What to do Prior to Your First Camping Trip

For some people, camping can seem like a more daunting prospect than visiting the dentist, as it
conjures up bad, preconceived images. But with good preparation and advice, camping is really

If you are worried about ferrying your things to a campsite, the possibility of mud or rain, how to
prepare a half-decent meal, or how to keep warm, then worry no more. We’ve compiled several
more details and tips that we hope can inspire you to try out the camping lifestyle.

Before you get to your campsite:

Pack wisely: Although it’s vital to have the basics, you don’t have to pack as though you’re
going on a 6-month trip to Antarctica. Be efficient and sensible when packing and avoid stress.
And have a checklist.

Make sure to not forget essentials such as your sleeping bag, tent, camping mat, wellies,
toiletries, a toothbrush, and pillows.

The same case applies to buying your camping gear. People camping for the first time can be like
greenhorn golfers who feel the need to splash out on every little gadget available. While it’s our
hope that you’ll use your camping gear again, it’s costly if you’re not going to use the gear
much. Just keep it simple: purchase only essential items and increase your camping gear over

A brilliant suggestion for first-time campers is to pick a campsite that’s near a hardware shop.
This way, you’ll easily be able to grab one or two items in case you’re not well prepared.

Prepare for rain: Many conspiracy theorists will have you believe that Mother Nature likes to
wreak havoc on campers—some even say that the mere presence of campers at a campsite might
provide relief to areas with drought. To ensure you beat Mother Nature, be ready for wet weather

First of all, ensure that you have a rainproof tent before leaving. Pack boots and a raincoat and
put some spare attire in a waterproof carrier for additional insurance.

Make sure to pack one or two tarpaulins; these are also important for protecting against the wind
and the sun. And bring along ziplock bags and plastic bags—they are always useful for storing
things when it rains.

Keep in mind that the weather may be: Although the weather forecast may
predict a number of warm days, you should always be ready for interchangeable weather while
camping. Warm attire may even be needed when camping in the summer. In certain areas,
overnight temperatures can plummet quicker than a waterfall.

Year-round things worth packing for your camping trip include a comfortable chair and earplugs.

Expect all conditions: Considering the extremes in weather, have back-up activities if the
weather isn’t favorable to you. A bored camper isn’t a delighted camper.

Make a checklist of cooking items: Keep in mind that you might be unable to access all your
regular cooking equipment and utensils—so make a list of vital items. And be practical as
plastic/disposable crockery, cutlery, mugs, and cups are perfect when camping.

Go with family or friends: If you’ve got experienced campers among your friends or family, it
wouldn’t hurt to ask them to join you on your first camping trip. They’ll probably have the
equipment and knowhow to help ensure your trip is a success. Moreover, having other children
of the same age as yours on the campsite can keep everyone happy.

Consider having a trial run: Especially when camping with kids. Even a simple task such as
pitching a tent at your backyard can really help to make things easier when time for the actual
thing comes.

Pitch your tent: Make sure to pitch your tent on a nearby field or at home to get a clue of any
issues that need addressing. This will also provide you with valuable pitching practice.

Check the rules: No matter if you’re heading to a festival, campsite, or wild camping, be sure to
check any applicable rules on your stay to ensure all your gear is compliant.

Do bear in mind that every camper is different and that even though these tips can be helpful,
they might not affect what makes your camping trip as exciting as possible. Be ready for much
trial and error because in everything you do, practice makes perfect.