5 Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Coffee Maker Could Do


Coffee and espresso makers have evolved so much in the past few years. As technology grows, more and more features are being added to machines. This makes enjoying a warm cup of joe much easier. Whether you are a hardcore coffee enthusiast or you just want to know a little more about your coffee or espresso maker, read all about these neat little features.

Clean Itself

Coffee makers often have very complicated parts that aren’t easy to scrub. In the past, many owners would take a toothbrush to their coffee maker to try and get all of the tiny cracks and crevasses. Now automatic features make it easy for the pot to rinse the gunk away. Some sophisticated machines will even dispense the dirty water right into the sink.

The goal is to not only prolong the life of the coffee maker, but make it more sanitary. If you are worried that the machine isn’t completely clean, you can run the rinse cycle again with the touch of a button. Special cleaning solutions can also be used on occasion to ensure the maker is effortlessly clean.

Make Coffee on Its Own

One of the best parts about waking up is your morning cup of coffee. What if your fresh cup of coffee was ready and waiting for you the second you got out of bed? Whether you like a large cup of decaffeinated coffee or a super-concentrated shot of espresso, you can have it simply by programming your coffee maker in advance.

Timer settings on coffee makers are not a new feature. What makes them worth mentioning is the fact that they are easier to control. Smartphones, home hubs, and even some Bluetooth-enabled robots can sync up with your coffee maker. These devices can remember your preferences, so you won’t have to set the timer before bed. All you have to do is make sure the grinds and water are in the machine.

Play Music

Turning your coffee maker into a radio for your kitchen can be very convenient. While most coffee makers focus on preparing delicious drinks, more sophisticated models will double as a Bluetooth speaker. This allows you to play music while you cook or clean. If your coffee maker also wakes you up with steaming hot coffee, you may be able to program it with an audible alert when your brew is ready. While only a few coffee makers have these features, more are starting to include them, turning the coffee maker into an even more sophisticated piece of technology.


Shut Itself Off

Safety is important. While coffee makers don’t pose a really high safety risk, leaving them on all of the time can be a hazard. Not only will it wear out the components of the machine faster, it could easily overheat, causing a fire. Hot surfaces can also pose a threat to small children in the home.

Newer coffee machines are designed to avoid all of that. Instead of staying on after your coffee pot automatically makes you a cup, it follows a timer. These timer settings can easily be adjusted, so you don’t have to worry about the machine turning off if you are making pot after pot of coffee at a party. If you don’t want to mess with timer settings, most machines will shut themselves off after about 30 seconds.

Make Cappuccino

Not all coffee makers just make a single pot or are big bulky machines. Some of the best coffee makers are sold as tiny cappuccino machines or milk frothers. While these tiny machines don’t always have built-in radios, they do have many of the modern features coffee enthusiasts love. Read some of the latest milk frother reviews and see first hand how much better they can be than a plain old coffee pot. See some of the newest coffee makers also chosen by Espresso Gusto.

Whether you are trying to turn your kitchen into a gourmet café or just want to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every morning, you need to upgrade your machine. The modern and luxurious features found on new coffee and cappuccino machines can make the investment well worth it.