York for her nature, being a kind, understanding soul, and York had immediately taking a liking to that, I often stumbled across the two of them chatting over a cup of tea, and they would both drift into silence immediately with knowing grins, leading me to assume I was often the topic of conversation.

They all looked great. But York, as always, was my focus, and where my eyes drift back to, only to find her own burning into mine with an intensity of kindness and happiness. Her turquoise eyes fill with warmth me as her lips peel back, her fangs revealing themselves as she grins, the happiest, goofiest grin I had ever seen on the noblewomen.

Unlike her bridesmaids, her gaze doesn’t waver for a second, not bothering with the crowd in the slightest, purely focused on me.

The party stops as the music comes to an end and my fiancé turns her attention to her sister at her side. Monarch, usually the most stoic of the sisters is visibly happy, tears in her eyes as she holds York’s hand tightly and the two share a glance, one that held far more meaning than even I could ever decipher, before Monarch finally releases her, giving her away to stand opposite me.

Now that she’s closer, I appreciate the beauty of not just the dress but the person I had chosen to marry. I knew this, of course, I knew it everyday. But still… She was everything and more, elegant like no other, composed, and yet with a light heated tone to her cheeks which hinted at her excitement.

Just as I expect, a hand slips upwards quickly and brushes her earing, before she makes a conscious effort to stop herself and lower the arm back down. That ever-present habit that showed when she was nervous or embarrassed… god it was so cute.

A third figure joins us at the altar, then a fourth. It was KGV and Richelieu. The cardinal stays a little further back, just behind KGV, giving a saintly smile to both of us as she observes the British battleship who was actually officiating. She was simply there to make it official, and make sure that George didn’t get anything wrong.

York had actually been the one to suggest it, and the Knight Commander had leapt at the chance, with a little help and training from Richelieu. While having the cardinal of the Iris Libre officiate would’ve been the norm, there was something sweet about having my soon-to-be sister-in-law wed us instead.

There’s a silence that falls on the church as everybody stops moving, and every single gaze falls on the altar and the two of us. It’s only a second before George starts speaking, but it sends goosebumps through my entire body.

“Friends, family and Kasen, we are gathered here today to witness something very special.” George beams at the crowd, but her attention still lingers on both me and York as we stand in front of her, each of our hands clasped in front us as we share a glance, the excitement in York’s eyes is infectious and heartwarming, and she gives George an equally warm smile too.

As much as she sometimes bemoaned her condition’s affect on her relationship with her family, she loved them. Each and every one. Monarch was probably the closest sister, but each one meant the world to her, and she was so happy to have them all here, and play such a large role in our union.

“That thing is a bond. A bond between our very own Commander, and one of us, my sister, the honourable Duke.” She motions towards us and both me and York blush a little.

“The commander already cares for us. He shows that everyday. But marriage means something more than just caring and commitment. It means to love, to cherish, and yes, to care, for another soul more than your own. I had always hoped to see the Commander take on that responsibility, but I truly did not know who it would be with. There were so many vying for the spot after all.”

That little joke gets a good laugh from the crowd and even Richelieu behind her hides a laugh, alongside a blush.

George’s smile and gaze is placed firmly on me as she speaks now. “But I see now, that was foolish. Because I believe any on this port would agree, you two are clearly perfect for one another, and I would be delighted to call you my brother-in-law.”

The cardinal steps forwards and whispers something in KGV’s ears, before returning to her spot.

George’s next words are more official-feeling, and almost certainly what she was instructed to say. “Before God and those assembled, I must ask that you reaffirm your intentions to enter the bonds of marriage, and to share in the joys and sorrows that come with that matrimony.”

“Commander, do you take this woman to be your wedded wife? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honour and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?”

I fixate on York’s beautiful turquoise eyes as they stare straight back at me and nod as I answer, my heart beating much, much faster than last night. “I do.”

“And York, do you take the Commander to be your wedded husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honour and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?”

Even her pointed ears have turned a happy shade of scarlet as she struggles to contain her happiness and excitement. Outwardly, she mostly retains the regal, noble posture she was known by, but standing this close, knowing her so well, I can tell exactly what’s going in her head as she gives a large smile, fangs digging into her lower lip as she answers.

“I do.”

“Then I do believe it is time for an exchange of rings.”

Richileau coughs awkwardly and I can see panic immediately set into George’s eyes as they widen, her brain scrambling. She quickly calms herself though. She was a battle-hardened knight after all, she had a good grip on herself for the most part.

“But before that, I trust you have prepared your own vows?”

There’s a light chuckle from the crowd at George’s obvious mistake, but it was a smooth save and I don’t think York minds one bit.

She motions for me to go first, so I try my best to still my nerves, returning my fiancé’s gaze as I clear my throat. “There was once at time that I looked at you… and my heart pounded in fear. I was ashamed of that, I still am a little bit. If that man knew you, knew what awaited him when he was with you, how he would feel, he wouldn’t have feared you for a second. And all I can do is apologise for that.”

I breathe in nervously and flick the page of words over in my mind, reciting the words I had practised many, many times in the mirror, leading up to this moment. “You are my charge. A KGV-Class Battleship for me to command. But you haven’t truly been that for a very, very long time. Ever since my curiosity got the better of me, we have been bound. And in that inexplicable binding, I took comfort, because it meant I got to talk to you, to get to know you. To fall in love you.”

York’s lips curl as she smiles at me, my voice echoing around the church as the assembled kansen sit silently appraising me. “And that eventually led here. You are… everything to me and I promise to stay by your side, this day, and everyday after, no matter the cost.”

I pause and give a small knowing grin. “I also promise to read up on classic literature, because I know it still drives you crazy when I don’t understand what you’re trying to say sometimes.” A rumble of laughter flows through the crowd, and York herself holds her hand up to her lips, giving a beautifully heartfelt chuckle.

“I cannot wait to see what life holds, and while I know by our very nature, some days might be unusual, some even hard. When I have a beautiful vampire at my side, the world can do me no harm.”

I trail off and York whispers to me, still smiling happily, a shine of wetness in her turquoise eyes. “Eloquent, practised and beautiful. That was perfect, my Adonis.”

