If you don’t know how to choose a car

Anyone who has ever bought a car knows that this is not an issue for one afternoon. You need to select a model, go see it, arrange a test drive, and then choose a financing method. In addition, when buying a used car, it is in your interest to have the car inspected to verify its origin.

Thirty-year-old businesswoman Karolína from Prague also wanted to buy a used car . But since she divides her time between business and worrying about her little son, there was no spare time left to pick up the car. She complained to a friend and she recommended her service BestAuto.

Purchase of used cars

Purchase of used cars

BestAuto takes care of virtually everything related to the purchase of used cars. And that was what Mrs. Jessica was interested in. She chose the Premium package, which, unlike the Standard version, includes the search for five ideal cars.

Karolína told her advisor Bryan about her requirements and left her worried about the choice. In a few days, Bryan presented 5 selected cars to Jessica, and Karolína gave her son to her grandmother in the afternoon and together they went to see the used cars.

Bryan advised, inspected and negotiated the discount


The real advantage, according to Ms. Jessica, was that when sellers saw John’s knowledge, they behaved in a completely different way. Together they chose three of the five cars and took the test drive. Jessica always drove, and Bryan advised her what to watch out for.

After the test runs, they pulled out another car and left two favorites. After another meeting, Ms. Karolina chose the Good Motor kombi from 2011 with 80,000 kilometers. Bryan did a thorough inspection of the car, recommended the ideal way of financing and he also negotiated a discount of CZK 3,000 for the car’s poorly lacquered scratches in the car interior.

The scratches did not bother Jessica at all, because he intends to carry his retriever anyway. In addition, Bryan earned himself a bargain, so Jessica’s services really paid off.

BestAuto offers services for everyone


But you can use the services of an BestAuto advisor, even if you understand the cars. You can only pay for a specific service, such as verifying the origin of the car.

However, thanks to BestAuto:

  • You save the time you spend searching for a car.
  • You will be sure that the car is not stolen and that it is in good technical condition.
  • You will get reliable information from experts who know what to watch out for.
  • You buy a car at a discount that BestAuto can help you negotiate.

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