Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Unique Baby Gift Ideas

When a baby of a friend or family member is born, you will most likely seek to purchase a gift which will be appreciated, and which will demonstrate the love you have for the family. Unique presents which have had thought put into them are a fantastic way of achieving these goals. Here is a list with a few ideas of personal gifts which will be cherished for years to come.

Personalised baby comforter

Comforters are a present commonly given to newborns. They can become a baby’s most cherished possession- in fact, many children will still remember the comforter they used as a baby and young child. Some children carry their comforters everywhere they go, into toddlerhood and beyond. Children who attend childcare often particularly appreciate being able to take a comforter with them, when they don’t have their mum around.

A great way for you to make this gift idea more special is to order a personalised baby comforter. You can select from a range of designs to embroider onto the comforter of your choice. It is best to buy at least two so they can be alternated and washed- they can get pretty grimy! Another benefit of buying two is that there will always be a backup in case one gets lost. If the backup comforter ever gets lost, you will be able to get another backup.

Aquarium membership

Experience gifts are always greatly appreciated. You can give a present of happy memories which will last a lifetime, and won’t take up space. A brilliant experience gift for a baby is a membership to the local aquarium. The parents will have a wonderful time and take some beautiful photos. Babies are often a bit young to appreciate the zoo, but absolutely love aquariums. They will happily go many times, to make the most of the membership.

Hands and feet casting kit

Newborns have the most incredibly tiny hands and feet. They grow so quickly and parents may not remember much of the newborn days. Casting kits enable parents to make plaster casts of their baby’s hands and feets in their own home. You can give the parents a memory of their newborn which will be treasured for years to come.

Massage voucher

Mums deserve presents too! Pregnancy, labour and the aftermath are all challenging times for new mothers. Any mother will be extremely grateful if you get her a gift that is specifically for her, and a massage voucher will give her some much deserved pampering time. Bonus points if you offer to watch the baby while she has the appointment!