Electric Riders – A Different Experience Of Traveling

An electrically powered riding vehicle or motorbike is powered with an integrated electric motor which involves complex circuitry inside it to run through electricity. An electric rider also called hover board comes with two legs and is a self balancing scooter vehicle which has three main circuit boards where one is main and the other two are small.

An electric rider which runs purely on electricity is charged with a cable for a significant duration before it is used for riding. These hover boards come in different makes and styles and various brands are now in business of making these traveling vehicles which are operated on two wheels. These hover boards provide an exciting and enjoyable riding experience giving you twist and turn while you are riding them.

A hover board comes in different patterns and segments. You can choose from wide variety of hover boards for your purpose. A hover board comes in two basic types –

  • A basic hover board with base.
  • A hover board with wheel base which is self balancing.

This self balancing hover board utilizes clear sensors to detect as to when the rider is leaning in a certain direction and the wheels are aligned in that direction. It works on weight shift mechanism like in skateboards where your weight shift decides the direction in which you want to forward. These hover boards are also called hover board segway.

A qualitative hover board is filled with features which are not seen in any electric bicycle or motorbike.

  • They are eco friendly.
  • They use comparatively less electricity to operate.
  • A good made hover board is robust and compact with high speed motor.
  • They come up with specifically designed indicators and tires which can be filled with air like in conventional bikes.

Specifications of a hover board

  • They are equipped with anti breaking system and use pneumatic tires.
  • A hover board comes in different materials like fiber body, aluminum body and it also has alloy wheels.
  • The maximum speed which can be achieved by a hover board is approximately about 12 miles.
  • The wheel base of a hover board ranges from 6 to 10 inches.

A hover board which comes with 10 inch self balancing technique is an easy to ride scooter as compared to others which are of less wheel alignment. You can very easily commute with this scooter if you are looking forward to extra mile. Bigger wheels are better in coping with bumpy and uneven roads in comparison to small wheels.

These hover boards come in different shapes and sizes and depending upon your budget you can gift one to yourself or to your kid. For them it can be an all together different experience of riding and having fun. You can easily find an electric rider of your need and suitability at any good online retailer website that deals in different category of products.

It is appropriate to say that hover board or electric rider is fairly new kid in the market in motor technology and a lot of different companies are in a race to outrun each other by providing electric riders at competitive prices and in this process of price strategy innovation is lagging behind as each company is manufacturing somewhat similar kind of scooters with few minor changes from each other.