7 Traits That Will Make You Successful In Music

Most people attribute success in music to luck.

You know, you cannot just wake up and note that you can sing and then sign a contract with a producer. The music industry is very competitive, and if you do not know how to play your cards well, you are likely to spend the rest of your life struggling. The following are the unique features that define successful musicians.


If you are for overnight fame, then this might not be your career. Some musicians even take ten years or even more before they become a household name. How people define success varies, and it is up to you to decide the type of people you want your music to reach. If you want to be a local star, you can easily achieve it through various shows and air play. International stars go an extra mile and produce music that appeals to larger crowds. The music should also have an international touch even though there others who use local dialects and make huge impacts.


You do not need to follow famous practices and beliefs to make it in the music industry. Some creativity and following industry’s best practices will give you the flame that you need to shine on. Get creative and seek endorsement chances to create new income avenues. You can even start a cloth line to market your brand and get loyal fans. Do not be so strict and you can even have free gigs that can open up for new chances. You can even become innovative and add a twist to the existing music styles or even combine several to give fans a new taste.


You have to come up with something that fans can identify with. You do not have to copy famous bands such as The Beatles or celebrated pop stars such as Michael Jackson to become famous. Fans should be able to know that your music is playing by listening to just few word. It is not the only tone that you should desist from copying, but also dressing code. You should also stick to one or two genres for you to have genuine followers. Shifting from one genre to the other confuses fans which is not good for your career.


Music is all about vibration and connecting with people. You may not be very good at socializing, but you at least know how to give your fans something that is worth listening to. It is not a must that you be good at live performances, but recorded music can also work. Listeners should live up to the moment, and you should give them something that they can relate to. Whether you decide to base your music on hype, social life, politics or love, it should give the fans a reason to move closer.

Be a learner

You do not have to sit in the comfort zone. You learn how to use new instruments such as those at Drumkit Digital to keep yourself current and updated. You can even take online tutorials or take mentors to up your game. Learning never ends, and you can only give your customers new tastes when you continue learning.


There are some challenges in this industry, and only the strong ones make it. You should have the courage to make wise decisions and say no whenever necessary. There are some who pose as genuine promoters, and you should desist from working with them when they come for your services. When you are making your music, you never know how people will react it somehow you the courage to try. Not every piece that you produce will appeal to the public, and sometimes you will be at the mercy of critics. Choose wisely who you listen to because some are there to see you fail. Listen to positive criticism and take some notes and work on improving your art.


It does not mean that they hold leadership positions but that they set the pace and others follow. You should be daring enough to introduce something new to your fans because you never know how it will turn out. If you can fuse two genres such as rhythms and reggae the better as long, it is something that appeals to your fans.