George looks at her sister, the vampiress’s signal to begin, and she promptly does, her voice carrying the gravitas and elegance it always had, all while she clutches her hands in front of her wedding dress and her eyes pierce my soul.

“What can I say? Not even the most ingenious poet could describe the beauty of this moment, but alas, I shall put my wordplay to use as best I can. Our fates were entwined the very first day that I laid mine fangs against thee, completely and utterly. A little sparrow trapped in a cage, with the captor having no say on the poor bird’s flight either.”

She looks down at the floor, breaking eye contact for a second before looking back at me. “At the time, I must admit, my thoughts were scattered as if in a storm. Parts of me were ashamed by the tidings I had brought to thy door, but parts of me were also happy. So very happy, my heart fluttered with every thought, every bite. And soon, I came to realise this was a merry opportunity, time to bond, to see my beloved so close. And when thee confessed thy feelings were mutual… twas like dining on ambrosia. Sweet and oh so more-ish.”

“We hath been through much, and likely will again. The world is not a calm place, it never has been. The scales that decide fate swing and change on every breath, yet I doth never waver. Not for a second. My Adonis keeps me strong through it all, both through physical sustenance, and emotional sustenance. Thy love is the sweetest blood of all, and even the gods and Aphrodite herself should be jealous of mine supply.”

“It would be my honour to tighten our bond beyond my dining habits.” The humour gets a good chuckle out of me as York grins. “To be thy lifelong partner is a responsibility I wouldst adore to mantle. I love you, my Adonis~”

We each hold up a ring, George motioning for us to do so, and step closer so that we can take each others hand and slip it on. I can feel her hot breath on my neck as we do, sending shivers down my spine.

“It is my greatest honour to now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!” George giggles as she finishes her speech. And yet, it is certainly not me who moves first. Before I can even react or blink, York has wrapped two strong arms around my waist and hoisted my closer, placing her soft lips against my own fiercely.

I can hear the crowd cheering, but all I can focus on is the feel of her body, the heat radiating from it as she hums into the kiss, the vampire’s tongue as skilled as always, teasing me the slightest bit with her fangs.

I can even her murmur softly into my closed lips. “My Adonis. My Husband. I love you.” I try to repeat it back as we part, my brain a little fried from the short, and yet passionate kiss of a lifetime.

It only lasted for a few seconds, we were still in the middle of church after all… But is easily one of the most memorable few seconds of my life, and I’m certain it always will be.

3 Hours later…

I take a sip of my drink before putting the alcohol down on the table, unable to wipe the happy grin of my face. I always knew I would be happy, who wouldn’t be on their wedding day? But it was hard to describe just how good I actually felt.

I was sitting with Biloxi and Hood, who I had been chatting with about the day and such, but my focus was actually elsewhere right now, although truthfully, it had been for most of the conversation. I was focused on York… my… wife.

That was a thrilling thought in itself. My wife… finally. I could call her that to my heart’s content. The vampire was currently laughing and socializing with a group of familiar shipgirls a couple of meters away, all standing around the bar.

Wales, Howe, George and Monarch were all there, the sisters celebrating York and her marriage, and the new family we had formed. They, of course, were all now my sisters-in-law, which felt a little odd, but I don’t mind the thought.

They were all lovely women, polite and helpful. They really were great, and I was honoured to be a part of their family. I watch them chat for a while longer, and eventually York parts from them and comes back over with a bright smile, holding the sides of her wedding dress daintily.

“I thank thee for keeping mine newfound husband company, twas much appreciated.” Hood just smiles politely.

“Absolutely fine, my Duke. We were just asking the Commander about his thoughts on the day. It has been a busy one afterall.”

York laughs lightly. “That it has. But I trust my Adonis is finding it sufficiently rousing?”

I stand and give the bride a peck on the cheek as I hold her close. “Loving every second, you?”

“Tis as if I hath been blessed by Morphius into an eternal slumber of mine own design. A waking dream from which I wish to never rouse.”

I laugh. “I think I understood that, mostly…”

York tuts amused, while shaking her head in faux frustration. “I shalt be making sure thou upholds thy vows. Especially regarding thy knowledge of fine literature, thy new wife demands a scholared husband.” The vampire winks before taking my hand and leading us back to her sisters.

“Ahh. The groom! And what a lucky groom he is.” Wales smiles and laughs, as do the rest of them.

I smile politely as York stays close to my side, giving a hearty fanged smile. Monarch was still wearing that dashing red suit from earlier and sips on a glass of wine before speaking.

“I trust you shall take good care of our sister?”

York speaks before I can get a word in. “Of course, mine dear Monarch, doth not fret. My Adonis is very gentlemanly, I wouldst not hath wed him otherwise. But stay thy fledgling heart, I am, and always will be, a part of our family. Me being bound in wedlock doth not change that entitlement.”

Monarch blushes a little. “I wasn’t fretting… I just…” She breathes softly. “…worried a little. Marriage is a turning point, a new page in a book. You are my sister, and I love you deeply, as long as you are happy I’m happy. I have no doubts the Commander can care for you as well as any of us can.”

Wales grins. “Oh, he’ll ‘take care of her’ all right. I can only imagine what tonight will bring.”

Everyone ensembled blushes brightly aside from Wales and York, my wife simply smiling politely, with a familiar glimmer of smug in her eyes. “Please, dear Wales, people need not hear about our awaited consummation.”

Wales’s smile just widens, I suspect that she might have had a glass of wine too many to loosen her tongue, or perhaps she was just in a teasing mood, and was desperately trying to fluster York. Her efforts were fruitless if that was the case. My wife did not embarrass easy, only I knew how to most effectively elicit that blush, and even then, it was still sometimes a challenge.

“Oh come on York, you’re hardly a prude. Don’t you think it’s a little bit funny how everyone attending this afterparty knows that you two are going to be ravishing each other all night? I’ve always thought weddings were odd in that respect.”

York’s fanged smile doesn’t waver, a slight chuckle is all Wales manages to get out of the vampire. “Wales…” My sister-in-law holds her hands up, still grinning wildly.

“Sorry, won’t mention it again, honest.” The blonde knight says with complete insincerity, clearly still enjoying her own jokes, even if they didn’t get much of a reaction from York.

