Disclosing The Secrets Of Various Air Compressors

There are more things to look for in an air compressor. Most people begin with the actual horsepower. Generally speaking, these units float between 1.5HP and 6.5HP. Of course, you can find more powerful items too, yet they are mostly indicated to industrial uses. Their pressure standards are way higher as well. When you need the compressor for a garage or a small workshop, you do not require to much horsepower.

The list of specifications goes farther though. For instance, pay special attention to the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) value, portability, space efficiency, power source, size and others. What works for some people will not work for everyone else. Besides, if this is your first air compressor, you probably have no clue how to “read” beyond the official specifications, not to mention the less visible parts.

This is when Air Compressor Spy steps in to help you out. The portal introduces newbies to a few informative guides first. Determine what to look for, as well as the must-have features for maximum efficiency. Discover the differences between various types of compressors too.

Once you got these parts covered, reach to the reviews and learn more. How can particular features help you out? Are they any worth? Are they worth the money? Are you only buying bells and whistles that you will never use? How about the weaknesses and minuses? Go through the lists of pros and cons as well. Only then you can finally pick your favorite air compressor by the book.