Six Important Tools that every Garage should have.

For some people, a garage is just an ordinary place where they store their cars, but for others, it serves other purposes. It is in this room that you can store bikes, paints, household items, and farm tools and equipment. For most homeowners, a garage is a perfect place where they carry out regular maintenance and repairs of their vehicles. Every garage needs some basic tools that come in different sizes and prices. The essential tools that every homeowner should have are.

  1. A first-Aid Kit. Think about the loose nuts, sharp edges and accidental flames in this room. The First-Aid Kit is a critical equipment in any garage as it allows you to have a quick fix and continue with the task at hand. Visit your local physician when you have deep cuts which may affect your overall health. Ensure that the kit has all the essential tools such sterilizer, bandages and scalpels to handle frequent injuries.
  2. A working bench. A service desk is a valuable tool that every garage owner needs when working on parts such as the carburetor. A bench that comes with a vice is more ideal as it gives you the necessary support you need when working on various parts that may require an extra hand. Select a bench that can withstand pressure and always keep it clean.
  3. Jack stands. Most of the essential parts of any vehicle are beneath the car which makes a jack stand a crucial tool. The weight of the car can destroy brake discs if you fail to use a lift after removing the tires. Pick a lift that comes with safety pins and is fit to hold more than your vehicle’s weight.
  4. A broom and cleaning supplies. Keeping your garage clean is vital in maintaining a healthy work environment. Oil spills can cause accidents if you accidentally slip leading to physical injuries. Debris and dust can affect the efficiency of your car when they block filters and tubes. On top of cleaning this room, ensure that you protect the tools that you keep here against rusting, excessive moisture and destructive microorganisms.
  5. Garage door opener. This tool opens the garage door automatically without much hassle. Select one that fits your needs as some recent models can lift up a door that weighs as high as 550 pounds. Advanced models such as those at have a remote system that changes the code every time you click its button. The code-hopping makes it hard for unauthorized persons to master the codes.
  6. Fire Extinguisher. Fire outbreaks can result from inflammable liquids such as gasoline, faulty electrical connections or welding appliances. To protect your investment from fire damage, ensure that you have this equipment ready at all times.

Garage maintenance is an essential task for every homeowner, and it is only possible if the necessary tools are available. There are other equipment that other may also consider necessary based on the daily tasks and the size of the garage.