Understanding Toy Categories for 1-year-olds

Understanding Toy Categories for 1-year-olds

The best age-appropriate toys that are suitable for 1-year old boys need to be open-ended, sensory-based and require your participation. When seeking for such toys, you need to read and sense the needs of the kid. Most of these toys are supposed to do much of the “thinking” for the kid and help them develop both physically and mentally.

Toys at this age need to provide great educational value as well, but if you don’t get involved, the kid loses much learning potential. Remember, the kid gets much out of the toy like you put in. A 1-year old boy needs a lot of hand-holding when it comes to toys. Here are a few pointers when seeking the right toy for your kid.

Toys That Promote Sensory Development

Your kid needs to get stimulated through all the five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound) to increase his awareness to the world around him. Through these five senses, the kid gets to organize his information and begins to process differentiation, recognition and problem-solving. Check out these 27 Best Toys For 1-Year-Old Boys | Toy Review Experts to know what options you have.

The toy you choose for this role ought to have different textures, colors, sizes, weights, and sounds. Such toys give the kid a lot of opportunities to play and grow. The toddler might be clumsy at first, but under your guidance, he gets to understand what is happening.

When it comes to the toys, you get to choose between those made of plastic and natural materials such as wood. Natural materials give the kid a natural experience. If you decide to pick plastic toys, make sure you pick those that are free of harmful compounds that might interfere with proper development.

Toys That Promote Gross and Fine Motor Development

At this age, your child is slowly discovering the various commands of their body parts such as legs, fingers, hands, and arms. He will be uncoordinated most of the time but thrilled at what he can achieve as time goes by. You can build the child’s confidence and provide a foundation for learning by developing his gross motor skills (sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running, etc.).

For this task, go for push and pull toys, rocking horses, rolling toys, toys with speed control and more. These toys encourage the baby to move and thus help the child develop body control, spatial awareness and muscle tone.

When the kid strengthens the gross muscle movements, he also ends up refining fine movements that make use of the senses. These fine motor skills are perfect for other activities such as writing, eating, tying shoelaces and more. The toys to check out in this category include puzzles, musical toys, shape sorters, and stackers.

Toys for Happiness

As much as you want to develop different skills for the kid, you also need something that will make them happy and keep them engrossed. The most common types of toys for this purpose are the ones that are bouncy and involve motion. Such toys usually stand on the ground and are low for the kid to climb on by himself. These can come in various shapes that mimic animals, cars or any other item that will bounce up and down on a spring on which the toy is mounted.

The rocking motion gives your baby a lot of joy when they feel the motion, and they will usually work harder to make the motion faster. This helps keep the baby active and engrossed for a long time as you perform your chores. The toys also initiate the imaginative form of play that is common for children at this age.

Another source of happiness for these kids is the presence of sound. Go for toys that come with different buttons that produce sound when the kid presses a given button. Babies love different sounds and will match the sounds to different shapes. The kid will try to imitate the sound, helping them to enhance their communication skills.

Bath Time Toys

Bath time is an event that occurs on a daily basis, and it should be clean fun for your kid. If you have ever tried bathing a one-year-old, then you know how stressful it can be. In such an instance, you need something to keep the kid entertained during this time. Get the right toy for your child and bath time will be a breeze.