George, the knight commander speaks up brightly. “So, what’s next for the happy couple?”

“Well… honeymoon first. York wanted it nice and quiet, tranquil is the word she used.” York grins beside me. “So we’ve actually got something of a homecoming planned. A small trip around England, and a lovely idyllic cottage rented out. It’s unconventional perhaps, but honestly, it sounds great.”

My wife clasps my arm tighter, holding me close as she laughs lightly. “Indeed, I am greatly awaiting it. Tis going to be resplendent, and I do so enjoy reconnecting with thy land. Tis where we were all built after all.”

I smile and nod. “Then… after that? Well… I guess we’ll see. We’ll need a house for the two of us. My quarters doesn’t really meet the domestic married life vibe. We’re hoping to grab one of the new developments in town. It’s not far from the port, but enough to give us more of a work/life balance.”

“Oh?” Howe smiles sweetly. “That’s lovely! More time to yourselves, more room… perhaps eventually a smaller York will join us?”

Despite Wales’s best efforts, she hadn’t gotten as much as a blush out of York. Yet this innocent comment from Howe is what does it, her long ears immediately blazing red as she stammers.

“I… p-possibly… offspring is not something we hath planned… For now. Our workloads doth not make for acceptable parenthood currently.”

Yet, in typical York fashion, she manages to slip back into the façade of a cool composed noblewomen very quickly, and flashes a convincing smile.

“But that is the idea of our new abode. A fresh start, with room to grow and adapt to our respective futures and whatever the gods hath in store for our fates. And if that turns out to be a child… then we shalt be blessed.”

Howe just smiles warmly, as do the others, and I can feel my own cheeks heating up at the thought. Me and York had discussed this topic privately ourselves, and much like she had said to her sisters we had decided against it, temporarily at least.

When we had got the house, and when I managed to delegate more responsibility to some subordinates… then yes, we would try for a child, we wanted one, York especially. We were certain about that decision, but I understand why my wife was trying to be a bit vaguer about the subject for her sisters. No point getting them excited about something a few months away at the very least.

After that, me and York chat a little bit more with them before stepping back, and wandering around the large hall once more, greeting many guests on our way. Just as we thank Javelin and Ayanami for their well wishes, Bismarck walks up to us, an odd look of embarrassment mixed with guilt across her face.

“Kommandant. York.” She shakes our hands, giving a slight smile, but it still feels strained. “Congratulations on the wedding, and I can assure you, the Ironblood fleet in its entirety is happy for you. You have our full support and our blessing, our superiors simply don’t… understand you as we do.”

It was something of an odd statement, but my mind quickly deciphers the Ironblood Leader’s actions and words. “Bismarck, is this about the letter I received the other day? If so, you really need not worry, I know that had nothing to do with you.”

Her face looks down at the floor in shame before straightening up, taking comfort in my words. The letter I was referring to was one an urgent communique from Ironblood command, objecting to the wedding in the strongest terms. It was rather fanciful, describing York as a vampiric temptress who had woo’d me, and that my judgement on many matters would be swayed, and that my new loyalties would be dedicated to the Royal Navy exclusively.

It’s true that I now had something of a unique relationship with our allied faction. I was a bridge of sorts between the Eagle Union and them. But still, that did not mean my ability to command was impaired in any way, and the Ironblood had no right to complain until I proved them right. I was now a part of the Royal Navy in principle, and I held that position with true pride. But I was also a bi-partisan Commander of Azur Lane, and that meant I had authority over all factions’ navies, whether the politicians of such nations liked that or not.

“It’s politics. Don’t let it get to you Bismarck, truly. I know full well you’re happy for me, and none of the other kansen would doubt me like that. It’s just bluster, I ignored it the second I read it.”

Bismarck looks thoroughly relieved and gives a proper, bright smile before bowing politely. “My thanks Kommandant. And once again, congratulations. I really am happy for the both of you. It was about time our dearest CO found someone, and who better than you, the esteemed Duke of York. I wish you both the very best, in the name of the Ironblood fleet.”

She gives a polite bow once more before moving back into the crowd as York looks on amused. “My my. Intrigue and politics? How exciting and yet utterly boorish. Far more exciting in fiction.” The vampire giggles at my side. “Tis true thou art a member of her majesty’s navy now though, even if just in title alone. How doth it feel, for thy allegiance to switch on the company thy keeps? Thy conversations with her highness shalt be rife with interest from now on.”

“I have one true side. Yours. You should know that.” The battleship’s lips tug upwards in the smallest smile, a fang peeking out before she pecks me on the cheek. She wasn’t wrong though, my meetings with Queen Elizabeth would certainly be interesting, I was both an inferior… and superior.

“A resourceful and romantic answer, my Adonis. Twould appear I hath trained thee well.” Another light laugh, which is cut off as two figures approach us and York turns to greet the new additions to the conversation.

It seemed never-ending, the well-wishers and greetings. But I suppose there was a lot of kansen… The new couple was a welcome sight though, Enterprise and Belfast, arm in arm next to each other, the maid’s hand around Enterprise's waist as the eagle union carrier blushes.

They were a relatively new couple, and clearly Enterprise was still acclimatizing to public displays of affection. I had been much the same with York… Sometimes I still was…

“York! Commander! I’m sure you are sick of hearing it, but congratulations!” Belfast’s smile is radiant as she hails us and Enterprise gives a blushing smile and wishes us well too.

“Quite the opposite, it’s nice that everyone means us well. Besides, you know this one.” I motion to York at my side. “She bathes in the attention.” York me a quick elbow but laughs.

“Hmm. Perhaps. I shalt not comment on such notions. But, in theory, if I was to bathe in said attention, tis only because I am honoured by our relationship and the attention it brings. Twould be no fault of my own.”

Belfast giggles. “Good to know that even a short few hours of marriage haven’t changed either of you.”

“I believe the floor is being cleared for the first dance of the evening, yours, of course.” Belfast was correct, the centre of the ballroom was indeed being cleared, making space for people to dance. But as was tradition, the husband and wife would be dancing together first for the duration of the first song, as everyone watched…

I had to admit, I was a little nervous. My dancing wasn’t bad… I had improved significantly since our very first time. York had delighted in accompanying me to several balls when we had been dating, and teaching me the etiquette of such events while taking the chance to improve my footwork. But I still struggled with the stress, I think I let it get to my head…

“Mine Adonis is nervous, but he worries too much. He doth not flower in the limelight like me. But alas, he dost realise how brightly he shines, like the full moon in a dull clear sky.”

