Why North Londoners are Choosing Loft Conversions over Moving House

Many North Londoners are choosing to convert their lofts into extra rooms as an alternative to moving home. Wonder why that is? You’re in the right place. This article will describe the benefits of loft conversions North London and explain why they’re becoming an increasingly popular choice for many.

Saves (a lot of) money

It should come as no surprise to anyone that moving house is expensive. Very expensive. Unfortunately, it’s not just the cost of a mortgage that home-buyers have to be concerned about. Reality is there’s a whole heap of other fees to pay on top of that. Removal costs, legal costs, survey costs, stamp duty, and even further mortgage-related costs are just some of the other money-drainers people need to budget for when buying a new home.

Of course, that’s not to say converting a loft is exactly cheap either — but it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying a new house. In fact, converting a loft into another living space can often be a good deal. When it comes to loft conversions, homeowners get exactly what they plan and pay for: a beautiful new living space that’s all their own. Alternatively, when it comes to the process of buying a house, there’s always fees that need to be paid out to other people, such as estate agents and governmental tax.

Improves quality of life

Converting a loft is often a process homeowners enjoy, too. It’s a chance to design a home that better facilitates a comfortable life — and that’s something all the family can benefit from.

When choosing how to make the most out of this unused space, it’s important to think about what sort of extra room the home could benefit from the most. Does the family need more space to relax and unwind in? Or perhaps a larger, secondary room could be useful for socialising and entertaining guests. Teenage children love having a private floor to themselves. Alternately, the loft could be transformed into a spare bedroom or an extra bathroom — or both! The possibilities are endless.

Adds value to the property

Not only can a loft conversion greatly improve the homeowners quality of life, but it can also add significant value to the property.

Everyone’s looking for a little extra living space. A loft conversion can make great use of the sloped ceilings for ample storage — which people are always in need of. It’s also possible to install big, beautiful windows to let in plenty of natural light — another plus. An extra bathroom, in particular, will make any home instantly more valuable.

Ultimately, a loft conversion is a great way to make a house both more functional and beautiful. It can help homes stand out from the crowd and appear very attractive to potential buyers in the future. With the right planning, design, and decoration, homeowners can create a stunning, flexible, and practical living space which increases the worth of their home in the long run.

Makes the home more energy efficient

Loft conversions require the right type of insulation and will therefore make the home a warmer, more comfortable place to live. Making a house more energy efficient prevents the waste of energy lost to poor insulation. This not only helps the homeowner save money, but it’s also better for the planet, too. A building  inspector will help advise on the correct insulation needed for a specific loft conversion: either warm-roof insulation or cold-roof insulation.

Prevents stress

Moving home is a major life event that’s been described as even more stressful than divorce! It’s really not surprising when all the decision making, preparation, budgeting, and even necessary time off work is taken into account. It’s a process most people prefer to avoid if they can.

In comparison, what does a loft conversion require? There are of course important considerations that need to be taken into account, but the process is much simpler overall. In most cases, the homeowner doesn’t even require planning permission. If planning permission is required, the builder will provide the necessary information and help throughout the process. This means converting a loft involves a lot less stressful than moving home.

The biggest hassle it does cause is the actual process of conversion. There will be builders in and out of the house for a short period of time, which means a lack of privacy. There will be some level of noise, too. Of course, all good builders are polite and sensitive to the needs of the homeowner.

Easier for the children 

Don’t forget, moving house isn’t just stressful for adults. It can cause children to experience their fair share of anxiety, too — which any child should be without. In most cases, moving home usually means starting a new school (although in rare instances, the old school may still be close enough to travel to and from each day).

Being the new kid at school isn’t easy. It means dealing with new teachers and classmates, as well as having to make new friends. The child may also have to catch up on work before they’re at the same point as their new peers. They’ll likely be nervous and unsure throughout the initial period of adjustment.

Staying in the same place without moving home gives children a sense of stability, which is very important during childhood. Ultimately, if the child is happy at their current school, chances are they would prefer not to move.

No need to change doctors

Moving house means having to find a new doctor as well as take care of all the other responsibilities that need dealing with. This isn’t always easy, especially if the homeowner already has a doctor they like and trust. Choosing to convert loft space as an alternative to moving simply nips this problem in the bud.

There you have it: the main reasons why North Londoners are choosing loft conversions over moving house. Ultimately, a loft conversion is a great way to save money, time, and stress — and add significant value to a home.

