9 Quick and Simple Ways to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Do you have dog or cat hair all over your clothes, curtains, and furniture? It’s very easy for pet hair to get out of control, especially during the shedding season. To help you deal with the worst pet hair troubles, here 9 easiest and quickest ways to remove pet fur.

Use a sponge

To remove pet from sofa or other upholstery, get a dry, clean kitchen sponge. Simply run it slowly along the sofa and the hair will be removed. Problem solved.

Use rubber gloves

Another simple way to remove pet fur from furniture is to use rubber gloves. Rather than use them when cleaning dishes, wear them and rub your palms over the sofa (or wherever else there’s fur) to remove the hair. The furniture and glove surfaces create tension, and the hair will come off in chunks you can throw away easily.

Use lint remover

Many pet fur removal products such as roller brush lint remover are perfect for getting rid of pet fur. So, simply brush the clothes using a lint remover before you wear them or brush them before you leave your house. You can also use duct tape to make a lint remover at home. For tiny very stubborn fur stuck to clothes, toss the clothes in a dryer that contains some dryer sheets. These sheets help to remove fur by removing the static electricity. They also remove pet odor and freshen up your furniture.

When washing your clothes, use a clothes softener liquid that easily removes pet hair. In addition, Velcro curlers work well to get rid of stubborn pet fur from clothes. Be sure to store your clothes away from pets to prevent fur sticking to them.

Use pumice

Pumice stones are amazing for getting pet fur from carpets.

If your dog or cat loves to rest in a certain spot, it’s probably filled with fur. Once that fur is matted really hard, it’s not possible to remove it with a vacuum cleaner. So, scrape the area with a pumice stone. Pumice has a scratchy texture, which helps remove fur from carpet loops. Apart from carpets, pumice can work miracles in your car as well.

Hair spray

Spray some hairspray on some dry cloth and then wipe your furniture. The fur sticks to the hairspray to leave your furniture fur-free.

Groom your pet regularly

Giving your cat or dog a quick brushing outdoors for one minute daily will save you the effort and time spent sweeping, dusting, and vacuum cleaning every week.

Cleaning accessories

There are lots of animal hair removal appliances on the market. Think the good old lint roller for getting rid of hair from clothes, electrostatic cloths that remove hair from tile or hardwood floors, and the many vacuums designed for pet owners.

Some vacuums even come with special attachments you can use on pets. Some pets just love being vacuum cleaned, but slowly and carefully introduce the idea to them. Otherwise, you might end up with needless injuries.

Grooming tools like shedding rakes remove excess hair from pets like you can’t believe. Just be careful to not remove so much far that you leave your pet bald.

Furniture polish

Applying furniture polish is one of the most effective ways to get pet fur off wooden furniture. Dip an old rag into the polish. Then wipe down all the surfaces with the rag. You also can use an anti-static dusting spray. This pet removal product works by removing the static charge so that fur comes off easily.

Feed your pet well

It’s normal for pets to have some level of shedding. However, you should let the vet know if there’s too much shedding. Be sure to feed your pet a healthy diet containing B vitamins to reduce shedding. You can easily buy and feed your pet hair and coat supplements, biotin supplements, and Brewer’s yeast to reduce excessive shedding. When bathing your pet, use a nice anti-fungal shampoo. Pet allergies can also lead to excessive shedding, so be sure to get rid of them.

There is no magic formula so far for getting pet hair under control. However, regular housekeeping and grooming will help you control floods of fur and keep them to a minimum.