I’m not surprised the vampiress knew I was nervous about it, she could probably hear my blood pumping at the prospect. Enterprise gives a cute smile.

“You’ll be fine Commander. Just enjoy it. Ignore the crowd, focus on York. I know you’ll do great. Besides, so what if you mess up? It’ll just be a funny story to add to your wedding memories.”

Belfast laughs as York gives a slight fanged grin. “Indeed. The carrier speaks well. Focus on your beloved, my visage, it shalt not lead thee astray, that I can promise thee.”

The vampiress leads me by the hand, clearing the crowds as Belfast and Enterprise smile and wave at us as we come into the centre of the room, the ballroom floor which had been cleared in preparation.

I can feel the murmurings of conversation between the kansen die down as they turn and watch us, and all the gazes in the grand hall fall on me and newlywed wife.

York leans in close, taking my other hand and facing me in the traditional pose for a waltz. She tuts lightly in my ear, her hot breath sending shivers down my spine. “Easy, my Adonis. Doth not focus on the masses. Calm thy heartbeat, tis making me salivate with thirst.”

I didn’t need to ask her what she was thirsty for…

“Sorry York. It’s just I’m not very confident at dancing… you know that.” I mutter quietly back to her.

“Confidence tis a folly unless it is earnt. It is actually wise to be nervous. But it is also the day of our matrimony. Tell me, my Adonis, doth thy trust me?”

“Yes.” I answer immediately with no hesitation.

“Then relax. Just like our first dance, I shall steer this ship. Thy heart not need to flutter and fray. I am here, by your side, just as always, and just as I always will be.” Light classical music starts echoing around the hall, and it seems vaguely familiar, prompting me to search my memories for the sound.

York must note the look of recognition on my face because she chuckles lightly. “Apologies. Twas too symbolic to not request. Our first dance as Husband and Wife, to the same delightful tune as our first dance. That day holds a very special place in my heart after all~”

Our bodies cling together as I hold her close, our feet parallel as we start to move slowly around the ballroom floor, my own body following York’s exactly as she guides me.

“As it does mine.” I speak the truth, it was a very memorable day. Especially seeing York in a fancy dress for the very first time… “Say, who is it by?”

I can practically hear the groan, and she even rolls her eyes a little. “Dear me. Johann Strauss the second, darling. One of the most famous and influential composers of light music… Truly, thy education must hath been dire.”

A smile quickly forms on her face. “Although, what my Adonis lacks in classical knowledge, he certainly makes up for in footwork. Thy technic is perfect, form strong, much improved. All down to thy teacher I imagine~”

She gives a quiet laugh as the music continues to play and we turn, spinning and weaving for at least another minute until York whispers again, her tone contemplative, dripping with nostalgia and feeling. “Our first dance. That… that was the first time I called you my Adonis. Remember?”

“I do. In front of Monarch? After the… um… bathroom.”

York chuckles. “Ah. The first time I allowed thee to caress me. No wonder thou remembers that night fondly.” She pauses as we turn, the music becoming quieter, then waiting for it to become louder to cover our conversation from the prying eyes around the room.

“But yes. I must admit in my folly, I did it to claim you. To insinuate to my sibling that thou was spoken for on a deeper level. Twas foolhardy and childish. And yet, I hath no regrets. About any of it, feeding on you, becoming dependant on you, bonding as we did, even acting as I did. Selfish perhaps, but alas, one cannot change the heart easily.”

“I wouldn’t take back a second York. Not one moment. It led us here, didn’t it?”

“That it did my Adonis. Bound in wedlock. Shackled to one another through our mutual love, what a beautiful cage it is. One I will happily reside in for eternity.”

We continue our dance for a while longer before the music comes to an end and the crowd gives its applause loudly. York grins at them, holding my hand as she turns and bows like a street performer having pulled off a great magic trick, before turning and giving me a short kiss on the lips.

And what a lovely kiss it was the kiss… of my wife.

The afterparty had lasted a good long while, with plenty of more conversations, congratulations, dances and drink. But eventually, guests had begun to filter back to their dorms, and with an air of anticipation, me and York had headed upstairs by ourselves.

The Royal Navy’s gala hall had rooms of all shapes and sizes, and one of these rooms had been organized as a grand bridal suite, which is where we were heading, arm in arm, to spend the first night of our married life together.

We reach the door, and I notice even York looks a little heated, her neck glowing red, her breath starting to quicken. We both knew what awaited us… as Wales had tactfully pointed out…

“Art thou going to carry me over the threshold?”

“Isn’t that for home or something?”

York pouts a little. “Yes, but we do not have a true home, not quite yet. Tis our wedding night! Humour me~” She widens her beautiful eyes for effect and I cannot deny her. I never could…

I unlock the door and push it open, revealing the luxurious room and king size bed placed at the far end, hidden in darkness. I reach around, flicking the light switch on before bending down and bracing myself as I attempt to pick York up in a bridal carry, her wedding dress feeling soft in my hands.

I’m not the strongest guy alive, it has to be said, so I do struggle with the full weight of York in my arms, but I tough it out and struggle through the door as York watches me amused at my performance.

“Perhaps thou should put me down now. You’ll be tired before we hath even touched one another, nevermind made love.”

York laughs at her own joke, before the entire room crashes back into darkness, the light switch having been flipped.

What the hell!? I can no longer feel York’s weight either, and it takes me a second to realise that she had used her kansen speed to vanish from my arms, close the door, and turn the lights off.

“York?” I squint into the darkness of the bridal suite trying to find her in this impromptu game of hide and seek, but can’t make out anything.

Until two red glowing eyes appear in the darkness, just near where I think the bed is and a deep throaty growl echoes around the room, sending chills down my spine. I stumble forwards, but don’t get far as the pinpricks of red disappear and reappear in a different corner of the room.

I felt like prey… she was playing with me, letting her vampire side loose a little, and truthfully, it was pretty hot, as disconcerting as it was arousing.