Signs Your Electrical Wiring is Faulty

No matter how new or old your home is whenever an electrical problem occurs it comes with warning signs. These signs tell you of a potential problem and give you the reasons to call an electrician before the problem becomes unmanageable. Let us look at various signs that your connections are faulty.

Frequent Tripping of the Circuit Breaker

When your circuit gets overloaded, it will trip. The circuit breaker can also trip when it becomes too old. When you notice that the circuit trips when you plug in an appliance or device, try using another circuit. If the breaker trips on another circuit, you need to call in an electrician from Blackpool wiring to handle the problem.

The electrician will work within the electrical panel to handle the problem. Don’t try to do this by yourself because you might end up causing a fire or lead to overheating.

Sparks or Burning Odors

If you notice a burning odor coming from any outlet or switch, you need to switch off the power immediately from the mains switch then call the electrician without any hesitation. The electrician seeks to find out what is causing the odor, which might point to a wiring problem or a faulty device. A burning odor is a serious issue because it might be a prelude to an electrical fire.

Fixtures That Fail Frequently

If your light or electrical fixtures fail without any warning, you need to get help immediately. Some of the fixtures that have this issue are the light bulbs. If you have to change bulbs in your home every few days, you need to get an electrician to find where the problem is. You might be using bulbs that are of lower wattage than necessary, or you might be a victim of a short-circuiting connection. The electrician assesses the connections and tries to find where the problem is with the aim of solving it.

Buzzing Sounds

If you notice buzzing sounds from your outlets and fixtures, you need to call in the electrician. The sound might point to a faulty outlet or defective wiring. The electrician will come and replace any defective outlets. Additionally, do the same when you get a stinging sensation whenever you tough the outlet.

The Bottom-line

These are just some of the warning signs that point to a faulty electrical connection in the home. Never ignore any signs, and make sure you work with a qualified electrician to correct any issue.

Why you should consider wearing a nursing bra

If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, you know that it can be irritating and tire wearing pre-pregnant bra on a daily basis. You may find that these bras are not fitting you anymore and this can be irritating. These bras are not like nursing bras they are just regular bras, and as a result, they are not in a position to accommodate any changes that may happen to your body as you breastfeed your newborn child. When it comes to nursing mothers, size and sensitivity should be taken seriously. That is why you should buy nursing bras online since they are designed for you and come with many benefits.

So what is all about nursing bras? Here there are various reasons why you should consider nursing bras. You should also consider buying them online because you may not be having the time to visit the shops selling bras online. Once you buy a nursing bra, you will notice a lot of differences as compared to your normal bras. Discover the many reasons why you should try nursing bras.


Although nursing bras do not have underwire, they are still able to support your breasts. However, regular bras are made with underwire, and this can cause discomfort to your breasts because they press hard against your breasts which are soft and can cause swelling and ache in your breasts. These bras are also essential in that they have cotton that is comfortable and is used for reduction of sensitivity by covering a large surface area of your breasts.

Your health

While research is still online to give proper conclusions, professionals cite that the underwire that is found in ordinary bras may have a lot of pressure on the milk ducts of your breasts and this can lead to the blockage of the ducts. It can lead to a condition known as mastitis which can be uncomfortable to the nursing mother. But nursing bras are comfortable, and at the same time, they also offer support. Their support ensures that blood is flowing freely and your breasts are in excellent condition.

Nursing without interruption

If the milk ducts of your breasts are blocked, there are chances that your breasts reduce their ability and capacity to produce milk for your toddler. In extreme cases, the production of milk can stop completely, and this can interrupt the breastfeeding period hence your baby may fail to get sufficient nutrients from mother’s milk.

Health of your baby

Mothers who suffer infections of their breasts such as mastitis can pose health threats to the baby. But as long as you use your nursing bra, you can be sure that your child is safe, and he/she will grow without interruption.


It can be inconvenienced if you always have to take out your bra so that you have to breastfeed your child. When it comes to the nursing bras, things are different because they are easy to hook and unhook because of clips that are placed conveniently. That means your child will be able to access your breasts easily without having to tire you during breastfeeding.


It is a noticeable change that the breasts of mothers increase in size. That is why a nursing bra is designed in a way that it can accommodate the changes that take place in your breasts. If you can consider nursing bras that are made of fabric you can be sure never to feel pressure or constraint on your breast.


The breasts grow in their size and also their weight. If you rely on those thin, normal bras, you can find it tiring and uncomfortable. The straps for nursing bras are strong and are wide hence they ensure that you are comfortable.