Best Twitter Bots

If you have a blog or a business, one of the best ways to grow your audience is to use Twitter. Many people don’t realise that Twitter can be used as a marketing tool, but Twitter marketing is a great strategy to use.

Why Use Twitter For Marketing?

Although not initially planned as a marketing platform, Twitter is now one of the main platforms for digital marketing. It is:

    • Social. It is a very popular social platform with hundreds of millions of active users. Rather than direct in your face marketing, interacting with ‘friends’ is the strategy to use. You can grow your account fairly quickly.
    • Quick and easy. Because of the small number of characters (280 at the time of writing) you don’t have to draft a massive multi-page document. It is quick to plan and draft a tweet.
    • Targeted messages. Due to the character limit, tweets are more direct and less ‘fluffy’. This means your message is more targeted at a specific audience which is one of the keys to successful marketing.
    • Engaging. You can engage with individuals, your audience or the Twitterverse. Asking questions or responding to others is a great but quick way to start building engagement.
    • Influencers. Unlike with bricks and mortar businesses, it is easy to find influencers within your niche on Twitter. You can follow, respond, and engage with them. Don’t just retweet their content, but add to it. This will build your own authority.
    • Targeted audience. If you are attending an event or presentation, live tweet during the event. This will allow you to connect with the audience and those interested in the topic but unable to attend. This will rapidly grow your Twitter audience.

Twitter Bots.

As you might imagine, with so many users on Twitter it can be quite time-consuming to get your message in front of your audience. Many people, use Twitter automation tools known as Twitter bots.

If you are looking for some guidance on which choosing a Twitter bot, or automation software, you will find some great information here; Best Twitter Bots & Automation Software – Fred Harrington. Twitter automation tools allow for different levels of automation or automate different activities. You can set up an automated scheduling system, manage your followers, track keywords or even clicks. Check out this article for guidance on the types of automation available.

These automation tools reduce the actual time you physically spend on Twitter but you can still successful build an audience and market to them. They allow you to promote your business on Twitter but free up some time so you can also grow your business through other online methods.

Twitter is a great way to network with an audience of people with the same interests and attitudes. It is probably the quickest and easiest social media platform for interaction and growing an audience. It allows you to spot new trends within your niche almost as soon as they appear. It also helps keep you up to date with current events. If you don’t already use Twitter marketing, then give it a try. Take advantage of this powerful marketing platform and watch your audience grow.