“Mine Adonis~ I hath waited many moons for this night. And even rationed thy blood… Wales was… uncouth earlier, but not wrong in her word choice. I do indeed intend to ravish you, my husband at last.

I blink, and I’m suddenly lying in the bed, a weight atop me that can only be York, I can feel her hands holding my own down above my head as she wraps something around them. She moves her hands, but I find that my own are still bound, held up to the headboard by something.

“Kinky. Didn’t realise this was the plan.”

“Oh this? This is simply recompense.” Her voice rings out from in front of me, but I still can’t see anything but the faintest outline of her form and her weight on my chest.

Then, all of a sudden, a hot wet sensation in my left ear, immediately switching for my right, then left again. Short, sweet licks of her tongue, finished off by the scraping feeling of her fangs on my earlobe.

Warm breath tickles my ear as I shudder and my wife whispers. “Thou art so obsessed with mine ears, I thought it pertinent to return the favour. All is fair in marriage after all~”

Another lick, deeper and slower this time, and my breath catches in my throat. “Yoorrkkkk…” I half-laugh, half beg. Having my hands tied as my new wife played with me exclusively using her tongue was interesting, but I wanted far… far more than that.

Then her lips press into mine and I kiss her blindly, just going with the flow as she dominates, using her tongue to great effect, moaning lightly into it.

Her lips trail downward, kissing and nibbling till they reach their destination, my throat. I can feel her breath pause as she places her face against the skin, relishing the feel of my blood flowing before giving the area a big, long lick up to my chin, tickling me.

She continues playing with my ears, licking and nobbling exquisitely. It’s absolute torture of the best kind. Mine weren’t sensitive like hers, but I still had my limits, and my body was struggling to contain myself as I whimpered and moaned, the hot tongue caressing every part of neck and ears was too much. It really was revenge for the times I had done the exact same to her…

Suddenly, my hands are free, and the beside lamp is turned on illuminating York, red-eyed and hungry atop me, clad in her wedding dress as she stares at me, lust and love mixing in her eyes. As it turns out, she had used the sash from the dress to tie my hands to the bedpost before.

“Enough of my jesting. I must feed. Will my newfound husband allow me a taste of his blood red nectar? Bearing in in mind his new spouse will be most annoyed if he declines.” York gives me a knowing look.

“Of course~” I smile and wrap an arm around her midriff, pulling her down for another kiss. It’s short, but still pleasant. Still, I sense her impatience, her thirst, and she quickly pulls away to place her mouth on my neck once more.

He eyes flick to me, still burning a bright crimson as she makes sure I’m ready, a caring shine to her gaze, before sinking her fangs into my neck painfully. My hands grip the sheets tightly as my body struggles to contain the natural reaction to escape the pain, squirming slightly as York tries to keep me still.

Her one hand holds me steady as the other rests on my chest soothingly, directly over my heart. The pain doesn’t last long, it never did.

The pleasant sensation, the wave of calm bliss envelopes me slowly, starting at the bite and quickly covering me completely. York stops holding me down and lets me free as she drinks hungrily, lapping at my neck.

The vampiress pulls away, blood dripping from her fangs and down her chin, staining her pure white wedding dress before speaking softly.

“Only my Adonis could taste so delectable, thou understands that? Sweet and more-ish, thy blood tastes of affection and love in its purest form. I could never have another’s. It would taste bland and sickly, in comparison to my beloved.”

A growl of hunger, and she returns to my neck, drinking until she eventually pulls herself away, spilling yet more of my blood on her wedding dress, effectively ruining it, the deep red spots of red dripping down the silken material.

“I will stop myself for now, thou art ok? Not to weak or pained?” York caresses my cheek lovingly, concern etched into her visage as her turquoise eyes return.

“Fine. More than fine… we’re…” I swallow and grin goofily. “Married… It’s hard to believe.”

York laughs heartily. “Indeed. And I do believe it is time we… consummated that marriage, don’t you think?”

“You mean we weren’t going to just have a nap in this lovely bridal suite? I’m positively shocked that you would be so lewd~” I put on a tone of faux shock, unable to keep the mirth out of my voice as I joke.

Another beautiful laugh from between her lips. “My… oh, my Adonis. I do value how thou never fails to make me laugh. Tis good nourishment for the soul. But I hath not been a vestal virgin for some time, we hardly waited till wedlock did we? But that doesn’t mean tonight isn’t meaningful, or that it cannot be alot of fun…”

York saddles next to me, lying on her side, body pressed against my own as we make out. A slow and gentle pace. My wife knows exactly what gets me going, brushing her fangs against my lower lip several times.

The taste of her lips, her mouth… it’s intoxicating as always, but there’s an extra layer excitement. Our first time in bed… as a married couple. York was right, it was still meaningful, and very special.

My hand joins her own, thumbing over the shiny wedding ring, enjoying twirling it, just the very sight of it on her finger bringing tightening my chest with pride.

My York… My beautiful, refined noblewomen, with a heart of gold and a vampiric hunger she kept bound for the good of all.

I truly wouldn’t change any of her… not for a second. Not her inner vampire, not her cute smiles and even cuter blushes. Every part was perfect. It’s why I had married her afterall…

---XXX Start---

Her hands break from mine after a time, her own gaze admiring our rings, the proof of our matrimony, before starting to slowly feel my body up, gliding across the fabric of my suit and deftly starting to undo it.

She starts at the top, undoing buttons at a graceful, but lightning-fast pace. Before I can even react, my shirt is off, and she has unzipped my trousers as she lightly nibbles and kisses at my neck, my own hands just holding her, appreciating her closeness and the love she was showing.

Her fingers dive into my boxers, pulling my hard co*ck out into the open air with a cute fanged grin. Her usual bravado and sultry look is diminished, and I can see a light red hue settling on her cheeks.

She was nervous. Our first night as a married couple… it came with a lot of pressure, pressure for it to be good I suppose. We never had any issues in the bedroom, we seemed to be very compatible, but still…

And a part of it is also excitement if I was to guess. Her eyes certainly have a warm anticipation to them as she smiles. “Already hard~ A lady doth appreciate knowing she is lusted for.”

