Cool Features to Look for in Your Wine Cooler

Many people nowadays love to host parties, and a good wine cooler is vital for the success of a memorable gathering of friends. Storing your bottles in a cooler is more effective than the basement, and ensures your wine collection won’t go bad.

While this may sound like a no-brainer, make sure to get a wine cooler that is large enough to store your entire collection, especially if there is any chance of it growing in the near future. If you live in an apartment, a freestanding unit like the NewAir AW218E 28 bottle wine cooler should fit perfectly, without taking up much space. The unit is so compact that you can place it in any small space, as it only needs to be 4 inches away on all sides from other objects. Here are other important features to look out for before purchasing your wine cooler:

Level of noise

Noise is a common complaint among wine collectors. If this is something you think might bother you, then look for a unit that has a thermoelectric, compressor-free cooling system, like the NewAir. A wine cooler of this type will work quietly, with only a low hum in the background.

Temperatures and efficiency

Since you will have to set the temperatures for your particular wines, check that the unit’s display panel is easy to read and adjust; a digital display is recommended. Note that there are two major types of wine coolers in this respect, namely single zone and dual zone coolers. While with a dual zone unit you can store reds and whites at different temperatures, a single zone cooler does not allow the same level of flexibility. Nonetheless, it is important that the single zone unit is also precise and holds the temperature well.

Moreover, for a wine cooler to be truly effective, it should have proper insulation. A unit like the NewAir features a double-paned door that shields the interior from temperature changes.


There are coolers that will fit right into any home décor, just as they would in a fancy restaurant. Look for units with a gun metal grey finish if you want that stylish appearance. All coolers come with a clear glass door, and some even feature a cool blue light on the inside, so that you have no problem seeing your bottles even in dim light.

The number of racks inside the cabinet will depend on its overall capacity. Therefore, a 28-bottle unit may have 6 sets of racks that can be removed easily if need be. Removable racks are recommended, since they can house both standard sized and larger bottles, so that you can have close at hand other types of liquor (aside wine) for your party.