How to Nail the Perfect Wedding Reception

Thousands of couples walk down the aisle every year in Manchester. You might think that the smiles on their faces and the glamor surrounding them comes easy…it doesn’t. Trying to plan the perfect wedding isn’t an easy affair. The wedding is just a start – a perfect wedding requires a perfect reception to match. Let us focus on planning the perfect reception, and the ingredients that make it a success.

Come Up With a Budget

You need to have a realistic budget when it comes to the wedding reception. Make sure you know the price estimate of each item you need. Ensure you do comparison shopping by checking out various suppliers and identifying the ideal one.

Your budget is be also dictated by the season. Planning a wedding during the summer/spring season will most definitely cost more than doing the same during the off-peak season. This might surprise you, but most couples book a wedding several months or years in advance.

Understand the Reception Type

You need to know that there are different types of reception types. The common type is the sit-down dinner. However, you have the option of a dessert reception, midday reception, and brunch reception. Non-alcoholic reaction and more. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you ought to consider before you make a choice.

Catering Services

Catering is one of the most vital aspects of any successful wedding reception. This is the reason you need to get at least three quotes in order to make a decision. Some venues use exclusive in-house caterers while others require you to organize your own catering. Check out all the options and make the perfect decision.

You can take advantage of talented cooks in your family to save on costs. They will be more than happy to chip in.

The Seating Arrangement

Make sure you seat the right people at the designated tables. This arrangement requires you to perform some research to know the personal relationships the invitees have with each other. You wouldn’t like to place two visitors who have a long-standing feud together – it might end up getting uncomfortable.

The Menu

When it comes to food, it is always best to stick to basics and build upon them. Make sure you sample the food first before you can confirm the order. Additionally, take time and plan the menu properly to cater for each guest.

These days, many people love trying out new food types from different cultures. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new recipe, especially exotic meals.

Get the Ideal Venue

The venue dictates how many guests make it to the reception and how much you pay. First, the cost of the venue ought to be within your budget estimate. The location also comes into picture when determining the venue. It should be at a central, easily accessible location to make it easy for your visitors to attend the reception effortlessly.

Security should also be an important aspect when selecting the venue. Most visitors will come with their valuables and expect to interact easily without being scared. You are better off with a venue that has a perimeter wall, secure parking and a positive reputation.

Choose the Right Music

Picking the right music is ideal for setting the mood of any wedding reception. Your guests will most definitely want music that will appeal to them, keep them entertained while feeling relaxed. Hiring a wedding singer doesn’t go with size – you can use one for both small and big wedding receptions. You need to talk with the wedding singer and communicate the theme so that he can customize the music to suit your needs.

When making wedding arrangements, you might want to ask if he can offer the same services right from the beginning. Using the same musician for the entire event will definitely save you some money. Make sure you provide the singer with the wedding details so that they blend in perfectly.

Make sure you communicate the setup of the wedding reception. Tell the singer where his or her space is and the time to start the presentation. The singer comes with his or her equipment; all he needs is a power socket. It is always better to provide more space for the setup.

The Wedding Singer is a performer on demand, which requires that you book in advance to be assured of the performance on that day.

Transport should be Timely

The reception venue isn’t always the same venue as the wedding. In such a case, you need to have transport ready to take you to the reception. Make sure you know the number of people who will need transport and factor this in your budget. Remember, the hired vehicles should be available to take the guests back to their destination after the reception.

Cleaning Up

Preparation ought to be total. Make sure you have a plan on hand to clean up after the reception. In most cases, the wedding planner takes care of the whole event, but you ought to be involved so that you aren’t caught unawares. Return all hired equipment to the owners, pay for the various services and make sure there are no complaints.

Final Thoughts

A successful wedding is just the beginning of the day. After you have exchanged your wedding vows, you need to treat your guests to the right reception. Make sure you plan for the reception with the same gusto you do with the wedding.