A hesitant breath flows from her mouth, eyes taking my whole body in as brighter blush forms as she starts to slowly coil her fingers tighter around my shaft, starting to pump slowly. “Is… this ok? Not too tight or fast?”

I have to bite my lip and grunt in pleasure before responding. “Perfect… just like you.”

Her ears sear red as she battles to get control of herself. “Flattery will get you everything dear~” I loved that side to her… breaking past the noblewomen as seeing her blush was a pleasure that was rare, and not many got to see.

Her hand speeds up, taking the leaking precum from my tip and using it to lube up her movements, wet sounds starting to echo around the room as her grip also tightens. Watching her jack me off was a sight and a half, fangs digging into her lower lip as her nipples harden, concentrating hard on pleasuring me, all while being turned on so, so much.

York soon slows to a halt though, having gotten me going, before sliding down the bed, positioning her head by my groin, eyes looking up at me in lust and adoration. “My thy wife, suck thy co*ck?

I laugh and nod. “I hardly expected thy answer to be different. A testament to my skilled lips and tongue no doubt~”

The vampiress wastes no time, gripping my balls tightly in one hand, the base of my shaft in another, and lowering her lips to my tip. She makes sure to watch me the whole time, flicking a bit of pink hair over her shoulder and opening her mouth wide so I can see her fangs clearly, my co*ck perfectly sliding between them and into her mouth.

Hot and wet, not tight, but lovely and soothing on my sensitive areas is how I would describe my wife’s mouth. Her gentle sucking combined with the skill of tongue lapping at my shaft does wonders. I can’t help but buck my hips a little, trying to get just a little deeper.

She accommodates me, while making sure to occasionally graze the side of dick with a fang, the contrast between the vampiric feature and her soft lips is exquisite. York’s eyes close as she hums, loving the taste and the smell, taking it all in as she holds me still on her tongue, the vibrations from her throat sending me crazy.

f*ck me… this was the life. Having your vampire wife slowly and gently bring you to org*sm between your legs, mouth working diligently to get you off.

I can feel a climax building as she bobs her head, beautiful pink hair flowing with her as she keeps a perfect pace, edging me spectacularly. Everytime my co*ck twitches, she slows, just enough to stop me cumming right into her waiting mouth.

Then all of a sudden my co*ck is hit with cold air as York pulls back, leaving my dick with a spit shine as drool continues to drip down onto my balls.

“Apologies, but I just wanted to try something, care to indulge my inquisitiveness?”

My voice is shaky, but I nod. “Sure. What did you have in mind?”

She pulls back further still, then tilts her head just the slightest amount, giving me a blushing, but cheeky grin as she gently runs her ear down my already soaked and sensitive shaft.

It’s a unique sensation, but perhaps what turns me on even more is the shudder I see run through York’s entire body as she does it. I knew her ears were incredibly sensitive, so coupled with the taste of me in her mouth… the musk… then the warmth of my hard co*ck pressing against her ear… it must be incredibly intense for her.

“F-f*ck…” It always made me chuckle when I heard York swear. It seemed so unlike her when I had first met her, it wasn’t a common occurrence, but happened far more often than she would admit too.

She swaps sides and does it again, letting the mix of her own saliva and my precum leave a trail on her ear as she gently nuzzles and rubs my co*ck with her ear, before mixing it up by just nuzzling it with her face and lips, before once again returning to her other ear.

This whole display had me on edge as she almost worshipped my co*ck, whimpering and moaning as her whole body shudders, breath ragged as she tries to keep herself composed. Another stroke of my co*ck against her very sensitive ear is all it takes, and an even bigger shudder runs through her as she cries out.

Her org*sm, or… eargasm? Doesn’t last long, but it’s enough. Seeing my wife in such pleasure, making such lewd noises takes me over the edge, and I cum straight onto her face, covering both her ear and face in ropes of warm white load.

Some don’t make their mark, and cover the beautiful wedding dress, although, it was already looking a little dishevelled, and a faint damp patch had already started to appear by her crotch. Had she squirted through her panties when she org*smed?

Either way, we both smelled of sex and looked the part too now, but neither of us cared.

York’s grin widens as she looks down at her dress, her breath still quick as she recovers from her org*sm. “Oh dear… my dress…” She shrugs. “No matter. Twas going to be ruined by eve’s end anyway. Hardly like I need it anymore…”

She quickly hikes the dress up, revealing her white garters and intricate lacy panties, which indeed have a sopping wet patch, revealing her cameltoe.

As she does, her hand tries to catch most of the cum on her face and deposit into her mouth to taste, and shuffles atop me once more.

“Now, I’m going to ride my husband’s dick. Thy little sparrow is not so little, and I wish to feel thy lustful serpent inside me, art thou prepared to have the first taste of thy wife’s perfect sex, dripping with need for her spouse? A true show of our matrimonial bond, joined together, inside each other?”

“I think you know the answer to that.” I smile as she does, simply opting to lower herself onto my dick, piercing herself on it as her folds wrap around my tip, enveloping me in her familiar and loving warmth as her panties are pulled aside.

She looked good on top of me, looking so good in that dress. It means I can’t really see where we are joined, but I can certainly feel it. Her puss* was as tight and inviting as it always was.

York moans a little as she closes her eyes. “My oh my… I think marriage has made thee bigger.” She chuckles. “Or perhaps I am simply so besot by the idea of f*cking my new husband that I am extra sensitive~”

She gives her hips an experimental wiggle as I sink deeper into her baby-making hole, York doing the work as she rolls her whole body, her c*nt tightening and loosening in tandem as she does.

God, it feels good. She felt so damn good. I had only ever felt York… but I didn’t care. This was so good, I could never want for more. How could I?

She was my life… her feeling divine around my co*ck was a happy bonus, but I loved everything about her as well as her body. It didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous as well of course.

Her breasts bounce inside the pure white dress, rather ironically signifying purity as she shows just how impure she was, riding a co*ck skillfully and expertly. Each time her hips slammed down on my groin, lightning bolts of pleasure shot into my balls and through my body.

Each time seemed deeper and more intense than the last. York was right… something about this felt… different. We were married… and maybe that excitement, that knowledge, changed things somehow? But my wife was trying to milk my co*ck dry, and at this rate, it wouldn’t even take that long.

