How to Make an Old Bathroom Look New

Many of us would like a lovely bathroom where we can spend some time relaxing. However, it can be very expensive to renovate a bathroom. You don’t need to do a total renovation though to upgrade your bathroom. You can change the look of your bathroom and stick to your budget.

There are plenty of simple ways you can bring your bathroom back to life. If you are stuck for some ideas, check out for some great guides and recommendations.


The worst thing you could do is to start something and not be able to finish it. Or to start buying things and then change your mind about the look you are after. So do your research first. Browse through bathroom catalogues and online sites. It doesn’t matter if you are not going to buy from there, but you may get some great ideas of the look you love. Some ideas are:

  • Spa style
  • Country style.


Now that you have an idea of the style you are trying to emulate, start to plan.

  • Draw up a plan of your bathroom. Ensure it is to scale and add in the important bit like doors and windows. Make sure that everything you are not going to move is shown correctly like bath, shower, toilet, and sink.
  • Now plan what you are going to buy and do. Set yourself a deadline so your bathroom renovation does not drag on. You could aim to complete it in a weekend to give yourself some motivation.


Once you have decided on the style of your bathroom, now you need to choose your colour scheme.

  • One colour. A great way to update a look is to pick one colour and then use different tones and shades of that colour throughout the bathroom. Choose a colour that you are easily going to be able to find accessories and decorative elements. You may struggle if you choose purple, for example. You may think that blue is a bit traditional for a bathroom but you could use a variety of tones to create a modern and unique look and feel.
  • Match existing colour. If there is a colour in your bathroom that you are unable to change, for example, the floor then paint your walls to match.
  • Statement colour. You can quickly and easily refresh a bathroom by picking a bright colour and adding a statement wall.
  • Two tone. Divide your bathroom walls into two by use of a rail. Then paint the upper half and ceiling a different colour or shade to the lower half.


Think about modernising the room by replacing the flooring. If you can’t replace it, can you paint it. Both of these will instantly give the room a new lease of life.


You may not want to replace your existing tiling, but consider adding some tiling to areas that are not currently tiled. If you have a counter in your bathroom, you can easily tile the top to add a bit of colour to the room.

A lovely look is to create a frame for a mirror with some tiles. You can add a matching tiled border to the wall too which ties the look into your new bathroom.


If you think of a spa or bathroom in a boutique hotel, one thing that bathrooms have is plenty of storage. Think about where you can increase the storage in your bathroom. A cupboard with a mirrored front not only increases your storage but brightens up the room through the addition of the mirror.


Now that you have a new style of bathroom in mind, upgrade your accessories to match your theme. This is quite a cost effective way to update the look. You could even change the taps on your bath and sink.

If you can co-ordinate the finish on all your accessories your bathroom will have a more upmarket feel. For example if you had stainless steel accessories, choose a matching mirror and even light fittings.

Try adding flowers or plants to give a natural feel to the room.


You may not think of adding pictures to a bathroom, but if you can find some that match your new colour scheme they can really bring the look together.