Thrill Seeking Activities to Partake In

Some of you cannot rest until you have lived through every thrilling experience possible, huh? Whether you want to call yourself Evil Knievel or just a general thrill seeker, if you live like this you are flirting with a fatality and serious injury. Of course, that is the point and you are more than aware of that. Unfortunately, for those who are experienced in this field, you may not get anything from this post. But, for those (for whatever reason) who are ready to stare the Devil in the face perhaps you could consider the following activities. Now, it is important to note that some of these are practical but still dangerous.


For anyone who asks what rugby is, tell them that it is pro football without pads and regulations. They bare a lot of similarities, which is why only one will make this list. Rugby got a slight edge over football, due to the lack of pads and non-stop action. Now, with no pads, players are less adept to hit others as hard as they possibly can (most of the time). However, the reality is players have little to no protection when they get hit by the opposition. Let’s just say that this sport is not for the weak hearted or weak minded, and can get fairly brutal.

Bull Riding

Whew, talk about something that is in another level of dangerous. The thought of viscously being flung around on a bull is bad enough, but when you consider that at any given second (after you fall off the bull) it can turn around and tear your throat out, it becomes that much worse. But, it is a sanctioned sport and people survive through it. However, it is not just the bull that you need to be weary of. If you lose control and fall off, there is no way to predict how or what body part you will fall on. There are so many aspects that could go wrong in only ten seconds, which makes this utterly terrifying.

Storm Chasing

It is not fair to assume that all of you do, but most of you should know what Twister is. A very iconic movie, it portrays several storms chasing individuals. If you have never heard of this “occupation”, the name defines what it is: someone who chases storms. A genius does not need to come on here and clarify why this is so treacherous. Depending on who you are, you may partake in it for different reasons. Some are in the news and media field and must take their camera and document the natural disaster, while some will do it simply to get a cheap thrill. Storms do not have a sense of human compassion, so if you get too close to the fire you may get burnt.

Riding a Motorcycle

This is the first entry that would not qualify under “completely crazy”. If you do enjoy the pleasure of riding a motorcycle, you probably are doing so without the notion of defying death. Not saying all of you have this mentality, but this activity can be done by people simply looking to become one with the road and gain a sense of freedom. Each person will have a different reason for riding, but it does not steer away from the fact that it can be risky. But, there are many ways to ensure the safest ride possible. Besides being a safe driver, the equipment you invest in can save your life in the unfortunate circumstance of a crash. Thankfully, the good folks at Bikers Basics have outlined and detailed all the most important pieces of equipment to keep you safe on a motorcycle.


Last, but certainly not least, on this list is skydiving (or parachuting). Much like with storm chasing, not much needs to be said when it comes to the danger of this event. However, the one aspect that makes this safer is that you have control over the situation. What this means is that you can properly prep yourself and ensure there are no malfunctions with your parachute beforehand.Unfortunately, if this happens mid-flight, adios muchachos. That is the danger in this, as humans were not meant to fly. In the entire world, though, there may not be an activity that better fulfills a thrill than skydiving.

Life can be boring sometimes and not offer what you are looking for. This can warrant you to do something to fulfill what is missing in your life. But, you must be aware that when you partake in these types of activities there is a chance of injury (or more serious times, death). If you can live with that and it does not bother you, then have fun with everything that is mentioned above. Just do not kill yourself!