York hooks a hand into her corset-like dress and lets her large breasts tumble out, nipples hard in the air as they bounce free of the confines of the dress. It’s an intoxicating sight that just makes me even harder.

Her own climax comes out of the blue, one minute, she’s ridding me with abandon, leaning down as her pink hair cascades around her, giving me a kiss, trying to form words but only moans of pleasure slipping out.

The next, York has stopped, puss* clenching tight like a vice around my throbbing co*ck as my balls churn, eventually releasing my second load straight into her waiting womb, coating her fully and completely with the hot white seed she had wanted.

Her soft breathing on my chest is adorable as she orientates herself, and I give the top of her head a loving smooch. “You ok?”

York gives a quiet laugh. “Almost reminds me of our first time. Thou questions were constant and irksome, and yet, I did truly appreciate thy care. Yes, I am fine~”

She gathers the strength to pop off my co*ck lewdly, spilling some sem*n out of her creampied folds as she does before kissing me deeply, tongue getting a feel for my mouth once more.

The vampiress pulls back, and I’m surprised to see an off expression on her face. Embarrassment.

Her face is a deep red, and she looks very uncertain of herself.

“My Adonis… When I said I was hardly a pure virgin… that was true. But there is something thou can take on this blessed night of matrimony if thou so wishes.”

I can’t help but look a little confused, and York elaborates as her ears steam. “My… ass. A-anal sex? We hath never indulged in such acts. And I never brought up the topic, but now we have such an opportunity, I have actually saved a part of myself for you… if my husband would like such a thing to honour tradition, of sorts.”

Oh… I see. I blush almost as much as her. “U-um. Yea, if you're certain. And I mean it. Don’t think that just because it’s… tonight you need to do everything. If there’s anything you don’t want, don’t force it for me.”

York nods her head, still furiously bashful, and I have to admit, I’m kind of loving seeing her like this.

“Oh indeed. But I think thou will find very little my devious side is not eager to indulge in. I am fine with…” She swallows, trying to think of a more elegant way to describe, and clearly failing. “Butt stuff… but I am completely new to such things. So care and speed will be paramount yes? I have prepared myself in advance… in case you did wish to take me up on my offer. I am a romantic still, and giving a part of myself like that on our blessed night of union still felt right.”

“So how do you want to…”

York smiles before getting onto her hands and knees on the bed and beckoning for me to sit up and position myself behind her. “Like so should be adequate. Can you… use thy fingers first? Get me used to it…”

I can tell, as much as she said she wanted to try this, and give a part of herself away that she hadn’t before, she was still nervous. Her rump shakes a little as I peel the dress up over her rear and pull the white panties down to her knees, soaking in the sight of her twitching puss*, still freshly dripping with my cum.

Her puckered hole winks at me, almost twitching with nerves and excitement itself. “York… take breath.”

She does, trying to calm herself, and I can see her cute anus visibly relax, becoming less taunt as I run a finger around the outside, making her jump at the touch.

I grab some handy lube from the bedside table, something I had noticed that was there when we entered. It was a bridal suite afterall I suppose… Nobody was naïve as to what went on in this room.

I squirt a small amount on my finger and start working my finger into her tight ass, just trying to open her up a little. I already wanted to shove my co*ck in, I could just imagine how tight my wife’s virgin ass would be, and I honestly didn’t know why I hadn’t asked about anal sex in the past…

But I was glad, this worked out perfectly, and I know York was happy, as odd as it was, to be able to still give me some form of her purity on our wedding night.

My finger slides into her bowels easily enough. It’s warm, and just stupidly tight, but I try my luck adding another finger before checking on my partner.

“Feels ok?”

York nods, her fangs digging into her lip as she backs her shapely ass into my hand. “It’s… nice. Such debauchery, but so pleasant. Can you go deeper?”

I obey, going down to my knuckle and trying to actively spread her ass, stretching her ready for my co*ck. I add yet another finger, but decide to stop there, 3 was more than enough, and should mean she can take my member comfortably.

I start idly thrusting with my fingers, f*cking her asshole with my hand as her body shakes, a small moan slipping from between her fangs.

“Adonis…. My ass… I wouldst never expected such pleasure…” Her puss* squirts a little onto the bed, vagin*l juice running down her thighs and ruining her garters. “I… I think I can take thy serpent now.”

I laugh at her choice of words, but shift onto my knees and position my dick by her backdoor, stopping to taste her ass on my fingers as I do, sucking every last bit.

“I’ll be slow, and gentle, ok?”

York just nods and lowers her head to the pillow, raising her ass so I can better thrust inwards, my tip just slipping inside of the tight rectum.

And how tight it is… I wouldn’t be surprised if the blood flow is cut. You can tell she has never done much or any anal play before. It’s incredible, so pleasurable it’s almost painful.

And with every tiny bit of co*ck I manage to stuff into her ass, the deeper I get, and the tighter it seems. Her breath is incredibly shaky, and each bit of dick I add into her bowels makes her moan and shudder on the bed.

“Easy, easy…” I soothe her by stroking her back softly, giving her shoulder blades a loving kiss as I inch myself closer and closer to being fully sheathed inside my vampiric wife’s ass.

Eventually, I manage it and immediately praise her. “I’m all in York… f*ck it’s good. You ok?”

York manages a snicker. “It truly is like our first time… I am fine, truly. Just keep being slow. I don’t want to tear anything you understand? But by Aphrodite does it fill me up. I feel even more stuffed than usual… it’s so tight, like pressing on me from the inside. Tis glorious, if a little sensitive.”

“Ok. Don’t worry, slow and gentle is absolutely what I want.” I’m pretty sure I’d rip my dick off if I tried to pound her too hard anyway, she was so damn tight!

I start to pull out, and thrust in again, trying to set a slow gentle rhythm, and mostly succeeding as we rock against each other on the bed. It wasn’t the most romantic position for married sex, but it was hot…

My balls slap her ass as the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoes around the room as I pump her ass full, my pace slowly increasing bit by bit, and York’s moans getting louder and louder. Her breasts making a slapping sound as they rock underneath her, her tit* looking even more appetizing than normal.

It felt so good… and I could see York’s puss* leaking juices rapidly, she was close to cumming. Even as I think that, her ass clenches and she shudders, the vampire cumming from just her ass being f*cked alone.

Her entire ass tightens as she does, her body backing into me as much as possible as she comes, thrusting back onto my balls as I pierce even deeper into her hot tight bowels. It’s too much, and too tight, and I see white for just a second as I climax once more, this time filling my wife’s anus with plenty of my cum, meaning both her holes are filled to capacity.

The tight seal of her ass means none slips out, at least until I pull out, then a sizeable portion does indeed burst forth, ruining the bed, and her blood and cum-stained wedding dress, although in all honesty, that was hotter than anything right now. So thoroughly coated in my blood and cum, and even stains York's own juices. The dress was ruined, but I loved how it looked on her still...

---XXX End---

I collapse down by York with a sigh, covered in sweat, just like her. It hadn’t felt that long, but in reality, we had already been going for a fair while. Maybe it was time we got sleep?

I kiss the side of her neck lovingly, before giving her sensitive ear the lightest smooch, careful with the erogenous zone. “Was it everything you wanted?”

“Indeed, my Adonis. Indeed. The night, and the day. Twas all perfect…” She turns to face me so I can see her shining, radiant visage, so visibly happy as she holds her hand up with her wedding ring for show, before we touch noses.

“I did tell thee thy nerves were trite. The day was bound to be perfection. Because I had you.”

I smile. “I know, I know. But you know me… I wanted it to be perfect for you. But I’m glad it was… and so glad you feel that way. I love you York.”

“I love you too, my little sparrow, my Commander, My husband… My Adonis.”

All of sudden, she seems to recover some energy from her previous breathlessness and is nibbling at my neck once more, leaving little fang marks all over it as I squirm, loving the teasing little pricks of pain that her sharp teeth produce.

“But do no make the mistake of believing we are done. That would truly be foolish… I did say all night, did I not?

York can tell exactly where my mind has gone to, flicking through all the bright and happy memories in seconds as she watches me reminisce, our mental connection meaning she can see them too. She wears a smug grin befitting her. She can feel every feeling I had felt at that time, our marriage was, and always would be one of my most treasured moments, and I know for a fact, she feels the same.

As I finally refocus on the present, tearing myself away from our lewd but loving wedding night, I feel York’s breath on my face, cuddled on the sofa as close as we were, our bodies pressed close… It was more than a little distracting, especially given where my thoughts had lain mere moments ago.

“I love you.”

“I know. And I love you too, my Adonis~” Her smile is radiant before it slips into a sultrier look, her lips finding mine once more as we slowly grind against each other, arms wrapped around each other’s back as we start to dishevel the sofa, tongues locked in battle, as I try my best to caress her fangs.

York pulls away softly, leaving me wanting, bucking into her body needily. I wonder why she had stopped, a delectable teasing mirth to her visage. But just as I’m about to take her into another kiss, our daughter suddenly strides into the room, a look of exasperation clear as day on her cute little face, making the reason York had stopped our steamy make-out session clear.

“Something the matter trouble?” I quickly sit up and ruffle her pink hair and she pouts adorably. She was just as much my life’s treasure as York was, and when she had one of these expressions on her face, I loved her all the more for how cute it was.

She holds up several sheets of paper with questions on. “Miss gave us homework… but I don’t get it. I’m stuck on question eight. Are you allowed to help me?”

I shrug as York laughs lightly. “No harm I suppose. Let’s have a look.” Marya hands me the paper and I quickly scan it. It’s very basic maths, and I understand most of the questions and answers. Addition and subtraction, with a couple of harder multiplications.

But my daughter had answered all of those questions correctly. Question eight was indeed significantly more difficult, posed as an ‘advanced’ question, it was a basic find X question, simple algebra really. Which should’ve been easy, but at a glance didn’t really make sense.

I scratch my head and ponder while trying not to let on to Marya that I didn’t actually know the answer. “I… see.” I mutter.

York sits up on the sofa and looks over my shoulder at the sheet of paper, her entire voice dripping with amusem*nt and smugness. “Hmph. Thy father hath no clue, shouldst I fetch a dunce hat perchance?”

Damn mind reading! My wife indeed knew that I was stumped by the question.

I blush and try to protest, but quickly fail. “Fine. I don’t really get it. Why don’t you show us how it’s done then if you’re so smart.”

I give York the paper as Marya giggles at my failure, delighted to have something she can make fun of me for. Little adorable devil.

“Is Dad dumb?”

“No!” I exclaim with an annoyed grumble, only for the vampiress next to me to immediately speak up.

“Very.” York responds dryly while grinning heartily, her eyes scanning the paper as she does.

Marya just finds this extra hilarious and hops onto the sofa with me, laughing as she sits on my lap, watching York work.

Her brow furrows, a rare look of annoyance crossing her face, and I lightly pull at the thread connecting us, and immediately confirm what I suspected. She didn’t have a clue either!

“You don’t know either!” York looks thoroughly embarrassed and tries her best to refute the accusation.

“Nonsense. Unlike my dear husband, I am not befuddled by elementary school questions. I am merely…”

I raise a brow in scepticism, and even Marya gives her a knowing look, perched on my lap and York immediately gives in.

“Fine, fine. Tis nonsensical. I find my intellect defeated. Such a trite question anyway. Just ignore it, perhaps thy teacher made a mistake.”

She hands the paper back to Marya, but I have another solution. “How about we call Souryuu and ask?”

Marya immediately jumps at that. “Oh oh oh! Can I play with her ears!” The young half-vampire had taken a great liking to Souryuu and Hiryuu’s bunny ears, delighting in playing with the floppy things wherever possible.

“No no, we’ll just call her on the phone. She’ll be busy. Maybe you can ask Hiryuu tomorrow.” Marya pouts but doesn’t look too disheartened, and I quickly fish out my phone to ask.

As it turned out, the sharp-minded carrier immediately told us it was unsolvable and was indeed a mistake. York was greatly pleased about this, announcing that she was clearly right, and obviously the smartest one in our household…

I wasn’t going to hear the end of that for the whole day, was I?

Blood Red Lust - Chapter 16 - kas110 - 碧蓝航线 (2024)


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